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  • Olivia reviews 14-04-2024
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    2024-04-12 1 hour Amsterdam
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    Olivia - escort review from netherlands Ga naar profiel
    My first time ever kinky experience with this gorgeous and humble woman…😍 I was super skeptical about kinky in general at first, however after reading some reviews I was convinced to give it a try. Her looks captivated me at first so I though it might be worth it to give a try as I had terrible experience in redlight before. She welcomed me with a sweet smile first, and we started with outstanding tongue kiss. As I am someone who’s more into foreplay I finished my most of the time doing that and she was totally supportive about it. She never made me feel like I was having paid sex, she was giving me good vibes the whole time. She likes to make conversation and didn’t give me any rush to finish. Overall it was an outstanding experience and I went there again after the first visit. 😍😍😍