Uncontrolable Mom


I was born in a middle class family. We were used to live in a joint family system earlier. My father really worked hard to up-grade our standard of living and ultimately somehow achieved his target. He bought a separate house for us and provided us almost all the necessities. But my mom was totally neglected by him in gaining all those material things. I always saw people eyeing my mother with a different angle and she enjoyed their poking stares undoubtedly. That was the age of my puberty. Instead of getting angry or feeling jealous, I felt strings of strange pleasures which make my small penis erect. At that age I seemed to me that my brain was being controlled by my penis. I was just 14 and my mom was 37 at that time. First I tell u about my Mom, Saima, who was a complete bombshell. She is fair with black hair, 5’ 6” tall and was 36c/28/38. Perhaps she was the fantasy of every man. She used to dress up in the normal Pakistani fashion i. e. : a Shalwar & Qameez (Long shirt and a loose trouser tied with a string or elastic).

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   It all happened when dad had gone on a business trip to Dubai for a couple of months and asked his younger brother to stay with us. It was my summer vacation so I used to just watch TV to pass my time. I noticed mom was pretty happy after the dad’s departure and enjoyed a lot in my Chacha’s (Uncle) company. Exactly 2 weeks later I heard that my Chacha’s friend Shakil was going to visit us. She really got overjoyed as she heard that news. I always knew that my uncle was very frank with mom and both he and his friend were always interested in her. I had noticed them on my 12th birthday party when mom had invited them. They were always eyeing mom but had no chance to get near her as dad was around. I knew he was coming for mom but I did not want to interfere too much in mom’s business. Finally the day came when he arrived. Mom greeted him very warmly. I showed him his room as I put his luggage in the room. By mistake I dropped one of his handbags and the items in the bag popped out. I quickly gathered them to place them back and was shocked to find a pack of condoms. Immediately my doubts about their intentions got clear.

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   After that mom showed them our newly constructed house in Islamabad so that they could easily roam around. I started to stay at home most of the time to keep an eye on there activities. I noticed they were getting frustrated for not getting mom just in one day. It was obvious that they did not want me to know that they wanted to fuck her. One day they asked my Mom that Shakil’s friend owned a summerhouse at Nathiagali (A beautiful hilly resort), just at a few hours drive from our home. Why shouldn’t we go for a few days to Nathiagali? Every body agreed including me as I had started to feel erotic about my Mom but we had to make plans for the next evening as mom had some work in the morning. Mom completed her tasks and informed my father at Dubai about our trip, who allowed us to go on one condition if his brother goes with us. So after collecting the warm clothes we set for Nathiagali at six pm. It was started to get dark but the mountains were looking very romantic to me. It took two and a half hours to reach at Nathiagali. During the travel Shakil who was quite an educated and friendly person started to be friendlier with me. He was telling us the jokes all the way and my mom really participated with him. I then realised, how my Mom was excited about them and too much happy. I decided to let them give a chance to enjoy. I even started to enjoy their company too and leaving my arrogant behavior behind and joined them.

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   When we reached at Nathiagali I observed the house was newly constructed and was quite isolated. It was constructed up on the hill and the only approach to the house was a staircase had 25-30 steps. It was right in the middle of a very bushy area with lots of trees. Mom was looking quite sexy in her fitted see through, blue Shalwar and Qameez, showing her large breasts prominently. It was raining very heavily and getting too much cold when we reached there. We climbed up the stairs very speedily to get into the Veranda but due to the heavy rain we almost got drench. My Mom’s dress seemed to be disappeared and clenching with her skin. Her brassier and her belly button could easily been seen through. She was giving a complete wet and erotic look in that posture. They both feasted their eyes and my mom pleasurably displayed and allowed them to enjoy. Soon she realized my presence and put her arms around her large breasts pretended to shiver in cold. Shakil immediately unlocked the door to get us in. The house had two bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. We put our handbags in the bedroom and selected one for mom and me and one for Asim Chachu and Shakil. After drying us out, we arranged an umbrella and approached the car as we all were feeling hungry so went for the dinner to the bazaar after settling down.

