the Tessa story 1


Tessa Adventure 1
Tessa’s Adventure 1

Hello my name is Tessa. I wanted to tell you about adventure that just happened to me. I was working out at my apartments gym, when a another couple came in. I was using the treadmill, when I saw them walk in the gym area. We all said our hellos to each other. They started to figure out what they wanted to do for a routine. I had to say to say they actually looked pretty damn good. He stood about, maybe 200 lbs, six pack stomach, and she stood maybe, and about 120 lbs and had a great set of tits on her. They started to work on the other machines while I got off the treadmill, and started to do the curling machine. They were sort of in front of me and I really couldn’t stop staring at her. They were making small talk with each other while they were working out. After a while she came over and introduced herself to me. Her name was Carmen. She told me her husband’s name was Jeremy. I told her my name was Tessa, and it was a pleasure to meet them. She said she had a strange request that she hoped wouldn’t offend me.

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   I asked her what could it be, I really couldn’t imagine what it could be she had to asked. She said that her husband wanted to work on his legs and that when they usually come they are alone. She went on to tell me this was the first time they came and someone was there when they showed up. I told her I had no problem with him working on his legs. She laughed a little, and it really shocked me. She said that I didn’t totally understand. So I asked her to please tell me what she was trying to say. She told me that he usually took off his pants to work on his legs so he can watch his muscles form. She said that he was wondering if I would mind since I was there this time. I will say I was floored. I didn’t see this coming at all. I sat there for a moment to think how I should answer. I told Carmen that I don’t see why it would bother me since we were all adults. I told her to act like I was just not there. She thanked me and went back over to him.

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   I had to say one of the reasons I said it wouldn’t bother me is because he looked good. He started to undress and set up the machine. I happened to look up as he was facing me and saw that he was well endowed also. I was very impressed. I think he saw me look at him because when I looked up even more he was smiling.

He sat down at the machine and started to lift the weights. You could see his muscles just flexing every time his legs stretched out. I started to forget about my own workout. I counted him lift the weight about 20 times. When he stopped he sat there for a second, and then I really got a shocker. Carmen came over to him and congratulated him on lifting the weights. Then she leaned over his lap and started to give him a blowjob. I must say I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I started to look down and away, but my eyes kept returning to her sucking on his raging dick. She stopped after a few minutes (even tho it seemed like a lifetime) I got off the curling machine and headed over to the bench press.

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   She looked up and said oops I am sorry. You told me to act like you were not her and I actually forgot that you were. It’s a usual routine for us. Every time he lifts more than the previous week I reward him with some head. I said I didn’t mind and I understand. She asked me if I would mind if she undressed also because it was also their routine for her to be naked while lifting the weights. I told her I didn’t see a problem with it. She stripped down. I noticed that her pussy was totally shaved. She had great tits; I figured them to be at least a 36D, and a nice hard round ass. She was really hot. She waited for him to get off the machine and sat down. He fixed the weights for her and stood off to the side. Of course the side he stood on was in my view to where I could get a great look at his penis. I don’t know if he noticed me looking at him again, but I was starting to feel myself get turned on.

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   He was talking to her as she lifted the weights. After she lifted the weights about 15 times, she stopped. Jeremy bent down and started to lick her pussy, o my, she started to moan and then he stopped. He stood back up and she got off the machine. I was really wet at this point. They came over and asked me how much longer I would be using it. While they were standing in front of me all I could see was his penis and her shaved pussy. I told them I think I just needed a couple of more reps and they could have it. Jeremy told Carmen maybe I needed some inspiration also. She laughed and said yeah that could be it. She asked me if I could use some inspiration, and I asked her what she meant. She leaned over me pulled down up my sports bra and sucked on my nipple. My eyes closed, it felt sooooooooooooo good, then I felt a hand go between my legs and rub my pussy. I heard Jeremy tell Carmen that I was burning hot and wet down there. I was shocked I have never had this happen before.

