The Waterboy


“Treat me right Water boy, and you might get a tip”, I told him pressing harder on his crotch.

“I am to please”, he replied licking my toes through my stockings.

Then he licked me slowly from my heels to the edge of my ass. His hot breath made me moist the second it reached my quivering ass, and then instantly I felt the fluid burst. I started to flow like Niagara Falls, and my own musty sent reached my nostrils. That made me even hornier. The waterboy was fondling me all overt my legs and feet, and I shoved my toes into his mouth.

“Pull them off with your teeth waterboy”, I said.

“Service with a smile”, he mumbled with a mouth full of pantyhose.

But there was more then a smile to indicate his pleasure. A throbbing member made it clear that he was enjoying this delivery. I felt my nipples hardening and ripples of shear pleasure running through my thighs, and I moaned as I sat on his face. His tongued found my tender pot without a problem. I felt him ripping my apart my panties like an animal in heat, which I guess he was. I rocked back and forth on his face, my lips engulfing his nose with a slippery mixture of salvia and hot love juice. As I watched his huge rod convulsing, aching for something hot and wet to plunge into, I decided to tease him a little with a few strokes on its head.

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   Not to many, though. I wanted to work him up into frenzy; but I had another surprise in store for his raging hard-on. A silky smooth foot screw.

I positioned myself over him and eased my way to the tip of his extreme hardness. Rubbing the love soaked box onto the tip of his erection. He moaned and I moved back and forth. I did that two or three times then dismounted. He looked at me in bewilderment, aching for more… begging me to relieve him. .

I laughed as I shoved me stocking foot into his face and demanded for him to suck my toes… He slid my big toes into his mouth slowly licking the underside first.

“Ohhhh that feels so good”, I said sliding my hand between my legs. I was on the brink of complete and total ecstasy.

He drew my toes deeper into his mouth sucking them one by one.

“Your feet are hot,” he said drawing them deeper.

He laid me on the floor and drew his hardness between my feet slowly inches his way between my stockings.

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   His dick was as hard as a popcycle as he slid it between my feet. He moaned at the first stroke, pre-cum wetting my stockings. He slid his face between my legs as he pumped his hard-on between my feet. His breath against my aching box almost made me cum. He began kneading my tits with his hands, and licking my thighs. My head arched as I felt my orgasm rising within me,

“Ohhhh god waterboy, I am going to cum!” I screamed as lighting shot through my thighs and up my body.

He didn’t stop he kept licking and sucking on me with full desire, passion, he was moving faster now between my legs… I pushed him away.

“Oh no ya don’t”, I said slowing the pace a bit.

I am not ready for you to cum yet. He looked at me with those big brown eyes. Like a puppy whom had his favorite bone taken away?

“Please let me inside you”, he begged.

I laughed at him, grabbing a hold of his drooping member. As soon as my hands grasped him, he perked back up. . Standing at full attention.

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   I slid my hand inside of dripping, and me, wet, hot… I put my wetness on his dick rubbing him slowly. . I could smell the two of us on his hot rod as I lowered my pouty lips to him. I licked the head tasting both of us. .

“Mmmmmm,” I said, “We taste wonderful together!” I reached for his mouth sliding my tongue in deep for him to taste both of us. He was harder then before, his love gun ready to blow at any minute, He pulled me to him, his hard-on pressing against my stomach.

“I have to have you,” he said in a childlike manner. “Please!” “Please” he said, pushing himself against me harder.

I looked into his eyes, the poor waterboy was spent, and he ached from no release. I knew the poor boy had had enough. I stood up and leaned against the wall, pushing my ass in his face.

“Well waterboy,” I said when are you going to fill my tank?”

The waterboy stood, his manliness at full attention. He slid his hand between my legs rubbing my love button. His fingers were dripping with my juice.

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   His hands followed my ass crack to my forbidden hole. I tightened up as he forced my ass apart


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