To Bask in Breastford Ch. 01



Coach Steven Blue shouted into his phone. How did we get to this? All he had done was ask his wife to mapquest Deeville for him. It was bad enough he had to ask for help, but he had to deal with his nagging wife as well?

He closed the flip to his cell phone and shrugged his sholders. He was in the middle of nowhere. The map he held in his hands was useless, he figured. Deeville was such a small town it probably wasn't even on the map. In fact, he hadn't even heard about it until a few days ago when he received a call from a female coach in that area directly out of the blue. She was looking for a new basketball coach and calling every coach she could find. Since he had just been laid off this was an opportunity Coach Blue couldn't afford to lose.

He just hoped that awful, sneaky, snake-in-the-grass Dick didn't beat him to the punch this time! It seemed like anytime Coach Blue was ready to take the next rung up on the work ladder, Coach Dick was always there to bring him back down. In many cases he had even taken the job from right under Coach Blue's fingers. This was slightly due to his prestigious college background. Blue had only completed 4 years in community college. But although the same age, they had the same amount of experience. He couldn't understand why people were always hiring Dick rather than himself.

Coach Blue hung his head.

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   He knew why.

His resume didn't exactly jump off the page. Dick had worked in prestigious schools all over the area. And what had he done? None of the schools he coached with EVER had a winning program. Hell, even Dick's wife was hotter than his! Laura wasn't an ugly woman. She was in fact, very pretty. But she had let herself go. Blue started to notice this trend after a few years of marriage. At 31, she was only 2 years younger than he was, but looked as though she were in her early 40s. Blue on the other hand, stayed active due to his coaching job and setting an example for the kids. The only reason he was able to withstand her looks at all was for her ample chest. His wife had a nice pair of C cups. But C cups on a fat chick was a bittersweet victory. Dick's wife on the other hand, was a total knockout.

But this? Arguing with his wife because she found his array of busty pornography on his computer when she was supposed to be looking for directions to a town that no one has ever heard of so her husband could interview? This was a new low.

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He eyed the highway up and down. There was a sign here at the gas station he had stopped at that read "Last Gas 500 miles. " He truly was in the middle of nowhere. Nothing left to do now but go inside and ask for directions.

The store was completely empty. It didn't surprise him. There were no other vehicles outside. The girl behind the counter looked up from her magazine for a moment, then went back to reading.

"Hi!" he said, with a slight wave.

This time the girl didn't look up. "Hey. " she responded, nonchalantly.

Coach Blue shrugged, then made his way to the magazine rack. It was filled with magazines featuring busty women.

"Whoa!" he mutterd.

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   "Check out the racks on this rack!"

"Excuse me?" the girl said, looking up yet again.

Embarrassed, Coach Blue said "Oh. . . . uh. . . nevermind. . . nothing. . . "

The girl shook her head and then went back to her reading.

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Coach Blue grabbed a few of the magazines and headed to the counter. As he placed them down, the girl stood up to ring him up.

"Jesus Christ!" He thought to himself. This girl was stacked! She looked to be about 18 years old, but her abundant chest stuck out from her body like 2 giant torpedoes. He guessed they had to be at least D cups. She was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. . . in real life. Her slightly wavy brown hair hung down and stopped at the peak of her large bosom which swelled and stood proudly above a very thin waist. Her curvaceous body was even further complimented by her pretty brown eyes.

"Will that be all?" she asked, catching a glimpse of the magazines he was buying. She looked at Coach Blue and then back at the magazines. Then she smiled and flicked her hair back. Coach Blue tried his best not to stare at her breasts, which were bouncing slightly from her movements.

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   He cleared his throat nervously.

"Erm. . . yes that'll be it. "

"Eleven twenty four. " the girl responded, noting his reaction.

Coach Blue noticed that the magazine she was reading also featured busty women.

"I see we have similar tastes in. . . reading material. " he said, handing her the money and gesturing to her magazine.

"Yeah. " she said.

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   "I sometimes look at the pictures and wonder what it would be like to have boobs that big. "

Although confused, Blue nodded in agreement. It's probably just another case of teen peer pressure or something. Maybe a bad boyfriend.

"Erm do you know how to get to Deeville?" he asked.

"Sure. Go back a few miles, make a right, then another right, and it's a straight shot from there. "

"Oh. " Coach Blue looks embarassed. "I must have missed that turn. "

"Yea it's a hard road to see sometimes. So why are you heading over there?"

