Welome to my Town


I'd gone down to the bar for a beer to end the day, play some pool and swap lies with the folks. Just a typical evening in the small Montana town I lived in, quiet, a few pickup trucks driving down Main Street,a gentle breeze blowing down from the mountain that overlooked the town.

The game was going as always, loud laughter broken by intense concentration as shot after shot was lined up , taken and missed. One beer led to another and then another and the evening wore on into the night . The empty bottles were lining the table. The bell over the door rang and in walked what I can only describe as vision.

Tall, blonde, beautiful. She was all of those and more. 6' at least, long platinum blonde hair, startlingly red lips, dark eye shadow and dressed all in red. These were my instant impressions when I first saw her. She walk to the bar and ordered.

'Disaronna on the rocks. '

'Another Select for me, Bill'

I sidled up to the bar and made some small talk. 'Come here often?' I smiled knowing she wasn't from around these parts and indeed, she laughed and allowed as it was her first time.

'Just in town looking for some scenery, some sunsets, maybe some new friends'

I stuck out my hand and introduced myself. 'G.

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  R. Local color is my specialty'

Smiling she said 'Tiffany, and that seems to be just what I'm looking for. '

We chatted and drank, drank and chatted and all too soon Bill called last call.
I got up to go and realized there was no way I could drive the three miles out to my house . Tiffany watched my discomfiture and offeredme a ride home. She wasn't in much better shape than I but foolishness knows no bounds and soon we were weaving down the back country road to my place. It's a small cabin, really just one big room with a picture window looking out over a stream and on to the mountain beyond. It IS nice, I must admit, but right now it was black as the inside of a cat, being almost 1:00AM. As we climbed out of the car Tiffany looked up at the sky and clenched her purse to her tits. It's a sight for the city folks, more stars than they even imagine and tonight was no different. And they had an effect.

'I don't think I can drive back to my motel. In fact I couldn't if I wanted to. And I don't' And she turned into my arms and melted to me, her mouth open, her hands on mt ass, her tits up against me.

We made our way to the house somehow, never stopping our kiss and shucking our clothes as we went.

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The next hours were a blur of tits( 40D's) and ass, tight and round, and cock, 7" and hard, and cunt, tight and gripping. We fucked like minks in every position imaginable. I remember being behind her looking at her ass as i slid into her, I remember being on my back as she rode my cock, levering herself up and dropping down in it. I remember her red lips crushed to mine then wrapped around my cock. I came in her cunt, in her hands, in her mouth and finally I just couldn't stay up any more. I'm not bragging, I do pretty good for my 43 years, but there's a limit no matter how hot the sex, and this was plenty hot.

Tiffany, however, wasn't wanting to be done. I protested we could continue after a few hours of rest but she had another idea. She still had her purse with her, buried under our clothes on the floor. She picked it up and opened it. Then she took out a leather strap. I thought it was belt and started to think it was going to be some spanking session, but no. She spread it out and stepped into what turned out to be a harness that soon held a strapon cock. 'Oh, no. .

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  . 'But she was not to be dissuaded and I was convinced. When was the last time a really hot blonde had come to this town? Never , is when. And then fucked me nearly dead? Never, again. And tomorrow we would do it all over again. 'Well. . . '

Tiffany had me get on my knees,and soon I had that big black cock in my mouth. It tasted like rubber,but there was something else there , too.

'I used it on myself just before I went in the bar. Do you like?'

'Oh yes. And I like the feeling of it in my hands and mouth, too. 'Shocked at that, but it was true.

'Then I know you'll like the feeling of where it goes next.

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   Turn around and get on your hands and knees. ' She had a bit of lube in her handthat was cold as it smeared on my ass, then came the pressure, the yielding and then the stroking, the humping pounding in my ass. I couldn't believe it but my cock was growing hard again. This went on for a long while until Tiffany tired. I was 'way past tried and we both drifted off to sleep.
There was another day, you know. The sun came up over the mountain, the stream curled around the rocks, and Tiffany stayed a long time. .
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