the Tessa story 2


Tessa Adventure 2
Tessa Adventure 2
By Voodoo

Living in Michigan most people think there is really nothing to do around here. We’ll let me tell you I find a lot of stuff to do. I am 26 years old, married to a great guy who is 7 years older, with 3 wonderful kids. My husband lets me do whatever I want and I pretty much give him the same rules. We are best friends, and we talk openly about everything. The best part is we both love a naked lady. My husband knows I am bi. He says it doesn’t bother him and it turns him on. He has been involved many times when I have found someone, so I pretty much know he is telling the truth. I want to tell you about an adventure I have recently had. So I hope this turns you on as much as it did me.

My husband and I decided to go out one night since our kids were at their grandparent’s house for the weekend. We were trying to figure out what we were in the mood for when we decided to go out for dinner while we decided. We headed for our favorite restaurant. As we were at longhorn’s we had our usual waitress, Becky. We always love when Becky waits on us.

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   We get fast service, great attitude, plus she is usually my bartender there. So she knows how to make my drinks the way I like them. Well my husband and I were talking about or choices for the night, and Becky over heard us. Becky asked us if we have ever been to a swinger’s party. We told her we have heard about them, and that it happens that I am bi, but no we have never been to one. Becky told us there are two different types of parties. She said there are on premises and off premises type of parties. We asked her what that meant, so she explained. Becky told us on premise meant that you can actually have sex at the location of the party you were at. They were harder to find these parties, but they were out there. She told us off premises meant that if you found someone you were interested in that you had to leave the party to have sex with them. She went on to explain there are rules at these parties. Like women control the flow. If they say no it means no. she had a lot more rules, I really don’t want to try and list them all.

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   She also said usually they only allow couples, but there are a few at times that will allow singles into the parties. Becky told us it works out great for her being a single mother, because she gets a chance to unwind and have some sex sometimes when she doesn’t have her kid at home. Becky told us if we were interested we should join her in the one she was going to that night. We asked her when she was going and she told us that her shift ended in an hour. So we agreed to check it out and just finish our dinner and have some more drinks while waiting for her.

When Becky got off of work we all decided it would be easier if we just took one vehicle. While we were driving Becky told us the one we were going to was an on premises party. She said it was a couple with a huge house in Northville that holds it. Becky told us that they usually have all these rooms set up with couches and chairs, and blow up beds. They usually have a few sex swings set up around the house also. That they have a pool, and a Jacuzzi for everyone to enjoy. She said we didn’t have to do anything if we didn’t want to. That we could just go and watch, but if we wanted to we should. Becky asked my husband if we have condoms and we told her not with us. Becky said that sometimes they have extras at the party, but it might be wise to pick some up.

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   So we stopped at the local CVS and picked up some.

We arrived to the party around 10pm. There we cars all up and down the drive way. The house was huge; it was one of the biggest ones I ever saw. When we got to the door the greeter asked for our membership ids. Becky gave hers, and informed the greeter that we were with her and we were new to the parties. The greeter said not a problem and told us to enjoy ourselves. We walked into the house. Wow this house was so beautiful. Becky told us to follow her while she showed us around and introduced us to a few people. There were people all over. Some we naked, some were dressed, some were in the pool swimming naked, others were in the Jacuzzi. It was amazing.

We ended up back near the living room. Becky asked us if we knew what we wanted to do yet.

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   My husband and I told her that we think we could handle going out to the Jacuzzi, if that sounded good to her. Becky said yeah that would be great since she got off work and she could get relaxed for a bit. Becky told us we should all grab some drinks and head out there. We went over to the bar and got our drinks and went out back to the Jacuzzi. As soon as we got back there, Becky said there was a cabana right around the corner that we can get out of our clothes so they don’t get wet. We followed her to the cabana and all went in. Becky started to take off her top, as soon as we got in. my husband and I couldn’t help but stare at her while she undressed. She has been our waitress for many years, but we have never imagined we would ever see her naked. As soon as she had her shirt off, she took off her bra. She had a great pair of tits. They had to be at least a 36D. With fingertip size nipples, and a brownish-pink colored aura. She started to remove her work shorts to show a great ass in a pair of thongs. Her ass was perfectly round.

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   Then she removed her thongs to stand there in the nude, she had a brown landing strip above her pussy. She looked so beautiful. Becky laughed at us and asked us if we were going to also get undressed or just keep staring at her. Becky came around to me and started to lift up my shirt, and then she unclamped my bra. Becky made a remark that she has wanted to see my tits for quite a while and was happy that she was getting a chance to now. Becky turned me towards her to face her. Becky leaned in and started to kiss me. While she was kissing me I felt my skirt slide down towards the ground. Becky started to kiss my neck and tell me that she thought I was beautiful. I felt my g string be slide down. When I stood exposed to her she reached up with her hand and rubbed my pussy. Becky told me I have a sexy body and she was glad she was finally getting to see it. Becky turned towards my husband and raised his shirt over his head. After Becky had his shirt off, she started to kiss him on the mouth in front of me and started to undo his pants. Now one thing she doesn’t know is my husband never wears underwear.