"I've got a job interview. I'm a coach. "

The girls eyes widened. "You're a coach?" she asked, excitedly.

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"Um. . . yes. " Coach Blue responded. "They were gonna hire me as the head basketball coach. That is, if they hire me. "

"I'm on the basketball team in a town not far from here. We've been looking for a new coach for some time. We really want to start playing again. " she said, twirling her hair around in her finger and biting her lip.

"Oh. " he said. Realizing where this was going. "I'd like to help, believe me.

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   But my interview is on Saturday. And I've really gotta get going. "

"Well. . . since I gave you the directions. . . . why don't you just give me a chance to change your mind? If you still wanna go afterwards, I won't stop you. "

Coach Blue thought a moment. This girl was probably going to talk at him about their program for at least 20 minutes. This meant he wouldn't be at his hotel until 12:00. He looked at the girl. She arched her back slightly, thrusting her generous chest out.

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   Then again, he thought, fair is fair.

"Ok. " he answered. "I'll do it. "

"Great!" the girl said, giving a slight jump and clapping her hands. At this point, Coach Blue had stopped trying to fight his eyes. And his pants. He wondered if this girl had noticed.

The girl walked around the counter and took him by the hand. She led him to the other end of the counter and told him to sit down where she had been sitting previously.

Damn! Coach Blue thought. If he was gonna be sitting down, this might take longer than 20 minutes.

"I'm Gretchen, by the way. " the girl said.

"Hi Gretchen.

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   I'm Steve. "

"Steve, don't be alarmed. It's just about closing time and I have to lock the doors, okay?"

"Um. . . yea sure. " Coach Blue said, looking a little uneasy. There's no way she'd get away with this if she didn't have the rack of an angel. Her ass was absolutely amazing as well, Coach Blue thought. He had an excellent view as Gretchen reached up to lock the latch on the double doors. He noticed also that she was wearing a thong, as her butt-hugging jeans didn't go up all the way to her waist. He tried to hide his erection. . .



  . . " Gretchen said, standing before him. "I think it's important that you get a feel for our basketball program. "

She reached down and took his hands in her own.

"And what better way then to feel these giant basketballs?" she said, placing his hands on her massive breasts.

"Jesus Christ!" Coach Blue yelled, as his hands were blindsided by Gretchen's huge rack. He hungrily began to squeeze them and knead them through her shirt and bra. Never had he touched a pair of tits like these before. Never had he SEEN a pair like these before. They were so soft, yet firm. They bounced under the fabrics of her bra and blouse, which were already stretched to the max.

Gretchen took her hands off his and let him feel their full weight in his hands as they hung free. She loved the way his hands felt on them. She reached down to the bulge in his pants and began to stroke it through his jeans.

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   She leaned forward and kissed him, then moved her mouth to his left ear and tongued it.

"Do you like them?" she whispered.

"Oh yes!" Coach Blue responded, giving her big boobs a particularly hard squeeze.

She pulled her chest away from his greedy hands and bounced them up and down.

"They're 36D. "

"Oh wow. " Coach Blue said.

"Do you want to see them?"

"Yes. " Coach Blue answered, his heart pounding.

Gretchen smiled. She reached to the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up and over hear head, exposing her lacy black bra and a generous amount of cleavage. She threw her hair back so he could see exactly what they looked liked encased in the cups of a bra. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through the fabric as she bounced them in her hands. She reached behind and unclasped her bra with a loud SNAP! She let the straps fall off her shoulders and gripped her bra from its cups, ready to pull them away.

Coach Blue looked on and waited in anticipation, his eyes glued to her heavenly chest.

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"Are you sure you want to see them?" Gretchen asked, winking at him seductively.

"Absolutely sure. "

"Before I show you. . . I have to know that you'll be willing to coach our basketball team. . . . "

Coach Blue tried his best to keep his cool. He might just be able to milk this. After all, he had no intention of coaching her team.

"I can only promise that I'll think about it. "

Gretchen gave a slight frown, but then smiled.

"I'm sure THESE will change your mind.

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  " she said pulling her bra off and exposing her bare chest.

Coach Blue's eyes went wide.

