which comes first


which comes first, best freinds. . . or hormones. . . .

I have a good friend of mine named Chelsea, who conveniently lives one house down from me. She could be described as bitchy, but her humor can rival no other and we have been really great friends all through elementary and middle school.
Although, as we reached high school we started to drift apart. In an effort to save the friendship I invited her to a party that some friends of mine were throwing. It was one of a series they had almost as a ritual.

I wore a slightly loose, black, dale Earnheart shirt and a pair of loose blue jeans. Chelsea of course wore a very tight and rather short black skirt and a tight pink halter top, finishing it off with black high-heeled sandals. I was offered a ride with a friend who I decided to spend the night with her and chelsea.

As my friend pulled up to the curb I hopped out of the car and headed up to the door with Chelsea shaking her ass the whole way up.

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   Mike opened the door, gave me a high five, and invited us in.
“Well Damn. ” He looked Chelsea up and down. She smiled seductively and I rolled my eyes. She looked around and when some guys asked her to sit with them she, of course, wandered off. Mike turned to me.

“you know you would be so much hotter than her if you just wore clothes like that. ” I smacked him on the shoulder and rolled my eyes.

“yeah, that’ll be the day. ” We both laughed. I spent the party laughing with my guy friends and chilling on the sofa listening to the music blair. I cought glimpses of Chelsea rubbing up against some random guys now and then, but mostly I just didn’t see her.

I found out later that she ended up hooking up with one of my good guy friends named Kevin. He was a very close friend of mine, and a weird ass like me. He was 16 and I was 14 but we always got along really well.

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   Chelsea was a little older than me but I still didn’t see how he was her type, although I’m not saying Kevin wasn’t sexy. He stood about 6’ 1” with big broad shoulders and spiky blonde hair. He had a strong body from playing on the school football team.

And, although my friend was a sucker for a guy with a bod, usually she dated bad boys, and Kevin didn’t really fit that description. In some twist of fate, they ended up dating and Since Kevin went to my school, they got the o-so-brilliant idea that it would be easier if Kevin just came home with me and then we walked over to her house. Little did any of us know what we were actually getting into….

The day went by as usual…slow. I was staring at this little green spot on the white board when I felt I nudge in the leg. I looked down to see Jessica slipping me a note under the table. I carefully unfolded the little piece of paper. I eyed over the paper:

“Oh my god. I so heard that Kevin was going to your house after school today. Is that true?”

I scribbled, “yeah, but he’s just coming over to see his girl friend who lives next door. ”

She wrote back. “You should totally hook up with him, I mean he’s a major babe.

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  â€ I rolled my eyes and chuckled, resulting in my teacher screaming that I wasn’t paying attention. After the lecture I went back to pondering what Jessica had said. I shook my head. Gross.

I ate some slushy green stuff for lunch, and the rest of the day could be summed up in the words “average” or “dull”. Classes passed as slow as ever, and what Jessica said kind of faded out of my mind.

Kevin was his usual self—if usual could possibly be used to describe him. Kevin and I love to pick on each other, it was pretty much why we got along. He was funny and I liked him as a friend, but id never really thought of him as much else. The fact that I was pretty much a tom-boy, probably meant he felt the same way.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody in middle school told me I was hot, I just have an off-beat personality. With flowing brown hair and brown eyes to match, the only thing more defined is my body. I am very proud of how slim I am. My stomach is nice and flat, which I like a lot although the best trait of mine would have to be that, despite how slender I am, I have managed to keep a nice round ass and average titts.

Homework Hall was my final period of the day.

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   It ended with the ringing of the bell and me awaking asleep on my books with a not-so-attractive imprint of a paper clip on my forehead. Kevin walked in the class.

“hey Samantha,” he said. I looked up. “ready to go?”

“Hold on a second looser,” I said smiling at him. I packed up the rest of my junk and threw it in the bag. I put my calculator in the big pocket on my baggy pants, and fidgeted with my sweatshirt to get it to a comfortable angle.

The ride home was almost as boring as the day had been, and my mother prodded Kevin with questions that only a mother could think up. Arriving at my house, I hopped out of the car.
“So when do you want to go over to Chelsea’s house?” I asked.

“You’re so eager to get rid of me, you’re not even going to give me the full tour?” He asked pouting. I rolled my eyes and mumbled to myself.

