Well, I had found my fingers and my pussy could turn a boring day into something worthwhile, and I fell back on them now. I awoke with the sun streaming in from the window, and covering my bed. I crawled out from the covers and stripped off my nighty so I could enjoy the gentle warmth on my vulva and breast. I let my fingers dance around my small but sensitive breast for a while, then began to concentrate more earnestly on my nipples. Soon they were standing up and begging for more. How could I deny them when they had been so good to me? Meanwhile, my right hand was wandering across my stomach and down my sides. Eventually I began caressing my thighs and, when I could feel the moisture of arousal dripping down my lips and onto the covers I reached down and touched my cunt. The whole slit was deliciously wet. I ran my fingers up and down the whole length of it, and then a little deeper inside. My clit was tingling and as I ran the tip of my finger around it in little circles, waves of pleasure rolled over my body. I was nearing orgasm when there came three rapid-fire knocks on the door, and then the sound of it swinging open. I stared in horror, one hand frozen on my breast and the other on my pussy, as my grandmother walked into the room. My legs were spread wide and my bed was across from the door so she had a perfect view. There was no way I could hide anything. I was caught 'red-handed'. My grandmother never even paused.

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   She just took one quick look, said 'Oops! Sorry, didn't mean to disturb you. I'll put your breakfast back on the stove so it'll be warm when your done. ' then left the room smiling. I didn't know what to do, but I certainly was in no mood to 'finish'. I dressed as quickly as possible and wandered out breakfast. I wanted desperately to hide, but I was going to have to face her sooner or later, and it might as well be now. Grandma, true to her word, had put my food (Cream-Of-Wheat) back on to warm and was already eating at the table. I got a bowl and scooped up some breakfast, than set down. Grandma was reading the paper and she looked over the top of it at me. 'Done so soon?' she asked. I didn't know what to say. I kinda slunk my head a little closer to the bowl and mumbled 'sorry'. 'Sorry?', she asked. 'What do you have to be sorry about. There ain't none of us haven't had a little "tiddle" now and then.

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   Your grandfathers been dead for near on to eight years now, you reckon I've been doing without all this time? Not on your life! Not all of us old folks are as prudish as you youngsters think. Ask real nice and I might let you borrow my vibrator next time. Now eat your breakfast. 'I sat in absolute shock for a moment. My grandmother was telling me that it was not only OK for me to jack-off, but she did it too? This was going to be a summer of surprises . . . My grandmother left the table and I just sat there. This was extraordinarily confusing to me. My grandmother had a vibrator? I had never tried one before. Should I ask? What the hay, why not. I found her in her bedroom. She was lying on the bed and reading the paper. She looked up when I came in and grinned again. "What do you need honey?" she asked.

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  "Um", I hesitated. "I guess I just wanted to talk. You really approve of people touching themselves? You actually do it yourself? You really own a vibrator!""Yes", she said. "To all of the above. I may be older than you, but I'm still a woman. I didn't become comfortable with my body until after your grandfather died and I decided to spend some time and learn about sex and myself. I wish I had raised your mother differently, but I'm glad to get a chance to help you now. Don't be ashamed of your body, don't be ashamed of your pleasure. Have you had a man yet?"I blushed at the question, but I had always liked my grandmother and was finding her a lot easier to talk with than my own mom. So I screwed up my courage and answered. "Close, but not actually. Frank and I petted a little, but never all the way". "Well", she answered. "Then I guess you've still got a lot to learn. First off, our bodies are great looking and we shouldn't ashamed of them.

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   I've been in torture these past weeks wearing clothes all the time. That stops now. If were going to be girls together we might as well be natural about it. Can you handle that sweetie? Or am I going to fast for you. " "Wellllll", I stammered. "I'm willing to try. . . , but I'm nervous. ""Nervous won't kill you. I'll start if that will help. " Whereupon she stood up and slipped off her dress. I was surprised to see that my grandmother was in great shape for 65. She had a lot of wrinkles, but her legs were fairly firm and her tummy was flat. She reached back and unsnapped her bra.

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   Her breasts were large, and they did sag, but the nipples were dark and attractive. I tried not to stare as she took off her panties. I had never really gotten a good look at another woman's cunt. Hers was shaved! Her pussy lips hung out long and luxuriously. I imagined I could see the tip of her clit peeking out from between them. My mouth hung open. She was old, yes, but she was still desirable, and I couldn't help but desire her. I had never even thought about sex with another woman, yet alone incest. But here I was wanting to touch my grandmother's pussy. I looked into her eyes, and she was smiling. She kissed me. Not a friendly grandmotherly peck on the cheek, but a full, long, lip to lip, open-mouthed kiss. The she said, "Why don't you undress now love. " How could I not! I unbuttoned my blouse and removed my jeans. Grandma unsnapped my bra for me, then pulled down my panties.

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   She stayed down in front of me for a while, staring at my pussy. She ran her hand lovingly across my stomach and then stood up. My heart was pounding. I reached forward and barely touched her breast with my fingers. She closed her eyes for a moment, then looked deep into mine. "Honey", she said. "Neither one of us has ever done this before, lets learn together". I looked into her face then reached out and grabbed her breast fully. It was soft and heavy. I lifted it to my face and kissed it on the nipple. Her nipples were as delicious as they had first looked. She stepped back to the bed and lay down. I moved over on top of her and began devouring her breast. She reached out and touched my younger firmer breast. I felt all of the tingles of this mornings jack-off coming back full force.

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   She wandered further down and found my bush. When her finger found my clit, I exploded. Right then I had the best orgasm of my life. She knew exactly the magic movements that would send me over the edge. When I had done, I knew what I wanted next. I climbed down her body and parted her cunt lips with my fingers. She was moist and her clit was high and hard. I kissed it gently. She moaned, and I began to run my tongue around it in tight little circles. Grandma raised her hips up high in the bed, pressing my face deeper into her pussy. I never imagined a woman could taste so good. I probed my tongue into her vagina and found no resistance at all. Boy was she big! She pushed my head back and said, "With your fingers sweet, please?" I reached one finger up into her passage, and then two, three, finally all four before she seemed to be satisfied. I continued to lick her clit as I plunged my hand in and out of her vagina. She convulsed, and then screamed as she reached climax.

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   I continued to gently lick her love spot, and momentarily she came again. This one was softer, but lasted longer. We lay in each others arms for a long time, my grandmother and I. Finally she opened her eyes again and, breathing heavily said, "Get my vibrator out of the top drawer, would you sweet"?This wasn't going to be such a boring vacation after all. . . MORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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