They were fantastic! Milky white, slightly tan, big firm juicy melons topped with hard eraser-bud nipples. The bulge in his pants became more noticeable than ever. Gretchen noticed this and began to unzip him. Coach Blue began to knead and squeeze her naked boobs as she freed his cock from his jeans. He even managed to get one big tit into his mouth and suck on it as she leaned forward to pull his prick out. Gretchen moaned as her hand found his big thick cock and his tongue found her hard nipple. She stroked his dick with one hand and used the other to smother his head in her buxom busom. She got down on her knees between his legs.

"Maybe a blowjob would change your mind?"

"Maybe. . . " Coach Blue responded, trying his best to keep his cool.

Gretchen gripped his penis with both hands and began to stroke up and down slowly.

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   Long, powerful, strokes of her soft pretty little hands. Then she brought her head down to the tip of his cock and gave his cockhead a kiss. She moved down the shaft and gave his shaft a kiss. She continued smothering his manhood in soft kisses all the way up and down his long prick, and then back up again before stopping with her open mouth just above his cockhead.

Coach Blue moaned. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his aching dick.

She slowly brought her mouth down, encasing his dick between her warm lips.

"Oh shit!" Coach Blue moaned.

He felt Gretchen's tongue dart out and flick his head as she began to slurp on his shaft. She bobbed up and down and sucked on his manhood like a greedy little slut. Coach Blue grabbed Gretchen by the head, her brown hair obscuring his view, and began to vigorously pump his cock in and out of her mouth. She moaned as she slurped and sucked on his big, thick cock. She pulled it out and threw her hair back before taking it into her hot mouth again.

Coach Blue couldn't believe this busty slut was giving him a blowjob! He was loving every minute of it.

Gretchen looked up and him with her brown eyes as she sucked on his cock.

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   She brought her mouth to the tip and swirled her tongue around it like a lollipop. Then she stuck the head in her mouth and began to stroke the shaft. She stroked it faster and faster until he was ready to cum. . . then she pulled it back and stopped.

Coach Blue reached down and played with her tits as he caught his breath. Gretchen continued to lick and stroke his cock slowly as her big boobs bounced below her.

She took her mouth off his dick, but continued to stroke it. With her free hand she reached above the counter and grabbed a magazine.

"You like big tits?" she asked.

Coach Blue moaned.

"Nothing better. . .

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  " he managed to muster, his dick still being stroked by this busty brunette.

"Have you seen what they do in these magazines?"

"Haven't. . . a chance. . . to read it. . . "

Gretchen smiled. "That's ok. I'll show you. "

She took his dick in her right hand and began to slap her left tit with it. She then moved over to the right one and did the same with it.

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   She dragged his penis all the way across her chest, dickslapping both boobs with his long rod. Her tits bounced and jiggled with each slap of his dick.

Coach Blue moaned as he felt his dick on her big tits. Precum leaked from the tip of his cock and oozed on to them. Gretchen framed her big tits with his dick and allowed the precum to slide down into her huge cleavage. She swirled the tip around her nipple, getting it wet with precum. She knew Coach Blue was ready to cum soon.

"Want a titjob?" she asked seductively.

Coach Blue looked confused.

"Men. . . don't do that. " he said.

Gretchen giggled.

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"No silly. A titjob is when a busty girl wraps her big boobs around your hard cock, and jerks you off with them. Like a blowjob, but with tits. "

"Oh!" Coach Blue said, realizing what she meant. "Yes! Yes! I would love that. "

"Yes?" Gretchen asked. "You wanna fuck my tits? Thrust your dick between my massive melons until you cum?"

"YES!" Coach Blue yelled, growing impatient. He tried to thrust his dick into her cleavage, but Gretchen let go of it and pulled back so that the only thing he humped was air.

Gretchen took a hold of his cock once again. She smiled to herself. She had him just where she wanted him.

"Down, boy," she said teasing his cock with her big tits. "If I do this, you have to ABSOLUTELY promise that you will coach my basketball team this season. "

"OK FINE!" Coach Blue yelled, eager to get off.

With that he pumped his cock up and forward straight into Gretchen's cleavage.

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   She wrapped them around his dick tightly and began to titstroke him up and down.

"Oh wow!" Coach Blue moaned. He had never done this before. The feeling of this busty slut's huge tits wrapped around his dick was almost more than he could bear. But he wanted this to last as long as possible, because he knew that he wasn't coming back.

