The Vacuum


She had been about to tap me on the shoulder to give me a fright. Her mouth was open, her eyes looked as though they were going to pop out. I caught her before as she fell, her knees had buckled, she was holding her stomach with one hand and cupping her snatch with other. I carried her into the living room, tears were running down her faces but their wasn’t any sound coming from her open mouth. I lay her on the couch, saying to her over an over how sorry I was, all the while wondering what the fuck I could do to help. She just lay there in the fetal position taking deep breaths, but apart from that she wasn’t moving. I knelt by her side, stroking her hair and wiping away her tears, coaxing her to tell me how to help. Her first words were “Oh ssshit it fucking hurts. ” After I coaxed her a little more, she said, she thought she might be bleeding. I asked if she would like me to take a look. No no, she said, as she twisted herself off the couch knocking me out of the way. She tried to stand, only to fall to her knees, letting out a loud scream. I caught her again and lifted her back on the couch. I told her that we were both adults, and over the next three years of us all living together, in the same house, we would no doubt both see more of each other. Having said that, I managed to push her knees down and lift the front of her skirt to reveal her covered snatch, so far so good, I said, I carried on prising her beautiful young thighs apart. I was rewarded with the most amazing sight, she had forced the material of her panties right into her snatch, revealing two swollen mounds either side.

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   Still no sign of any blood, I said, as I slowly pulled the material out. She gave little whimpers as I did so. Still no sign, I said. I could feel a twitch in my own crotch as I realised I had a semi hard on. It still hurts and still feels that its cut, something definitely bleeding, she said, though her sobbing. Well we’ve come this far we might as well take a closer look, I told her, not waiting for her response, I reach either side of her hips, grabbed hold of her panties waist band and yanked them to her knees in one movement. Karen was so shocked, that it took a good long second or two before she realise she was exposed to my glare, she had a little tuft of shine dark pubic hair, it was obvious that it had been cultivated into that perfect V shape. I didn’t wait for any further objections. The next tug her panties were on the floor, her legs prised apart with my nose only four inches away from her snatch, their isn’t any sign of bleeding, but it looks a little swollen, maybe a little bruising. Karen’s hands were hovering not knowing what to do, should she cover her private parts with them or push me away. I took the lead, I’ve got some oil that’ll help, I said, as I rushed out of the room. When I came back Karen was double up again hugging herself across her stomach. OK, I’ll soon have you feeling better, I said, as I sat on the couch by her. It’s alright, it’ll be alright soon she sobbed, tear rush down her face. It will be with the help of this oil, I said, pulling her legs down and opening them.

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  I soaked a cotton ball with some of the oil, and started to apply it to her outer lips of her snatch, and then opened lips, to reveal one of the rawest snatches I’d ever seen. I had a job to do. This might feel a bit cool at first Karen, I said. As I held her lips apart, up and down her crack I applied a generous portion of oil, I gently circled her clit, which gain a Mmmmm response. All of a sudden Karen started to make sounds like OOH OW OOOH, what the OOOH, as I continued to bathe her inner parts of her snatch, from her love hole to her clit. This made her sit up, and support her weight with her arm straight behind her. She was biting her bottom lip, her eyes closed, MMMMmmmmm, was the contented noise she made, what th the f f fuck is that oil called, she asked, breathing hard. It’s called Sensual Spearmint Love Arousal Herbal Oils, It’s suppose cool you and relax you, I explained. Relax you, you must be fuckin joking, O OOH-OOH she moaned, as I brought her to an orgasm. She lay back down and pulled her legs up to her stomach, I only just managed to whip my hands away. I left it for a moment or two, as I looked at her thighs and rounded ass, I smiled to myself thinking that I had just brought my little sister-in-law off, looking down at my shorts, I was plainly visible that I needed some fun as well. Did that make you feel better, I asked, Karens eyes opened, as if she had just realised what she had allowed me to do. She sat up, put her feet on the floor and stood up quickly. Bad idea, she crumbled to her hands and knees crying. She landed on all fours with her arse in the air and her face buried in the carpet, her arse was pointed in my direction.

