What A Day At The Beach


Some things in life just happen. Nobody could have planned it. I know I never
would of, yet here I was in the most amazing situation. I am 19 years old. My
whole life I am what you call normal. Nothing exciting or amazing every happened
to me. I have an average body, average boobs, average boyfriends, and an average
family. You name it, my life was average.

And then I went to the beach. Sara, my best friend, Kim, a shy girl 1 year
younger than us, and Jan, Sara's older sister could not have imagined the fate
that was in front of them.

My friends and I made the 2 hour drive to the beach and planned on having a
great day. We did some body surfing. We played a little paddle ball, we
gossiped, and we caught some rays. And then that black cloud moved in. The
weatherman didn't predict it, but lets face it, when do they get it right?

We quickly started to pack, but we were no match. The wind picked up, the rain
moved in and the storm was on us before we could leave the beach.

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"Hey girls, over here. "

A man, I would guess about 40 years old, was calling and waving to us from a
condo. It was the closest way out of the rain, so on instinct we headed that
way. We got into the condo and just kind of looked at each other.

"That's my dad and I'm John", a voice from the corner announced. I turned to see
this handsome boy staring a little below my chin. I quickly looked down and saw
that in my rush to get here my A cup breast had popped out of my suit and
through my wet t-shirt. You could see my nipple.

"Oh", I said and quickly got back in shape. The other girls just chuckled.

"Do you girls want to shower and change and wait for the storm to pass?"

"No, we're okay", Sara said.

"Well, then can I get you a drink?"

"I'll have a glass of wine", said Jan. She was the only one of legal drinking
age. But Sara hated to be out done by Jan so she said she'd take one also.

John's dad came back with 6 wine glasses, assuming we all were in, and sat to
watch the storm.

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   As we watched the storm we started to talk. John was a junior
in college and seemed very nice. His dad was funny but mainly quiet. As the
afternoon stretched, the storm continued and so did the drinking.

I can't remember who suggested it, I somehow think it was John's dad, but I
don't remember. "Let's play strip poker", I heard.

Sara quickly said yes. That was how she was. Something daring and right away a

"Unfair said Kim", even drunk she was smart enough to understand the situation.
"We only have suits, shirts and sandals on. You guys are fully clothed. "

"I'll tell you what; we'll play 3 pieces of clothes each. First hand you lose;
you take off shoes, socks, earrings, etc. Second hand you lose, you take off all

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   Third hand, all bottoms. Deal?"

"I'm in", I heard myself say. The others agreed and we quickly sat in a circle
on the floor while the first hand was dealt.

"What happens when one of is naked, do we keep playing", Kim asked?

"When you're naked you have to take a dare from the person on your right", Jan
made up.

"Sounds good", John agreed.

As luck would have it, I lost the first hand. Kim lost the second, John the
third. Then I lost again and was the first to show any real skin. I liked the
way John looked at me as my breasts were shown. Jan lost 2 in a row as did
John's dad. He had a nice body for someone twice my age.

Kim lost a hand and now 3 of us girls were showing breasts. I had never really
looked closely at Kim and was amazed to see she had very large nipples on her
average breasts. My breasts were the smallest of the groups but Kim's would have
been next. But her nipples were twice the size of mine and sticking out in a way
that got my, and the boys interest.

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Sara lost her first hand and John then lost two in a row. His penis was erect.
It seemed large to me, but I wasn't really an expert on the subject. Jan gave a
loud hoot and so that made me think I was judging correctly.

I then lost another hand and down went my bottoms. I swim a lot so I try to keep
my hair trimmed. I'm not shaved but my pubes are short. At that moment I wished
I had an afghan for a bush to hide myself. I felt so exposed.

Jan lost a hand, which made her naked, and then I lost another. To my right was
Sara. I was nervous because she had the most wicked mind. "For your dare you
have to kiss Jan on the lips and use your tongue. Both lips that is. "

"WHAT", I exclaimed.

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"I like that dare", John said.

Oh my god, I thought. I've never kissed another girl never the less used my
tongue. And both lips? I was supposed to lick her sister? It was a good thing I
was drunk. I walked over to Jan and kissed quickly. Our tongues touched a time
or two and surprisingly I wasn't grossed out. I then knelt at her chair and
quickly licked the mound of hair between her legs.

