Filming Gramma


Spending the summers at grammas sucked until this year.   At 16 years old, my hobby was quickly becoming anything girls and sex.   I had repeatedly snuck onto my parents computer, and checked out as many xxx sites that I could.   My favorites were quickly becoming the free voyeur sites, with pictures and videos of real people fucking and masterbating.   I couldn't convince my 16 year old girlfriend to make a video with me, even if her face didn't show.   I was, however, determined to make a video that I could submit.
My 2 weeks that I always spent with gramma started innocently.   The first couple of days I helped the 68 year old clean her garage, clean her car, and completed lots of yard work.   My gramma Peg is not ugly, but a typical looking woman for her age.   Her tits are sagging slightly, but are a beautiful 36C.   She still colors her hair bright red, and has a nice round ass that has held it's shape well.
I had brought my video camera and playstation for this visit, because gramma didn't have cable or a computer.
"Jeff, make sure you lock the doors when you go to bed", gramma said on my fourth night there.   It was nearly 11:00, and I was into a new video game and wide awake.
"Okay gramma, you want me to turn down the game?"
"Oh yes dear, that would be nice, but it shouldn't bother me if you don't".
I left the volume where it was for the next hour, and by midnight became tired.

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    Turning the game off, I heard a gurgled grunting noise coming from upstairs.   Fearing gramma was having a medical problem, I ran 2 steps at a time to get to her room.   I skidded to a stop a foot from her door at what I saw.   There was a guy not much older than me kneeling at the foot of grammas bed.   Gramma was naked and had her ass at the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide.   The kid was licking grammas pussy while he was thrusting four fingers into her hairy wet cunt.
"Ohhhhh God Jerrrrrrrry!" gramma said in a low gargly voice.
I ran to get my camera.   I sat across the hall with a great view of the action.   I finally realized that the young stud was grammas grocery delivery guy Jerry.   Jerry is 22 years old with what appears to be a 10 inch cock.
"We have to be quiet, my grandson's here", gramma said as she scooted up and rolled over on her stomach.
"Fuck me Jerry!!!!  Peg needs your cock deep in my ass".
At that Jerry took his enormous hard on and shoved it in one thrust into grammas relaxed and well stretched ass hole.  
"Ohhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt, I'm gonnnnnnnnna cummmmmm", was silently exclaimed while gramma clutched the bed spread and slammed her ass hard into Jerry with each of his thrusts.

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    Jerry's ass clenched as he shot his first load into my grammas hole.   Both of their orgasms seemed to last a long time as gramma would continue to push herself back on Jerry's shaft, not allowing him to move from behind her.
"Daaaaaamn Peg, I can't stay like this forever", was all Jerry could get out as his body gave way and he fell onto my collapsing grammas back.
I quickly got up and ran to my room.   I checked the video I had taken, and watched it over and over during my stay, stroking my cock each time I watched.   As soon as I was able, I knew what I would do with the tape, and what I want to do with gramma! 
That is a story for another time.
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