Tigress to Kitty


Author’s notes: When Aaron refers to Pamela as darling, the g is silent.
It was difficult to select a category for this story.
There are elements of Romance, D/s, hints of BDSM and Reluctance. In order to submit, I had to chose one.

By Beagle9690
September 2009

As I sit here reading her laptop diary, my submissive lover has been standing in the corner for almost an hour.
Pamela's buttocks are freshly spanked because I caught her masturbating in the bathtub without permission.
She has five minutes left in the corner and then she will finish getting ready for dinner.

Pamela is a store manager with a large grocery chain and is 10 years my senior having just turned forty today.
I am an independent painting contractor and sometimes jack-of-all-trades preferring to do residential houses or small businesses and I always work alone.

"May I come out of the corner now, Master?"She asked, meekly.
"I'm sorry for disobeying a mandate and I promise to be a good girl. "

From the beginning Pamela wanted to address me as Master.
However Master seems so trite and overused and I am not in to titles.
Persistent, my beautiful Pamela wore me down and we compromised; a very minor concession on my part.
Master in private and Sir when in public with both being contingent and proper for the situation.
Sir is a title of respect and is good for all occasions including when we are out in public and for Pamela it holds a special meaning.

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When we were first together it was a little awkward for Pamela, she being chronologically older then I, although not at all in appearance.

After a year’s time, Master still flows easily and lovingly from her luscious, generous lips and it seems that Pam just can't get enough kisses from me.
Not that I find this annoying, I rather enjoy her intimate kisses and touches as well as her total obedience in our private life. Master has become a term of endearment for her towards me; like honey or sweetheart.
I do not interfere with Pamela's career or the day-to-day operations of the store except on occasion to remind her of her submission.
When I correct her in public it is nothing overt or obvious.
Pamela is certainly aware of it and hates when I correct her that way.
Although on some level she enjoys it hence her submission to me.
As well as the hot loving making afterwards when she returns from work.

The people working under her have benefited from our relationship.
Especially since the employee’s July weekend hotdog fundraisers held outside the store for their annual Christmas party.
In the past Pamela always delegated this task to one of her Assistant Managers.

At the last one I worked side-by-side with Pamela selling hotdogs, soda and chips, a gesture of good will by management on her part.
Several people working there told me privately that they never saw her so relaxed or happy and to keep up the good work.
Pamela had the reputation for being overbearing, a bit of a shrew when angry.

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  . . . the Ice Queen.
After she hired me to paint the inside and outside of her house I would have concurred, at first.

"You may, but first come here. "I ordered, putting the laptop to one side.
She rushed over and knelt by the easy chair I was sitting in.
"You know better than that, little girl!"I sternly admonished.

"Yes Master, I know better, I'm sorry?"

"If I catch you masturbating again without my permission your hair will be in pigtails at work for an entire week, Ms. Rogers, Executive Manager.

"Please Aaron, I hate when you do that to me; people won't take me seriously. "

“Nevertheless you have me now and I will take care those needs and desires. ”
I then buried my hands in her damp hair and kissed her luscious lips.

I stood up and stretched.

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"I don't care where we go for dinner tonight as long as I can get a big rare charbroiled steak. ”

I don't drink at all because it dulls the senses.
Pamela will have one glass of red or white wine with dinner on special occasions which is fine with me.

“May I suck on your cock?”She asked, putting her head on my lap.
I touched her beautiful face and caressed it lightly with my hand.
“You may, my love, my naughty Lady…. after another hour in the corner. ”

“Aaron!” She exclaimed, lifting her head to look at me.

“I’m teasing, darling. You know you are never punished without good reason.
Have I ever abused you?”

“No Master, you have always have kept your word to me about everything.
I’ve never had to use my safe word except once, which I regret. ”She said, touching her sore bottom and wincing.
“And I never shall again because I know that you love me. ”
And she put her head back on my lap.

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“But the spanking stung and now I’m so horny…. after all, I am your cock slave. ”

“You love titles, darling, Master and slave; for me it is enough that you are my submissive lover.
I have always contended that your imagination and intellect compliments you, Pamela, my love.
We have our little compromises because you always keep your word as well…aside from some minor naughty behaviors. ”
I wrapped my hands in her long damp hair tugging.
“Start with your tongue, slave and look in my eyes when you are licking. ”

I slid my boxer shorts off and got comfortable in the chair.
“Yes that's right. Lick the entire shaft. . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . Marvelous.
Take your little tongue and lick the entire circumference of the tip.
Very good that feels wonderful.
Start sucking, good. .

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  . . . . . . . . yes. . . . ah, yes, you are doing fine.
You have such beautiful eyes darling, such beautiful eyes…….

I exploded in her mouth and my orgasm was incredible and so was Pamela who swallowed every bit of my come and licked me clean, giving my stomach a playful raspberry when she finished.

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Pamela truly is a cock slave and I have never met a woman like her who enjoyed giving head as much as she does, the only time that I allow her to masturbate.
I got out of my chair and helped her to her feet, gave her an affectionate hug and said.

"I have laid out your clothing for you and I want to see lots of curls in your hair.
If you are extra good I may let you go down on me again when we get back and perhaps allow you an orgasm later this evening. . . now scoot!"
I gave her ass a little slap for good measure and sent her on her way.

How did I meet Pamela? We have been together for a little more than a year.
Let me go back to page one of her laptop diary and then between the two of us our story will unfold:

"Good morning, this is Aaron Bronson. How may I help you?"

"Good morning Mr. Bronson, my name is Pamela Rogers and I'm calling to get an estimate to have my house painted.
You come highly recommended which is good because I am very particular about my home. "

"Yes, Ma'am, what time would be convenient for you?"

"I'm calling from work at Deluxe Foods on Woodcrest Avenue.
I am the Executive Manager there. "
Pamela let the title hang in the air before continuing.

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"Please drop your resume off at my office no later than 8:00 a. m. for me to look over.
I will meet you at my home at 6:00 PM sharp. "

"Ms. Rogers, I. . . .
Pamela interrupted and gave me her home address and then dismissed me with a curt “good day. ”
I was thinking, "Is this woman for real, a resume?"

I arrived early to look the house over, a large Victorian at the top of a hill.
I was waiting in her driveway when she arrived.
As she got out of her red Mercedes with her briefcase Pamela was frowning and looked angry.

I sighed and then went over to introduce myself holding out my hand for her to shake which she declined, saying.

