WOW! I love bars!


This is my first story so, uhm, try not to go to hard on me.

It was a boring Friday night, nothing to do. I swore it would have been more fun to watch paint dry, unfortunately I had no paint around. The lord or whoever is out there must have heard my silent prayers for something to do because my friend Kelsey called. "Hey Brianna! You wanna come out? Were going to the new bar in town!" I smiled into the phone. " Ya, sure. Anything to get away from the 'rents. pick me up at 10pm?" She giggled her to high cheerleader laugh. " Yup, Bye!" She hung up and I just shook my head at her way too excited attitude, and her NEED for guys. She was the master of seduction, and she had the looks to help. Blond hair, usually straight, green eyes and amazing curve.

I, On the other hand are tall, with brown curls, I also had green eyes but mine are hunter and Kelsey's were jade. I have an athletic body but don't get me wrong, I have curve too. I jumped into a quick shower, washed up and then blew dry and curled my hair. I slapped on some eye liner and blue eye shadow. For a quick time of 30 minutes, I looked AMAZING or as my friends would call it " Down right sexy.

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  " I Put on a pink thong, low cut jeans and a belly top. At 10:30 ish we were at the bar. The line up was HUGE and ended up having to wait for an extra
25 minutes outside. Once we got in and started dancing I finally understood why people waited so long to get into this bar. The beats were great and there were TUNS of guys walking around. Since I looked 20 the people at the gate never asked me how old I was, neither did the guys that were hitting on me. I was only 17 and my friends were 19, but no body could tell.

Suddenly the was a tun of yelling and smashing coming from the door. I was the only one willing to go see what was wrong. The Gard at the door was yelling at a guy who looked no older than 15. " I wanna get in! LET ME IN! I won't drink anything I promise. " The Gard was about to punch him in the face when I stepped in between
and he automatically stopped. " He's with me. I brought him with me and he got lost in the crowed. " He looked at me in suspicion.

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   " I promise he will not be drinking tonight. "The guy looked up and down me and winked. " OK, but he still has to pay. " I slapped the unknown kid on the head. " Pay the good man and get in here. " He payed and I grabbed his ear and fake, dragged him in. He looked at me with wide eyes. His eyes were ice blue and his hair was jet black, And Damn was he ever good looking. He was also almost as tall as me, and that made me smile more. I wasn't one of those girls that get into a relationship or go on dates, Heck! I was a virgin! There was something about this guy that was drawing me closer and I finally realized I was horny as hell. Great idea! " So how are you gonna make it up to me???" I started to bump and grind against him. Then suddenly
male instincts took over. He grabbed my hips and we started to grind to the beat of the song.

I could feel his dick grow up against my big, plumb ass. I grabbed his hands from my hips and moved them over my body.

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   Again he took control and did this movement himself. His hands were hard but not force full. Our movements were insinc and once the song was done it was just to hot in there for me. He grabbed my hand and led me out to my car. Of course I directed him but I didn't think my brain was working enough to navigate myself. I got into the drives seat and he got in beside me. " Uhm, we can't go to my house, my 'rents are there. " I said a little shy but once I saw a smile grow on his face my shyness went away. " No problem, we can go to mine. " He had a faint British accent, that fucking HOT! We made it to a large house with a mini house off to the side. He led me to the mini house and unlocked the door. " Here we are. " I looked around at the HUGE bedroom. A big bay bed
and everything. " So Richy rich, whats your name?" I sat down and attempted to look hot.

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   He looked at me and bit his lip, which was pierced with a black and blue stud. " My name is mason, whats yours baby? And why did you pick me over everyone else?" I looked at him and got up. I walked over to him and set a hand on his shoulder. " My real name is Rose, but because my friends don't like that name they call me Brianna. And I picked you because you have a pull, something that made me pick you. "He put a hand around my waist. " Well, I like the name Rose. . . Its very, very, sexy. " He whispered into my ear with a quick nibble. He started kissing me, the passion building every second. He started to kiss down my neck till he reached the strap of my belly top. His hands traveled up my back and lifted of my shirt exposing my blue lace bra.

His eyes shined and he grinned and my B cup breasts.

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   " I have been waiting to see these the whole time I was dancing with you, but I have also wanted to see this. " He pushed me away slightly and undid my button. He pulled them down and I wiggled them off as he kissed and licked my neck. It was like a kid on Christmas morning, He bent me over so he could get a better view of my ass. " Its, its, PERFECT. " He grabbed my ass in both hands, slapped it, jiggled it and then got down on his hands and knees to kiss it and lick it. My tight pussy was soak and wet and I was moaning softly. He stood up with a wonderful smile on his face. " Please suck my dick. Please. " I turned around and her unziped his pants and his cock stuck straight out at me. It had to be at least 7 - 8 inches long. I looked from his face to his dick,then back to his face. " Uhm, I am still a virgin and I have never sucked a cock before. " He looked at me and his smile grew.

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   " I am a virgin too. Just try your best. "
I smiled and started licking it from one end to the other. Mason pulled my hair out of his way and began to thrust against my face. I began to become comfortable and hungry for his 8 inch cock.

I took the head into my mouth and let my tong swirl around it playfully. I peered up at mason and he looked me in the eyes. " Take it all in. Deep throat it. Please try. " he said between moans of pleasure
I took 1 deep breath and took the rest of his huge cock into my mouth. He must have liked it cause he was moaning loudly and he closed his eyes tightly. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to bob my
head up and down. After a few minutes he layed me down (after striping me of my clothing) and began to suck and nibble my clit as his fingers penetrated my love snatch. I was moaning loudly and I twined my
fingers in his beautiful hair.

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   I was about to cum and he realized so he stopped. Just as I had for him. He grabbed a condom out of his back pocket and slipped it on.

"You have to be very careful, I am new to this. " He smiled " Don't worry my sweet, I will be careful til you tell me not to. " He winked and slowly inserted his swollen member into my oh so tight pussy. We both let
out gasps of pain and pleaser. He began to thrust slowly and he began to go a little fast, building up pace. I screamed "SLOW DOWN!" He slowed down immediately and change position. He put me into a doggie style
position and slipped his dick in again. He started to thrust had, but slow and something started to leak down my leg. He took out his dick, whipped it and my pussy off and put it back in. He was thrusting slowly, we were both
moaning with pleasure when I begged him " PLEASE fuck me faster! Pound my tight pussy!" He started going faster and faster and faster till his balls were slapping against me. "Ahhhhhh! Yes, Come on Mason! Fuck me just like that! Oh fuck!"I was screaming and he was moaning so loud. at the same time we yelled " I AM GONNA CUMMMMM!!!!!!" We just kept going and right before I was about to let go of a huge amount of cum I said "CUM inside me Mason! Your wearing a condom, Please!" We both came at the same time, making my orgasm better.

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   I was shaking and shaking and my vision blurred as I almost passed out. I layed beside him tangled in his arms and legs and said " Do you wanna go out with me? Its not just about the sex, But we can have it when ever you want. " He smiled and he kissed the top of my head. "Yes. Yes I would. "

I hope you guys and girls liked it!I know it is long and has spelling mistakes but its my first story. Rate, Comment, do whatever. .