"That's good enough", I said, and everybody applauded.

John's dad lost the next hand and I was amazed to see his penis was fatter and
larger than his sons. Sara lost two in a row and joined us naked. That left only
Kim with underwear on.

John brought in another round of drinks. As we were about to deal one more hand,
the power went out. It was very, very dark in the room. I felt a hand on my
breast and quickly realized it was Sara.

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"What are you doing", I asked?

"My turn for a kiss", she responded.

She leaned in and gave me an awesome tongue kiss, the whole while running her
hands over my breasts. I felt another body getting close. John's mouth came
between ours and the three of us shared kisses. One of my hands grabbed for his
penis and I found Sara already had it firmly grasped. I instead reached to my
left and found Kim's breast.

"Oh", I heard her exclaim. I disentangled myself from John's mouth and pulled
Kim towards us. I brought her breast right to my mouth and sucked her huge
nipple. I then started kissing her mouth. Just then I felt a hand on my crotch.
It was gentle and felt good so I let the person continue. But the good feeling
made me want to do the same so I reached for Kim. Her underwear was still on. We
both quickly got it off and I started to rub her like I was being rubbed.

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I wanted to get closer to her. Kim and I were never real close, but the kisses
she was giving me was pure heaven. I couldn't move though because I didn't want
who ever was touching me to stop.

"Come closer", I whispered to Kim.

I laid back and concentrated on the nice feeling below. As a body got close I
realized it wasn't Kim but John's Dad. He kissed me deeply and slowly pinched my
nipples. His body felt good and warm against me. He slowly turned his body away,
but before I could complain I felt a mouth between my legs. John started to lick
me in a way that I had never felt before. I realized that his dad had turned
away because Sara had started sucking him off. Kim quickly snuggled behind me
and all of these realizations at once made me orgasm. The deep, hard orgasm just
made John eat me that much harder. I laid back and enjoyed it as Kim started to
suck my breasts. I had one more orgasm and then I felt John move to Kim.

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John must have licked Kim a little because she stopped playing with my breasts
and started to moan. He then slowly moved up his body. I got a little nervous
because I knew Kim was a virgin.

"Are you okay", I whispered.

"I want this", Kim replied.

Sara, having finished off John's dad moved to John and Kim's side and was slowly
guiding John's penis to make sure he was gentle. I too put my hand down there
and was working Kim's lips to ensure she was wet and ready. When John broke the
hymen I felt the whole thing. It was such a turn on that I started to play with
myself. As John moved in and out of Kim, who was finally getting use to the
sensation, I moved my fingers in and out of my soaked crotch. As an orgasm
started to build, I felt something hard and hot at my hole. John's dad started
to insert his fat dick.

Now I have not had a lot of sex and never have I had something that big, but I
was so horny I would have fucked a baseball bat. His meat, pounding me from
behind stretched me to sizes I didn't know I had. It was amazing.

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   My first
orgasm was almost instantaneous and then I just pounded into him as hard as I
could. Just as I was about to cum I felt his hot juices so deep in me I thought
I might burst. My whole body shuddered with our shared orgasm and I rolled off
of him panting and beat.

But what I rolled onto was Kim. Also sore and tired for the good fucking that
John had given her. We giggled a little. I lifted my head and I was able to make
out Sara and her sister giving John combined head and knew that if anyone would
have said that those two would be kissing the same cock, both would have thrown
a fit. Yet here they were, kissing each other and a large, hard penis at the
same time. I would have broken out laughing if the lights wouldn't have suddenly
come on.

All eyes blinked and locked on each other at the same time. Each girl quickly
found their clothes and got the dressed. Both father and son found a chair, and
although still naked, kind of shied away from the whole situation.

After I got my suit on, I quickly went to Kim and made sure she was okay. Her
smile and the twinkle in her eye kept me from asking. I went and kneeled near
John and told him that we really needed to go, just to get a handle on
everything that just happened.

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   He said he understood and his shrunken member
told me he was satisfied.

We drove the 2 hours home almost in silence. I wonder if we ever will be able to
talk about it.


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