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   It was a quick dinner because it seemed that they wanted to be home for their action as soon as possible. We sat around the wood fire to keep us warm in the living room as it was getting colder. Asim Chachu (Uncle) put on the stereo he had brought along. The atmosphere was very friendly. Then Shakil went to his room and brought a bottle of Wine. He said showing the bottle, “If u guys don’t mind can I enjoy this?” Everybody showed no objection and allowed him to enjoy. He started to drink and then he invited mom for a dance. Mom looked at me once hesitantly and getting a gentle smile from me she moved on to Shakil’s arms for a dance. I watched Shakil moving his hand on mom back and occasionally touching her butt. I saw Mom loved it but was aware of my presence. Suddenly Chachu poured a glass of whisky for himself and said, “let’s enjoy”. I saw from the corner of eye as Chachu went to the side table, prepared a couple of soft drinks mixing a little whisky for mom and me without knowing us. I knew his intention was to put me to sleep and enjoy with mom. I pretended to drink and emptied the glass behind me in the pot. After half an hour watching my mom enjoying dancing in both of their arms, I acted to look drunk and sleepy.

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   Soon it was 11:00 and I begged leave to sleep. Chachu helped me to my bedroom as he thought that I was drunk. He dropped me on the bed and after confirming that I was asleep he switched off the light and went into the living. I got up very instant and opened the door a little to see them enjoying with my hot mom. I saw Shakil was now rubbing his body with my mom very freely and she was enjoying too. My Chachu also joined them and coming on Mom’s backside he started to press his body too. Then he put his arms around my Mom and started to squeeze her breasts. She threw her head on Chachu’s shoulder and put her arms around his neck. Mom gave a naughty smile and then turned her face towards my room. Shakil had already begun to kiss mom. Mom was also participating freely by that time. Chachu pulled her Qameez off leaving her in her blue sleeveless thin and short slip and Shalwar. Shakil continued to kiss mom all over her body, while Chachu removed the slip and her Shalwar instantly. My cock had become very hard as I watched from the crack of the door. Mom was left in her black lacy bra and panties.

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   She took off Shakil’s and Chachu’s shirt and trousers. Mom was looking very sexy just in her lingerie. Her breasts were growing inside her bra. Both the men removed their underwear and revealed their cocks. They were really hard and enormous, standing like a pole. Then they removed mom’s bra and panties. It seemed mom had freshly shaved her pussy and kept it ready for them. Chachu carried mom to the wooden table right in the middle of the room. Mom said erotically, “I was waiting for you both for so long”. Shakil kept on kissing mom more deeply. Chachu sucked her right breasts and played with the other one. Mom’s nipples were looking really amazing erect and firm. Chachu was squeezing her breasts as if he was squeezing a water balloon. Then Shakil started sharing sucking my Mom’s gigantic breasts also. Both of them were planting some deep kisses all over mom’s white milky breasts.


   Occasionally they would finger fuck her. Mom was giving out light moans “aaah ooooaahhhhhh”. Mom took both their cocks in her hands and started pushing its skin up and down. My Mom was completely naked then, with her legs spread wide. Shakil quickly knelt between her legs and started to run his tongue over the folds of her bare pussy while Chachu near the table and fed his throbbing erection into Mom's open mouth. To my surprise Mom took in the entire cock. It was a really hot sight watching mom’s breasts jiggle around. I noticed Mom felt a tingle as Shakil's tongue came into contact with her clit and involuntarily spread her thigh's wider apart, giving her lover better access to her vagina. She moaned deeply around the cock in her mouth and felt it twitch with the sudden vibration. She had, at first, wanted this to be over quickly, but now felt again that strong urge to please the men she was servicing. Shakil’s tongue on her pussy was wonderful, and she knew she was creeping closer and closer towards orgasm. As she felt herself tipping over the edge of climax, she swallowed Chachu’s cock down to the root and groaned with satisfaction. She felt wave after wave of pleasure waft over her body as her toes curled and her legs trembled and was rewarded with a gush of excitement from Chachu’s cock as he orgasmed into her mouth. I saw the whole thing from the crack of darkened room. My emotions were in turmoil.

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   I knew that I should be shocked; should be angry and jealous, but all I felt at present was a growing excitement at watching these two studs fuck my Mom’s mouth and lick her smooth pussy. As I watched Chachu withdraw from her mouth with cum dripping from Mom’s lips, I became suddenly aware of my own throbbing erection, and without thinking pulled my cock from the confines of my underwear and started masturbating. I could see Shakil’s cock twitching between his legs and wondered what would happen next.
    "Shit, Asim," said Shakil as he rose from between my Mom’s open legs. "Look, man, your cum’s running down her chin!" "Yeah, don't she look cute like that!" replied Chachu with a grin. "Come on then Shakil," said Mom, "I suppose you want me to suck you off as well?" "No way, baby! I want some of this here!" replied Shakil as he pushed three fingers into Mom’s soaked and open pussy. Mom gasped at the intrusion to her body. She couldn't help herself, and as Shakil’s fingers rubbed over her swollen clit, her body shook as another orgasm swept over her. "Jeez, Shakil. She's so wet now. Go on, do her now! Fuck that tight little pussy of hers we always wanted!" Shakil was already standing between Mom’s legs. With his hands under her firm buttocks he pulled her roughly towards him, lined up his cock with her open hole and pushed himself fully inside. My Mom gasped again as she felt him slide into her wet channel up to the hilt. Her eyes were tight shut as Shakil began to fuck her with long frantic strokes. Asim Chachu started to squeeze her huge tits, as her pussy took a vicious pounding.