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   Bronson, we agreed that you would drop your resume off for me to read. "

"No, Ms. Rogers, I did not agree to that at all.
You assumed that I would bring you one and you cut me off before I had the chance to tell you my work is my resume. "

"I don't like your tone, Aaron; do you talk to all of your employers this way?"
She announced, glaring at me.

"As I recall, Pamela, you called me. ”I replied firmly and I was thinking, what beautiful eyes she has, like a cat or a tiger.
“I am not one of your. . . . what's the politically correct word for subordinates these days. . . oh yes, associates.

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I am not one of them. ”

"Are you intimidated by strong women, Mr. Bronson?
That would explain your attitude. "
She asked, taking a step forward in challenge.

"Do you mean strong women like Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth?"
I said stepping forward until we were almost nose to nose.
I was looking into those beautiful eyes and smiling at her and I wanted to kiss her pursed lips.

"No! Why would you ask such a stupid question?
Are you that obtuse?" She asked angrily.

I took off my white painters cap and ran my fingers through my hair before putting it back on and answering.
"That's a shame, darling, because you didn't put your Mercedes in park and it is rolling backwards down your driveway.
A golden lasso would be handy right about now. "

Pamela's Mercedes rolled halfway down the driveway ending up against the thick stands pines and ground ivy planted on the hillside by previous owners to prevent soil erosion.

"Well don't just stand there!"She exclaimed, dropping her brief case and running down the hill after her car and quite gracefully at that.

Not saying a word I got in my truck and drove past her and then parked in front of her Mercedes.
Fortunately for her I had an electric wench mounted below the brush guard on my truck and I was able to pull the Mercedes out with little trouble.
Pamela walked over to my truck as I was getting ready to leave and I rolled the window down.



"I owe you an apology, Mr. Bronson. "
I just smiled at her not saying a thing. I was undressing her with my eyes and Pamela knew it.
"I want to thank you for pulling me out of the ditch. ”
I remained silent letting her squirm and still wanting to kiss her.
"I'm sure that you will agree that it was a miscommunication between the two of us. "

I got out of my truck, closed the door and said.
“To the contrary, I do not agree. We both know where we stand and you are welcome. "

"Are you always this difficult. . . so hard to handle, Mr. Bronson?"
Pamela said, smiling for the first time, and I definitely wanted to kiss her then.

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"Always, and no I am not intimidated by strong women especially pretty ones that smile so nicely.
Frankly Ma'am I don't believe that you can handle me. "

"Then I'll take that as a challenge, Sir. "
She replied, extending her hand for me to shake and I took it.
Pamela had a firm, strong handshake, excellent, and now she was checking me out.
She was squeezing firmly and I could tell that she was quite strong and was holding back…. interesting.
The tigress had pulled back her claws.

"And you are quite cocky for such a young man.
My best guess is that you are not much more then twenty-five?
Will you please give me an estimate now that we are properly introduced and I insist on paying for the tow?"

"Yes for the estimate, and no for the tow. "

"I insist. May we at least negotiate the tow, perhaps compromise, Aaron?"

"Well, perhaps there is something, a minor gratuity in consideration for the tow, Pamela. "

"See! We can agree on something and I will return the favor. "

"If you will show me the house I can get started and then you will have my answer at 8:00 a. m.

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   sharp along with your written and detailed estimate. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Pamela wrote:
I still see no harm in asking for a resume and I am sure that if he had one it would generate more business for him.

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At least he was presentable. . . . no, make that more than presentable.
Clean white pants, white polo shirt, tucked in and a white painters cap, and he was wearing a black belt and black shoes; a very good first impression actually…. he smells like peppermint.
When he smiled, dimples, he has dimples in his cheeks and blue eyes, plus he is so tall, taller than me.
His thick unruly hair is so blond. Nordic is the word, like a big strong Viking.
He was undressing me with his eyes and they were like hot blue flames and he knew that I was aware of it, how bold of him.

Aaron could have been more reasonable and cooperative.
On the other hand when he pulled my car out he didn't laugh at me or rub my nose in it.
Aside from being cocky and blunt he was more or less polite while he was checking me out…I wonder?
How interesting, he wouldn't accept money for the tow but he must want something. .

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  . . hmm?

The following morning when I walked into her office, Pamela was dressed almost the same as yesterday, navy blue slacks to match her fitted navy blue jacket, a ruffled white blouse, tan stockings and black pumps.
Pamela dresses this way, businesslike and conservative to be imposing, accentuating her height of six-three at about 160 pounds.
She must have magnificent legs hiding underneath those pants.

I meant it when I said that she was a pretty woman; no make that a beautiful woman.
Pamela's long dark blond hair was pulled away from her face quite severely and fixed in a braided chignon.
Today she had a red silk scarf was wrapped around her chignon, perfect.
Her golden brown eyes were taking me in again and she reminded of a tigress ready to pounce.

I handed Pamela the estimate and she invited me to sit down with her over a cup coffee.
We discussed the details and then made small talk to feel each other out.
Finally, I stood up and we shook hands sealing the deal with her personal check for a third down.
As I was walking out the door she asked.
“About the tow, have you made a decision, Mr. Bronson?"

"You strike me a Lady of your word, Ms.

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I am not being condensing. I mean what I say and I speak my mind which is why I prefer to work alone.
If you find me cocky, or blunt or difficult so be it.
You hired me just the same and you did agree to return the favor.
I enjoy looking at beautiful women, and you are a beautiful woman, Pamela.
Please take your hair down. "

"You want me to take my hair down?" She asked, looking a bit surprised and then quickly regained her composure and said,
"I hope you are joking, Aaron. "

"It’s a simple enough request. Do strong, blunt men intimidate you, Ms. Rogers?
Do you still think that you can handle me?"

"Touché, Mr. Bronson and with that being said you may look but do not touch. "
And then she walked past me to lock her office door, locking me in the tiger’s den.

Pamela took the scarf from her hair and laid it on the desk.
The hairpins came next as she unwrapped her long braid letting it drop down past the middle of her shoulder blades.

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She then turned her back to me and took the braid out leaving a silky and wavy ponytail that I wanted to stroke and wrap my hand around in the worst way.
Finally, Pamela took then elastic band from her ponytail and shook her head letting her long blond hair fall to her trim waist.
She turned to face me and was smiling.