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   Carmen told Jeremy to go over to the gym door and flip the lock to lock the door. Carmen looked at me and asked me to join in their style of work outs. I thought about it for a moment and decided why not. It might be interesting. I asked Carmen what I would have to do. She told me to get undress like them and they would show me the ropes. She said I didn’t have to do anything I was not comfortable with. I agreed. As I was stripping Jeremy came back over. He sat down on the bench press and started to adjust the weights. When he started his first rep Carmen told me that she was going to help his breathing technique. She bent down and started to suck on him again. I was stunned. She was licking up and down his shaft and sucking on his penis. After a few strokes she asked me if I would like to help.

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   I said sure she sat up and I bent down. I started to lick his shaft and I heard his breathing start to pick up. He was at least 5 inches soft. I took the head of his penis into my mouth and started to suck on him. She started to nibble on my nipples and watched me work on her husband. When he was finished with his set we all sat up. He got off and she got on the machine. She adjusted the weights and started to use the machine. He bent down and started to eat her out and finger her. I was creaming. Now I am bi and I will say she was a very hot ass lady. He got up and asked if I would like to help her too. I said sure and bent down in a doggie position and started to lick and caress her pussy. As I was doing this all of a sudden I felt two fingers insert in to my pussy. I heard Jeremy tell Carmen I was very wet.

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   I felt those fingers slide in and out of my pussy, and then I felt his tongue lick my ass hole. I almost lost it. I was caught off guard. Carmen got done with her reps and told me it was my turn to do mine. I got on the bench and adjusted the weights. Just as I started my first rep I saw Carmen get on her knees and start to suck on Jeremy. Next thing I knew was Jeremy was fingering my pussy again. When I got half way through my set, Carmen stopped sucking on Jeremy and bent forward to lick my pussy juices that Jeremy had flowing. He stepped back behind her and started to finger her pussy and ass. I was in ecstasy. I have never had a better work out. When I was done with my reps, we all stood up. I asked Jeremy and Carmen what was the next exercise. They told me we were going to start on our pelvic thrusts. I told them I was not sure which machine they were talking about using for those, because I didn’t think there were any there.

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   Carmen laughed at me and said there was such a machine. We laid some foam mats on the floor and grabbed a work out wedge. We laid it on the floor. Carmen told me to get on my knees and lay over the wedge. I did as I was told, when I got into the position I was told to be in Carmen got behind me and started to lick and finger my pussy. Next thing I knew Jeremy was in front of me lying down with his legs on either side of the wedge. He tilted my head down to his penis. I took his penis and started to suck on him. Carmen was working wonders on my pussy. Finally really sucking on Jeremy I really felt him growing in my mouth. I had to pull back to get a good look at the size of his penis. He had to be about 10 inches long. Wow I was really impressed. I felt Carmen stop on me and she came around to where I was working on her husband. She laid down on the mat and started to caress his balls and feeding his cock into my mouth.

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   Carmen pulled his cock out of my mouth, and inserted into her own. I figured I would crawl up behind her, but as I started to move she stopped me. She told me to stay where I was. Her and Jeremy switched places. She lay down in front of me and I started to lick and kiss all over her pussy. Jeremy sucked on her nipples for a minute and then stood up and came up behind me. I felt him lick and finger my pussy a few times. Then he stopped, I was still licking up his wife’s great juices, when I felt it.

I felt Jeremy putting his head to my pussy lips and part them. I took a deep breath; I was not actually thinking this was going to be a part of this. He slid his cock into me slowly. I felt every inch of it going in. O My, what a feeling. I have never had anyone go in as deep as he was. Not even my husband.

