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  • Adiel reviews 13-11-2021
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    2021-11-12 1 hours Amsterdam
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    Adiel  - escort review from Netherlands Ga naar profiel
    I rarely make reviews, but my experiences today with this stunning lady Sasha was amazing and I am obliged to share. nnSasha was waiting for me in the same underwear as in the photographs, they were black panties and very beautiful sexy stockings legs with very elegant shoes. She has amazing rounded hips for which I immediately wanted to take her. nnShe is very gentle to me and smiled sweetly, invite me to take a shower. When I got out of there she was waiting for me on the bed. She looked like a horny kitty who wants to play with me. nnwhen I lay down she began to slowly move to the music and gently caress my body with kisses and gentle touches. She didn’t touch my cock but it was getting hard every second. Then Sasha slowly flashed the head of my penis and paid him quite a bit, but with every touch of her lips my penis fell fucking into my mouth deeper and deeper.nThen she felt how much I was tense and stopped a little bit and took to caress my balls. nIn the meantime, I caressed her pussy and felt how it was excited. Suddenly she took two eggs in her mouth at once! Sasha make it so cool! nI'm ready to fuck in all the cracks.nWe quickly put on a condom and she sat with her back to me and began to ride my dick. What an amazing athletic ass she has. I slapped on her and she fucked me on top.nThen I put her against the wall and started fucking her there. She moaned like a little tender Bitch, I wanted to tear her even more. nnAfter I finished I wanted to fuck her more, but unfortunately I was limited in time. nnThis girl really know how to satisfy younAlready miss you but looking forward for this next special encounter. nStill a smile on my face. ???? wink