"I believe that I have met my obligation to our compromise and I hope that I fulfilled your little fantasy?”
And then Pamela got close and put her fingers like a cat’s claw on a scratching post and lightly raked them down my chest, stopping at my belt and then lightly touching my groin and feeling my erection and she was smiling.
"Young men are so transparent and predictable. " She announced assuredly.

I picked up her silk scarf from the table and folded it from corner to corner before tying it around my neck.
"Thank you for the scarf.
Silk is much smoother and softer then the red cotton bandanas I normally wear.

"What do you mean thank you for the scarf?
If all you wanted was the scarf why not just ask for it?
Why did you make me take my hair down?"

"Make you?I said feigning surprise.
I did not make you do anything darling. You did that on your own.
Closing and locking the door to keep me from escaping was a nice touch.
And at the expense of sounding bold your performance was quite erotic.
I so enjoy watching a beautiful woman take her long hair down.

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"But I thought?"

"You thought what, Ms. Rogers?
Oh, I see, you assumed that I find you sexy and desirable, how interesting.
From the inferences you have made about my age you led me to believe that a mature Lady like you would never be interested in toddler like me. You were toying with me, my little fantasy as you put it. ”

"It was a miscommunication, I'm sure that you can agree on that, at the very least to save us both embarrassment?"

“A miscommunication you say?
I say a politically correct retreat.
I am not the least embarrassed and there was no miscommunication, you were flirting.
You were flirting and you were doing it nicely.
I obviously enjoyed it and so did you.
Unfortunately for me you said look but do not touch and I withdraw from the field.
However I would love to touch your silky hair, Pamela. ”

“Again, thank you for the red scarf.
Although now that I have it next to my skin I am sure that it pales in comparison to how soft and silky your hair must feel.
Now that I have seen it unbound I would rather experience your hair caressing my neck, face and chest as it caresses yours. ”
As I reached the door I unlocked and then opened it before turning to face her.
"For the record, darling, I'm thirty and you assumed right.

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   Good day. "
I left her looking totally beautifully bewildered.

The following Monday I started scraping on the outside.
The Victorian was 2 1/2 stories with a tremendous amount of gingerbread work to scrape or repair.
In some sections I had to fabricate and replace rotted or damaged wood.
Pamela wanted everything restored original to the nineteen eighties and even though she was good for the money she was a bit of a pain in the ass.
She questioned everything, making suggestions or changes from day to day.
It is a good thing that I didn't buy the paint ahead of time because the color scheme changed each time I revealed a new layer of layer of oil or latex paint.

I was on my second week of scarping when I discovered a carpenter bee's nest in the wall where the inside staircase went to the second story.
The bees were going in and out of the dry rotted wood frame of the beautiful stained glass octagon window common to houses of that period.

I telephoned Pamela at work and apprised her of the situation.
"I am going to have to kill the bees before I can get the window out.
Don't worry, Ms. Rogers, I have run into this problem before and I have the equipment.
There will be no charge if you bring me a large Genoa Salami sub with extra meat, provolone cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, hot peppers, roasted peppers, Italian dressing on the side, and a quart bottle of skim milk.

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"Do you want a nipple on your bottle of milk?"She said laughing.

"Touché, darling. "
I replied in turn and laughing along with her.
"Thank you Sir, it's nice to score a point for a change. "

"You are welcome. The bees should be dead by the time you get home tomorrow and then I will remove the window.
The replacement parts for my high lift are finally in and it will be out of the repair shop tonight.
If you like I will take you up on the high lift tomorrow and show you. ”

I was on a ladder chalking the opposite side of the house and letting the insecticide do its work when I saw her red Mercedes in the distance.
I climbed down and then went inside to use the bathroom and to wash my hands.
I was thinking that Pamela was taking an awful long time to get into the house with my sub as I heard her scream.
I ran outside to find that she had put one of my ladders up against the house and climbed up to look at the window not wanting to wait for my high lift.
Instead of putting the ladder to the side she put on the windowsill causing the sill to give way and shift and allowing the ladder to slide from underneath which in turn scared the hell out of her.
Pamela panicked and was frozen in place being afraid to move or to climb down.
"Aaron, I'm going to fall, I'm going to fall.

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  . . ah its slipping!! She screamed "Get me down; Get me down, ah, ah, Aaron!!
I grabbed the ladder and held it. "I have the ladder darling; just climb down you will be fine. "
"I can't, I can't I'm going to fall, get me down Aaron, get me down, ah ah ah ah ah ah. . . . . . . . . . .


  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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I let go of the ladder and as I ran to my truck, I shouted. "You'll be fine, darling, don't panic.
"Don't leave me!" She screamed and then she closed her eyes and started to hyperventilate.

I drove my truck inches to the ladder blocking the bottom with the front bumper stabilizing the bottom.
Next I took a second ladder and put it beside the one she was on and then tied them together with a coil of nylon rope.
I started from the bottom and tied sections of our ladders together as I worked my way up and finished tying when I was standing next to her.

"You are not going to fall, you will be fine.
Open your eyes and look at me.
Good, now takes some slow deep breathes and relax.
You are doing fine; the ladder is stabilized and can't move.
Keep looking at me and breathe…. wonderful. . . .

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   you have such lovely eyes, darling. . . is that a smile I see, you have a beautiful smile. Don't look down, look at me.
You can do this and I will help you. Will you let me help you?"
Pamela nodded her head for yes and smiled.
"Good, I'll be right here next to you until you are ready and remember slow deep breathes.
I'm going to put my hand on your back and I promise that I won't let you fall. . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . ”

I talked Pamela down one step at a time with my hand on her back to assure her and stayed beside her until she reached the bottom rung where she stopped.
I could see from the look on her face that she was starting to cry. . . . good, let her get it out of her system.
I jumped to the driveway and put my hands around her waist, picking her up and helping her down.
As soon as her feet touched the ground Pamela turned and put her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder.
The floodgates let loose and she started sobbing and shaking.
I held her and rubbed her back.
It was nice to hold a tall, substantial woman for a change.
Pamela complimented my own height of six foot/ seven inches.

"It's all right you're safe now and don't be embarrassed because I won't tell anybody.

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Let yourself have a good cry, darling because I have a feeling that it is long overdue. ”

I held her for a long while and when she lifted her head to look at me I then took her hand and brought her into her house.
"I must look terrible. " She said wiping her face with her hand.

"Yes. But you had a terrible scare and you were crying; that is to be expected.
I want you to lie down and take a nap. "

"You really are blunt. "She said showing the hint of a smile.
“Really, I'm fine, Aaron, I don't need to take a nap. "

"You will take a nap, Pamela, even if I have to spank you until you do. "

"You wouldn't dare!" She said, looking a bit unsure. . . .

