This kid


Well first let me tell you something about me im 17 5'9 with a slim build but muscular and play alot of soccer and

have a six pack and the other person in this story is  14 around 5'5 and is slim but is in good shape and is also a soccer player.

well it started during this past summer i had just gone to play soccer with some friends and this boy showed up that day who i didnt know and started to play also now let me clarifie i have a girlfriend and fuck her all the time and have never thought about a guy this way but i dont know wat it was about this kid well we were playing and after a while it started to get hot so i took my shirt off and im in good shape and workout out alot im not a big kid but iam pretty ripped and workout alot 

and i kept noticing this kid kept on looking at my body and he kept scratching his balls and this kid is only 14 so i kept thinking it cant be that big well after we were done i was all sweaty and was walking toward my car to leave when this kid comes up to me and says if i could give him a ride so i said yeah sure and i hadent noticed during the game but he had some mucles on him and he had green eyes.

well i was driving him home and starts talking to me about wanting to start working out and wanting to get ripped and touched my arm and i told him he could come workout with me some time and he said that would be koo that he really wanted a six pack and thats when he touched my stomach and i paused his hand started to go down and he grabbed my dick and i turned and looked at him and he says man im not gay its just and he puts his head down and starts to suck my dick while i drive

and i cant explain the pleasure i took off his shirt and he was in pretty good shape for a kid his age and i pulled over in this alley and told him to get in the backseat and we both did and he kept sucking my dick and i dont know wat came over me but i pulled his little shorts and started to fuck this kid right then and there in this alley you could see every muscle in his body tense up and i just started to pound this kid and he was moaning pretting loud right before i came i pulled out and came on his back i was in shock over what had just happend

he turned around with a big smile and i noticed he had a big dick for a young kid and had big balls but i didnt want to suck his dick so i just pulled his shorts up and we got back in the front seats and i started to drive him home and on the way there he gave me one quick bj and asked when we would start working out and i told him tomorrow and he said thanks for the fuck and walked in his house with his shirt off and my dry cum on this back and his lips still red from sucking my dick...........this story is 100% true and will right part two about wat happen if you guys want me too

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