The Team Captain gets my virginity.


I had been accepted into the junior cheerleader squad and I was so happy.

The week after our first training session I was noticed by one of the tem that our squad cheered for. He invited me to a party the week after and I was so pleased that I had been noticed by one of the team so soon.

I went to the party with him and was really enjoying myself and another girl came up to me from the senior squad and said her boyfriend and the guy I was with were going for a drive and would I like to come.

I thought wow I am really hitting the high spots and couldn’t say yes quickly enough.

The four of us set off in her friends car and we had only gone a half a mile when my guy was all over me kissing and the girl Julie in the front seat was hugging her guy as they drove. They didn’t go far and we ended up parking in a secluded park not far from the party.

My guy was kissing me and his hands were all over me and before long had his hand down my blouse feeling my tits and I had never had anybody do that to me before. He is a few years older than me and I thought I was pretty grown up so I let him as this is what some girls talk about and what their guys do with them. Before he ripped blouse and my bra off I released my bra clips and he had me bare from the waist up and his mouth was sucking my nipples. I thought golly this guy moves fast.

I looked at Julie in the front seat and I could see between the seats she was bobbing her head up and down and I realised she was giving her guy oral sex. I had never done that to a boy ever but had seen it done on the porn sites. I thought hell he will want it too and I started to worry if I could do it. After a few minutes she got out and he came around to the passengers seat and he was nude and so was Julie – I didn’t even see them undress. He sat down and she got between his legs and continued sucking his cock – which I saw for a minute and it was big.

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By now my guy had his hands between my legs and forcing his fingers into me past my pants. I realised then how wet I was. He fingered me for a minute then said ok strip off and I didn’t hesitate and removed all my remaining clothes as he did too. All four of us were now nude. I had never been nude with a boy before. I could see his cock now and it was bigger than I had ever seen. It was hard and sticking up and had a slight curve in it where as Julies boy had it sticking straight out in front. I thought later how come I noticed all this without really thinking about it.

As soon as he got back in the car he got my legs and spread them out and put them over his shoulders and immediately put his mouth over my cunt and licked and sucked my lips. He shit you taste good and continued to rub his tongue and face all over my slit and then he pushed his tongue into me and licked my clit and I nearly came with the sensation of it. I moaned with the delight of it – I had never felt so good and I had been masturbating for more than two years. It was the most wonderful feeling. He kept going with his mouth and then slipped a finger into me and rubbed it as he sucked and I took only a few more minutes and I came. The sensation of his mouth and finger in me was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I moaned out loud and bucked my hips and forced my cunt onto his face as he sucked and rubbed my cunt making my orgasm last longer than I had ever done before. I actually heard him slurp as he sucked my juices out of me and I was making heaps of it. 


He got off me for a moment and said shit girly you taste great and you have the tightest cunt I have seen. I am going to enjoy fucking that.

I thought shit he is going to fuck me- I have never been fucked before – hell what I am I going to do.

He didn’t waste any time and as soon as he had sucked and licked me dry he came up to me and said ok its your turn and pulled me down and before I realised it he had his cock in my mouth – I was sucking a cock for the first time and I had no idea what to do and I tried to remember what I had seen girls doing on the web. I had started to suck and bob my head up and down as it seemed pretty natural as to what you had top do but he said wank me at the same time and I had to put my hand on his cock – it was the first time I had ever held one and it felt strange. I had never felt a cock before and the skin felt all funny but I did what I was told and I could get my small hand around it below the top of it and as I stroked his shaft I sucked the head of it.

He said you are not very experienced are you.

I said not really – tell me what you want me to do and I will do it. I didn’t want to upset him.

He sang out to Julie and said come here and show Sally how to do it. She needs a lesson from a pro.

It was then I realised Julie had done it to him at some time before and when she came over she told me what to do then showed me by doing it to him.

I emulated what she did and she stayed with me for a minute and watched me and said ok from now on tell her what you want and I think she will catch on quick.

He told me what he liked and I did it and after about five or so minutes he said – now that perfect keep it going like that.

I did what he told me and he lay back and just enjoyed what I was doing – I could tell from how he was moaning and moving he must have liked it.

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   Then he all of a sudden stiffened up and groaned a loud groan and next thing I knew I had a mouth full of his cum. I didn’t know what to do so I swallowed it and he refilled my mouth with another few spurts. I kept sucking until his cock went soft and I let it fall out of my mouth.

He said how was that for your first time – did you like my cum.

I said yes – it was nice – but really it wasn’t that nice but I wasn’t going to let him know I didn’t like it.

Now he said you should be juicy after that – let me have a go at you.

He took me to a park bench and told me to get up on the table.

Julie and her guy saw what was happening and she knew what was going to happen to me. She also knew I was a virgin and had a fair idea he didn’t know.