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   "You would spank me, wouldn't you. . . what if I called the police?
"You won't call the Police, Pamela.
This is between the two of us and will always be between the two of us.
You felt the connection between us from the very beginning the same as I”

That was our defining moment.
Pamela looked at me for a good minute before she answered as if fighting with herself.
"I don't want to be spanked, and you are right I won't call the Police even if you spanked me. "

"Good, it is settled then.
Let me help you with your shoes and then I will help you off with your jacket. "
I helped her with them and then said. "Please turn around. "
Pamela's hair was fixed in a simple loose bun and I started taking the hairpins out and then I slid the elastic band from her ponytail.
I arranged her hair over her back and shoulders before putting my hands on her shoulders to gently turn her to face me.

"I am tired now, Aaron, actually I'm exhausted.

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Will you be here when I wake up?"

"Yes darling, I have a good three hours of daylight and want to get as much work done as possible. "

I again took Pamela's hand and led her to the couch in the living room.
I helped her lay down and then knelt down beside her.
I touched her face gently with my hand and then pushed her long blond hair to one side.
"Get some sleep for when you wake up you will be a new woman, my woman?"
Finally I brought her wet a dishtowel with ice cubes wrapped inside for her face and to sooth her red from crying eyes before I went outside.

It was starting to get dark when Pamela came out of the house looking for me.
She was barefoot and was wearing baggy sweatpants and a faded and well-worn green sweatshirt with her college logo on the front
Pamela's hair was freshly brushed and was loose over her shoulders with the front section pulled away from her face and secured at the back of her head with a large barrette.

I had just finished my meal and I got up from the front porch steps brushing the crumbs from my clothing.
"Well hello, darling, I hope you slept well and by the way thank you for dinner. "

"Aaron, don't you think that I'm too old for you?"

"To use a cliché, you are as only as young as you feel.
You are a beautiful woman, Pamela, tall and substantial with a marvelous figure.
Being a vegetarian helps as does your treadmill. "

"How did you know that I am a vegetarian?"

"For one you have no meat in your refrigerator and it is packed with fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables.
You have an entire row of books your bookcase on vegetarian cooking only. ”

“You can easily pass for a much younger woman and as far as I am concerned your life experience, maturity and imagination are a bonus.

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I have no interest in young immature girls or women and I have had my share of both.
Career wise you are very good at what you do and almost always get your way. . . even with those in corporate above you.
You have turned down promotions to stay where you are so that you can restore this house to an era of a simpler time when men and women knew their place in society and were content. ”

“You love this house Pamela, and as big of a pain in the ass that you have been it is obvious that you appreciate the care that went into building it and you honor the craftsman that built it by restoring it as it was meant to be. ”

"You may have your career.
I won't interfere, Ms. Rogers.
Your house, your car your money they are yours for you earned them.
I want Pamela the woman and I will have you on my terms because that is what you want as well.
Turn around and face away from me. ” I quietly commanded.

Pamela turned and stood perfectly still.

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I put my arms around her trim waist and then kissed her cheek, putting my face next to hers so that I could feel her hair on my face and neck.
"I saw the naughty websites, chat rooms, and message boards saved in your favorites on your lap top.
I know what your fantasies and fetishes are and what you want and what you need, little girl.
And I have read the stories you wrote about submissive women, one in particular, "Carmen the Cock Slave".
That got a very good rating and many positive public comments praising it.
You blush so nicely darling and it is very noticeable with your fair complexion. "

Pamela wrote:
He had me blushing like a young girl and my face felt hot and I was embarrassed and loving it.
I could feel Aaron's hard cock pressing up against me and it felt huge.
Would he make me his cock slave now?
Carmen could only orgasm with a cock in her mouth and I never had a cock in mine.
What does his taste like?

"Do you want to be my cock slave, Ms. Rogers?"
I was too flustered to answer him, can you believe that, me?
"Cat got your tongue darling, or should I say tiger?
Do you still think that you can handle me?"

"No, Sir. " I whispered

"Good answer, little girl, very good answer. "
As beagle9690 wrote in "Amish No More", "You do not have permission to speak……………………. ”

I put my hand at the base of my throat as if I was Minerva or Sarah and I nodded my head, acknowledging that I understood him.

"Because of what just transpired between us I will be out of town most of the day tomorrow to tie up some loose ends.

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I'll stop at the store to see you before I leave.
Now for a few mandates, I prefer skirts and dresses on women and on you in particular.
You have magnificent legs, darling; I have seen you run so why hide them. "
Aaron took my shoulders and turned me to face him.
"Do you shave your pussy, Pamela?"
I shook my head for no, wanting to get down on my knees and suck on his cock.
"I want everything shaved from the neck down and by everything, everything better be slick and smooth.
As for your pussy twice a day should suffice.
Do you remember what happened in to Carmen the cock slave when her master found stubble on her pubis Mon?"

I nodded yes. Of course I remembered, I wrote it.
Wolf, Carmen's Master, cut Carmen's beautiful, long gold blond hair brutally short with the scissors and threatened to shave her head and keep her permanently bald if it happened again.
I loved my long hair and to fantasize about having it done to someone else was one thing and to have it done to me was another.

“The rules have changed darling and I am back on the field and you are kneeling on the ground at my feet.
When I return tomorrow it will be look and touch and taste. ”
He kissed me again, this time on the mouth and he tasted like peppermint.
I didn't want his kisses to end.



Aaron let go of me and walked away leaving me quivering with desire for him, my God how I wanted him to stay.
He was at his truck when I remembered I still didn't have permission to speak; he must have forgotten to tell me?
I ran after him down the driveway and he turned smiling. . . he didn't forget.

I stopped and put my hand at the base of my throat, smiling and looking down as is proper.
He held my chin with his thumb and forefinger and gently lifted my head to look into my eyes and said. "Yes, you may speak. "
I put my arms around his neck and I hugged him crying happy tears now and it felt so good and I was so horny.
Aaron buried his hands in my hair and kissed my mouth as no man had ever kissed me before and I thought his first two kisses were wonderful but this was one was even better.

Not that I have been kissed by many men.
Actually just one; we were teenagers and he was drunk and was groping me roughly while sticking his tongue in my mouth. . . yuck.

