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Teresa and I met at a college that we were both taking classes at. She is short, 5'0" and a lovely BBW with very nice firm 42DD titties, long brownish red hair and beautiful eye. She has a proportioned full figure that makes heads turn when I watch her walikng around the campus. Well, we met at the college and had a few classes together. We began having lunch a little and sort of slowly moved into having an affair that has lasted now for over 9 years. We are both married and totally bored at home. Our spouses nver enjoy getting a little kinky as is were and we do. We began meeting at a rest area while skipping classes of lunch in the middle of the day, first staying mostly dressed in my van then little by little getting more and more naked ustil we stripped off all our clothes and did what we wanted to do over on the trucker's side of the rest area. This of course got some honks on the air horns from the guys enjoying the shows we put on. It seemed that Teresa was getting hotter each time we went further and further.
We began meeting at night after a while and had progressed a ways in our sexual adventures. One night we had been at a club and had a few drinks and were driving back and decided to stop at a rest area we had not been to. Teresa had taken to wearing as little as possible to stay sort of legal and tey she always managed to wear something that she could flash truckers in or get out at a store and let the guys see her hot body. She always got back in the van and wanted to play since she had gotten so excited flashing. Well, we stopped at a rest area after she had flashed several truckers we had driven by. She had on a thin tank top t shirt and a wrap around skirt and thong panties.

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   We got out and went to the rest rooms and really had to relieve ourselves so I went in and so did she and we came out. There were 4 truckers waiting around and when Teresa came out they all began talking to her. I stood a little back and she smiled at me over their shoulders knowing I was giving her some room to do something if she wanted to. She had a fantasy of a multiple guy session and I thought maybe tonight it might happen. Well, she talked to them and they all made some suggestions but in the end she seemed to turn them all down. They all said if she changed her mind they would be around a while. We held hands and walked to the truckers side where we had parked but went beyond to some benches on the edge of some woods. Teresa sat on the table and I sat next to her and she reached over and we began kissing very passionately. She let her wrap around skirt fall open exposing her legs all the way up to her upper hips and spread her legs apart and said, Finger fuck me please, I am so hot. I did just that pulling her thong aside and sinking three fingers into her soaking pussy. Her legs were facing out towards the parking area so the truckers were getting a good show. After she had a nice orgasm she pulled out my cock and began to suck me slowly, again, the parking area was getting a show. Teresa has as one of her very hot things is that when I cum in her throat she has a huge squirting orgasm that soaks anything under her pussy. Well, I let it go in her mouth and she had one of her best orgasms yet. We heard sounds around us and as we looked up 5 men were there with cocks in hand massaging themselves.

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   Teresa got up and kissed me and whispered, "Do you mind if I do it?" I told her, "If you want to, enjoy Sweetheart. " "Anyone have a blanket?" she asked and one of the guys had brought one with him. He showed her and she said, "Lets go for a little walk. " As Teresa walked away from us, her skirt came off and she threw it over her shoulder. Her ass looked beautiful accented by the black thong. We got into the woods a little ways and the guy spread out the blanket. Teresa stood there in her tank top and thong and slowly carressed her body, the shirt falling to the ground exposing her lush titties with huge rock hard nipples. She took them in her mouth and sucked them and began biting them making her hips move swaying with the music in her head. She removed her thong and stood there totally naked and was massaging her titties and began playing with her clit that had swelled and her pussy was literally dripping. She dropped to her knees and reached out for the man closest to her and took his hard cock sucking the head and teasing it with her tongue. She took it into her throat slowly making the man moan with every inch that disappeared. She finally had all of about 7 inches going in and out of her mouth, her pussy dripping by now from the hard cock in her throat. She took him faster and finally his load filled her throat and her pussy squirted a puddle under her on the blanket. She licked her lips and reached for another cock, now the men were fully naked as I was and they had stepped closer. Teresa said, "Now no one cums unless it is in my mouth, understood?" "If yu can't wait then step closer and I will take care of you but no one wastes cum tonight, understand?" Everyone agreed and she began on the second cock of the night.

