Seen unaware (sequal to first time seen)


I had gotten home erly from work. No big deal. It happens from time to time. And as usual my wife wouldn't be home till late. We'd been fighting. Sex was the subject  or lack there of to be more precise. Her parting shot was. . . " go get it from somewhere else!"
Quite effective I must say. Hurt real good too. So to come home to a quiet empty house was but a boon for me. . . really. So first thing I did was raise the three windows in the bedroom.

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   The two on either side of the head board and the other one that faces my neighbor from my first story. By the looks of things no one was home. Nor will they be any time soon. Only people home this early are the unemployed. At least as far as I was concerned.
Then I ran The shower, Took of my sweaty clothes and got on in. No closing of doors or shades. I'm on the second floor. To see me you gotta be really trying. Or at least fortunately positioned. The neighbors behind me were closer then the ones on the side. From my shower I can actually see the reflection of somone's deck, sliding door, double living room window and part of the kitchen window. In the bathroom mirror I thought nothing of it. Can't see in so I guessed they couldn't see out. Nice deck though.

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   I remember thinking to my self at that moment. Always see the fine looking raven haried beauty with a kid at times but, I've never seen hide nor hair of husband or man over there period.
As I showerd I noticed that the double window had the curtains opend and the shade up. As I moved around in the shower totally enjoying the water I turned around and saw in the reflection of the mirror the sexy neighbor. She was sitting there with a book and some sun glasses on. She looked hot. Guess the baby's sleep. I decided to soap up. As I did I studied her body. Pale white skin. Almost glowing in the sunlight. Long dark hair contrasting with her hair. Nice big tits. I know nothing from bra size but sufice it to know. They were more then a hand full.

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   She looked a lot like wonder woman sitting there with that short dress and sleevless shirt on. Her stomach was almost flat as she sat there. And her bare feet. . . wow long toes not too long. . . a little bumpy at the joints but not too much. Long and slender but not big old sasquash feet. I could see them pretty well from where I was. And as I concentrated on her feet My cock started to rise. It just sort of uncurled and slowly stood up.
The thing about feet with me is that I like them a lot. Fettish dose not even apply.

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   To me feet rank up there with tits. When I see toe cleavage instant rock hard on. When I see naked feet with long pants ooohhh I could cum. With sandels yum ! wih flip flops Damn! But, the best is to see bare legs straight down to bare feet. I like all kinds hairy or not. Stubby or long. Any color all races. When I go out and about you could spot me. I'll be the one looking down. And walking funny as I try to hide my pole. Show those feet ladies! Snellville and Dekelb counties. . . I'm out there roaming the parks and malls yum!
I start strokin my dick. It's big thick heavy and hard.

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   There's no give in the thing. I soap it for lubrication. I'm not being easy or trying to make it last. I'm looking at my neighbor and jerking off as she reads her book. I graon a little as I feel the build up in my balls. This is going to be quick. I close my eyes as I begin to cum. "OOOHHHUUUHHH" As I release I open my eyes to see my neighbor with her legs up in her chair her feet in even better display framed against those bare creamy thighs. That little short skirt all the way up and all I see are her little red panties. The little pussy mound and the rest almost disapearing into the crack of her sexy shapely ass. She has her knees to her face and her arms about her calfs holding her book. Funny how she's been faceing me the whole time. Can't tell where she's looking. That thought alone lengthend my orgasmic after shocks a few more seconds.
I linger in the shower a few more moments, cleaning and enjoying the cum high.

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   Not wanting to loose sight of my sexy neighbor I decide to use the door to the halway. Let me explain. I have two door to my bathroom. One opens to my room. The other to the halway that is between my room and my spare room. There is a linen closet there on the wall faceing the staircase up to my loft that overlooks the bedroom. I get out of the tub and think to myself I wonder if she can see me is she even looking ? Then as I get out of the tub I hear her shift in her deck chair. It takes all I've got not to react. My heart starts pounding hard and fast. It feels like It's in my ears. My fingers get real cold as it dawns on me. If I can hear her She can hear me. She heard me cum. My dick Got real hard real fast. I'm suprised my dick done that so soon after what I call a relief of tension cum.

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   It's what I usually do after work. Puts me in a relaxed mood till just about bedtime. When I'll be needing the real thing.
I decide to steal a quick glance in the mirror as I step out and half turn left toward the tub. As if checking for somthing. She has her legs crossed now with one hand holding the book and elbow on the arm rests. The other hand down between her thighs right where her pussy is. Is she touching herself ? My breathing's getting hard to controll. I play it off as a yawn and walk right out into the hallway. Whatever her view was before it just got better I thought. Cause now she is almost perfectly lined up to see straight down my hallway. At that time I had no stomach. A defined chest but not really big. Broad shoulders and a toned a little toward the muscular side body. Six Two 200lbs even.