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I haven't had a boyfriend since my senior in high school because of my tunnel vision to achieve my career goals.
My sexual outlet is masturbation fueled by unrealistic fantasies from what I read and write.
With masturbation I have complete control as does everyone.
Now everything is happing so fast and spontaneously.
I am totally out of control and loving it…. what an idea for a story this would make.

"I really have to go, my beautiful Lady, remember what I told you. "

After he left I drove to the drugstore to purchase new hi-tech razors and shaving cream, shampoos and conditioners, plus everything else I could think of to make myself even more beautiful for my Master.
I might have gone a little overboard because I put almost $400. 00 on my credit card and I didn't care because it was for him.

I showered in tepid water washing my hair twice and then gave myself leave-in hot oil conditioner followed by putting on a shower cap so that I could take a long soak in a hot bathtub and pleasure myself.
I filled the tub with hot water, added some vanilla scented bath oil and lit some vanilla scented candles.
This is my daily routine except for the hot oil treatment which I do once a month and I change the scents to suit my moods.
Normally I use my regular conditioners after washing my hair and use tepid water to wash out the conditioner.

I was relaxing in the tub just thinking, thinking about him and getting aroused while imagining what it would be like to suck on his cock.

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All the men in my stories had long thick ones that were eight inches long or better and everyone knows that does not happen in real life.
I was cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples, I have such sensitive nipples and have no one to suck on them. . . well now I do, oh God this feels so good and I am so naughty.
Mother first caught me masturbating when I was ten years old and there was hell to pay.

She told me that I was dirty and naughty and I got a terrible spanking; that was not the end of it.
I had long blond waist length curls in those days and mother dressed me up like a little doll in frilly dresses and such.
My hair was a much lighter then, being a golden blond that has since darkened with age.
After my spanking Mother made me change into jeans and a tee shirt and took me to her hairdresser to have my waist length curls shorn from my head.
When we arrived I was marched to the chair and made to sit down. Mother then talked quietly to Donna.
I was left with a terrible short boy’s haircut. It was quite short on the sides and back, about half an inch long and was tapered down with the clippers too about an eighth of an inch at my hairline.

My beautiful hair was shorn down on the crown to 2 inches long and then brutally thinned with the thinning shears.

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Finally, Donna wet it down with water followed by a dab of hair cream and then parted it on the right to no avail; I looked like a tall gangly boy with wild cowlicks. Before she removed the cape Donna leaned forward and whispered. “I’m so sorry, honey. ”
Mother then waited an hour for the next opening and read magazines.
She then had Donna trim the ends of her mid- back length curly red hair.
I was made to stand in the corner in front of the other stylist and customers as further punishment adding to my shame and humiliation: nobody know why I was given such a haircut, at least I will give Mother that.

She dragged me out of the hairdressers and then hissed at me in the parking lot by the car.
"If you want to act like a dirty boy you can damn well look like one, Princess?
Just remember that I’m the Queen and it is time for you to grow up!”
Mother then gave her head a toss followed my smoothing down her long red curls and was smiling.

My Daddy called me that, Princess.
He left Mother for a younger, mild mannered woman.
His new wife, Jenny is rather plain but is so sweet and such a dear. She is not a beautiful woman like my Mother.

I received short haircuts from that time on, although not as severe as the first, every six weeks until my junior year of high school when I started to grow my hair out defying my Mother.
Then my full scholarships allowed me to move out and to attend college where I was finally out from under her thumb.

God this feels so good and Aaron is so handsome, he makes me giddy when he kisses me.

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Yes, Pamela that's it, use your fingers on your plump little clit, oh I can wait to see him tomorrow. . . mmm. . . I'm coming. . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . .

I was nodding off in the tub thinking about Aaron, he also said that we would be lovers as well; lovers. . . .

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   then my cell phone rang.
I reached for my cell phone annoyed at the intrusion but hopeful that the call was from Aaron.
Perhaps my Master was calling to tell me that he was spending the night, what a naughty girl I was thinking that, my Master, as I hugged myself.

"Hello Pamela, this is John.
The coolers in dairy are down and I have shifted some things to frozen and shifted the rest where there was room.
Do you have further instructions?"

John was one of my Assistant Managers with an open schedule and he works various shifts.
John is in his sixties and is a clothes hound always dressing to the nines favoring bright colored shirts and ties.
He is also an avowed bachelor and he treats me like a younger sister.
He is a very competent man and knows my store inside and out.

As to the reason for the late phone call, I suppose that I do micromanage a bit.
But damn it, my store is the top rated store with the highest sales volume in three states.
Nobody complains when the Ice Queen gives them their bi-yearly bonuses.
Shivering, I turned on the hot water to reheat my bath and slip down further into the tub before I answered.

"No, I'm sure that you can handle things without me and I won't be coming down tonight.
Thank you for calling but it wasn't necessary.

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You are more than capable of handling things without me and I'm lucky to have you. "

"Pamela, are you feeling all right?"
"Yes, Johnny, I feel absolutely wonderful. "I replied, wishing that I was talking to Aaron and hoping that he still might call.
"Well. . . thanks for the compliment. ” He said a little surprised. “I will tell you more about it at our managers meeting tomorrow. "

After I hung up I checked the screen on my cell phone and it was later then I thought.
I started shaving my legs and then under my arms and shaved twice wanting everything perfect for him.
I was a little nervous about shaving my pussy having never done that before.
Aaron said that he wanted it smooth and slick…I started with the scissors cutting off the bulk of my hairy bush.
Next I lathered it well and shaved my pussy twice with a women’s four-blade razor and then checked with a hand mirror for any stray hairs.
Finding none I rinsed well in cool water to close the pores and then applied a soothing balm.

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Finally, I blow-dried my hair damp and then stood in front of the full length mirror behind my bedroom door.
I ran my hands over smooth Pubis Mons and I was smiling pleased with the results.
It felt wonderful and I felt so much cleaner as I admired my reflection; I did have a nice figure.
I contemplated why I never thought of shaving down there before, I wrote about other women doing or ordered to do it.
Was I really a beautiful woman, of course I was, Aaron said so and blunt has its advantages.

I am certainly a healthy woman living a clean vegetarian lifestyle.
I keep fit with yoga and my elliptical tread mill.
I ran my hand over my tight stomach and then stroked my breasts.
I watched my nipples harden. … I was most certainly a horny one.

