There Can be Only OneCh23


There Can Be Only One Ch 23

“Open them up”

“Ross…Some one may see”

“That’s the whole idea…anyway…who looks up into windows?”

“Well…the bus passes by here…and you know that creepy man cross the street…he is always peering out behind his curtain…fucking thinks I can’t see him…fucking pervert…”

“Ochh…give the wanker something to really jerk to…”

“Rossssss…I can’t…anyway… going to get dinner soon. ”

“I don’t care… fucking open them”

Susie often saw the middle aged man across the street at his window…she figured he had his desk set up in the small bedroom…made it into an office or something… anyway she was obsessed that he was trying to spy on her…that’s why she kept the vertical blinds closed most of the time.

“But that dirty old man might be in that room …ogling…” Susie peeked between the wall and the first slat trying to hide her body …she saw the room across from her in darkness.


Ross’s voice made Susie jump and she quickly grabbed the cord and slid the slats open stepping immediately to the side.

“Open them FUCKING fully”…he was starting to lose patience.


Ross gave her a look and flicked the light switch off turning the room into semi darkness…illuminated only by the orange glow off the street lighting outside.


Susie felt a little more at ease as she reached for the other set of cords and slowly slid the blinds completely open still keeping as well hidden as she could from behind the wall.

“See, fucking told you…nothing to get all het up about…now quit hiding” there was an evil grin on his face.

Susie peeked around the corner, checking if the light was still off across the street before darting right across the room, hopefully to another corner that was hidden from prying eyes. Her heart was thumping as she leant against it.

She looked across at Ross who although watching his sister kept on glancing out of the window.

Ross smiled when he saw the light across the street come on.

“Ok slut…out ya come”

“Rossssss…the fucking perv’s there…he will see me”

“He can’t… the fucking light is off in here…”

“Ro…. . ”

“Fuck…I have had enough of your fucking… fuck. .

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  . deny…Fuck. . . enough…” Ross was struggling to find the right words…he turned the handle of the door.

“Wait. . . wha. . . what you going to do” Susie screamed as he started to walk to the door.

He stopped and looked down at his sister who had a totally worried expression etched across her face…fuck she looked gorgeous standing there only in her bra and panties… “Do…do…tell you what I am going to fucking do…gonna fucking put your whole fucking diary on fucking twitter…that’s what I am going to fucking do…”

“NOOOOooooo…wait. . .

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  I will do what you want. ”

“Too fucking late”

“No …No wait” Susie jumped up and stood in front of the window “See. . . see…he can see me. . . ”

Ross looked past his sister and across the street. The guy was sitting facing the window but was looking down at something on his desk.

Susie shrieked when Ross flicked the light switch back on as she spun around to face her brother with her back to the window. Ross ducked down just in time before he saw the bespectacled guy look up from his papers. Crawling on the floor he sat on the floor between his sister and the window…he stared right at his sister’s panty clad ass.

“Turn around …give him an eyeful” there was a sneer to his voice.

Susie was about to object when she realised that she had been warned for the very last time…she turned slowly to face the window…she could see the guy looking straight at her.


Without looking down at her brother she raised her arm and waggled her hand in waving kind of gesture.

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   She was mortified when she saw the guy turn his head around as if checking to see if anyone was in the room with him, before turning back and acknowledging the wave with one of his own.

“He… he waved back”

“Good…now lose the bra”

Accepting her fate she swallowed hard, before reaching around releasing the clasp.

“Hold it in place…tease the fucker” Ross was looking up, his eyes taking in the beauty of her camel toe cunt and onto her hands that appeared small against her tits which looked even bigger from his seated position.

Susie lowered her hands until they were by her side. . . her right, clasping her bra.

“Drop the bra and play with your tits”…Ross’s voice sounded excited as he stared right into hi sister’s mound, no more than a few inches from his face. He felt the bra drop on his leg. His smile grew when he saw his sister start to play with those lovely breasts…

Susie jumped slightly when she felt a hand on her inner thigh…and glanced down at her brother who had that stupid grin on his face. She gulped when she felt a finger snake under the leg of her panties and slip between her pussy lips starting to tease her hard rosy nub. Her cunt responded in the only way it knew how…

“What’s he doing?”

Susie looked back across street…the peeping tom was staring right at her…”Just looking…no wait…he is pointing…oh my god. . . oh my god…oh my god…a bus.

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  . . a fucking bus…is coming”

Ross immediately grabbed her ankles as Susie tried to turn and run… “DROP THOSE FUCKING HANDS” he shouted as Susie tried to cover herself up.

“There’s people…” Ross squeezed her ankles tighter.

Mortified beyond belief, Susie just stood in the window staring at the bus as it crept by. Her eyes peered into each window as it slowly slid by…the bus was less than quarter full and thankfully she thought she saw only one old lady on the lower deck of the bus looking up at her, although she was not sure if a couple on the upper deck glanced in her direction.

