What my wife doesn't know


What my wife doesn’t know!
Let me start off by saying I don’t hate being married, or my wife. It all started when she went out of town for a few days to visit with some friends of hers. I was bored, and horny. Rather than watching porn like normal. I saw an ad on TV for a chat line. Once I got on there I left my message saying I’m a 28yr old male, married, home alone for a week. Most of the girls came on and gave me shit for being on here when my wife is away. I didn’t care though. One girl replied telling me how fucking hot it made her. We talked about fucking on my wife’s side of the bed, and rubbing her wet cunt on my wife’s pillow, and sheets.   We were both masturbating and getting dirtier and dirtier as the conversation went on. During the conversation she replied “Do you want to make this come true?” I replied instantly “YES. ” She gave me her number and I called her.
We arranged for her to come over that night. She told her husband she was going to see a friend, and was coming over to see me. I was nervous I had no clue what she looked like, what her name was, or if she was even serious.

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   All I knew about an hour later a knock on my door revealed an average looking girl who walked into my house and instantly started making out with me. I directed her to my wife and I’s bed where I started stripping her down as quick as I could.   Once naked she said “Call me your wife’s name and do what you want with me. Use me like you always wanted to. ” So that’s exactly what I did. I ate that cunt out, I licked her ass finger fucked her and shoved my dirty finger in her mouth. Things normally I wouldn’t even dare with my wife.   It didn’t take me long to start fucking her. Doggy style at first I shoved my “wife’s” head into her pillow and started fucking her hard. She was moaning, and panting, and screaming into her pillow. I pulled out of her pussy and made her spit all over my cock to get it lubed up. I pointed the head of my cock right up to her cute little tight asshole. I started pushing it in slowly, and she just thrust herself right back on it, telling me to use her asshole hard. I finally couldn’t hold out any longer and shot my load right up her ass. When I pulled out my cum poured out of her ass onto the sheets and she licked it up right off the bed.

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   She went pee in the bathroom changed and right before she left she asked me how many more days my wife was gone. I told her 3, and she said that tomorrow she will be here same time.
After she left I kinda felt bad for fucking her, let alone on my wife’s bed. Cum stained on her side of the sheets, some random whore’s face buried in her pillow. The next day I talked to my wife on the phone for a few minutes telling her everything was fine here. As I sat counting down the hours till that whore came over.
There was a knock on the door, and I opened it up to find her here true to her word the same time as last. She took me by the hand and let me to my room. She stripped naked, and went into my wife’s drawer until she found her panties. She put a pair on and started rubbing herself in them. I couldn’t fucking believe how hot it was. Next thing I know she climbed on the bed right over my body and started pissing through my wife’s panties. All over my body, and our bed. She brought her pissing cunt up to my face and pissed on it, then down my whole body over my cock, and balls. When she was finished she said she had now marked her territory on me and that I was her’s not my wife’s.

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   She took off the panties, neatly folded them up, and put them back into the drawer. She told me to leave them there for her to wear. We fucked for about an hour that night, in different positions. Before she left and I told her our last night would be tomorrow. She said “no your wife will be home tomorrow, it’s not our last night”
When she arrived the next day I couldn’t wait. She pulled me yet again into our bedroom, and asked me what I really wanted. I told her I wanted to degrade my wife when she’s not around. She went into the bathroom and pulled out her toothbrush, and went back into the bedroom and grabbed some more panties as well as a few dildos she keeps in her drawer.   She again stood up over the bed spread her legs and started pissing on me again, holding her panties, her toys, and her toothbrush rubbing them in her piss. I was so fucking turned on I pushed her on the bed and let loose a torrent of my own piss all over her my wife’s things and our bed. She lay on the bed squirming around telling me to fucking piss all over her nasty body. She took my pissing cock and directed it all over her body, and in her mouth. After I was done I started fucking her so hard. She told me to stop so I pulled out of her and rolled over stroking my cock. She grabbed my wife’s toothbrush and started fucking herself with it.

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   She pulled it out of her pussy and stuck it right up her tight little ass.   I was so turned on seeing my wife’s toothbrush up this little slut’s asshole. She climbed onto my cock and started fucking me while my wife’s toothbrush was still up her ass. I turned her over so I can fuck her doggy style and started pushing the toothbrush in and out of her ass. She grabbed my wife’s picture on the side of the bed and started rubbing it all over her piss covered body. I shot my load right up her cunt it was so fucking hot. When I pulled out she took my wife’s now piss stained panties and started pushing them into her cunt. She pulled out the toothbrush out of her ass and walked and put it away in the bathroom. She came back from the bathroom and pulled out the panties that were in her cunt, she squatted on the floor and pushed out the remained of my cum and her pussy juices onto the crotch of the panties, folded them again and put them back into her drawer. As she was putting her own clothes back on, she told me that she was coming back in two days during the day to smell and use my wife’s panties, and my cock.
Before my wife arrived home I did my best to clean up and dry the sheets and mattress. I used the blow-drier for an hour on the mattress, and then sprayed febreeze to try and make it smell better. She had no clue once she came home. It was as though nothing had happened. Before bed she went for a shower, and I went to go pee in the bathroom she got out and started brushing her teeth.

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   She had a funny look on her face once she put it in her mouth, but she never stopped brushing. She had no clue that less then 24 hours ago some nasty slut who’s name I still didn’t know had pissed all of it, shoved it up her cunt, and I had fucked her asshole with it.   Then she went to bed to change. She put on a “Fresh” pair if of panties and went to sleep. I masturbated so hard that night.
My stranger and I continued to fuck for about a month after that using my wife’s dirty panties, or toys and toothbrush over and over again. I can’t get over how dirty it is. She even takes a shit in the bathroom and rubs my wife’s dirty panties all over them, and wraps them around my cock and sucks me off.   She is such a slut. But she just stopped coming over after that month, and I’ve never been able to learn her name or find her since then. My wife and I are still married, I’m just waiting to meet another slut who will be that dirty in bed, and my poor wife will have no clue.

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