Horny or not I had a store to run with an early meeting with my assistant managers tomorrow.
Fortunately, after everything that happened to me today I had no trouble falling asleep that night and my dreams were many and pleasant, particularly the last one.
The dream I awoke from as my alarm went off the following morning…. coincidence, I think not…a portent, perhaps.

I was on my diamond throne; a throne carved from a perfect blue white diamond, cold and hard…the throne of the Ice Queen.

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It caught the light from the many beeswax candles high above in the chandeliers bathing me in its soft light and illuminating my regal and imperious countenance.
My tiger skin cloak was draped over my shoulders, covering my nakedness.
I was holding court over my obedient and loyal subjects.

Suddenly there was a defending boom followed by more as the massive iron bound doors to the throne room shook from the repeated blows of a battering ram or the iron shod hooves of a warhorse.
My subjects fled in terror to the far corners of the throne room as my armored knights rushed to reinforce the door.

It was time; I sensed it in my dream as the formidable black paladin’s ebony warhorse burst through the doors rearing up on its hind legs.
The stallion’s front feet rang on the stone floor as they came down.
Those forceful blows caused the doors to be partially blasted from their hinges and the force of them opening scattered my dandy knights as if they were animated playing cards.
The rogue knight sitting on this magnificently hung beast of war was dressed in battered and scarred black armor.
He dismounted and walked towards me and I rose to meet him his challenge, convinced that I could handle him.

I could not see his face through his visor and he pushed past me to stand before my diamond throne.
“Your reign is over, Ice Queen. ”He announced, as I followed him and then stood beside him, now unsure.
He then snatched my tiger skin from me and placed it over his shoulders, leaving me naked.
“You may have it back when you learn to be a good kitty.

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Then in one fluid motion drew the long two-handed bastard sword from the scabbard hanging on his back.
He smote with his blade shattering my diamond throne into a million shards that melted as if they were ice to a hot blue flame and with my throne so did my heart………………….

I was up early to dress nicely for him, for my Master, and I selected a dark grey summer weight wool knee length skirt and matching jacket. I added my signature white blouse, selecting one with a ruffled front and then black stockings and black pumps.
I carefully applied my makeup, paying special attention to my eyes and then I put my hair up in a loose bun…finally off to work and my managers meeting.

We have our meetings in the café located in the store next to the delicatessen.
John roped off our small section for the eight of us to have our meeting over coffee or tea.
We were well into the spoilage inventory when a tall man wearing a scarred and well worn black motorcycle jacket approached our section.
He was also wearing black jeans, boots and a black helmet with a full mirrored face shield and we couldn’t see his face.
He stepped between the chrome posts and over the green velvet rope.

John stood up to confront him and was blocking him from approaching further.
He looked like a bantam rooster challenging a bear.
The stranger towered over John’s five-foot/two-inches.
“This is a private meeting, Sir; please step back behind the barrier. ”

“Request denied.


  ” The man replied.

“Sir, there is no need to be difficult, may I help you with something?”

“No, I’m here to see the Ice Queen. ”
Aaron replied, removing his helmet and smiling.
Things got very quiet then with the Ice Princess spoken openly.

“It’s ok, John, I’ve been expecting him. ”
I said, getting out of my chair and walking to them.

Aaron handed his helmet to John while gently pushing him out of the way and John quietly took it unsure now how to react to the situation…. you could hear a pin drop and Mary from produce and Sarah from health food were smiling.

Aaron put his right hand my waist and his left arm behind my back and bent me backwards as he kissed me squarely on the lips like the sailor kissed the girl in white in the famous photograph called V - J Day first published in the 1945 Life magazine.
He did it right in front of everybody and I felt my face getting warm and my heart was melting like in the dream…did I love him?
“Good morning, darling, can I have a word with you please. ”

Then Aaron let go of me and turned and introduced himself to everyone as my friend.
He shook their hands and was smiling. He can be so charming when he wants to be.
He made Mary and Sarah smile even more as they checked him out.
I caught the knowing glance between the two of them as they looked at me.

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“Would you please excuse us, folks, I won’t keep her long. ”
Aaron took his helmet from John and then took his Lady’s arm, mine, and we walked to the store’s florist shop.

Aaron removed a red rose from the bucket in the refrigerated display case and then handed Cindy the floral assistant in charge five dollars which more than enough to cover the cost.
He removed a Cold Steel Voyager folding knife from jacket pocket and cut the stem before putting the rose in my hair.
Cindy just stood there with her mouth open…good; it was my turn to give a little show.

I put my arms around his neck and kissed his mouth, his kisses were so good, yum, peppermint.
“Where is your horse, Peppermint Knight?” I asked.

“It is parked outside my Lady. ” He replied, laughing. “I’m surprised that you know the biker slang for a motorcycle is a horse. ”

“I don’t, but I would love to see your black horse nevertheless. ”

“How did you know it is black…………………………. ?

Now for my two cents; as I said I am a jack of all trades and I do enjoy the company of women, one or two or more at the same time.
I told Pamela that I was going to Syracuse to tie up some loose ends and not getting specific with Pamela, saying that I would see her at eight that evening.
I was a bit of a rogue then; well….

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   I suppose I still am to a degree.

The loose end was to terminate an affair with Susan, a very wealthy young married woman in her twenties who was under my thumb.
The interesting thing is that in the beginning I did not know that she was married.
I did not know how shallow and vain that Susan was, so unlike my Pamela.
She does not realize that her husband, Mark is aware of our affair, Susan’s betrayal finally made the man grow a set of balls.
He will be taking over today now that I have taught him my methods and how to use them, his balls.
I will be returning with a prize nonetheless and with or without her Mark’s blessing.
I refused to accept money from Mark and in Susan’s case an offer of marriage and a life of leisure from the proceeds of her divorce.

I left work early to do some clothes shopping; specifically to purchase a couple of nice dresses.
Aaron said he wanted to see me mostly in dresses and skirts and that was that.
I also went to Victoria Secrets to get some sexy undergarments.
I hope that he likes black and white silk, I know he likes red?”
I had a feeling that my Master would have definite preferences and tastes in clothing for me and I didn’t go overboard like I did with my makeup.
If he was like anything like Masters in the stories that I read or write about he would make those choices for me…………

When I pulled into her driveway on my horse Pamela was waiting for me on the front porch.
I was pleased to see that her hair was down flowing in dark blond waves over her shoulders and back to her trim waist.
She was wearing a form hugging red lace tube top dress that stopped at her thighs and showed off her magnificent legs and left her shoulders bare for me to get at.