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   Seeing her glistening snatch pointing up to me was just to much. I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them, then I dropped to my knees between her feet, I poured some oil the full length of my shaft and positioned it at the entrance to Karens love hole. Before she realise what was happening, I had grabbed hold of her young slim hips, pulling her to me as I thrust into her tight but warm and welcoming love shoot. I slowly slid out till just the tip of my shaft kept the love tunnel open. On my second thrust I buried my shaft all the way. I could feel the oil working, a cool and tingly sensation. But I was expecting the sensation, Karen wasn’t. OOH you’ve u-used th-that O Oil again, haven’t Y-YOU!, she stammered. I thrust long and deep, making sure the oil bathe the whole of her insides, I carried on with slow long thrust, bringing Karen to two more very noisy orgasms, before I wanted to change to an other position. I needed to see all of her young lovely body, I withdrew my shaft, from a very wet love shoot. NO NO put it back in, she screamed. It’s all right, I’m just changing positions, I need to see your gorgeous body, I said, picking her up in my arms, giving her our first ever passionate kiss, as I carried her, our lips locked as I placed that lovely round arse on the edge of the dining table. The first thing that came off was my T-shirt, I was standing in front of my sister-in-law bollock naked, with my glistening rampant shaft, eager to carry on. Karen was trying to keep eye contact with me, but they kept wondering down to my shaft, hurry up will you, it’s tingling it needs to be fucked again, she said, as she pulled me in closer. Hold on, I need to see those beautiful big breasts of yours, as I helped her out of her top and skirt, making short work of her bra.

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   What a sight they must have been 36 and pert, I was in seventh heaven, her nips the size of organ stoppers, I dived down on them burying my face in one, then the other, taking those nips into my mouth sucking and nibbling them, dragging them out from her tits by my teeth. Karen loved the attention I was giving them, she moaned she screamed, she yelled Oh God I’m cummin, I cummin. I lay her on to the table and lowered my face to meet her snatch, her juices were flowing out, I had to taste. Her musk aroma had filled my nostrils, I licked her swollen mounds then the out rim, up and down her open crack, just letting my tongue go over the edge, feeling the soft smooth inner skin, over the hood and down to the tip of her love tunnel, tasting her for the first time, then back up and with a quick flick of my tongue on her clit. She went wild gripping my hair and ears pulling me tighter to her, I gave her clit a fucking good seeing to. Karen was very noisy, but I couldn’t hear what she was shouting, all I could hear moans and MMMmmm’s. She came over and over again, my chin was soaking wet, I moved to her love tunnel to lap all of her up, trying to get as much of her as possible. I moved up her body, her stomach muscles tightening and twitching as I kissed and licked my way up, and over those pert young breast, to those hungry lips, kissing her wildly I let my shaft find it’s own way to the promised land, it didn’t fail me, it hit it’s target first strike and carried on to penetrate the very depth’s of her love shoot. Karen rapped her legs around my waist as I hammered my shaft home to the applause of my bollocks hitting her arse. I needed to go deeper, I pushed her knees flattening those lovely tits, my first thrust in that position felt as if I hit her back bone, Karen screamed and screamed again with the next thrust, she shouted, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me harder. So I did. I hammered as hard and as fast as was humanly possible, I new I was near, and Karen must have sensed it to. Cum with me, she said, I want you to cum with me, I want to feel your cum in me. Now she commanded, I,m cummin, I’m cummin. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I exploded deep in side my lovely sister-in-law, I lay on top of her exhausted, we stayed like that for a while in each others arms kissing.