“You should see Samantha’s room,” My mother said. I glared at her. “I would show you everything,” she piped in her annoyingly high voice, “but, I have to go to work for a couple of hours. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 


Kevin looked at me, smiling at my obvious loss at trying to get him to leave. I grumbled and led him into my house. We put our bags in the closet located next to the front door. He glanced around at the tan-painted walls, and beautiful glass chandelier we had in our front hall.

“Damn you have a nice house. ”

“No, your just an idiot. ” I smiled at him. “Here you can come see my room, it’s the best. ” As we began walking into my room I just started talking. “You see, this house was totally re-modeled and before the new master bedroom was built, the room I sleep in was the old one. ” He nodded as I pried open the door.

His eyes seemed to pick through everything he looked at, as he stared at my shelves. He looked strait ahead of him, where you could see my whole backyard through a huge glass window. He glanced over the room.

“a water bed!” he shouted, and before I had any time to protest, he jumped on my bed.

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I groaned. “get off my bed. ” I doubt he heard me, for he was already checking out the mass picture collection I had managed to tape to my wall. “You can tell my whole life story by that wall. ” As I started to walk over to him I tripped on a pillow. He laughed annoyingly. I grumbled, but then a flash of childish mischief popped into my mind.

“WHAM!!” I hit him on the back with the pillow. Taking him totally by surprise, he was knocked to the floor. I laughed. Flinging his pillow at me he started a pillow fight—because we were just that immature. I kicked his ass, and seeing his defeat he hit me in one final blow using his body and his pillow to nock me over. I tumbled onto the bed with him falling on top of me.

As we laughed at our klutzy behavior, a sudden thought struck me. I had never realized how lean and strong kevin’s body was.

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   His strong arms were right by my face, propping him over me. His strong fit body lay against mine and I could feel the rippled 6-pack on his chest as he pressed against me. My hands rested on his back, and as an instinct I guess, I started tracing my hand up and down his firm skin, and letting them rest in the small of his back. This was not the position that friends usually were in.

Kevin was looking away still as I somewhat clutched onto his back. He looked slowly at me, his eyes piercing into the back of mine. He was still smiling, but his expression changed as he looked at me. I could feel his breath, short and hot on my face. He seemed to be looking at my lips, and before I knew it he leaned forward, our lips pressing firmly against one anothers.

It felt really right as the passion built up and our kisses became deeper and faster, like time might run out. Our mouths opened slightly as the kiss intensified, and then our tongues locked together. I pulled him in close to me as we kissed.

He pulled away suddenly, hopping off the bed and taking a step back. “I think we should call Chelsea. ” his voice shook.

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   I looked at the floor, more disappointed in myself than in him. He glanced around as if he thought someone had been watching us,

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea. ” I said as I stood up and headed towards the phone. I could feel the heat of his body as I walked past him to get to the phone. He placed his hands gently on my shoulders and I came to a hault, waiting anxiously to see what he was going to do next.

Kevin pulled me close to him, still holding onto my shoulders, with my back pressed against his firm chest. I leaned my head back so that it rested in the curve of his shoulder as his lips traced down my neck. He sucked gently and I purred in his ear.
He spun me around so that our eyes met exactly.

He plunged in for another kiss intertwining our lips and our tounges. I smiled as he half pushed half walked me over to the bed, plopping on the bed, laying on my back, he climbed up, gently resting in between my legs.

My hands returned to his back, except this time they slid under his shirt. The smooth warmness of his skin enveloped my hands as I rested them there. He matched the rhythm of our kiss as he began rocking his hips gently back and forth. I smiled, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of it all.

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“we have to stop,” I said in-between deep breaths as he kissed up and down my neck. He nodded, but then continued kissing me. I pushed him to his feet and he gave me a somewhat disappointed look.

I couldn’t help it. Something in me was drawn to him, and as when we kissed I just wanted him more. Getting a little hot after all we had done, I took off my sweat shirt and threw it on the floor. He ran his hands down my flat stomach.

“You have a really great body,” his voice sounded almost out of breath. “You shouldn’t cover it up with that sweatshirt. ” I blushed.

In a soft innocent voice I said “if you get to see my body, can’t I see yours?”