“Ross you fucking wanker…they fucking saw me”

Ross slid his hand back up her leg and under her panties…his finger soon found the hard nub and once more started to rub it gently. Was it Ross’s imagination or not…did her cunt seem more juiced up? Susie bent her knees slightly outwards to give him easier access…fuck it wasn’t his imagination…she was starting to get turned on.

“What’s the guy doing now?”

“Still pointing”…it was Susie’s turn to sound excited.

“What…what’s he pointing at?”

“Oh my fucking god…. he. . . he is pointing at his crotch and then at me…I think he wants to see my pussy”

Ross gave her cunt a slow swipe with his finger before slowly easing it out from between her panties…he licked the moist finger.

“Better do as he asks then sis”

“You .

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  . . you can’t be serious?” Susie’s response sounded as if she wanted him to be serious…she wanted to flash her cunt at her perverted neighbour…but she needed that push…to be told to show what lay just below the sill.

“Too fucking right I am…” Ross did not disappoint her.

“He. . . he wont be able to see me…the ledge is too high” Susie looked about the room for something to raise her above the base of the window.

Ross, staying low, helped drag the fancy French metal bench that lay at the base of her bed…the clothes and magazines discarded on the floor.


“I can’t believe you made me do that”

“You enjoyed it though” Ross retorted as he slowly stroked his rock hard cock

“Well…” Susie was embarrassed to admit to her little brother that it did “So did you…”

“I wouldn’t have fucking told you to do it if I didn’t…”

“I couldn’t believe he actually took out his cock and wanked …stood up and fucking wanked…right in front of me. ”

“Why shouldn’t he… he probably would have cum just seeing you strip naked and playing with your tits…you took it to the next fucking level…”

“You told me to you fucking wanker…anyway…why should he be the only one that has fun” Susie’s face beamed

“Yeah but to fucking do what you fucking did… fucking hell sis…”

Susie turned beetroot and just threw a pillow at her brother.

“Stop ya fucking gabbing anyway and get your mouth around this”

“Susie…Ross…” they heard their mother’s voice call up.

“Fuck” they laughed as they both cussed at the same time.


Their mother looked at them suspiciously as they both came down together with a smile on their faces…she still suspected Ross had taken it further than just getting Susie to do webcam with him. Their behaviour as they entered the room almost convinced her that they were doing more…a lot more.

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They didn’t speak at all as they helped themselves to the fare that was on the table…a roast chicken dinner…but it was the way they kept on giving each other sly glances. Ross reached for the platter with the carved chicken on…

“Ross…leave a leg for dad…you know he likes dark meat…” His mother spoke as she helped herself to a few roast potatoes.

“Ohh ok mum…you know I prefer breast” a big smile on his face as he spoke the words.

His mother blushed, whilst Susie giggled.

They were half way through the meal and hardly a word spoken…

“So Susie … going to give us a flash again…what ya wearing under the robe?” Ross spoke without even glancing up from his plate.

“ROSS GORMAN…stop that right now”. Alice wasn’t sure why she scalded her son…for he had seen his sister do much more than show him her naked body. The mother blushed slightly as Susie caught her looking straight at her robe covered breasts. . . an observation that also did not go unnoticed by Ross.

“Dream on …perv. ” Susie glared at Ross wondering what the hell he was playing at…for she had no idea that her mother had seen her masturbating for Ross on his webcam.

Ross just shrugged his shoulders and shuffled another forkful of stuffing in his mouth.

“Don’t you think she has a nice pair of tits mum?” Ross smiled as he looked directly into his mothers shocked face.

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“Ro…” his mother was lost for words…whilst Susie just looked stunned as she stared directly at her mother.

“See…mum likes them as well…”

Susie’s eyes were like a pair of clacking metal balls…bouncing from Ross’s face to her mother’s.

“Well if Susie won’t…how about you mom…get them out for us. . . I am sure Susie would like to see what yours are like” He looked directly at Susie whose mouth was just agape in disbelief.

“Ross” his mother’s voice was hardly audible.

Ross just swung his head around slowly and looked at his mother.

Alice Gorman stared at her son. She was shaking her head from side to side…her eyes pleading with her son not to make her do this…and yet her cunt was already reacting to the prospect of baring her breasts in front of her daughter. She saw in Ross’s own face that he had no intention of backing down. As her fingers slowly undid button by button, voices in her head were shouting…’slut…slut…SLUT’.

Susie wanted to shout out…her mind was confused. She knew Ross had control over her…but her mum? Was that bastard brother of hers also blackmailing his mother? She couldn’t believe what she was seeing…

Alice was now just staring at her own plate in front of her as each button was popped. When they were all but undone…she slowly peeled the two parts apart, exposing her breasts.

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   She noticed how large her erect nipples were. . .

“Right off mother …please. ”

She glanced up at her son before dropping her hands to her lap to undo the last few remaining buttons. Her hands were trembling…her heart beating…her cunt… ‘slut…slut…SLUT’ those fucking voices. She shrugged off the dress and let it lay crumbled up behind her.

“Mum???” Susie could not believe what she had witnessed.