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Pamela ran down the steps and threw her arms around my neck and put her head on my shoulder. . . wow, what a greeting! Honestly, I couldn’t wait to see her myself.
I have never had a woman affect me like this before…. you don’t suppose… no!
I’m too much of a hound for that, and I hardly know her yet.
I will get to know her while it lasts; we have a connection, but not that?

“That was quite a greeting, darling. ” I said, hugging her close and then kissing her mouth.
“Do you like my dress, Master? I bought it just for you!” She exclaimed, beaming.

“You look lovely darling and I approve of that dress on you.
You don’t have to call me Master, Pamela, Aaron will do. ”

She was running her fingers through my hair as if she had not heard me.
“My hair used to be golden blond like yours is when I was a little girl.
Can we go into the house now; I have something important to tell you. ”

I took his hand and brought him into the house going right to the large overstuffed couch
that I napped on the day before.

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We sat down together and I then snuggled up close to him and I put my head on his chest and sighed.
“I have to tell you something because I know you won’t tell anyone else. ”
I confessed this to him because I knew in my heart that he would not betray my confidence.

“You may tell me anything. ” He replied, pushing my hair to one side and touching my face.
“Do you promise not to get angry?”

“Yes, I promise not to get angry. ”

“And you won’t laugh?”

“I won’t laugh. ”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes Pamela”, He said so patiently, “my beautiful Lady, I promise. ”
And then he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me while stroking my hair.

“I’ve never been with a man before, Aaron. ”

“Do you mean that you are a virgin?”

“Yes, I whispered, snuggling closer. ”

“A virgin, darling, what greater gift can a woman give a man?”

“Then you are not upset?”

“I am humbled by your confession and it makes me want you even more.
Before your sweet confession, my Ice Queen I found it fascinating that you write erotic stories, especially given your profession.
Or that your pen name is “sexy kitty”.
You would give me your virginity, how wondrous and priceless, my Lady.

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“Do you always know the right thing to say?”
I asked, while sitting up and looking into his blue flames for eyes as I touched his face.
“No. Not always, darling.
Sometimes blunt has gotten me into trouble resulting in a punch in the nose in a manner of speaking if not in fact.
My Grandfather had a saying that was right to the point although somewhat crude.
He said, “Aaron, they are your balls so do what you want with them but in your case be prepared to duck. ” ”

“Aaron, will you take me out to dinner. I just have to freshen up my makeup and brush my hair…. we can take my car. ”

“I will be delighted and you may choose the restaurant as long as they serve a good rare charbroiled steak………. ”

We went to the Char- pit and I was pleased at the heads that she turned as we walked into together.
Pamela knew the owner and many of the waitresses while I had never eaten there before.
We sat close to each other in a cozy booth away from everyone.
Pamela ordered a large Caesar salad, a baked potato, roasted vegetables and a small glass of Chardonnay.
I ordered a rare porterhouse steak along with everything she ordered excluding the wine and added a carafe of milk.

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I made it a point to hold Pamela’s hands while we talked quietly about our relationship.

We talked about what I expected of her; the mandates that she would follow.
What she could expect from me, plus what her safe word would be (one of the mandates) and then she chose her safe word; Minerva.
Initially Pamela did not want a safe word and said that she trusted me.
It was agreed that she would have two opportunities to invoke her safe word.
In the event of the second invocation, either one of us could dissolve our slave/Master relationship if we felt it necessary.
Pamela insisted on proper titles and I compromised as long as she agreed to the mandates.
I also received many intimate touches and a few discreet kisses when we shared a piece of New York Cheese Cake.

Back to Pamela’s diary:
Fortunately I made arrangements for my vacation before leaving work by taking two of my four weeks and when I told him my Aaron was so pleased.
Although I am a little annoyed with him about the safe word issue; after all we are consenting adults.
This was a minor annoyance.
It was after dark when we left the restaurant.
I could hardly wait to get home to my bedroom for him to make love to me and to suck on my first cock.
Aaron had other plans and we drove almost to the end of a dead end road.
I didn’t know at the time that his home located at the end of the private dead road when we stopped.

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He reached over and gently touched my face. “I’m in the mood for some head, darling. ”
“Please, not here, Aaron. I would much rather wait until we are in my bedroom. ”
“Now, Pamela!”
“Can we at least compromise, I’m sure that you are not interested in some mindless drone. ”
As I said before, I was annoyed with him about the safe word deeming it unnecessary.
Even Minerva of the Sanctorum was allowed a little leeway with Michael.

“Pamela, you will do as you are told. ”

“I don’t think that I shall. ” And then I gave my head a toss just like Minerva would.
Aaron reached over and grabbed my hair pulling me towards him and I foolishly invoked my safe word; “Minerva!”
Aaron let go of my hair and then his face lost all expression except for his eyes; his blue eyes became ice cold…so very cold and I actually shuddered at the way that he was looking at me now.
He was angry, no more than just angry; to him a mandate was not a game to be taken lightly nor was our relationship.

“A safe word is just that; to keep you safe, or to get you out of a scenario where you are in extreme pain or danger.
You should know better than that, little girl, we discussed it; I gave you my word and you gave me yours.
You invoked it flippantly and in doing so diminished us both; we are not characters in a story.

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   This is for real.
I had planned on bringing you along slowly.
Perhaps something drastic is more appropriate now. ”

“Master, I. . . . ” He interrupted, growling, “Be silent, little girl. ”

He got out of the car, locked his door and put the keys in his pocket.
Next he opened my door and ordered me out and I got out afraid not to.
“You have wasted one safe word and we will leave it at that.
Shall we start over. . . .

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  do you want to start over?”
I nodded, yes.
He then wrapped his left hand in my hair gathering it into a ponytail and tugged sharply while leading me to the grass on the edge of the gravel road.
“Then it all boils down to a matter of trust and obedience.
Do you trust me, little girl?” I again nodded, yes.
Letting go of my hair he said. “Obedience must follow trust…. strip, I want everything off. ”

As I was undressing my emotions were a complex soup boiling over.
Apprehension and excitement of what was to happen next; the embarrassment of being made to strip in public and the risk of
being seen by someone driving by and the ensuing humiliation and embarrassment to name a few….
Most importantly, I was never as sexually aroused as I was now anticipating my well deserved punishment followed by my sexual release.
I wanted Aaron more than ever because in my heart of hearts I knew that I could trust him.