He grabbed his shirt at the bottom and slid it up over his head tossing it onto the floor. I admired his amazing muscles and ran my hands over them. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me so our faces were only inches apart.

“You like?” his breath softly fluttered across my lips. I answered by meeting his lips with mine and wrapping my arms around his neck.

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   He gently pushed me off of him and I frowned.

“you see me without my shirt now can I see you?”
I blushed and shyly looked into his eyes. He walked closer and I looked down at the floor. Grabbing my shirt at the bottom, I raised my arms, and he slowly slid it up and off me.

“just one more thing,” He said with a smirk. As Kevins body came closer to mineI could feel his arms snake up around my back and his fingers latch into the clip of my bra.

I shook my head and stood back a little. I didn’t really want to admit that only 1 guy had ever seen me with my shirt off, so I merely said, “I don’t think we should do this. ”

Kevin smiled lovingly and kissed me softly on the lips. “relax. ” And in one quick motion my bra was tossed on the floor. I quickly covered my exposed chest with my arms. He frowned slightly. I looked at the floor and I could feel my face turning red. But as I felt his hands slide over my arms and gently tug them, I let them fall to my sides.



Kevin took a step back looking intensely at my breasts. I felt a cool breeze sweep past my now exposed breasts and I shivered. My nipples grew instantly hard and I knew that Kevin had noticed.

He picked me up by my ass so that I was straddling his stomach while he was standing up. He walked over to the bed once again and got in the same missionary position as when he had fallen on me. Gently rolling me onto my side, he pulled the warm blanket up over me.

Drawing me into his arms our lips locked for another intense kiss. He put one hand gently behind my back and the other on my lower stomach. I looked into his eyes with a smile and he kissed me once again. The passionate kiss made me float so out of the world that I didn’t notice his fingers unbuttoning my pants and slowly pulling down my fly.

When I felt fingers softly push under my underwear I pulled away and quickly grabbed his wrist. Looking deep in each others eyes his fingers continued. Crawling slowly over my closely trimmed pussy, his fingers grazed down the lips of my virgin cunt. I shivered, never having had anyone’s hands down there but my own, and even that was on rare occasions.

He pulled his hand out.

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   “Your pants are too tight. ” He said matter-of-factly. In seemingly no time at all though, he had my pants around my ankles. I kicked them off. He smiled, proud that he had lured me into what I didn’t know he had wanted for so long.

His roaming hands pushed apart my legs and I blushed turning my head away from him. He proceeded, pushing my underwear to one side, his finger found its way to my opening.
    He ran it in little circles and I shivered again. I turned my head to face him. He smiled down at me and then pushed a finger gently into me.

    I don’t think Kevin realized how tight I was and I gritted my teeth arching my back from just one finger. “Holy shit. ” Kevins voice was mixed with surprise and a small hint of further lust. “Your so fucking tight. ” I blushed again.

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    He began to slide his fingers in and out of my tight hole, slowly at first. I felt my body tremble and I could feel my pussy growing hot and slick. He smiled slamming his finger in faster. He met some resistance that he didn’t tell me about, and decided not to break my hymen just yet. He focused on pleasuring me without breaking it. I didn’t know he had something far more interesting, and slightly more painfull in mind.
    I heard the phone ring. Rolling away from Kevin I picked it up with trembling hands.

    “hello?” I felt kevins hands continue to caress my body and I smiled tilting my head slightly.

    “Hey girl, this is Chelsea. ”

    “O. . uh…hey Chelsea. ” Kevin imeadiately stopped and looked into my eyes.

    “Is Kevin there…I mean its been a while since schools been over.

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    “Oh,” I paused. “Kevin didn’t tell you?”

    “Tell me what?” She asked.

    “He went home sick today. ” I saw kevins lips curve into a wicked smile.

    “Oh…okay…well bye now. ”

    “Bye. ” I said innocently and hung up the phone. I looked up at Kevin. His eyes were burning with a desire the likes of which I had never seen prior to this moment. In a response his lips ferociously locked with mine.

    His hands ran once again down inside my underwear. This time he pressed two fingers in. I moaned and my back arched. I felt my eyes water slightly. He left his fingers there for a second before beginning to slide them in and out of my dripping pussy.

