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Hello. . . this is mostly a true story. Just changed a bit to keep things safe. It started with lack of sex from my wife. I was too afraid to cheat so I would masturbate. I would spend sometimes days just pleasing myself. But, it got boreing. I used to lay in my bed and stare out the windows hoping to glance a sexy woman or girl as i stroked my eight incher. It's only slightly thinner then my rist. And bends just like a bannana. I have or had at the time a two story town house with loft overlooking the bedroom I spent most of my time in. There's a window to my left and two behind me on either side of the head board.
My wife , the cold fish she turned out to be, brought a computer. She said I should learn and become a better artist.

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   I was totally intimitated by computers. So I began exploreing the computer. And discoverd the internet. Prodigy had come already installed so within a few minutes I was surfing. On the search pane I tried somthing. The word sex.
The table I have setup for the computer is an old art table of mine. I have it faceing the window. In the loft. It gives me an even better view of the neighborhood then my view from the bedroom. The window Is huge. A double window at least six feet accros. It really lights up the loft area. Makes me feel all creative.
Any way I started exploreing sex sites on the net.

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   I found a site called amature sisters. WOW real looking naked fine ass black chicks. They were members displaying for menbers. But you had to join. However it was a free trial and I went to town. These real women not models were istant tun ons for me and well. . . since I was home alone as is usual. . . I reached down to my cock witch was already getting hard as I concentrated on the unkown woman's streatch marks. Causing me to think. . .

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  Hell she could be living next door. The window sill is lower then my 'puter table. low enough I can put my feet up on it as I open my legs and le my cock free of my shorts. But siiting like this is very hard to do as the zipper to my shorts is cuting into the base of my shaft so I get up to take them off.
I have no kids at this time so I just strip. My wife will be away for hours as usual so hell I strip. Directly accrose from me lives a family with a teenage girl a teen boy a sexy mom and who I think is an older sister who comes and goes. They're caucasian and they all looked good. But I was sure that I couldn't be seen because I was so high up and besides no one ever looked up any way. So I decided to just free up and have a nice session.
I started with my balls. Cause thet way I can make it last. I'm totally naked , I'm toned and rather good looking. My cock is really hard at this point and try as I may I just can't ignore the urge to pull back my foreskin as tight as I dare. MMM that feels good.

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   I just hold it taunt like that for a while. I start clickin throught the thumbnails. and I realise for the first time I must learn to jerk off with my left hand. I  find that I'm pretty good at the slow stuff and hell the differnce feels real good. Kinda akward but still nice. I've found a new technique. Holding the base taunt for long moments then releasing then repeating. Perfect for surfing pics.
My pre cum is actually flowwing down my shaft. . . that's a first for me. but not my last first. I linger on this one black girl with the fattest pussy I've ever seen. My cock just throbs all on its own.

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   Damn this is hot. Her pussy it's shaved too. Another first. I gotta right hand it now. . .
It's just getting dusk when I noticed movement in the window accross the way.
    I focus for but a second. It's just a metter of changing focus from my puter screen to my opened window. My head didn't even move. A good thing I think. I don't know who I see but I can see a female in the window. She's on the bed I think faceing me. . .

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      can she see? My heart has never beat so hard. I can bearly breath or concentrate as i realize she's been wathing me the whole time and can obviously see all. I'm so turned on now my head is spinning.
    I now grab on to my dick with both hands stand up and just cum . I cum as hard as I've ever cum at that moment. I aim my cum right at her. It spurts against the window, gets on the desk , alittle on the key board. but when I finnaly stop. She's looking right at me. She gets up expressionless and pulls the shades. . . I suddenly feel shame,fright and just downright dirty. I back away from the window. I need to clean up close the curtains put my clothes on and hope to God no one comes knocking on that door to tell my wife what the hell I just did.

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    But after a few seconds of panic I tell myself to deny all and to even question anyone who comes at me with pervism complaints with pervisim questions of my own. It's then that the slats in her blinds open. It's darker now and her room is lit with light. She's there still looking but she's adjusted the blinds so we can see each other. Now that's hot. She goes back to the bed sits on the edge and lays back. She's wearin white undies and a big tee. She puts Her hand on her pussy nonchalant like and raises her left leg up on the bed edge and just sort of rocks the leg open and closed. I can't really see her head but hell. This time my cock leaps into my hand. Then I hear my wifes car . It's over. . . but damn I sure didn't want it to be.

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