Who seduced whom. 2


Now I found out I had a lust for toyboy sex.

Try as I may,I couldn't stop thinking of what Jake had done to me. More too the point, the orgasm this young studs hardon had brought from me. I'd masterbated when I went to bed - something I only rarely done - all the time reliving the powerful thrusting and even more powerful shooting of Jake's cum deep up in my vagina! - The memory of Jake slowly peeling my knickers off of me had my pussy throbbing until with as little noise as possible I orgasmed.

That noise wasn't lost on my nosey son's ears. He appeared at my door only moments after I'd wrestled the bedsheets back over my throbbing vagina. - "You okay mum?" - "I'm okay, just a bad dream, glad I awoke. You go back to bed, okay" - With no further comment he withdrew - I'm sure there was a rye smile on his face - had he realised what the sounds were. - He had, I heard him as he came off. He'd realised all right! Thank goodness he didn't know why I'd done it to myself.


I should have twigged with what happened the following day. My son Melvin and his mates were hanging around as I mucked about gardening in my own way. I wasn't much of a gardener,but I could recognise weed from flower. I spotted them about to go off again - my gardens quite large really and somewhat wilderness like. - Waving up towards the gate,I saw Sidney indicating towards me but couldn't hear what it was about. The gate went, but Sid' headed in my direction.

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   - For a second,my mind flitted back to Jake the day before. - 'Stupid bitch' I thought, - that's stupid, no-way would Jake have divulged what he'd done to me.

So ignoring him further I stooped trying to pull a long but robust weed from its rather awkward spot near the root of a prickly bush. - "Ow! Ow! OO Ow! Come out you stubborn bastard" - "OH! OH! Mrs Smart. Such language from such a succulent 'peaches & cream' pretty mouth" - Without letting go of my enemy the weed or looking back at him - "Cut the crap Sid, just grab a hand here and pull!" - Without further ado, he grabbed me round the waist and made to pull - "Not me you dollop, this frigging weed" - Not hesitating he gripped my hands over the weed and gripping like hell he pulled as did I and the roots gave. We both shot about two paces backwards before with a jolt Sid hit the dry stone wall with me pressed hard against him.

"Hey Sid,you can let go now,we've got the dratted thing out" - The first alarm bells rang in my head as he ignored my statement and clung on to me spoon fashion. - "Hey Sid,its over,we got the thing out!" - I realised that far from responding he had my hands up still holding the weed, but his arms were pressed very much against the sides of my breasts. - "I know, but just a bit longer, let me please, only just a little bit, you're so cuddly holding you like this"

I let my guard down, - "Christ Sid,not you as well?" - "How do you mean Mrs Smart - me as well?" - "Sid, forget that, I just meant - Oh I don't know what I meant!" - "Did you mean you liked the cuddle as well?" - "Cuddle Sid,what cuddle?" - An instant later with the weed falling from my grasp - "This cuddle Edna. - He'd turned me and I now was being squeezed right hard against Sid and even more too the point, his hands were gripping my bum and that was no weed stalk pressing against my thigh either.

I made to push away, - "Sid, we'll push the wall over, its dry stone" - Edna!I'm sure this wall has seen more than just me and you doing what we're doing without losing even one little stone,don't you?" - "Sid we mustn't. I'm to old for this stuff with you" - Shit he shook me ridged, his lips latched on to my mouth and kissed me fervently. My mind whirled back to the day before and realising how a sixteen year old penis had excited me so much, I responded to his kissing. Delighted now, he felt me on my breasts and as I wasn't sure where this was leading I said, - "Too open, get nearer the corner of this wall" I knew the corner was very secluded!

Kissing again he now started rubbing at my thigh, I knew I was getting wet and randy. Crazily I fumbled for his penis - "You're going to do me aren't you?" -Holding me at arms length, - "Can I, I'd love to do that!" - Unbelievably, I lifted my skirt and pulled at my knickers, close in by me he looked down as I removed my knickers completely.