“Now you big sister”

“Fuck off ROSS” Susie spat with as much venom in her voice that she could muster. She was half way up from leaving the table…

“As you are passing mind popping into my room and bringing up ‘twitter’ for me…same me time later on” Ross spoke with such calmness that he even amazed himself.

A puzzled look came across Alice Gorman’s face…she had heard of twitter and it had something to do with social net working, but beyond that she didn’t have a clue…

Susie knew exactly what it was and why Ross had said it. She sat back down and slowly undid the belt that held her robe together.

Ross popped a piece of roast potato into his mouth…a smirk etched across his thin red lips…as he blatantly stared at the two embarrassed women that sat next to him at the table.

Neither of the females ate as they sat with their heads bowed.

“Not hungry mum?”

Alice Gorman did not look at her son but shook her head from side to side.

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“Ok…on the floor then…suck my cock…finish the job that Susie didn’t manage to get around to do before you called us down”

Both women gasped and looked at each other. Ross smiled as the two faces and necks started to redden.

“Please son…not here…not in front of…” she could not finish her sentence as if saying her daughter’s name was even more humiliating than she already was.

Ross looked at her not saying a word…he simply stood up as bold as brass and pulled his shorts down to his knees, his hard cock standing proud and erect…both women gasped again. . “Now suck” he spoke quietly but with authority as he once more sat down…popping a piece of chicken in his mouth.

Susie just stared at her mother who, to ashamed to look back at her daughter, rose before dropping to her knees and crawling under the table. As she positioned herself under the table she could not help but look at the neatly trimmed cunt of her eldest daughter…she knew enough about her own cunt to recognise the signs of arousal in her own daughter’s vagina.

Ross felt his shorts being gently pulled all the way down to his ankles and lifted both feet in turn as his mother slipped them completely off. He planted his feet slightly further apart and spread his knees…he let out a small groan as he felt warm lips encircle his throbbing manhood. A small hand gently cradled his hanging balls as he felt his head sliding deeper into that sucking cavity.

Susie lifted the white table cloth and peered under it…she could her mother taking her brother’s cock deep into her mouth…this was not the first time she had sucked of his son.

“How… When…What the fu…. ” Susie could still not understand how or why her mother so meekly did as her younger brother told her. ”

Ross just smiled and said nothing.

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   He reached over and pulled on Susie’s right nipple hard…making her wince in pain but she did not cry out. The sensation of his cock getting sucked made him arch his back and moan softly.

Susie, although not believing what she was seeing, she could not deny that she was getting aroused. She had lifted the table cloth and was now staring at her own mother down on her knees under the table giving head to her little brother. She was envious that it was not her mouth that was wrapped around the hard flesh. Her right hand slipped under the table and she slowly fingered her pulsating clit.

Ross raised his right foot and pushed on Susie’s chair trying to spin it around so he had a better view of his masturbating sister. Susie looked at him momentarily before realising what he wanted. Unashamedly she twisted her body and the chair so that she faced her brother straight on…he could see her masturbating clearly.

Ross slipped his hand under the table and started to push his mother’s head further down on to his cock, forcing her to gag slightly. He looked at his sister whose cunt was making obscene sloshing noises as her fingers were driving in an out of her gushing pussy.

Susie looked puzzled as he saw her brother reach over and take a drumstick from the platter of meat…surely he cannot think of eating at this time…she was even more bewildered when he held it out to her…she certainly did not want to eat.

“Use this sis…fuck yourself and coat dad’s dinner with a special flavour for him”

Susie looked shocked…her hand stopped fucking her wanton hole as she took in what her pervert brother had just said…

“Fucking do it”…his words sounding highly pitched in his excitement.

The mouth on the cock stopped its sucking as Alice tried to hear what was going on…she couldn’t quite fathom what was being said but her eyes widened as she saw Susie's left hand spread the neatly trimmed cunt lips apart and with her right hand ease the meaty part of the drumstick between the pink flesh. Her mind wanted to scream with the depravity of it…but as she spluttered and gagged on the cock, trying to force the head deep down her own throat, she knew that she wanted that drumstick deep in Susie’s cunt and for her own husband to taste the juices that flow from his own daughter’s pussy…


Ross was sitting at his computer catching up on all the messages left to him on face book when he heard his sister come up from helping his mother clean after dinner.


   He wondered if his dad would notice the different flavour on his chicken leg as he ate it. He had made Susie keep it wedged deep in her cunt until she had finished downstairs, to ensure it was well marinated with her juices. He heard the door to her room close.


Susie entered her room and flicked on the switch…she walked to the window, grasping the cords that would close her blinds. She looked at the room across the road, which was shrouded in darkness, the corners of her lips curling upwards in a wry smile as she released her grip on the cord. She stood there for a moment before shrugging off her robe and throwing it onto the floor.

She walked away from the window, the orange glow from the street light beaming through the clear glass…


Ross was just about to go for a bath when his door flew open and a bouncy Cathy came bounding in and threw herself on his bed…

“Wait 'til I tell you what I made Vicky do…. ”

Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk


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