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I sigh softly as your fingers brush my neck, sending shiversdown my body. I look up at you, my eyes sad with disappointment watching youwalk away. I sigh again, trying to concentrate on anything other than yourtouch. I lie down on your bed and turn on the TV, settling on a movie. Completely tuned into the TV I don’t notice your return. You sit down and watchme for a few seconds. You reach out and stroke my neck, softly still but withmore intention than before. Your tender touch draws me away from the TV andillicits a short gasp that escapes my mouth.

I look up at you, searching youreyes only to find them clouded over with sexual lust and want. You stroke myneck again, tracing your fingertips down my neck and across my shoulders. Imoan into the silence as my sexual want is awoken and the fire inside me is litagain. Staring into your gorgeous eyes I sit up and take a deep breath, tryingto calm the ocean of desire building inside me. I lean towards you and lightlykiss your jaw, again and again until I reach your lips. I tease you a bit,running my tongue across your lips but not into your mouth. I feel your fingerstwirling through my hair, pulling me into you as my passion and want grows moreas you kiss me hard, your hand on the back of my neck. I pull away from thekiss and tug the bottom of your shirt, making you lean forward letting me takeit off.

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   I lean in and kiss your throat, moving to your collarbone as I suck andkiss across it. I bite your neck lightly as I rake my nails down your back. Ifeel you shudder beneath me and I hear your moan as you lift my shirt over myhead.

You brush my neck again with your fingers and it’s my turn to moan. Ilook up at you and see your eyes taking me all in, twinkling with delight atthe thought of what’s still to come. I grab your shoulders gently and push youback on the bed. I undo my belt and take it off, dropping it on the floorbeside us. I shudder with delight as your hands make their way up my sides,finally touching my breasts after we’ve had to wait for this moment for solong. I lean down and kiss you, hard. I can’t control myself now, my need foryou is so great. I move my hips in little circles and am rewarded with a moanas I produce movement, my pussy rubbing against your dick. You make me moan inreturn, rubbing my neck ever so softly, sending shivers down my spine as yourfree hand slides up my back from where your hand previously rested on my ass,up to my bra. I’m in so much bliss that I almost don’t notice you’ve undone mybra, until the cold air hits my nipples and makes them harden instantly.

I feelyour dick get harder beneath me, making me even wetter with anticipation.

Igasp with pleasure as I feel your tongue exploring my breast.

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   I get goosebumpsfrom your incredible touch and you just lick them all over, reaching my nipple. It tightens even more as you close your mouth around it, flicking it gentlywith your tongue. You move one of your hands from my back up to my neck,knowing how good it feels for me, and brush your fingertips up and down myneck, across my collarbone, over my shoulder and down to my free nipple,twisting and pinching it. Still flicking my other nipple with your tongue, youmove your hand back up to my neck. Stroking your fingertips across my jaw youbite my nipple lightly, getting harder as you move your hand to my neck againand you’ve got me squirming in your lap. I feel your cock straining againstyour pants, making me moan even louder than before. I’m squirming so much I’vegot both hands on the back of your neck, stroking it and I run one hand throughyour hair, pushing you into my chest further. The feel of your hands, tongue,teeth and your cock straining to be in me is too much and I have to tell you tostop. I’m breathing so hard and my eyes are glazed over with lust. You tell meto lie on the bed and you start to unbutton my jeans, sliding them down and offmy legs, throwing them on top of the increasing pile of clothes beside the bed. I moan again as you find the inside of my knee, tickling it a bit as you runyour hands up to my legs. I wrap my hand around your neck and pull you to mefor a hot and very steamy kiss. My breathing is coming short and ragged now,thinking about what you’re doing to me. You pull away from me and take off yourpants. I smile cheekily at you as I eye your package, knowing that it’s allbecause of me.

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   I run my nails across your arms and down your chest and stomach,reaching my target. I slip one hand inside your boxers, wrapping my hand aroundyour dick.

Hearing your moan I smile to myself and move my hand up to the headand down again, stopping to take off your boxers and throw them on the piletoo. I pull you in for another kiss, still stroking your dick as you part mylips and I feel your tongue on mine. Your arms are shaking trying to supportyourself above me as I rake my nails lightly up the shaft of your hard dick,feeling it jump slightly as your skin tingles with delight. I break the kissand look into your eyes, burning with desire. I smile with delight as youwhisper in a shaky breath “I need to be inside you, NOW” sending sparks ofdelight through my skin as you breathe hot air in my ear as I raise my ass offthe bed so you can slip my g-string off. The pile of clothes is complete now asyou look me all over, drinking in my nakedness.

    I blush as you kiss myforehead, making my heart jump into my throat. I rub the sides of your armslooking up at you. I see a smile in your eyes as you know the moment is finallyhere. I look down at your hips, seeing you take hold of your dick and guide ittowards my pussy.

    I inhale sharply as I feel the head rubbing my clit and Ilook up to see you smiling and realize you’re teasing mer. I shake my head atyou in frustration, only to gasp in pleasure as you slowly enter me. I feel youstretching my walls, feel the heat of the moment and close my eyes as thefeeling takes me over.

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       I feel you pulling out and I wrap my legs around yourwaist to pull you in again. You thrust into me deep and I dig my nails intoyour shoulders. I bite my lower lip and moan as you thrust into me again,deeper still. You’re fucking me slowly and you lean down and lightly suck andbite on my neck. I thrust my hips up to meet yours and tell you to fuck meharder. You gladly oblige and ram your dick into me, my hips thrusting up tomeet you, my nails dug hard into your skin. I drag them down to your ass andback up making you moan and fuck me even harder still.

    I’m almost screaming I’mso happy and so close. You lean on one arm, supporting yourself and suck on mynipple, flicking it with your tongue. I tell you to fuck me harder again and I’mlifting my ass up off the bed to meet your hips with mine as you thrust into medeeply. I dig my nails in harder than ever nearly breaking the skin and youwhisper in my ear “you’re close aren’t you?” I moan a “YES” and you fuck meharder and faster my nails break the skin and I scream out “oh god I’m Cumming!!”and that sets you off too. I’m squirming and convulsing with my orgasm on thebed as your hot cum spurts inside of me again and again. I lay back on the bed,sweating and exhausted, my hair across my eyes. You look down at me, breathinghard and a look of contentment on your face. You move the hair out my eyes andwhisper to me “that was incredible” and lay your head on my chest, your rockhard dick still inside me…


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