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   As soon as she had his pants down his cock was springing out. Becky noticed it and put her hand around his cock and gave it a few strokes and told him how nice it looked. Becky turned towards us and said lets head for that Jacuzzi.
When we got in, we sat together with my husband in the middle. We chatted for a bit while we drank our drinks. Becky asked if we were comfortable yet, and we told her that we were. Becky said that was good and leaned over and started kissing me again. I couldn’t fight it, I wanted her too. We were both leaned over my husband tongue kissing. I felt someone start to fondle my tit. When I had a second I looked down to see my husband was rubbing Becky and my nipples. He was pinching and caressing both of our tits in his hands. Becky sat back again and reached out and started to stroke my husband’s cock. She told him to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi. He did as he was asked, and she got closer to me.

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   Becky still was stroking my husband’s cock, while she leaned over again and started kissing me again. After we tangled tongues for a bit she bent down and inserted my husband into her waiting mouth. Becky started to go up and down his shaft and when she would have him all the way to the back of her throat she would flick her tongue out and lick his balls. Becky came up after a bit and asked me if I would like to help her please my husband. Becky held out his penis for me while my mouth enclosed around his head. I started to move up and down his shaft, while Becky started to caress my tits with her hands. Becky leaned down, and we shared his cock between our mouths while he closed his eyes and enjoyed the blowjob he was receiving. Becky got up from his cock and came up behind me and started to play with my ass cheeks while I was giving my husband a blowjob. I felt her finger start to rub my clit while I kept working my mouth over his cock and balls. Then I felt her finger go in to me. It felt so great. She started working it in and out. The faster she moved the faster I sucked on my husband. Felt my husband tense up in my mouth so I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before he was cumming in my mouth. Becky started to finger fuck my pussy so fast, it felt so great, I could feel my orgasm building deep inside me.

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   My husband exploded in my mouth. I was sucking him dry while I felt my own orgasm release around her fingers.
    When she knew she had got me off she came back up to us and gave us both a kiss. Becky suggested we leave the Jacuzzi and find another place to play in the house. We grabbed our drinks and followed Becky into the house. She took us towards what looked like a family room, but it was set up with a bunch of large sofa chairs, and couches. In the center of the room was a mattress with tie downs, and a sex swing near that. There were maybe another ten to fifteen people in the room with us.

    We sat down on one of the chairs and started to touch and kiss each other again. I laid Becky back on the chair and spread her legs. I started to kiss her thighs and rub her clit. My husband positioned himself with his cock near her mouth. Becky started to stroke my husband, when she felt my tongue flick across her clit. I started to kiss and suck on her pussy while I inserted my finger into her pussy. I looked up to see her close her eyes and tilt her head to take my husband’s cock back in her mouth.

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       I started to move my finger in and out of her pussy in faster strokes while I watched her suck and lick all over my husband’s shaft. My ass was hanging off the chair with me on my knees, between this beautiful pussy, watching this beautiful lady suck, my wonderful husband, when I felt my ass cheeks spread a little and a tongue touch my pussy, I let out a moan, not even caring that I didn’t know who this tongue belonged too. I kept licking, fingering, and sucking on her tender pussy, while this tongue as licking my pussy from behind. I heard my husband moaning softly as Becky worked her tongue all over him. I started to feel a finger slide up in to my pussy. I was really getting excited at this point. I have never had anything like this happen before. My husband shifted in the chair and put his legs on either side of Becky. Becky got up to lay on her belly between his legs. She inserted his cock back into her mouth. I still was able to finger her pussy, but now I was able to move my tongue back and forth between her ass and pussy. I felt a second finger go into my pussy and a tongue now playing with my ass. I was watching my husband’s enjoyment, having Becky suck his cock and his wife between her legs. I saw him nod and I thought it was for me with his approval. I felt the fingers pull out of my pussy, and I thought the person was going to move on.

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       Then I felt something bigger slide into my pussy. I had to gasp. It took me off guard. I looked back and here was a black man inserting his cock into my pussy. The nod my husband gave must have been to tell this guy it was ok. He was inserting himself slowly into my pussy. I felt Becky lift herself up off the chair and she told my husband to lay down. Becky saw this man behind me with his penis in my pussy, and it put a huge smile on her face. This cock felt wonderful in my pussy. I could feel him going in deeper and deeper. She asked my husband to put on a condom and he followed her orders. She positioned herself over my husband facing me so I can watch her fuck my husband while I was going to be fucked in return. I felt this cock start to slide in and out slowly, while I watched Becky position my husband’s cock head to the folds of her pussy. She lowered herself down on him, while I felt this cock picking up pace inside me. We were all grunting and moaning at this point.


       I was on my knees with a cock going deep into my pussy while I watched my husband’s cock go deep in another lady’s pussy. I heard the guy behind me let out a grunt and he said he was cumming. I felt his cock pulse inside me, while I kept watching my husband’s cock move in and out of Becky. I saw his hands reach up to play with her tits from behind. The man behind me pulled his cock out and told me thanks for the fun. I heard my husband let out a large groan and her Becky claim she was having an orgasm. When they were done my husband excused himself to go wash off. Becky asked what I wanted to do next and I told her there was so much to try. We waited for my husband to return while we kisses and touched each other. I can’t wait to see what happens next. But I guess you will have to wait for part two to find out for yourselves. Til next time thanks for cumming.


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    End of Story
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