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I sent her a couple of pics of my black cock, but she never sent any pics of herself. But I took my chances meeting her anyway. She sounded sexy, so I thought what do I have to lose? What I didn't know is that she turned out to be bigger than she described herself to be. She wasn't a fat slob, but she wasn't the petite type of woman that I was married to or liked to be with. We met on a Thursday night when my wife was out of town. After I talked to my wife on the phone around 10:30 at night her time and when I knew she wouldn't be calling back, I called up Karen and told her that we could hook up if she wanted. Women always take a chance meeting a man offline, so I was really patient with her reservations about meeting. We met on her side of town outside a little bar. It was late in the evening and unfortuneatly I had to go to the work the next morning. When she got out of her car and into mine, we both smiled shyly at one another, and I leaned over to kiss her on the lips--telling her it was good to finally meet her. She said likewise, but I could tell she was more nervous than I was. I lied and said, "Mmmm, you look seriously hot, baby. " She didn't look ugly, but she wasn't has fine as I wanted her to be either. She said, "thank you," with a smile. I reached over and rubbed her thigh as I drove from the parking lot. In my mind, I just kept thinking I how was going to really use her.

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   She wasn't attractive to me, but I did want to use her for a really good fuck. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not out to just use women, but I'm just telling this to you straight. Karen was just a good fuck, and that's what I wanted. After stopping to buy something to drink, we drove around a few blocks looking for an affordable motel. Each time she looked over at me, I gave her a cute smile and told her how much I want to get in her panties. I knew she was cool about me talking like this because we had talked really hot and nasty in private chats. She remained quiet the entire time, too shy to know what to say. Her shyness was not a surprise to me, for Karen always wanted to be respected as a lady, but she also knew she was weak when it came to sucking cock and getting well fucked. She couldn't get a guy to marry her, but she like other women wanted to get laid on a regular basis. When we got into the motel room, I poured her and myself a drink. I asked her how her day was, and was she glad that we got together. She smiled at me and said yes. She was sitting on the bed and I was standing up, so I moved over to her and pulled her towards me and gave a deep kiss. I gave her the first and last hug she would get that night. The rest of time would be devoted to using her anyway I could.

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   As I hugged and kissed her, I began unbuttoning her blouse. She made the typical response: "You don't waste anytime. " "Karen, baby, I want you to feel what we've been talking about for so long. Can't you feel how hard I am for you?" I pulled her into me more, kissed on her neck and moved her onto the bed. As I kissed on her some more, I started to unzip my pants and she started to undress herself. I sat down and laid back on the bed. My cock was hard, but not as hard as I wanted it to be. I caught her licking her lips a little when she first looked at my cock sticking out from under my underwear. I leaned back and said, "Baby, here it is for you. It's yours. " I lifted the underwear so she could see more of it. "Karen, get on your knees baby. Come and get what you been wanting. " I could see her tremble with weakness. She had little strength when it came to hard cock.

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   It was like she was begging me to let her blow me. She licked her lips again and got on her knees. "That's right baby, come and taste it. This is what's we've been talking about. I know you're hungry. " She slowly began licking the shaft of my almost 9" cock. I love the sight of a white woman's face against my dark brown cock, which is darker than rest of my lighter brown body. I held the base of my cock so she could see every inch of it. She licked and sucked like she was really hungry. With her eyes closed she really tried to please me. I rubbed my hands in her hair and slightly pumped into her mouth. "Yeah baby, suck it. Suck daddy's cock. Worship it, baby. " After she got into for a while, I pulled her hair causing her head to lean back.

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   I took my cock and hit her face with it. I popped it against her nose. There was nothing she could do about it now. She was too weak to complain. "Karen, kiss my cock baby. Kiss it all over it. I want you to worship it. I took my drink and poured a little of it on my cock and told her again, to worship it. "Baby, make it hard for daddy. Make it hard for your pussy. Don't you want it super hard for you pussy. " "Mmmmm Byron, yes I do. " "Baby, is it big enough for you? . . .

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  I know you want something even bigger. But is it big enough for you. " "Byon, it's nice and big for me. I love it. " "Suck then, baby, make love to it. " She started licking sucking harder and faster. I kept my hand in her hair, moving her head up and down as she licked and sucked. "That's it baby, do it. Take care of my balls too, baby. . . . Try to get my cock down your throat. " She was trying so hard to please. Spit was running down her chin and she had a hard time breathing from trying to suck me.

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   "Mmmmm baby, yes, it's really nice and hard for you. I know you want me to cum all over your face and in your mouth, don't you baby? Suck it baby, suck it really good. " I pulled her head back some more and poured some drink on my cock. I don't know why I did that, but I just thought it would make things more interesting. I held the base of my cock again making my cock longer and harder, and she went to town on it. For almost a minute she just sucked on the head, licking her tongue around it. Her spit was dripping down the length of my cock. "Damn Byron, I want your cock in me sooo bad. I really do. " "Baby, it's hard for you. It's getting harder. I want to cum on your beautiful face, baby. You want that? You want daddy's cum?" She didn't say anything, just moaned and sucked harder. When I started fucking up in her mouth more, I knew I couldn't hold back. "Baby, I'm gonna cum," I said as a warning, just in case she didn't want me to cum in her mouth.

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   As I started shooting my load, I just held her head still and let it flow into her mouth. Then she pulled it out and squeezed the last bit of my cum on her nose and chin. Seeing her face with my cum on it kept me hard. I really didn't think she would take me that way. She looked up at me and and swallowed it with a smile. Baby was just a true slut for cock, and I was going to treat her like one. I pulled her up on the bed. She took the sheet and wiped the cum off her face. I leaned down and kissed her again, feeling her heavy breast on my chest. She spread her thighs and I got between them missionary style. I could feel the heat from her pussy. She was hungry. At first I just teased her. I was thinking about putting a condom on, but decided to take my chances. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, teasing her.

