wifes birthday pressent to me.


we started to discuss our fantasies with one another later on into our marriage. about 10 yrs in.
i told her my main fantasy was to see her with another guy.
hers was to have sex with 2 guys at the same time.
after a couple of years talking about it during sex we were ready to take it to the next level.
but who to decide on? my wife did not want to include a total stranger nor did we want to include friends.
so we were at a road block.
during sex i would ask her who would she like to include? a couple of male friends name came up.
but again we just couldn't get the nerve up to ask them.

until one evening we were out at a bar with one of our male friends she had mentioned many times before.
i said to her, you don't have to come right out and say it, just tease him and talk it from there.
during that evening my wife asked him what's he getting his sister for her birthday.
he said she wants a "liquid gel bra" but he had no clue what that was.
he asked my wife if there was such a thing.
right away my wife took this a an opportunity.
she said i wear one of those.

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he asked whats the difference
she explained what its made of and so on.
can you tell? she asked him.
he looked at her tits and replied no.
she grabbed his hand, went to place it on her chest.
he looked straight at me and pulled his hand away.
i smiled back at him and said "you can't tell the difference at all".
i lent across the table and squeezed her tits.
have a feel i said to him.
so my wife took his hand again, placed it on her tit.
he gave a slight squeeze but pulled his hand away quickly.
my wife gave up, she said i will be back. heading off to the washroom.
i think you hurt her feelings i told him.
whys that he asked.
well she let you touch her tits and you pulled away as if you were scared of them.

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well i did feel a bit uncomfortable feeling your wife's tit in front of you.
not to worry i told him, i wouldn't mind seeing more.
what? me touching your wife's tits? he asked
yeah, that and other things if you know what i mean.
oh, i couldn't do that he said.
what do you mean i ask him.
don't get me wrong, but i couldn't do anything like that with you guys. he said.
i ask why not
he just responded with "i couldn't"
so i left it at that.
when my wife returned i said we better get going, as we have to meet up with my brother.
she looked a bit confused but understood what i meant.
we said our goodbyes and left.
while leaving i told her what i had said to him.
she wondered what was the matter.
she thought it was her but i told her it's his loss.
great we thought another dead end to our fantasies.

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a couple of months later my wife ask what i would like for my birthday.
i said anything would be fine, not even thinking of asking her to pick up a guy or anything.
she replied with "how about that 3 some ?"
absolutely i said. who you have in mind.
you remember tony from my works?
yeah, he's a cool guy. we have been out with him and his girlfriend a few times.
well he told me last week his girlfriend hasn't been putting out for quite a few months and he was thinking of getting a hooker.
i told him that's a bad idea she said.
so did you ask him? i replied.
no not yet, i wanted to see if it was OK with you before i do she said.

go for it, but do you think he will be up for it?
i think so she said, he's been talking about getting the hooker so he must be horny as hell.
well, ask him on Monday i told her.

Monday day time i received a text from her saying she's going to speak to him at afternoon break.
she text me back later that day, well i mentioned it to him she said
what did he say
he had a few questions
i thought , damn it another dead end.
his concern right away was, there's no male on male touching or anything like thatis there.

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god no, i said
she said she told him that i am as straight as they come, I'm not into that.
she told him what her fantasy was and mine too
he said to her that he would like to talk to me about it too.

we made a date for Thursday evening at a bar.
we sat there talking for 2 hrs before my wife piped up and said are you two gonna talk about this or not.
tony laughed and said he was waiting for me to bring it up.
i said to him i have no interest in seeing you naked or touching you, its just that i would love to see another guy fucking my wife.
he turned to her and said well i think i can help you out then.

i will meet you back at my place he said.
come to our house my wife told him.
OK i will be there in one hour.
when we got home my wife went straight to have a shower.
tony knocked the door while she was in the shower.
i offered him in and got a few bottles of beer.

tony and i sat on the couch when my wife came out wearing her 2 piece nightie
she sat down between us, grabbed the remote for the TV.
lucky enough there was a baby blue movie on.

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   very tame but a lot of nudity.
we sat watching the movie for at least half hr.
then my wife said "well it looks like i have to get this party started"
she stood up. undid my pants, pulled them down and the did the same to tony.
she grabbed hold of his cock while blowing me, then switched.
i was over the moon watching my wife take this guy into her mouth.
she knelt up on her knees to remove her top.
before it was off her head tony had her left tit in his mouth.
i moved forward to put my hand down her bottoms
her pussy was dripping wet.
she stood up, grabbed both our hands to lead us to the bedroom.
she push us both onto the bed.
she giggled and commented on how she could get used to this.
we both led on our backs with out cock pointing straight up.
she took my cock with her hand and started to suck on Tony's
i pulled away as watching my wife sucking on another guys cock nearly made me shoot my load.
i stood behind her while she was still sucking on tony and pulled her bottoms off.

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place my hand under her ass to finger her pussy.
she let out a slight moan.
i really wanted to see Tony's cock in her so i raised her up and nudged her forward to climb on tony.
she placed both legs either side of him, lent forward, grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy for me to see.
she turned her head around and ask if i could see OK.
absolutely perfect i said but hurry up and stick it in.
with that she ran his cock down her pussy lips, i could see his cock glistening with her juices.
she slowing sat down on his cock.
i didn't want to touch mine as i knew it would make me blow.
watching them for a few minutes i couldn't take no more.
i rubbed my cock around her ass.
slowly pushed it into her ass, she let out a load moan, fuck that feels so good she said.

not wanting to let this be the end for me i pulled out, ask her to roll over on her back.
tony went down on her pussy, licking her pussy like no tomorrow.
she grabbed a hold of me to pull me into her mouth.

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i watched as she had an orgasm while tony was sucking on her clit
then he jumped up to place his cock in her.
as soon as his cock entered her pussy i shoot my load into her mouth.
she kept on sucking until i had nothing left to give her.

i led next to them on the bed to watch them finish off.

tony lent forward to kiss my wife as he was fucking her.
he raised up, pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her belly.

we all cleaned up,
tony said thanks for the great night lets do it again soon.
for sure my wife said,
led him to the door and placed a big kiss on his lips.

as soon as he left my wife and myself were back in the bed going at it.
it was amazing how turned on we were afterwords.