Uncle's sister.


hello all. Anther story of mine for you to read. But keep an open mind. This is a true story. Names witheld for protection instead of mine. Iceman is a nickname of mine and i was dressed up on Halloween as a monster with ice made out of cardboard. With that said, i placed four place in the best costume. yeah, I know "Congratulations to myself".
there must have been over a hundred people at this party since it was for this boss of my cousin's dad which makes him my uncle. he was dressed up as a pirate, while my aunt dressed up as an angel. She has four daughters and one son. oldest kid is 22 while the youngest is 9. Only 21 years and older was at the party with an exception of teenagers but they cannot drink at this party.
Friends of the family, cousins, aunts, uncles, and family members of the friends were all having a blast at this party. A lot of us were drinking beyond as much as we can drink including myself.
My wife dressed up as a hooker and it was cold outside since the party was outside.

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   So she asked if she can go on home and have one of the other family members bring me home after the party.
she left around 1030 at night and the party did not stop till about 1 in the morning.
so one girl was dressed up as a nurse and boy she had such a cleavage that would turn your balls blue since you are not able to touch her at all. She was drinking so much that she did not even realized what she is saying sometimes. but one point while we were grinding up against each other. I had a hard on while dancing with other girls and I was coppings feels thruout the night dancing on the dance floor. She leaned over and I was trying to make out what she was saying. " Do you want to fuck me?" "Do you want to shove that hard cock of yours in my pussy?"
After about 5 minutes of copping feels, rubbing my hard cock on the outfit of her bubble ass, i got up in front of her to make her feel my hard cock on her thighs. I reached up and I grabbed her precious D cups tits. She leaned forward to kiss me and i went with force to stick my tongue into her mouth.
I pulled her over to the wall behind a line of people that were so into talking with each other and not paying attention to what was going on behind them, since they were almost leaning up against the wall.
we kissed some more and we were grabbing onto each other. All of a sudden, she got on her knees and was frantically trying to undo my pants so fast that once i looked down to see her, my 7 inch cock was already in the back of her throat.
I held back as long as i could because when you are drunk,  you lose the ability to control things within  yourself. When i was getting to blow my load, i pulled off of me and turned her around and leaned her against the boom box that was blaring the music out so loud that once i thrusted my cock inside of her wet pussy that the people we were behind could not her her moaning and groaning while i was fucking the hell out of her.

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After about 5 minutes of hardcore fucking my uncle's sister, She looked back at me and gave me notice that she was about to cum all over my cock. I kept on to her hips and kept up the force and the pace, even though the sweat was pouring from my head. I felt her body shudder along with the rhythm.
She looked at me and mouthed to me that she wanted to face me when i get ready to cum. so i flipped her around and had her sit on the edge of the boom box. I got back inside of her and i went hell on her pussy allowing my cock to fully penetrate her and allowed her to have one more orgasm. while she was having her orgasm, it sent me to the edge and I began to jizz inside of her pussy.   I looked down and I could see that there was a lot of white stuff coming out of her pussy. I told her that it was the best outdoor sex i ever had.
She got up off the boom box and went to my cock and she cleaned up by licking it with her tongue and her lips.  
After the cleaning up, we cover ourselves up and went about our business along with the party. We danced more and more thruout the night.
Before it was time to go home, she grabbed me and asked me to follow her out to the car.
    While we were walking towards the car, she kept saying words to me, but the ringing in my ears prevented me from understanding what she was saying.
    Once we got to the car, I was already hard because at the time i thought we were going to have sex again, she turned around and sat in the car and close the door after throwing me the keys to her car.

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    I got in the car, yes-i was drinking and driving and drove her to her house. Once we got there, we went upstairs and got naked and made love three more times before she fell asleep. i got in her car and drove to my house. The next morning, i had a friend meet me at her house and pick me up after i drop off the car. But the thing is, i had him come 30 minutes later.
    I walked upstairs and she was still asleep and still naked. So i figure she thought i spend the night with her. I got naked and I ended up turning her over, sucking her nipples and i made the most beautiful sex morning by fucking her brains out and cumming inside of her.
    I got dressed and left her naked on the bed in our pool of sweat, cum, and pussy juice.
    I have not heard a word from her yet at this point, but i am assuming that she is waiting for the next time she sees me.