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  • ORA reviews 10-02-2017
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    2017-02-08 1 hours Amsterdam
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    ORA - escort review from Netherlands Ga naar profiel
    I was amazed! This girl gets 10 out of 10. Very beautiful but also very friendly. I am 50 years old, hairy and with a big belly, so not the ideal client for a girl. I have tried more than 10 different girls. I usually like the Czech ones, they are more friendly, but Ora was super friendly. Smiling, she offered me a full GFE without showing any discomfort at any time! I asked her how old she is. She said 25. I said "no way, you are 20". She replied: OK, if you want, I will be 20. And then "But the reality is I am 25". She does look like 20. Her eyes have a wonderful green colour. She has a petite body, but was wearing fantastic black high heels and a nice red set of underwear. I asked her to wear a dress and she did it without hesitation. A wonderful black lace mini dress, absolutely super sexy. I couldn't really believe how beautiful and sweet and sexy at the same time this girl is. We had a little chat and she does speak English, but there is space for improvement here. I asked what I am allowed to do and she answered with a warm smile "Well, ask what you want and I will tell you if you can or not". From my list or requests, she only refused anal sex. So I was happy to start with kissing and touching around to which she was absolutely energetic and was returning the touching and kissing with a very erotic way on my neck, lips, touching my hair and my full body. She moved down, asked me if I like my nipples to be licked and then she continued lower, until she was on her knees. I explained to her how I like my blowjobs and she followed my requests in the best way possible. Best BJ I've ever had. I was hard even by looking at her down there, her beautiful, soft, brown/blond hair. When I asked if she is blond she honestly showed me her roots which are not super blond, but wouldn't call them brown either. I would say she is a natural dark-blond. When I asked her to stand up and I removed her underwear, I was welcomed by a super beautiful little pussy. Saved to perfection, lips at the right size, probably one of the best pussies I have ever seen. On the bed, I asked her to bent down and show me her ass, which she happily did, I couldn't resist licking her little hole and pussy from behind, to which there was no objection again and her soft moaning was sensual and encouraging, exactly how I prefer it (I hate women who start screaming). We had sex in every position I asked for and she was always smiling, replying to my kisses and touches. Not very big breast, but they are natural and fair size for her silhouette. I asked her to promise me to never add silicone, better a bit smaller but natural than big fake ones. Would I go again! OMG yes!!!! If only I could afford it, I would run to her every day. Because she has everything: Very beautiful, very sweet, super girlfriend experience and super friendly. What else would you want to have? Well, I also need to warn you, don't fall in love with her!