She stopped whatever they were doing and came over to us as he was getting up on the table with me. She said I gather you to are going to fuck her.

He said what the hell are you two doing – whats with the audience.

Julie said I want to see a virgin deflowered and to hold her hand as you take her virginity. She is only small as you know and that cock of yours will hurt her. I gather you don’t know she is a virgin.

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Shit he said – fucking hell – I get my first virgin – this is something to behold – ok you can watch her get it. Ok honey you are about to become a woman get ready for the time of your life.

I lay there almost shaking with fear and anticipation. I had never expected my first time would be like this. I looked down at him and his cock looked twice as big as it had before. I just hoped I wouldn’t disgrace myself and cry when he put his cock into me.

Julie came around to me and said when it goes in it will be fine for a moment then it will hurt. Some girls hardly feel it others it really hurts.

I said how was it with you.

She said it was a little bit painful but it didn’t last long.

Will I bleed I asked her.

Probably she said – but it doesn’t last long – it nothing like a period.

Julie said to him – just be gentle with her – she is only young and she is prepared to let you have her first time with her. Just take it easy to begin with.

He said – I cant believe my luck – a virgin.

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He got down and kissed my cunt and said ok honey I have tasted it – kissed it and now I am going to fuck it.

He got up between my legs and pulled them apart. Julie said pull your knees back and I did. I knew how to fuck but I was overwhelmed by the fact it was going to happen. I am ok I said I just could not believe it is going to happen. Hell I hope it doesn’t hurt too much – he has a big cock.

Julie said its not how big it is that you need to worry about – it will fit believe me – I have had bigger than him and you don’t realise once its in and out of sight – a six inch cock can feel just as good as a 9 inch one. I have had them both.

He then said ok are you ready – I can hardly wait – my first virgin – fantastic.

He then held his cock out and guided it into my cunt. I could feel his cock pressing against my vagina and he said ok here it goes.

Julie said take it easy don’t rush it – don’t hurt her too much. Her boyfriend was down behind my guy and watching his cock go into me. He said this is amazing. I am going to see a virgin get it.

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He then said ok its in, I will take it slowly – tell me when it starts to hurt.

I could feel his cock head going in and then he stopped. I said its ok so far.

He said it feels ok, but I have only got the head of it in.

Julie said can you feel something in there like its tight or blocking your cock.

He said its sort of tight and I am going to have to push it in harder to go into her further.

I said I can feel it in me – its ok so far.

Julie said well now push a bit harder and looked at me and said get ready – it is going to hurt a bit.

He pushed and his cock went in, I felt a stab of pain but I was so tense and I could feel my cunt was all tight from me being tense. I was really nervous but it happened so quick and it was just a stabbing feeling inside me and a little bit of pain and then this warm feeling. Once I knew he was inside me and going in further I knew I had done it. I relaxed and he said that’s better – god you were hard to get into at first but its great now.

He was starting to fuck me and it felt good – much better than I imagined.

Julie said you were great – you were lucky it didn’t hurt you more. I can remember losing mine and it really hurt.

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Her boyfriend was right behind his bum and could see his cock slipping in and out of me. He said shit mate you have done it – you lucky bugger and she is bleeding a bit – your cock is showing a bit of blood on it.

Great he said – get the camera I want a picture of her after I have filled her up with the blood and cum on her cunt. I want a picture of my bloody cock to show everybody I have done a virgin.

I said no – I don’t want my picture all over the country.

He said I promise I wont put it on the web.

I said I don’t trust anybody – what happens in a year or so – you will have forgotten me and you wont care then.

Julie said well just your cunt and his cock – I wouldn’t mind a copy either – you were fantastic and I want to remember you getting it the first time and seeing it happen.

Her boyfriend came around to me and he wanted to kiss me. He said I want to kiss a virgin and I have never kissed a girl while she was being fucked before.

I said nothing as he put his lips to mine and his tongue inside my mouth and I returned his kiss and as he kissed me he rubbed my nipples and I pushed his hand away and said that enough.

Julie said come on I want some fucking now – leave them to it.

As he left he said you two look fantastic – I hope she feels as good as she looks like that.

I could imagine myself laying there with my legs up and open wide and him between them with his bum going up and down pushing his cock in and out of me fucking me. I always thought a girl looked awkward laying there when she was being fucked but now I know how good it feels.

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At first he went slowly and not to rough but once he got himself settled he began to fuck me harder and faster and he varied the way he did it a bit. I was enjoying every moment as I could feel his cock inside me and as he pushed it in harder my tits began to shake and feel really good and I touched my nipples a few times to give myself a little bit of extra feeling.
I said how is it – am I good or just fair.

He said you are fantastic – you are warm and tight and it feels fantastic slipping up and down inside your cunt. I am glad you like it, some girls just lay there and let me fuck them – at least you seem interested.