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   Just one thing, she said, pushing me up and back, I haven’t tasted you yet. She slid off the table, spun me around so I was supported by the table, she kissed me then descended down my body, kissing and nibbling my chest on the way, she reached the shaft, I could feel her hot breath on my helmet as she cupped my bollocks in her hand and gently needed them. I was like a ramrod in seconds, she took me in her mouth and played a very beautiful tune, she had me shooting my second load of the day, deep in the back of her throat, even though she hadn’t been able to swallow all of me that first time. It’s still very memorable. We cleaned up and showered just in time for Sara coming home, I explained that I hadn’t cooked anything, as I had lost track of time entertaining Karen, and she best get changed as I was taking them both out for supper. At the Restaurant, as part of the small talk, Karen mentioned That Connie her mum was coming down with more of her belongings on Thursday, and would it be or right if she stay till Sunday. I must tell you Connie is the blueprint for Sara and Karen, she is gorgeous at 43, I which I had been around when she was in her twenties, as she was, and still is stunning. Any way she’s tall and has a Latin look about her, long jet black hair. Her husband Ben had an affair three years ago, and since then they sleep in different rooms. What a waste of a beautiful woman. After our meal we jumped a cab, Sara was first out, and up the drive to open the door, leaving Karen and myself to pay the driver. Karen linked my arm as we walked up the drive, thanks for letting me stay and thanks for today it was breath taking in more ways than one. Can you be in for mum on Thursday as that’s the day I enroll, and maybe you can show her the vacuum, god knows she needs it, and don’t forget to get some more of that oil, a lot more. MUM’S TURN WITH THE VAC’SMy sister-in-law Karen, had come to stay with Sara and I, while she attended University. On the day she arrived, I accidentally hit her in the snatch, as I vacuumed the hall carpet.

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  In my attempt to ease her pain, I whip down her panties and applied a Sensual Spearmint Love Arousal Herbal Oil, because I new it was safe to us in that area and wouldn’t sting. Well I got a massive hardon, and screwed her all day long. When Sara arrived home, We all went out for a meal, were Karen told us both, that her mother, Connie was bring more of her belongings on Thursday, and asked, whether I would be in to meet her, as she couldn’t, she had to enroll that day. Connie is a stunning 43 year old tall with Latin looks, a figure any 24 year old model would die for. Karen has assured us that since her father was caught having an affair a couple of years ago, mum hasn’t had a good fuck, she moved out of the marital bed after dad’s affair, and hasn’t bothered with men since. On arriving home after are meal, Karen and I walked up our drive arm in arm. She suggested that I introduce her mother to my vacuum, as she thought she would benefit from the experience. Well, Karen had sowed the seed in my mind, I thought about nothing else all week, I decided to go for it. I hatched the plan in my minds eye, step by step. It didn’t all go to plan, here’s what happened. I had the vac’s already in position in the hall, as I kept a watch from behind the curtains in the front room. Connie pulled up at about 9. 30, she got out of the car with a couple of small bag’s one in each hand, then slammed the car door, that was my cue to turn on the vacuum and pretend to hoover, I had left the front door on the latch so she could let herself in. I pretended not to hear her as she let herself in and shouted over the noise of the vacuum, Tom, Tom it’s Connie. Hearing her I took a step backwards and pulled the vac’s on a backward stroke.

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   I miss judged it, the handle only travelled about 9 inches past the back of my leg, with a hard thud it hit right on target, right in Connies snatch. It hit her so hard she crumbled on top of me, she was out cold. I let go of the vac’s only to find it was helping to hold her up, jammed in her snatch. I manage to turn part way round, with Connie perched on my shoulder it wasn’t easy, she was a dead wait and her grip had tightened on those two bag’s, which made it all that more awkward to carry her. I lay her down on the couch, I slapped her face gently a couple of times, she was out cold. I pulled her pants and panties down, I reached a round the side of the couch where I had prepared a bowl of the Herbal love oil, and cotton balls. I took in the sights as I opened Connies thighs, she hadn’t let herself go, even though she hadn’t had a lover to keep the grass trimmed for, It was obvious she had kept it neat and tidy, perhaps hoping a opportunity might come knocking. I raised her knees and parted them as far as I could get them, which opened the pathway, with a neatly trimmed hedge either side. I winced when I saw the angry swelling and bruising forming in and around the love tunnel, I didn’t let that put me off, the plan that had hatch in my mind all week. Taking a cotton ball soaking it in the love oil, I started to bathe that raw meat, thinking to myself that it was just as well she was out cold, or this would be hurting like hell. I coated her inner lips and I paid particular attention to her clit, dipping the cotton ball in the love oil quite a few times and gently massaging the same area over and over. I was getting very turn on, the bulge in my shorts was trying to make it’s own way out, I felt her 38 D pair of tit’s through her top. I lowered my head to get a better view of he open slit, I couldn’t help myself, I took a big breath and inhaled her sex smell. I was over come. I dipped my tongue into her inviting love mound, I concentrated on her clit hoping for some sort of response.