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   "Should I put a condom on, baby?" "Do you need to? she asked. I said no if she didn't want me to. I got up and rubbed my cock around her slit some more and told her to spread her legs some more. "Let that slut come out, Karen. Show me how you want to slut for my cock. " "OhhhhhByron, baby just give it to me. " "Nawwww. . . spread your legs wide baby. I want to see your pussy open up for it. " I slapped her pussy with me cock and then rubbed the head of it on her clit. I wasn't about to eat her, for she was too hot and sweaty down there. I moved into her and gave her an inch of my meat and then pulled back. "Byrrooon.

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  . . don't do that to me. Give it to me. Why are you playing with me?""Cause I want that slut to come out. You know you want to slut for me. Spread your legs all the way. " She took both of her hands and placed them under each of her knees and pulled back really hard, breathing out like she was gonna go crazy if she didn't get me inside her. Her fat pussy look so damn slutty. "That's it baby. " I wet my cock again by sliding it half way in, then pulled out. She moaned and begged. "See you gotta learn to slut for daddy. You just can't get it when you want it. You gotta be daddy's little slut.


  " "Okay, I am. I am. I promise. " With that, I leaned down pushed into her. It went in with no problem, but it was a nice fit. She was so much in heat. She kissed me on the lips and started kissing my neck. I started fucking her, but being careful not to fuck her as deep as I was going to. "Ohhhhh god I needed this. I needed this. Thank you, Byron, thank you baby. " I knew I could fuck her for a while because I had already cum, so I wasn't in any hurry. "Keep your legs spread baby. Let the slut cum out. You wanna be daddy's slut, right? Slut for daddy.


  " I then pushed in deeper. I always try to get my cock into a woman's cervix--that second fuck hole that really gets me hard. Depending on how deep her pussy is, I can usually get the head of my cock inside there. When I fucked into Karen's second hole, she cried out again. "See baby, I gonna cum inside your womb. I'm gonna lay some egg in there tonight. " My cock was soaping wet from her heat. She was sooo hungry for it. I started fucking faster and harder. I pounded her womb. I had no feelings for her. I wanted to put a delicious hurt on her pussy. To do that, I just use my hips and thrust into a woman. I don't use my whole body, just my hips. I pounded her really fast.

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   I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't liked to be fucked like that. If she were petite, I would have grabbed her ass and pounded even more. But she was too big for that. So I just fucked in her really hard, sometimes remaining still when I could feel the head of my cock in her cervix. Ahhhguusshhh, she was breathing heavy. I'm cumming baby, I cumming. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her tight. It was as if she hadn't cum in years. Since she was getting hers, I thought I might as well let go again, so I did. We both lay there panting and sweating. I rolled off her and said, "Baby, that was good. You did daddy good. " She leaned over and tried to get me to hug her, but I wasn't having it. I moved my head down to her titties and started sucking them. They were fat and juicy and so I just sucked and slobbered all over them.

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   While doing that, I put my fingers into her hot cunt. She was sticky with my and her cum. I rubbed her clit and stuck three fingers into her. But she wanted more cock. I laughed a little and told her I was a little spent. "Roll over on your stomach then and I'll rub your back. " I did and just relaxed as she messaged my shoulders and back. After a while she moved her hand down to my ass and started rubbing it. I moaned and told her that it felt good. She leaned down and kissed both my ass cheeks. I told her that felt nice and she kissed some more. When she kept kissing down there, it slowly dawned on me that she wanted to lick my asshole. God. . .

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  I couldn't believe it. So I reached out and spread the cheeks of my ass. And with a surprise of my lifetime, I felt her warm tongue licking into my asshole. She was actually licking my ass! I had read about it, seen it in porno flicks, but never dreamed that it would be done to me. "Ohhhhhh Karen, baby that feels sooo good. " She stuck her tongue in as deep as it could go, licking in and out. I humped back to her face, wanting sooo much more. She pulled her tongue out and then slowly just licked up and down the crack of my ass. The whole time my cock was getting rock hard. She knew exactly what she was doing. The whole point of this was to get me hard again. I figured I owed her, so I told her to get on her knees, and for about 30 minutes I boned her pussy for all it was worth. She was wild with lust. Her hair came untied and covered parts of her face, her tits were shaking back and forth, her back was sweaty, and cunt was soaking wet. If I had thought about, I would have pulled back and just peed all over her just because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

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   After she came several times more, I blew one last load and fell onto the bed exhausted. Fucking a bigger woman can tire you out. After we slept for about thirty minutes, I got up to take a shower. She stayed in bed. When I came back into the room, she saw me getting ready to put my clothes back on. "Where you going Bryon"? "Baby, I gotta go to work in about four hours. " "Baby, no, don't go. Let's do it some more. " She literally got on her knees and tried to go down on me again. I pushed her back and told she could get more next time. She was a little drunk, but a lot of horny, so I let her suck me again--I didn't get that hard, nor did I cum again. But I did thank her for a good time. We only met that once. Even though we kept talking on and off in private internet chats and on the phone, she admitted that she was looking for more than a good fuck. But to me, that's all she was.

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  I don't mean this to sound so mean. I hope the ladies out there reading this don't take it the wrong way. I just wanted to share with you an experience. I really don't try to use women without any feeling for them. I would very much appreciate comments. I want to improve on my skills at telling erotic stories. I tried re-indent my paragraphs when I copied it into the site's text box, but it just wouldn't come out right for me. Sorry. .

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