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   He too was being taken all the way donw her throat and after some time his load filled her throat. One after another she took them deep into her throat and each one made her orgasm squirt under and each time another replaced the cock that had just cum. In all, there were 8 men that she sucked off that evening at the rest area. Several she sucked off twice. We had gotten ready to go, Teresa having stood up and was putting her thong on when a black guy walked up. "Too late for the fun?" he asked. Now Teresa had told me of her fantasy of ding a black guy but since she had grown up in the South and lived in a small town she had always kept it to herself. It was after I got her tippsy one night and got her to tell me all her deep dark lustful thoughts that she admitted wanting a black guy all the way through high school and even till now. Well, he stood there about 5 feet away and Teresa stopped in her dressing. She dropped the tank top and got back on her knees on the blanket. She reached out her hands and he stepped forward. Teresa unzipped his pants and his boxers were tenting with what promised to be the biggest cock of the night. She pulled them down and he stepped out of them, kisking them to the side. Teresa took his huge cock in both hands and began massaging it slowling making pre cum leak out. She took her tongue and licked it off the head of his cock.

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   "Oh, that is good" she moaned. Then slowly she began working it into her mouth down her throat. He moved his hips slowly letting her take it as she could until it was all the way in. Later she found it was 10 inches long. She reached around his hips and began pulling his cock into her throat each time deeper until it all disappeared. She picked up the pace as her pussy began to spasim again, cumming on the blanket and again she kept going. The black guy moved his hips as she wanted them to move and finally he bagan to moan loud. His cum was rising slowly. Teresa aagain soaked the blanket and finally he buried his cock deep in her throat and filled her throat with his hot load. Her hips jerked with her own orgasm and he filled her till it leaked out of her mouth. She lieked her lips and laid back on the blanket and spread legs. "Fuck me now, please fuck me. " He dropped to his knees between her legs and slipped into her pussy, his cock not all the way hard but close. He began moving in and out teasing her pussy with his rod. She was moaning louder and louder until his rythum was building and she was moaning and saying, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep, of yes, this is it.

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  . . " She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulledd him into her all the way, squirting her liquids around his still hard cock. She almost collapsed and he held her legs apart pumping into her pussy, finally he moaned loud and filled her pussy, her also having another orgasm. He laid on her for a moment and then pulled his half hard cock out of her making a sloppy sound. She laid there massaging her titties. He told her to turn over and she did, "Oh yes, fuck my pussy from behind>" He smiled which she did not see and I knew he had other plans. He rubbed his cock along her slit and got it hard again and then rubbing it along her slit he pushed it into her ass, she gave out a yell, for until now she had only had a finger there and never had a cock, especially one this size. "oh, oh not there, it is ripping me apart. " He slapped her ass hard, "Take it lady, you will adjust, just relax. " "Oh no, it hurts, it, oh oh. . . " her voice faded to be replaced by moans. Now he drove into her ass slowly and steady.

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   "See, told yu it would be good" he said. She was now moving against his cock as he pushed into her. This went on a least a half hour if not more. Her pussy kept squirting and squirting. Finally he tensed up and filled her ass with his cum making her cum also. He slipped out and stood up, dressing. The few men that were there put away their cocks and thanked her for the sucking and the show. She moaned and rolled off her back. Her legs stiff. "That has been the hottest time ever yo have given me" she said as she hugged and kissed me. She looked into my eyes, "Steve, do yu still love me?" "Yes dear" I told her. "Please, if yu still love me then fuck me too. " My cock had been rock hard for the longest time and I gladly dropped between her legs and slipped in. It did not take long before I filler her with my cum. She held me tight and kissed me.

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   "Oh yu do still love me" she moaned. Finally we got up and dressed and left. This is one adventure. If yu like it I will type more. Teresa and I are still seeing each other and she wanted to type these out so here they are folks. What do ya think?
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