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  I gave her clit a sound tongue lashing, I circled her love tunnel before thrusting it as deep as my jaw would allow. Still their wasn’t any response. I started to panic, at this point, I didn’t know what damage I had done. Did she need a doctor, had she gone in to shock, had she had a heart attack. My mind was work overtime, had I done some permeant damage. How was I going to explain to Sara, that I had bash her mum in the cunt with the vacuum, and then taken down her pants and panties, and with the help of our love oil, commenced to seduce her. I decided that an ice pack might do the trick, I ran to the fridge, got some ice rapped in a cloth and ran back. To my relief, Connie was coming round as I entered, she had her knees bent with both her hands cupping her snatch. Ah ah ah ow ergh ow ah ergh, were the sound that she was making. Thank God your alright, I honestly said. Alright. What the hell, what have you done to me, she asked, though more moans and groans. Where’s my clothes, what the hell have you been doing to me, you Blood Pervert. It’s not what you think, I started to explain. Ho, isn’t it, well come on, explain and it better be good, Pervert, she spat.

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   Before I could carry on with my explanation, I offered Connie another oil soaked cotton ball, telling her she should bathe the tender parts, she snatched it from me and commenced to dab it on her clit. Oh Oh Oh, you fucking devious bastard, you given me some love oil, haven’t you. I stood there just watching her rubbing herself faster and faster, I never said a word. She was bring herself to the boil, Oh you bastard, Oh you, she mumbled. How do you know about the love oil, I asked. It was me, it was me t h a t g a v e I t t o SARA, she said, as she relaxed and stopped rubbing herself. She looked me in the eye and asked, is this how you planned it, you Pervert. Well you’ve made me as horny as yourself, as her eye’s dropped to my bulge. You had better be good or I cry rape Pervert, she threatened, pulling me closer by me rock hard bulge. Get them off she ordered, as she stared to take her top off. She might be the blueprint for her daughters, and one day they might have a magnificent pair of large tit’s as she has. Only the bra to go until she’s completely naked. I stood there with the biggest stiff on in my life, watching this beautiful woman stripping in front of my eye’s, and knowing very soon I would be fucking the daylights out of her. A unused by man for three years cunt. She struggling to unhook her bra, as it hurts her to move.

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   Don’t just stand there with your prick pointed at me, help me you dumb fuck. I didn’t like been spoken to like that, but what the hey, I would have her dangling on the end of my prick, in a short while, then she’ll see who’s a dumb fuck. I reached round and with a well practised hand, I unhooked the clasp. In that position my prick was in Connies face, she gripped it firmly in both hands, kissed the helmet, ran her tongue over the peek, and gently pushed it in the to my pee hole. It wasn’t hard to see where her daughter had got the natural talent from. She pushed me away from her warm and experience mouth. Sara wasn’t joking when she bragged that you had a impressive weapon. I can see how big it is, now let’s see you perform, she said. Not taking her hands or eye’s off my prick, as she lay back and started to pull me on top. As my prick was guided to her entrance, and I felt it enter into her unused love box, she let out a scream and said, It hurts, it hurts to much in this position take it out. Take it out. I was taking the weight on my outstretched arms, looking down into her eye’s, wondering should I, or should I just hammer my prick deep inside of her. It was as if she had read my mind, her hand shot up to my chest, no please don’t she begged, her eye’s filled with fear and pain. I just hovered looking down at her. Please Tom I know I was rude to you, I’m sorry, let’s try another position, please Tom.


