The strange Kamasutra Island


It was one of the time when the kid gets too old and the parents think its better to let go of da child. So da parents of Kerin let go of him. His father being a prominent businessman gives him 9000$ to spend. Lemme introduce u to Kerin. He is a smart guy. Around 17. 6'1 and good looking stud. Being a regular swimmer , he got one of those sexy looking swimmers' physique. That Y shaped body and a good chest tht would flip gals and some of his swimming pals too.
Kerin had heard of some Kamasutra Island from his sis Megan in the far Inside of the Pacific. He wanted to try tht island. He got all the necessary forms filled and booked da ticket. He took sum boots. A sexy looking ray ban glasses and holiday clothes.
He boarded the special flight tht takes place every 15 days.
He was going to enjoy that trip.

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   He asked his l'l is to b with him. So Megan had come too. She was a hotie. At 17 , she had the D-cup breasts tht even the porn stars envied her. a good 5'4 she had a perfectly round ass tht wud even make her father crave for her sometimes.
So off they went. . . to the Island tht only sum knew off. . . . . . .

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The air hostesses were as hot as ever. And to his astonishment, the air hostesses were topless. . . But as if Megan knew all bout ths , she sounded as if this was natural. There were about 6 of them. Their boobs even made Megan's look smaller. They offered some of the best wine and the best blowjobs. Some of the men were already exhausted and so were some women!
When they came towards them, Megan had a creepy smile on her face. She did see her brother's 8" rock. And she was hyper excited about this trip.
Kerin had tried hard to nt have a hard on bt he cudnt help. When the air hosstess came their way she offered both of them wine. Bt thn suddenly Megan spread her legs and winked at her!
And tht was the time when he understood y Megan had brought her here.

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   He slightly zipped down his pants.
the air hostess started eating up Megan and started stroking Kerin. Kerin looked at Megan and squeezed her ass. At that moment, both of their lips met and the for the first time, they had a long and a passionate kiss. Megan started to hum and moan which made Kerin more close to cumming. Somehow he resisted it coz he wanted the best from the Air hostess.
Megan was good at kissing and slowly her hand slipped and took the air hosstess' mouth more deeper. Kerin was almost milking both of her boobs. Megan had her other hand on one of Kerin's chest. Slowly the kiss grew more passionate and started coming in to gasps. The air hostess was so turned on by this thng tht she had her other hand in her laced panties. Suddenly Megan broke her kiss and started gasping for air and clutched Kerin more strongly. She was going to cum for da fiirst time coz of a women. She had realized ut then the she was a bisexual.
She started trembling quite badly and the next moment she shouted,"hold on u bith, am cummmmmmmingggggg.


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and she came in such a great force tht the hostess had a cum bath. Even Kerin cudnt hold on after seeing his bitch cum and he cummed so much both of da gals were soaked a lot and aftr ths da air hostess cummed to bt the siblings were busy kissing each other tht they didnt mind about tht.
Kerin had such a perfect start to this tour tht he just thought how ths tour cn turn out to b. . .

TO BE CONT. . . . .

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this was my first story
am relying on ur comment guys
plzz. . . .

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