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   - "Fuck! Its like a dream, I never thought you'd let me have a fuck willingly. I thought I'd have to rape you!" - Sid! Sid! If you had,how the hell would you explain it, No! Better we enjoy ourselves and say nothing to anyone"

Still not believing his luck he stood as I peeled his trousers down to his ankles and played with his dick. It was a nice dick, perhaps 6" long and thicker than Jake's. Sid didn't need prompting to feel my pussy,he just started where Jake had left off, my cunt was already dripping with love juice, after all it had been about twenty minutes now since Sid had gripped my tits and after yesterday I needed toyboy cock and I needed it NOW!

I couldn't believe how filthily horny I'd become since Jake took me. I was a different person than I was two days ago. LUST! - LUST! Was running thro' me. I'd even thought of the three of them lusting after me - even my own son - and thought of asking them too all do me only an hour earlier. Remembering my son wanking on hearing me masterbate and Jake ravishing me. Christ it only left my son to fuck me.

Sid felt his way around my vagina until I showed him he'd got me cumming. - "stick the fucking thing up me! Quick! Do it now,I'm C-U-M-M-I-N-G-G Before I could come down from my orgasm Sid's cock was in me up to his balls and it kept my orgasm running one into another until in no time he too had his cum spurting where Jake's had gone only a day before. - Sid pulled out having shot off and I grinned as a lot of his cum dribbled off of the knob end and fell on that dreaded weed.

He realised what had made me grin - Sorry Edna, I shouldn't have let it go inside you. I should have shot it all on that bloody weed. - "Sid relax, that bloody weed as you put it just got you a fuck!" - "Oh! Yeah! Sorry weed,thanks, Oh and thanks Mrs Smart, it'll be our secret eh?" - "Our secret Sid! Yeah just the two of us" - I didn't bother replacing my knicker's and retreated to the house while Sid having put his cock away headed off as I thought to catch up with Mel & Jake.

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  . .

So hear I am. . . Sat facing my son. "Take a look mum" - Stern faced he pushed my video camera towards me. It was on play and imagine my shock at seeing Sid just about to press his dick in me. Between looking at the screen and glancing towards my son. I caught his eyes on my thighs. Of course,that's why he's hard and throbbing,the horny toad can see my knickerless pussy. - "Jake's on the other clip and I want in, I want a clip of me fucking with you as well"

"Are you annoyed at what's happened?" - "NO! Not really, I knew they wanted you and made no secret they thought you being a widow would oblige, given a chance. 'Course I never admitted each time they MILF'd about you it gave me a hardon, because I too wanted you as my MILF" - I knew what MILF meant. - "Well Mel, I find it quite flattering to be a MILF and even dare I say it to have my own son thinking that way about me. I'll tell you a secret shall I? Since I saw your cock a while ago, I kept wondering if I could get you too - well fuck with me.

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   Now I can see just how hard you've got looking at my vagina, I should have taken it up with you ages ago. But then again, Jake & Sid wouldn't have had me and I'll tell you. Having these young cocks is the most fantastic thing I could ever dream of!"

"If you lot want pussy, I'm even prepared to have myself gang-banged! - "Come on, lets go to bed and do it all night!" - Mel's cock led the way and after he spent an hour playing and looking at my vagina while I played and sucked his hardon, he finally fucked me for the first time. -,the 2nd time and at the third time he said - "Tomorrow, can we gangbang you tomorrow,after all with Sid having you,you've just had the equivalent of four blokes up you. Smiling at his now limp dick. - "Anybody in mind? You do mean you've thought I might be prepared to take even four for this gang bang!" - "NO! Not yet,but I'm working on it. - So tomorrow, I may be introduced to another sixteen year old penis. Mel, stay in my bed tonight, I'm not sure I can last until tomorrow before having some more sixteen year old sperm up me.

"Hey mum! Have you thought with all our sperm we might make you pregnant" - "Oh Mel,don't spoil it, just do it! do it! please just fuck me again,then we'll sleep. Well maybe!" His fingers started pulling me open and his mouth pressed hard at my stiff clit' AAH! OOH! OO! YES! YES! MORE! M-O-R-E! Put it in please put it in m-e-e-ep-l-e-a-s-e. - "Fuck mum! you're so full I can hardly feel anything!" - "Good, it'll take you all night to cum then!"