I said I love it – now I have started I wont be able to stop – if its like this every time I will want it every day – its much better than masturbating.
He said how often do you finger yourself.

I said about three or four times a week sometimes more sometimes less. How about you.

He said a few time usually but I can get a fuck fairly easily all the senior girls are available and I never have a problem.

I said how many have you fucked and he said about ten or twelve – I have even fucked one of their mothers as well. We got caught fucking in her place one night by her mother and before I left I had done her mother as well. It was amazing. I fucked both her mother and her and they both loved it.

I said how old was her mother.

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He said about 45 and she wasn’t bad either – she is divorced and I think she shared herself about a bit. She really knew how to fuck and was really pleased with herself doing it with an 18yo stud she said.

I said what did her daughter have to say about it.

She couldn’t have cared less and watched us for a while then went and had a shower and came back still naked and watched us. After I had finished fucking her mother she then sucked my cock all covered in cum and jism out of her own cunt. I was amazed and she did it until I came again which took me about 10 minutes after I had finished fucking her. Her daughter didnt say a word and just watched as we did it.

I went home that night and could not believe what was going to be a simple fuck ended up as an orgy almost – I came four times in as many hours. Mother and daughter – how many guys have done that. They were both sluts obviously. You are the first person I have told. She was on the senior team – it was a girl called Sally.

I said she is the one with big tits isn’t she.

And a big cunt too he said – you are much better.

I was being fucked by a stud obviously and he wasn’t bad – I had nothing to compare himself with but if all boys fuck like him I will be happy.

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We had been fucking for about 15 minutes or so and Julie sang out – hows it going.

I said fucking fantastic, but shut up for a minute I think I am cumming.

He looked down at me and said – are you?

I said just keep going a bit faster and harder I am sure I will in a minute.

He did and within about 20 seconds I was beginning to cum and grunting every time he pushed his cock right down deep into me and I could feel his whole body slamming against my cunt. It was going faster and faster and I could hear him beginning to grunt as well. I wanted to tell him to take it out but I was enjoying the best orgasm I have ever had. His big cock was tearing my cunt apart as he slammed it into me and I was bucking and pulling my nipples as he slammed his cock into me and then he stopped and collapsed on top of me and groaned and gasped for breath – like me. I could feel how wet I was inside me. We were both winded from cumming – at it seems we came together and he had cum inside me.

Julie sang out – shit you two will wake the dead – half the town must have heard you two – wow you were loud.

I said I couldn’t care less – that was the most amazing thing I have ever done.

He got off me and I sat on the edge of the table and looked down at my cunt – it was all covered in blood and cum.

He sang out- hurry up I want some photos.

His mate said hang on she has cum and I am not far off it.

I hadn’t heard them but after a couple of minutes they both came over.


   He had cum dripping off his cock and Julie was saying - how was it – did you enjoy it?

I said it was fantastic.

Then her boyfriend had his camera and we took lots of pictures of his cock and my cunt and then some of Julie and her guys cock. Julie and I had a picture naked taken holding each other with all the mess still around my cunt. After we started taking photos – I didn’t care what they photographed I was so happy – I wasn’t a virgin any more and I had the best fuck ever.

After it was all over and the guys were washing them selves at a nearby tap, Julie just hugged and kissed me like a boy. I had never kissed another girl before but after a few seconds I had this amazing sensation as we kissed. It was unlike anything I had felt kissing a boy. It was an amazing feeling as we ground our bodies together and kissed passionately.
We kissed for ages and the boys came back and saw us and whistled and called out stuff about us being lesbians and stuff. I couldn’t have cared less – I was enjoying the best moments of my life – I had just been sucked and fucked and now I was kissing my best girlfriend and it was awesome. My cunt was leaking like a tap and the two of us has smeared my bloody mess all over both of us. .

After we had finished we looked into each other eyes and I knew she enjoyed it as much as I did. She said we must do that again sometime.

I said sooner than later –
After that we washed ourselves with cold water from the tap and it must have looked weird the two of us trying to wash out cunts under a tap.

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After we had done our best we used our pants to dry off. I wasn’t going to wear them home after that.

Then my guy said well come on lets swap – he can do you, and I can do Julie.

I wasn’t prepared for this but I didn’t complain – I said here or there.

We both went to where the boys had fucked us and before I knew it I was being fucked again. It was good but not as good as my first one. He fucked me for a while and mu guy came back and said don’t you cum in her – I don’t want to fuck her in your cum.

Julie said that’s enough – come on lets get off her – lets get it together ourselves.

My guy got up onto me again – and put his cock up me virtually within a minute of Jake, Jake is Julies guy. – I was still warm from him fucking me.

