My first to everything. (Part 1)


  ÂI am an average teenage girl. My name is Amanda, and I am 14 years old. I live in North Carolina and I am not actually considered the best looking here. I have sandy blonde hair with honey blonde streaks, ice blue eyes, and perfect white teeth. My body is slender and pretty smooth. I am 5'3 and have slightly long legs. My breast size is on the small side but I guess pretty large for my age. They are 34B and perky. My pussy I keep shaved because the hair bothers me like hell.
  ÂI am sitting here in my bedroom on my computer on a saturday night. What great way to spend it, huh? Well, anyways, I am on google looking up candy because I got a craving. All of a sudden a naked man pops up in a flash picture stroking his cock. I am sitting here amazed and facinated on how HUGE it is. Right then I feel my hand wonder down south to my pussy. My hand slips inside my short shorts and down my thong. I feel a warm sensation down below.


   At first, I back off, unsure of what I was doing and what was happening.
  ÂAfter a minute, I slip my hand down back down my shorts and under my black thong. The sensation a little cooler, I feel my finger trace the slit of my pussy. I start to rub my clit a little bit. The pleasure I recieved was so strong, I had to back off. I put my finger in my pussy. It stung so bad, that I pulled out immediatly. I put my finger back in for a moment and the aftersting didn't hurt but for a second. I slid my finger in and out. I then realized that I was masterbating for the first time.
  ÂI then pulled out and took in the new information. Interrupting my thoughts, a knock at my door came. I quickly closed the window of the man stroking his cock and said "Who is it?" and a quick reply came back, "It's me!". It was my mother, I quickly just turned off my monitor and my screen went black, I do this so often and it became a habit. "Come in!".

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   She came in.
  ÂMy mom is an average 32 year old with dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. She also had a slightly slender body but the years have done a little to her. Yet, still, my mom could land a boyfriend in a second just walking down the street. Her breast were a medium size of 34C. Her hair was long and straight to the small of her back. She had been married once and had two kids. One was me and the other was my brother, Jake, who lived with my father. They split up because my mom wanted to stay here in NC but my dad wanted to move to New York for a job promotion. So they split but still loved each other and often wrote letters to each other and talked on the phone. Sometimes my dad would come to visit, but not recently.
  Â"What ya up to?" she asked. Me and my mom share almost anything, but there was no way in hell I was going to tell her what I was just doing. "Staring at a wall, wondering what I should paint my room. Just thinking. 

  " That was a subject I always brought up but, my mom always rejected. She quickly changed the subject.
  Â"Well I am about to go out to the mall to grab a pair of jeans, I guess I am gaining weight and need them. " She laughed at her weight gain. "Want to come?". "No, but thanks. I just am really sleepy and probably going to watch a movie or something. " I replied. "Well, okay. Have fun," She turned and went to my door, about to close it. She turned around, "If you need something call me on my cell phone. ", "Okay," I replied.
  ÂAfter about a minute, I saw her car pull out the drive way. I thought about what I had just done. I felt the warm sensation come back, just thinking about it.

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   I turned my monitor back on and then went on google again. I then googled masterbation techniques. I clicked on sites and stuff. Nothing really helped. I decided to just get off google. I went straight to Myspace. com. I logged in and saw I had a new message. I clicked on inbox, and realized the message was from one of the hottest guys from school.
  ÂHis name was E. J. He was mixed with black and white. He was a player and all but everyone fell for him. Although I had homeroom with him and second period and often talk to him at school and on myspace, I felt weird about this message. It seemed odd, but nothing appeared to be odd.

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   I clicked the message. I read the message aloud for some strange reason. "Meet me tonight at the park. Be there by 10. It's important. "
  ÂI was so curious to find out what the world he wanted. I looked at the clock. It was already 8:00pm. Not sure when my mom would be home and if she would even let me out the house or not, I was just going to reply to him by sayng 'Why'. I looked and he wasn't online. I knew he wouldn't be back in time for me to reply and go to the park. So there was not much of a point to reply.
  ÂI got off the computer. I went downstairs to get something to eat. I got some ice cream, and went to the living room.

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   I sat down and turned on the TV. I flipped the channel to MTV. Parental Control was on. I hated this show so badly because it always seemed planed. I flipped to VH1 and a rerun of I Love New York was on. I loved this show, it was hilarious. New York was just plain crazy. I watched it and then it went off.
  ÂIt was 8:30 and nothing was on. I went to the kitchen to put my bowl away. I went to my moms bedroom to see if I could find something to wear to the park. Her Jeans were really all I could fit. I went to her closet. I looked everywhere for some jeans. As I was pulling out a pair of her jeans to try on, out the corner of my eye I saw a magazine, slipping off the shelf above her clothes in the closet.