Soon all of my clothing including my shoes was in a pile at my feet and he said.
“My cabin is approximately two miles up this private road.
Stay on the soft grass and you will be fine.
I keep it mowed and free of debris.

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I will give you a head start and if you make it there before I do you may not be spanked.
He then slapped my ass sharply and said, “Run. ”

I was off like a shot running naked through the grass in the dark with my long hair streaming behind me.
I wanted so much to be in my Master’s strong arms and to avoid punishment because he was angry and rightfully so.
I was desperate for his love and approval; for his peppermint kisses.
I was feeling wild and free in my subservience to him.

Three times Aaron darted out of the trees and grabbed me, stopping my desperate flight.
He picked me up by the waist and swung me around as if I were a feather and then he kissed my mouth and face and he was laughing wildly and joyfully before silently darting back into the trees and slapping my ass sharply in encouragement.

When the lights from his log cabin were in sight I gave it my all.
I was out of breath as I approached the front porch, slowing down when I saw my clever Master waiting for me in the shadows.
He was sitting in an oak rocking chair with his feet up on the porch railing.

I dropped to my knees in the soft grass while he waited for me to catch my breath.
Then I went down on my hands and knees leaning forward to put my head on my hands while exposing my vagina to be taken at his leisure.

“Pamela. ”“Yes, Aaron.



“Are you sorry, little girl?”

“Yes, Sir. ”

“I’m going to give you a pass, darling, you won’t be spanked.
However discipline will be maintained, does that sound familiar?
Go into the house and get cleaned up.
Then I want to see a ponytail and you will stand in the corner by the leather club chair.
It is short notice but I’m sure that she will come…. now scoot……………………………”

I remember that night well.
I was very angry with her at first; Pamela was very perceptive and now I am sure that she will easily learn to anticipate what is expected from her and how to act accordingly.
I could tell from the look on her face that she realized that she overstepped her bounds.
Afterwards she ran so nicely and how my darling shrieked the first time I came out of the tree line and grabbed her.
I went to my garage while Pamela was getting cleaned up and I called Annette.
She agreed to help with Pamela’s introduction into the Community

She would come to my cabin the beginning of next week for Pamela’s piercing and to cut and style Pamela’s hair to my preferences.
Nothing drastic, I preferred Pamela’s hair long as that was one of her mandates.
The setting for the haircut was very important.
Just as important was how it would be cut; Pamela no longer had any say about her hair, including the color.

Pamela found the brush and elastic hair ties in the bathroom.

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   She was naked in the corner with her hair up in a ponytail.
I took a few peppermints from the dish on the reading table by the leather club chair and then put them in my pocket; peppermint is my favorite.
I walked over to her and noticed that she had taken a shower and she smelled clean and fresh.
“Did you find everything, darling?”

“Yes, Master I found your note. I showered, shaved my pussy and brushed my teeth. ”
“Thank you. ” I replied, as put a peppermint in my mouth and one in hers.
“You may make yourself at home for the most part, darling; you will be here with me for the next two weeks.
The good news is that she agreed to come at the last minute.
Don’t move from this spot as I will be taking my shower soon. ”

I was left waiting in the corner of a dark room like a disobedient child, a child!
Well I suppose it is better than being spanked and I will be spending my vacation with him.
He can come and go so quietly when he wants too.
I was straining to hear him return and then he was just there kissing my neck and his hot breath was on my face.
I could feel his manhood pressing up against me and he felt huge…. not that I knew what huge felt like, but I imagined it felt like this…just incredible.

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“Well, darling, it is time. What do I want?”

He took a step back and I turned to face him.
All that he was wearing was a white tee shirt and down below…. his cock was huge.
I couldn’t take my eyes off that fat cock or believe how massive it was.
It was just like the ones I write about and I wanted to suck on it.
I went down on my knees and looked up into his eyes knowing that this was what I was supposed to do and he smiled nodding.
I started licking the shaft of his cock with my tongue and it tasted luscious.
I continued licking and kissing his long, fat cock and when I tried to take it in my mouth he cuffed my head lightly.
“Keep on licking, darling, take your time we have all night. ”

I started on his balls, licking and kissing while taking turns on the shaft of his luscious, incredible cock.
I continued licking, running my tongue on the tip in a circular motion, teasing.
“That’s right darling, keep looking into my eyes, you’re doing fine. ”
I reached down to touch my little clit, I was so wet, and my sweet flower was swollen in my arousal.
He cuffed my head again.

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“No, Pamela not now, you do not have permission for that yet…. wait. ”
“You may start sucking on my cock but watch your teeth. ”
I started sucking on eight inches of hard fat cock and I could feel my juices running down my legs.
“Slow down, darling, and watch your teeth.
I started to suck using my lips and tongue and I could feel it throbbing and pulsating cock in my mouth.
I was getting my first taste of the clear and pure pre-cum, merely the appetizer.
“Very good darling, you are getting the hang of it; use your tongue more… that’s it. ”
He then took my hair out of the ponytail and let my tresses spill down over my shoulders and down my back.
My hair felt wonderful swishing back and forth with its soft caress as my head bobbed up and down on Aaron’s delectable cock.

As he was coming, I felt hot globs of his thick and delectable cum full of his being pumped into my mouth and my orgasm peaked.
I hungrily swallowed as it warmed my throat and my pussy contracted over and over as my orgasm took control.
After I came, as all good slave girls do in erotic stories, I cleaned my Master with my tongue and soon got him hard again.
“My bedroom is all the way to the back of the cabin. ” He told me helping me to my feet.

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   “I will meet you there. ”

Aaron went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and when he came out I did the same before I met him there.
Like this log cabin that he built with his own hands Aaron’s bedroom was all man.
He made his massive and substantial headboard and footboard from logs with the bark intact to fit the custom made oversized mattress set he ordered because he was so tall.
He also paid a seamstress to sew several bottom sheets together for a perfect fit.
This bed dominated the room, particularly in regard of his choice in bedspreads.
There was a huge grizzly bearskin on his bed and I ran my hand over it marveling about the texture.
“Did you shoot it?”
I asked.
“I killed it to protect a child and her stupid mother and gutless boyfriend, but mostly to protect the child.

“I suppose that now is a good a time as any to show you. ”
He folded the bear skin and put it to one side while I pulled back the sheets and the white virgin woolen blankets wondering what he was talking about.

Then he took off his tee shirt; Aaron had red terrible scars from the bite and claw marks on his upper back and shoulders.
I got into bed with him and he just held me for a.

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