We had been fucking for a few minutes and he said lets do it doggy and he pulled out and told me to get up on all fours. I had seen it done like this and before I realised it I could feel his cock between the cheeks of my ass and then it went into my cunt. For a moment I thought he was going g to shove it into my ass.

It felt funny like that – him fucking me and me looking down between my legs seeing his balls swinging as he fucked me and my tits just swinging a bit in that position. It was good and I was making the most of it. 

   It was not as comfortable with his cock in me that way though.

After a while he said do you want to ride me cowgirl.

I had an idea of what he meant and I said sure – what do I have to do.

He laughed and said you fuck me from on top and ride me like a bronco.

I said it sounds like fun – do you buck.

He said I think this is going to be fun and he lay back and I got over him on the table and I started to squat down as he held his cock up for me to sit on it.

I put my hand onto his cock to guide it into my cunt and it felt wonderful - in moments it would be up inside me.

As I sort of squatted down on it I could feel his cock going into me, it felt fantastic, I was controlling how far and how fast it went up me and I could not believe how good it felt. For some reason his cock felt bigger now than before and it filled me not only with cock but with immense pleasure – I had not realised how good it would be to have a cock up you. His cock is not huge but just nice and it felt fantastic, by now I was right down sitting on him and I looked down and he looked at me and said how is it.

I said it feels fantastic now do you buck or do I have to bounce up and down on it.

He said just sit up a bit and I will fuck you from under you and we can see how you like it.

He pushed and pulled his cock up and down and it came out a couple of times, probably because I was too far up, I liked to feel the tip of his cock going into me right at my opening. After I got it back in and got down onto my knees we got the movement right and he fucked me like that for a couple of minutes more. Then he said ok, now you fuck me and I had to work out how to move myself up and down on his cock, It took a few goes to work out the best position and the one I liked best unfortunately was the most strenuous for me – having to use my legs to get myself up and down.

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  Any how I was pretty fir and I could do it for a few minutes before I had to have a rest and I just sat on him and he played eith my tits until I got my legs working again. It didn’t matter because the two of us were having such good fun. I never realised how wonderful and enjoyable fucking could be. When I masturbate all I want to do is work myself up and off. Now I just want to feel his cock inside me and move it about inside me as I love the sensation of feeling him deep inside me.

Julie and her guy came over to watch us. Gosh she said you two didn’t waste any time getting into all the right positions.

I said I never realised there were so many great ways to fuck.

Julie said to me – Its your first time and how many times has he fucked you.

I said not enough. I never knew there were so many great ways. I always thought it was him on top and that was that.

Julies guy said come on let us see if we can beat them with the number of times.

She said shit you have cum three times already.

He said but you have only cum twice – you don’t want a novice to beat you do you.

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She said you just want to fuck don’t you.

Why not he said – you are a great fuck.

They then went away and we didn’t see them do whatever they were going to do – I was too busy enjoying the best time of my life – stark naked with a guys cock up me for the first time. I was no longer a virgin but a fast learning nymphomaniac. If this is what fucking is I want it every day. My body had never been so erotically charged and every thing I did gave me a great sensation either in my cunt or my nipples. Even kissing felt better than ever before. I had the best orgasms of my life and I wanted more and more of them.

My legs were getting tired pushing up and down so I sat on his cock again and this time I just rocked my ass on top of him and used his cock like a dildo and wow what a sensation.

I didn’t last much longer and I could feel my climax building fast. He recognised the grunting and groaning I started to make and he said I can cum with you, hang on and he started to move with me and the sensation got even stronger and between the two of us we somehow managed to get ourselves to the brink of cumming at the same time and we had a simultaneous orgasm. I don’t know who enjoyed it more – I was so engrossed in my cumming and the sensation of him deep inside me and my clit rubbing against his cock I cant remember what he did during his orgasm – after we had both exhausted ourselves I lay on top of him and we were both soaking wet with sweat. Both of us were completely out of breath and the sensation of us both deep breathing and my tits pressed to his chest felt fantastic. I kissed him and he returned my kiss and I had his tongue in my mouth and his softening cock still in my cum filled cunt and I was never more happy and satisfied in my life. I had progressed from virgin to slut in a matter of an hour or so.

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  I had never imagined that it would have happened like this.

Julie and her guy came over to us again and said shit you two will wake the dead – I have never heard two people make so much noise.

I said I cant believe how fantastic being fucked can be. My whole body is tingling with the sensation I have just had – he was a mazing.

I stood up and immediately his cum began to flow back and down my legs. I could not have been happier.

The night was nearly over but my affair with him was just beginning.

I progressed to a sex junkie almost overnight and after four weeks of constant sex with him virtually every night – and a couple of others as well I was prepared for anything that was possible sexually. If the comments are good I will recount my next month of sex and it was amazing. I consented to a gang bang as well and took on 10 guys – what an experience.