  I relented, I raised my arse and out my prick popped. Lifting myself off, I was taking in the splendour of my mother-in-laws youthful, and shapely figure, her breast large and quite firm, her model shaped waist, her neatly groomed thatch her long slender legs. God she was ever mans dream. The look on her face changed, She smiled for the first time since she arrived, with a look of relief, she asked, how do you want me Tom!Just lay there. Let me take some of that hurt away, I told her. I lowered my lips to those beautiful tit’s, and took the first into my mouth, sucking deeply, Oh Tom as she pressed the back of my head squashing my face into her breast. Oh Tom It’s been so long, I‘d forgotten how good it feels to have a man suckle my boobs. I moved on to the next and left a nice size love bit behind, then moved on down her stomach, kissing licking my way, plunging my tongue into her navel, which made her arch her back. With the encouraging sounds, cheering me on I carried on to the avenue of pubic hair, with it’s glistening centre. I gently let my tongue dig it’s own furrow, the encouraging sound had now been blocked out, as Connie had tight hold of my ears. I had my tongue deep inside her already wet love channel, licking and sucking, trying to lick her snatch dry, I then moved up, to the bud of all pleasure and flicked from side to side, up and down, sucked it deep into my mouth while still giving the bud the tongue treatment. My hair was been pulled from my scalp, Connie was going frantic her juices where gushing down my chin, even though it must have been hurting she was slamming het cunt into my face. I was watching the muscle in her stomach contract, waiting for them to settle down. When they did, Connie tried to pull me on top, saying Fuck me, Fuck me now Tom darling. Not in this position, I warned, have you forgotten, it’ll hurt like fuck.

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  I don’t care just FUCK ME PLEASE. No I want you to be able to walk when your daughters arrive home, I stood up. But Tom. she murmured. It’s alright, I said as I helped her up off the couch, and then onto her knees on the floor. It was only then that I really appreciated what a beautiful shaped rear end she had. It started to take a different shape the more she leaned forward, the wider it appeared. Until her pucker hole came into view, then her pink snatch, that looked as if it was parting ready for me to slip in. Dangling down were her beautiful jugs her nips touching the floor, a glorious sight I will alway’s remember. I dropped to my knees behind her, holding my prick, I moved it up and down her slit coating it in her own juices. Don’t tease she ordered. Taking that as my cue, I slid the helmet in, to the encouragement of oooh’s and aah’s, I took hold of her hips, pulling her closer, I probed deeper and deeper, stopping only to make sure it was ok to carry on. Oh Tom, push it all the way in, it’ll be alright, I want all of you inside of me. I bottomed out. Connie let out a scream, I wasn’t waiting to find out if it was ok, I slid practically all the way out, only to have Connies grab hold of my thigh, to stop me popping out altogether.

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   A slight pause, but without a word spoken I new she wanted to carry on, and so I pushed back in, slow at first then faster and faster. Then I remembered the Love Oil, I reached over to the bowl soaked a cotton ball, I slid my prick out, leaving just the helmet inside a very wet love shoot. Squeezing the cotton in my hand, allowing the oil to coat the length of my prick and run down to Connies clit. Having given it a good soaking, I slowly entered the love shoot once again, right to the hilt in one thrust, and stopped, I just held it there, I could feel the effects. I waited till Connie caught up. The effects of the Oil were seconds behind mine, she started to press her arse into me, with a slow ooooh oooooh OOOOH OOOOOH OH YES YES YES IT’S FUCKING LOVELY, FUCK ME MEEE. And I did. I hammered home as hard and as fast a I’ve ever done before. Connie had her head on the floor her arse as high as possible, a Love Oil coated hand massaging her nipples, the other one also Oil coated in Oil, was giving her clit a good rubbing. Her love noises never stopped, she came again and again. When she felt my prick grow that little bit fatter, she new I was about to cum. She concentrated on my needs then, shouting encouraging noises, like Fuck me Tom, as Hard as you Can, I want to have you shoot your cum deep inside my snatch, I need to feel the heat as it hits the back of my cunt. I deposited load after load, I watched it mix with hers as our both juices were on my prick each time I withdrew. Connie could teach her daughters a thing or two, she milked my prick of every drop, she has strong cunt muscles that gripped then slackened then gripped. .