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   I walk to get a freas towel and go into my room. I usually do this in the bathroom with the door closed or half open. Then the thought hit me. . . just how long has she been watching me ? Since I moved in and brought this place ? OOOh The hotness of it all. A sexy fine woman on the perv tip with me as her target.
I go to the left side of my bed. It's the side her vantage point is on. I haven't looked out the wndow since walking in. I hear her shift again. It's killing me not to react to every sound she makes. I reach for the remote and turn on the T. V. I fumble with it and drop it purposefully in order to have a reason to turn around an look out of the window.

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   She's standing now. And just as I looked her way she shot her head upward as if that's where she was looking the whole time. I linger on her. Her shades are in her hand and I can see her whole body as she stands. Wonder woman my ass. She's way better to look at and she's real and bare foot too damn.   She moves now to lean against the railing somewhat. I act like I'm toweling off as I three quater the window. This way I can make it look like I'm watching the T. V. while being carefull not to wet the bed too much. With my face not quite in her direction and me acting as normal as I can while I towel my legs one at a time using the bed for support. My cock is dribling and oozing pre cum. I turn my back as I do my torso and arms. I'm in the three quater stance again facing the T.

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  V. As I towel my head I adjust so I can just see then turn slightly and slow like and now I have confirmation. She's staring intently at my eight incher.
I drop the towel and go get the lotion. I use it sometimes but this time it will be but a prop in my show.   I begin to lotion my arms first. But then i realized. There's now way to see her watching me the whole time. Damn ! But in order not to scre her away or break the illusion I'll just have to do without. Besides the knowlegde she's watching has me so hot. How long before I yank one out. I'll just lotion my slef and try and not jump the gun and start yanking. . . she might think the show was over and go in.


   I turn my back to her fully now and then I see my ace. My picture hanging cold fish has a pic right there on the wall. A good size too. My on looker is almost plainly sen in the reflection of the glass. Her eyes are on me. She can't tell I can see her in the reflection so she stops hiding and stealing glances. She moves her chair back a little and sits down again. I start on my ass. I lotion it low and deliberate.
    She licks her lips. I do one cheek then the other. Hell pre cum is just oozing out of my dick. Fells like I need to pee ? Damn It feals like cum. It feels like I might cum right now. I turn to my left now.

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       I slowly do my whole left leg. Stopping at the cructh area. Am I teasing her or my self. My dick just wants to shoot. I put my right leg up on the bed now. Like this with my body three quatered she should be able to see my big ass balls, my very erect cock, my flat stomach and strong looking legs. It's all for her on dispay. I slowly begin to lotion my right leg. Wish I could more often look at her. But as long as she thinks I don't know this can continue. From this position I can glance but not too often. At least that's what i'm thinking. The lotion on the bed between latherings is hard to do now in this position. So without thinking I put the lotion bottle on the nightstand. "WWHHOO HHOO!" I can actually see her fully every time I reach for the bottle.

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       Great! It's still very bright out. It's summer timeish. Kids aint out yet. I begin to apply lotion to my groin area. All around my balls and base of my cock. I turn towards her ever so slightly to give her full view as to what's next. As I reach for the lotion I see her smilling. Dirty like. Like she was stealing and getting away with it. And in fact she was, what a turn on. I begagn slowly lotioning my balls from the base of my shaft up to where my cock juts out from my nut sack.
    I reach for more lotion. My cock seems longer then usual, I've never felt the jead of my cock against my belly above my navel before. This time I put the glob in my hands with out rubbing them together. As I do this I steel a glace at her.

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       She's leaning so far foward in her chair it looks like she's going to fall. Her legs are pressed together so hard I can make out the red and white of her thighs like when white people sqeeze their looser skin after too much sun. Her shades are back on, her face is a little darker and her smile is gone. Her elbows are on her knees and the book is open and just hanging there.
    She's as hot as I am I find myself thinking. When I put the lotion on my cock I wait a brief moment then I pull back my fore skin with my right hand and hold the lotion there against my cock as the super sensitive part of my cock is revealed. This sensation sends intense shocks into my belly makin be cut my breths. I loose myself in the sensations. Now with both hands I begin the slow caress. This is so hard to do standing. My legs go week as I try to maintain balance and control. jerking off is better laying or sitting. This standing is hard to do when I'm this turned on.
    I caress the head while holding the skin back tight like but not too much. I almost black out like that and just deside to jerk normally.

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       I pull a few quick ones and just cum. Explosively. It's everywhere. But the after shocks are so intense i feel like i'm cumming again. I can't even touch myself for a while. My cock goes soft but stays long. The head won't retreat back into the sheath. Did I over do it ? I use the towel to clean up what I can find. I steal another glance out at my neighbor as I clean up. She gets up. There's a darkstain where she was sitting. She turns the cushin over. Her little short dress is wrinkled where she sat and there's the stain. She goes into the house. Me? I stay naked.

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       I'm gonna cum again just on the memory of what just happend. And from now on when I get home. These windows will be opend.

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