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    I moaned with delight, and I could feel my muscles tighten around his probing hands. He slid his fingers out of my pussy and then stood up. I frowned. My eyes opened wide as I saw him begin to unbutton his pants and slide them down.

    “It was too confining. ” He said, trying to sound innocent. I propped myself up on one elbow and smiled at him. He quickly hopped back into bed kissing my neck and caressing my body.

    In a seemingly instinctual way, I hooked my thumbs in his boxers and looked into his eyes, which were full of shock and passion. Smiling, I ripped his underwear down and he kicked it off. I looked deep into his eyes almost afraid to look down, as it signaled for good what was going to happen next. I took a deep breath and looked down at his hard dick.

    I gasped. “it’s huge. ” I said in a voice that I couldn’t tell whether it was fear or passion. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       I knew that I wanted this now.

    “You’ll get used to it. ” He said smirking in pride and nibbling on my ear. I took a deep breath as I rolled on top of him. All that was separating his rock hard dick from my wet pussy was my thin cotton panties. He bucked his hips a little, making sure his dick slid up and down my sensitive lips. I moaned and leaned down so my lips pressed against his ear. “I want this now. ”

    He moaned, taking in the moment. He then smiled wickedly and striped my underwear off my body. He rolled on top of me in a heart beat, so eager to get inside me. The head of his dick now rested on the entrance of my virgin pussy. He took a deep breath.

    “You’re my best friend. ” He said.

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       I smiled up at him. “you are the most beautifulgreatest girl I have ever met. ” He placed his hand over my mouth. I looked at him inquisitively raising an eyebrow, And with that, he took a deep breath and slammed his dick into me.

    I screamed into his hand, my whole body tensing up trying to escape the pain. My back arched and my pussy burned as tears streamed down my tensed face. “Holy mother fucking shit, you’re so tight. ” He said with a smile that could only mean he loved it that way. He had broken through my hymen on the way in and I could feel a slight burning sensation inside my hot pussy. He moaned taking in the pleasure of thevirgin cunt he was allowed to ravage. His eyes were closed as he relished the feeling of my tight wet pussy engulfing his entire dick.

    He was anything but gentle, exactly the way I unknowingly wanted it. He kissed me passionately and thrust his his dick out and back in with incredible force. I moaned so loud it was almost a scream, my eyes fluttering closed. He gently pressed back into me.

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    “Mmmm,” his face flashed with pure ecstasy. “I wish I could stay with you forever. ”

    “You like being IN me,” I said with a laugh. He looked down at me with a face full of an expression I could not read.

    “No,” his hand brushed my face again. “I like being with you. ” I smiled and embraced him. His warm skin pressed against mine as we lay totally in each other’s bodies.

    His hips slid backwards, then forwards once again slamming with incredible force. I moaned. I felt so full; I wanted more. I pushed my hips up to meet his and he smiled. He began to thrust into me at a faster pace so that his dick reached into me farther than I had ever thought possible. He filled me with more and more of his dick with each stroke. I moaned louder grasping his back.

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    “this is so wrong. ” He said. I could tell in his voice he liked just how wrong this was. He was loving fucking a virgin without mercy while his girlfriend was a mere house away.

    I smiled holding him in my arms “…which makes it all the better. ” He grinned as his passion once again took control. “fuck me,” I whispered in his ear. He happily obliged, slamming his lean body against mine, his dick pounding into me as moans and gasps filled the air.

    “Unh. ” I murmured. “harder. ” He smiled, pleased by how much I wanted him at that moment. He slammed into me over and over. I could feel my body getting closer and closer to something I didn’t even know before this moment. My muscles got tigher with each thrust, and my hips met his more urgently.

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    I screamed without end and his dick slammed into me. Suddenly he slammed into me so deep I screamed and my body tensed rocking my whole being. I felt my muscles tighten and my pussy clench on his dick. My blood boiled and I felt a tingle rush from my toes to the top of my head I felt something warm flowing into my stomach. I didn’t really care that he had cum inside of me. I liked it.

    We relaxed for a little while, letting the orgasms subside and rebuilding our strength. I liked the feeling of his warm slightly sticky skin resting against my bare body. I nibbled gently on his ear and then kissed his neck slowly moving up to his chin. I felt his dick twitch. I smiled seductively as he looked into my eyes.

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