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  We fucked a few times more, on the table top was a good position, with her legs a round my neck. All to soon it was time to clean ourselves up before the girls came home. Connie still found it hard to walk, she said and It wasn’t just the vacuums fault. Sara and Karen arrived home together, they said there hello’s kissed hugged. Then Connie said she was taking us all out for a meal, great, said, both girls racing off to change. Walking to the car Karen linked her mums arm, your limping a bit mum, she said. Yes I bumped into something, she replied. It wasn’t the vacuum by any chance was it, she asked. Connie eye’s raced from Karens face to mine then Karens again, they both stopped in the drive staring at one another, then bust out laughing. Sara came down the drive just then, what are you two laughing at, she asked. Which made them worse, she came and stood by me and said those two have alway’s been the same, laughing at thing’s that I dont get the punch line to. While having our meal Connie took Sara’s hand, Sara how would you feel if I put an offer in on the house next door to you and Tom, and moved down here, that way Karen could live with me and you two can have your own place to yourselves again. That would be marvellous, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you all, Sara said, as she be came weepy. How do you feel about it Tom, will you be able to copy with the three of us, you will be the only male between three women, she had a double meaning smile, that only Karen and I knew. That’s fine by me, providing your not to demanding, I answered.

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  Good, of cause we wont, just a few jobs around the house, like trimming my hedge rows that sort of thing. I got the double meaning and so did my prick, it was erect in a split second. Before I could reply Karen hand reached under the table and stroked my thigh, as she reached my prick she said, and you will put a few thing’s up for me as well wont you Tom. Well that’s settled, Sara said. We will go to the Estate Agency in the morning, to see what the asking price is, let’s order some Champagne to celebrate Tom. Sara held my hand as Karen was stoking my prick and Connie foot was rubbing my inner thighs, and looking straight in my eye’s. It looks as if your going to be busy Darling, Sara softly said. .
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Μην ξεχνάτε ποτέ ότι η πόλη Ρέθυμνο είναι μια πόλη που μπορεί να κάνει όλες τις διεστραμμένες ιδέες σας πραγματικότητα. Έτσι, αν ψάχνετε για λίγη πρόστυχη δράση, αυτό το μέρος έχει όλα όσα χρειάζεστε. Για αυτό, μόλις φτάσετε σε αυτήν την απίστευτη Ελληνική πόλη, μην χάσετε την ευκαιρία να επισκεφτείτε τηνΠιστέψτε με, δεν έχετε δει ποτέ άλλη πόλη σαν αυτή που θα εξερευνήσετε ότι η δημιουργήθηκε αποκλειστικά για όλους τους ακόλαστους και αχόρταγους επιβήτορες που αναζητούν πάντα το σεξ. Διαθέτουμε μια ευρεία συλλογή από διάφορες τσούλες οι οποίες είναι πολύ ανοιχτόμυαλες για βιτσιόζικη δράση. Οι πόρνες στην μπορούν να κάνουν σεξ όλη νύχτα και να προσφέρουν την υψηλότερη ικανοποίηση στον πλανήτη.

Πράγματα που Μπορείτε να Απολαύστε στην σεξ Βόλος

Σκέφτεστε από πού να ξεκινήσετε; Ποια καλλονή να επιλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα χρήσιμα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν μεγάλο κατάλογο με σαγηνευτικές τσούλες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα καυτά σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Γοητευτικές ξανθές, πρόστυχες μελαχρινές, καυτές κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να επιλέξετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι έμπειρες γυναίκες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους εκπληκτικούς οργασμούς τους και την φανταστική δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε ελέγξτε την.
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