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   I grabbed it. It read "Sexy ass girls and wet pussy. Open to page 24 for more details on those hot bitches. ' I was amazed that MY MOM had this. I looked up on the shelf. I saw a small cardboard box, and pulled it down. I saw stacks of porn magazines in it. I was just sitting there.
  ÂThen I heard someone walk in the front door. I quickly looked at the clock and saw it was 9:10. I turned and stuffed all the magazines back in the box and put it on the shelf. I put her jeans back on the hanger and closed the closet door.
  ÂI ran for the living room before she saw me. "HELLO?!" she yelled. "I am right here mom.

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   "Oh, then why didn't you answer me before!?" she bellowed. "Sorry, really. " I said, trying to stay on her good side so she would let me go to the park. "Sorry!? I dont know what to do with you sometimes. " She then left the room and a moment later, I heard the toilet flush. She came back into the room. "Listen, I have to work tomorrow, I am going to bed, Night. " She left.
  ÂShe is a very hard sleeper and I knew she would be to sleep fast. I went up stairs and started getting ready to go to the park.
  ÂI quickly brushed my hair and brushed my teeth. I looked and saw it was 9:30. I went to my closet and pulled out the best jeans I had. I put them on. I went over the get my hoodie and cell phone.

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   I knew it would take me 10 minutes to walk to the park so I brushed my hair and went downstairs. I quietly opened the extra bedroom door and went in and closed it. I quickly went over to the window and opened it and slipped out. I was on the porch now outside our house. I went down the steps and started walking towards the park.
  ÂI arrived and didnt see E. J. anywhere. He lived right down the street from the park while I lived a good 1 and a half blocks from it. I looked at the clock on my cell phone and noticed it was 10 exactly. I then heard footsteps behind me. Someone grabbed me by the waste and held me tight and kissed my neck and worked his way up to my lips. I reached behind me and kissed back while rubbing his cheek and neck. I felt a powerfull bond between us while I realized this was my first kiss. He let go of me and said "How did you like that?" I smiled weakly, still a little surprised and overwhelmed by the most powerfull kiss of my life.

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   "I loved it. " Of course, this guy was E. J. "Amanda, you wanna go out with me?" he asked.
  ÂCaught a little off gaurd, I hesitated. "Yea," I replied, a little surpised at my answer. He grabbed me by the waste and pulled me towards him. We made out for a good 20 minutes. Then I felt his hand reach down and grab my jeans. He started to unbutton them.  ÂI realized what he was doing, and noticed he was my first boyfriend. Now, I wanted him to be the one that takes my virginity. He unbuttoned my jeans and carried my over to a table to put my down. He then unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and told me to sit on the table. I did as I was told.


  ÂHe stood in front of me. I felt that warm sensation in my panties again. I undid his jeans and slid them down. He pulled my shirt off exposing my lacy black bra that also matched my thong. I pulled his shirt off, and noticed his rock hard abs in front of me. we kissed slowly.
  ÂHe moved his way down my to my breast, kissing softly. He undid my bra and saw my hard nipples. He sucked and kissed them. I moaned softly. He moved down kissing again as he moved towards my thong. He slowly slid it down my thigh and down my leg. It dropped to the ground and he started to rub my clit.
  ÂAgain, the pleasure was so strong I wanted to back off but didn't. I moaned and sighed some.


   Then he just stoped out of no where. He licked my clit and sucked some more. He stuck his toung inside me. I jumped and moaned. It felt wonderful. He stopped after a moment and asked me "Are you ready?" I looked at him and sighed. "No not now but I promise you I will be but not now. I am a little new to this. Could we do this when I am on the pill and ready?" He nodded and not dissapointed. "None of this gets out to the school except that we go out, okay?" he asked. "Well, duh!!" I replied. "I love you, E. J. " and hugged him.
   ÂHe helped me get my clothes on and I helped him.

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   He walked me home and helped me get inside. I waved and kissed him goodbye. I watched him walk off. I closed the window softly and walked out the bedroom quietly. I ran upstairs, and got on the computer and ordered me some birth control pills. I found some condoms around the house and stashed them in my closet. The birth Control Pills came the next week and before my mom got home I took one and put them in my closet. I couldn't wait until I was able to meet up with E. J. again.

If ratings and reviews are good, I will continue this. Otherwise I dont see a point in finishing it. Please E-mail me at QueenAshly@aol. com for suggestions or comments. Thanks! Bye!