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   Carmen pushed my mouth back down on her pussy, when he got all the way into me he left it there to let my pussy adjust to his size. He told Carmen how great I felt around his cock and how tight I was. She told him that she wanted him to fuck me with everything he had. He started to pull back and as he got about half way out he slammed it back home. I felt my pussy shake. He started to move in and out of me faster and faster and harder and harder. It took everything I had to keep eating Carmen out. After awhile of this I felt Jeremy put his thumb in my ass while he was fucking me. I couldn’t concentrate on her any more I was totally in bliss of mind. She got up and moved in underneath him and started to caress and suck on his balls while he fucked me with his raging cock and thumb. He stopped fucking me and she drove his cock into her mouth to taste my pussy juices off of it. They flipped me over on the wedge so I was facing him. He inserted his cock back into my now trembling pussy and started to fuck me again. She got up and straddled the wedge above my face to let me lick and suck on her pussy some more. He started to touch and pinch my boobs and nipples.


   I have never felt the things I was feeling today. I mean my husband is a great lover and we have soft swapped with couples and with friends, but I have never just totally let strangers fuck me. After a while of this he pulled out of me. She got off my face, and I sat up and took his raging 10 inches into my mouth. I had to taste my own juices on this wonderful cock. She walked over to the butterfly chest press and bent over it. She told Jeremy to fuck her ass with his cock. I was shocked. I was going to watch another couple have anal sex. I didn’t think her ass would be able to take his whole cock. She told me to sit in front of her so she can kiss me while fingering my pussy. So I did as I was told. He came up behind her put his cock in her pussy and gave it a few thrust, to get his cock wet again. After a few strokes he pulled out and lined it up to her asshole. He slowly inserted the head of his cock into her ass.

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   I felt her body tense up in front of me. She gasped as he pushed more and more into her tight ass. When her ass took all of him in she went right on fingering my pussy and kissing my mouth and breast. He started to slide in and out of her tight ass. He was really thrusting hard into her for a while when her legs buckled from under her and she dropped to the bench in front of my pussy. Jeremy pulled his cock out of her ass, looked at me and told me it was my turn to get fucked. Carmen stood up to get out of my way. Jeremy told me he wanted me to lie down in my belly on the reverse leg curling machine. I did as he asked me and he had me drop my legs to the floor. He sat behind me and inserted his cock back into my pussy. I went from wet to drench in seconds when I felt his cock back in me. After a few strokes he put his thumb back in my ass. I looked over and saw Carmen watching us with a smile on her face. She was just fingering herself while watching her husband fuck a complete stranger in the gym. When I didn’t think I could take anymore Jeremy stopped and pulled out of my pussy.

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   I thought he was going to nut on my back, but I was wrong. He took his finger out of my ass and replaced it with the tip of his cock. The slowly inserted his head into it. O my, I almost fainted with the rush of pain and pleasure that hit me. He slowly worked his shaft in to me. When I thought he had to be all the way in me I felt him stop. He sat inside my ass while my muscles worked around him to fit him in me. Then all of a sudden he thrust the last 3 to 4 inches deep into my ass. Wow, what a feeling. He didn’t fuck my ass like he did my pussy he pulled out fast and pounded it back in hard stroke after stroke. I couldn’t take much of it. I was having the biggest orgasm I ever had. He felt my muscles and saw my juices on the bench and smiled. He told Carmen he thinks I like it. He grabbed my legs behind the knees and lifted my weak body off the bench with his raging big cock deep inside my ass.

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   And He walked me over to where Carmen was and laid me on the mat in front of her pussy while he continued to fuck my ass I eat out Carmen till she had a orgasm around my tongue. Jeremy said he was ready to explode and shot his hot load up my ass. When he pulled out Carmen sat up and started to suck him dry and clean. I couldn’t move. . After we all caught our breath. We cleaned off the equipment got dressed. I told them I really had fun. I figured they were in their 30s, but I decided to ask them. Come to find out they were in their 50s. O my again, they were double my age, and yet could last so long and please me so much. They were fantastic, and really had hot bodies. I went home and when my husband came home from work I told him about this tale. We decided next time we should both go down there. I would really love to watch him fuck Carmen.

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  . So hopefully we’ll have another story to tell. .



An Xtreme Images Entertainment Story

End of Story
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