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       “Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah”. Mom left sucking her brother-in-laws dick and was saying“ Oh yes. . . . Take me, Hhhaaaaannnn aur dalo . . . . aur zor se (Yes, Fuck me harder…Harder). I love u fucking me. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppperrrrr. ” Chachu waited patiently as Shakil fucked my mom. After the fifteen minutes of hot and furious fucking, Shakil ejaculated his load in my mom. He was so exhausted that he fell to the side.

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       During this whole session mom had her eyes closed. Now It was my Chachu’s turn to fuck mom he gave her a minute or two to recover, and then said, "I'm going to fuck you now, you my horny bitch bhabi(Sister-n-law), is that what you always wanted?" Mom moaned and said, "Oh yeah please!" He ordered Mom to get on her hands and knees. He liked it doggy style, and so did she. They were right in front of Shakil, whose cock was rock hard again and eyes were wide open. I could see everything through the crack, and it turned me on even more to watch my sexy Mom getting fucked by her handsome brother in law. He started to enter her, and his cock was so thick and long, he had to go in very slowly. It was so tight! I noticed. He kept at it though, and soon was deep inside her. It felt amazing! He slowly started fucking her, and each push felt like she would be split in two. The sight of that big cock going in and out of Mom’s tight brown pink pussy was amazing. Shakil was moaning again. Chachu started talking really dirty to her, something she loved. "I always knew you are one hot bitch, oh bhabi your cunt is so tight. Do you like that big cock, you slut? Ohh, take it, baby, fuck it. " She started talking back "Oh fuck me Asim, that feels so good Oh God!" Soon they both had explosive orgasm together, she came so hard around his huge cock, and I thought she was going to pass out.


       His cock just exploded inside my mother’s tight cunt, and afterwards he held onto her tight, and they both were just feeling the intense pleasure. As I saw them exploding I couldn’t control myself and also exploded a huge amount of cum, sperm after sperm and sprayed on the back of the door. Then he rolled over and she hugged him, while Shakil watched. After they recovered for a few minutes, My Mother smiled at Shakil, took his cock in her moth and in her long nailed hand and started to pump it up and down. She told him he could jerk off on her. As she started to blow him off and bent forward, her pussy got exposed for my view. I saw the heavy cum was oozing out of her slit and dripping her healthy thighs. He came in a couple of minutes; he was so hot and frustrated from watching my hot mom getting fucked doggy style by his stud friend. He came all over my mom’s tits and body, and then she asked him to get a washcloth and clean up his mess. He did, and then helped her to the bedroom. As I saw them approaching the room I immediately rushed to the bed and pretended to be fast asleep. Shakil hugged my mom and left the room. I was so indulge in watching and couldn’t even think about cleaning the mess I had created. As he closed the door I heard my Mother’s voice,” Sunny I know you are not sleeping. You have watched everything.

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       I have seen u peeping through the door. ” I opened my eyes and saw my mom looking at me smilingly. I asked, “Sorry Mom, I shouldn’t interfere in your business but couldn’t stop my-self watching u three enjoying. Please don’t get angry. ” She then came to my bed kissed me and said,”Oh no son, I hope you’ll keep this secret of mine. I couldn’t control myself so I hope you will be my best friend too?” I looked at her and said, “OK Mom, If you be my best friend then I’ll be with u. ” She then immediately turned her face towards the door and said as she winked her eye, “I can see that my young friend has enjoyed a lot. And I think we’ll enjoy a lot in the next coming days of our stay here?” After that discussion she went to her bed and went to sleep in no time. I watched her relaxed, calmed and greatly satisfied face for a long time then also went to sleep. From that day on I used to be with her as her buddy in every fuck party to get a satisfactory masturbatory session. Because of me, my dad never got suspicious of her illicit and hot activities. .
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