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I was hanging out with my girlfriend Mariam one day when she asked me "Your parents aren't home today right?" When I said yea she replied "I have an idea" She laughed ad grabbed my hand and we ran to my house since we were in the park. We closed the basement door and she locked it. She gave an excited smile. I asked her "So what do you have in mind?" She starts unbuttoning her shirt and says "Remember when you're saying you're stronger than me?" I reply yes because I am always telling her that. She then starts undoing her bra and says "Well I might have figured out a way to beat you in a wrestling match. . . . . . while naked. I liked where this was going so I got out of my clothes. I asked her "What kind of idea might that be?" She nastily replies with a wicked smile "You'll see" She asks for tape and I give it to her and she runs into the basement bathroom for about 3 minutes. She comes out wearing a coat and I say to her "I thought we were doing this naked?" She says "Oh we are. Don't worry" She then tells me "I am sensitive as hell down there and any strong stimulation drives me nuts. I usually get mad and crazy when it happens so I think that's exactly what I need to beat you.

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   I say to her "So. What's your point?" She holds her coat with two hands and says "THIS!!!" She flings open her coat and I see a powerful butterfly vibrator on her clit with the remote taped to her wrist. I ask her "Whats up with this?" She laughs but ignores my question. She charges at me and tackles me to the ground. We both laugh as we are face to face. I escape from her pin and try to pin her. She somehow pushes me off and I take a couple of steps back. She runs at me again and we are struggling to see who will go down first. I trip her*Luckily we have a rug floor" and she lightly falls down. I back up laughing and she gets up laughing too. The second she is on her feet, she stops laughing. I look at her confused. She looks at her wrist and TURNS THE KNOB!!!! Mariam lets out a scream and falls to the floor. Her waist violently tries to escape the strong vibrator that is pleasuring her and after a minute she gets up and says "time for round two. " She runs at me and we get in an even lock.

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   She is somehow even more difficult to pin and harder to keep control. The vibrator is still going but she has gotten used to the speed it was on. We fight a little more as she gets me in a pin/headlock. I barely escaped and picked her up and did a sleeper hold to her. We both fell and I started laughing and started to playfully taunt her "Is that all?" She is on the floor panting and she looks at me and goes "Just warming up" She amps up the vibrator to an even higher setting as she starts to scream and shake again.
    The vibrations were so strong her whole body's muscles began to twitch. She gets up and says "bring it on". We both started to attempt pins but it wasn't working on her anymore. The vibrator was making it hard for her to calm down" I finally got her in a headlock. The most convenient part was, her wrist which had her vibrator remote was right in front of my face. She was yelling "Come on, lemme go" I brought my hand to her remote and thought two things. 1) I can turn it off and beat her easy. Or 2) Put her on maximum power and see what she does. She starts saying again "Let go, let go!" I decided. I turned the knob to maximum power and she yelled out "NOOOOO!!!" She fell to the floor having the biggest body spasm ever.

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       I quickly ran over to her arms to hold them down so she couldn't turn it down or even off. She shook left, right, and waist shot up twice. Mariam screamed at the top of her lungs as she squirted all over the vibrator and after that I decided she had enough. She lay there panting and satisfied as I tore off the remote and the vibrator. She laughs and says "Well. I guess all power must have a weakness" We both laugh and I lean over and kiss her. To be honest. She didn't have to go and do this for me. I love her so much. I hope one day Mariam will read this. I love you baby. I really thought she did match me with all the strength she had gotten from the vibrator. That machine she has is steroids without the side effects. LOL.
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