Gretchen pressed her big tits together from the sides and met his thrusting. She bounced her big boobs up and down on his hard cock. She looked down and saw his head poking out from her deep cleavage every time he thrusted. Her tongue darted out and licked each time it made an appearance from between her tits.

"Oh shit!" Coach blue yelled.

Gretchen held her tits together around his hard prick. She knew it wouldn't be long before they were covered in his hot load. He just needed a little push.

"What do you think, Stud?" she asked. "My rack was was made for tit-fucking, and for taking hot guys like you to Hooter Heaven, don't ya think?"

Precum leaked out of his dick and drizzled down into her deep cleavage, making her boobs nice and slippery.

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   Gretchen used the added lubricant to bounce her big boobs on his cock even faster, enhancing the titfuck. She locked eyes with him as tits jiggled around his prick even faster.

"Are you enjoying my big basketballs, Coach? Just think. . . if you coach here you can have them anytime you want. Just say the word and you and I can have our very own private boob-banging, hooter-humping, jugfucking practice session. "

"Oh shit!" Coach Blue gripped her tits and used them to jerk himself off vigorously, her dirty talk spurring him on.

"That's it. Use my tits! Oh yea you big stud! Fuck my tits!" Gretchen moaned as her big boobs continued to bounce around this coach's hard prick. "Oh yeah, coach! Tittyfuck me! Bounce my BIG basketballs around your hard dick. . . fuck my tits. .


  . bang my boobs! Cum on them! Fuck them! Fuck my big tits! Do it stud! You know you want to. You know you wanna hump my hooters until your cock explodes between them and rains down on my big, juicy, massive, melons. . . "

Coach Blue couldn't take it anymore. He finally let go, and it happened just like the busty beauty said.

"Ohhhhhh" Coach Blue moaned.

Gretchen opened her mouth as the coach's cock erupted from between her massive mountains. Cum rained down on her tits, face, and neck. She opened her mouth and tried to catch as much as she could. The first spurt hit her under the chin, which drizzled down into her cleavage. The second spurt missed her face completely and landed on her big tits respectively. The third and fourth spurts hit her in the face, giving her a good facial. The rest oozed out from his cock between her tits and drizzled down on to them.

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Gretchen licked her lips. She continued to jerk him off with her melons, draining his hose completely and milking every last drop.

"Just think. " she said, gesturing to her cum-covered jugs. "This could be a common occurrence for you. "

Coach Blue stood up. Exhausted, he pulled his pants up and got dressed.

"Thanks, but no thanks. " he said.

"WHAT?!" Gretchen screamed. "But you promised!"

Coach Blue grabbed his magazines and headed towards the door. It was probably best if he left soon. She looked angry. Gretchen stood up brusching the hair off her chest and grabbing a paper towel from underneath the counter. She wiped the cum off her beautiful rack and did her best to get was in her hair and face.

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"Well. . . okay. " She said, calming down. "I guess we did have a deal. "

"Alright. " Coach Blue responded, unlocking the door.

"Remember earlier? When I said I wish my boobs were as big as the girls in the magazines?" she asked.

"Yeah. "

"I'm a 36D, which is pretty big for most girls. But I think you should know. . . "

Coach Blue was done with the latch and was already unlocking the store's doors.

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". . . in the town I'm from, where you'll be coaching. . . "

CLICK! Coach Blue had just turned the door handle.

". . . my boobs are the smallest. "

The coach stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around and looked at Gretchen.

"You have my attention. " he said, matter-of-factly.

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"Well not mine in particular. " she corrected herself. "But a D cup is the smallest size you'll come across. "

Coach Blue's eyes grew wide.

"If that's the smallest. . . then what's the biggest?"

Gretchen ran a hairbrush through her hair. She gave a small giggle.

"If you really want to know, you'll have to come with me. "

"Go with you? Go with you where?"

Gretchen had already finished putting her clothes on. She walked over to Coach Blue, took the magazines from him, and thrusted her chest into his.

"To Breastford. " she said.

Coach Blue felt an erection trying to emerge.

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   Gretchen's heaving rack pressing into his body was getting him hard once again. To his satisfaction, and disapproval, the busty girl slid her fully clothed tits across and off his chest. He felt her hard nipples on his body for a split second. She took him by the hand, opened the front door, and led him outside.

On the way out, she dropped his magazines into a nearby trashcan.

"Hey!" Coach Blue protested.

"Oh. " Gretchen responded with a seductive wink. "You won't need them where you're going. ".