Oh Dolly!

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He was very handsome. He was 6'0" and weighed 180lbs with nothing but muscle. His eyes were dark gray with long eyelashes. He was basically a guy most girls would automatically drool over and long to be with. He'd been asked out by many girls and he'd also managed to date a few but he hadn't found that one girl who he could be himself around. As he walked back to his apartment, he could tell it was getting dark outside. It would be another Saturday night alone, but he wanted to be ready for the killer Anatomy test on Monday. He rushed upstairs and once in his apartment, he was able to breathe. College life had been hard to adjust to. Being 18 and on your own wasn't as fun or easy as they said it would be. He threw his backpack on the floor and lay on his bed looking up at the ceiling. He smiled remembering the pretty brunette girls. He'd had a few girlfriends but nothing too serious. Just some heavy petting followed by him fingering or receiving a hand job. He wanted to sleep with a girl and experience the feel of a hot female pussy, but he was scared to death to have sex with just anyone. Greg sat back up on his bed and pulled off his white polo shirt.

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   It felt good to be alone once again. His muscular chest and washboard stomach had a nice golden tan. He kicked off his shoes and took his socks off. There was nothing more comfortable than being able to walk around naked. He was about to go get something to drink and get back to studying, but he felt an urge. He felt a strong urge to jerk off. He could feel his cock hardening in his pants. His hand moved down and rubbed the hardening cock. "Mmmm yeah!" Greg moaned as his hand massaged his aching cock. Suddenly his face turned red and he knew what he wanted to do. He bit his lower lip and smiled. He kneeled down to look under his bed. There she was. Her name was Dolly a 5-foot inch blow up doll. He grabbed her by her hand and pulled her out.

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   She was wearing a short little black dress that he bought from the Goodwill one time to make her seem more beautiful. He had wanted to buy a more "real life" doll but those things were so damn expensive!"Hey there, I've missed you," he said teasingly as he looked at the doll. Her eyes were dark blue and she had blonde color on her head as hair. Her lips were dark red and very pouty. He sat the doll on his lap and put his arms around her. He cock was throbbing now more than ever. "Did you miss me? I hope you did because I'm going to fuck you so good tonight Dolly. " He continued to talk to her while he smiled seductively. "Look just how hard you make me. My balls are aching right now ready to shoot my spunk in you Dolly. " He leaned down and kissed the doll. His lips met with her so perfectly. He kissed her first with soft pecks. Then his tongue glided her lips and he only wished she had a tongue to touch his. His heart was pounding now as he made out with the pretty doll.

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   "You look so sexy tonight Dolly. I think you'll look sexier without your clothes on. " He began to unzip her dress and his eyes grew wide as if fell off her and revealed her rubber breasts. They were a peach color with dark brown hard nipples. He took the nipples in his fingers and played with them. "Hmmm you like that don't ya Dolly? I can see that you wanna get fucked too. "The little dress fell on the floor and Greg stood up to lay the doll down on the bed. She lay there so obediently with her legs wide open just for him. Greg squeezed his cock and stared at his doll for a moment. He took off his pants and boxers. His hard cock was pointing straight as he eyed the doll. "Are you ready to take my cock Dolly? Once again I'm going to fuck you like never before. You don't know how much you turn me on!" Greg rasped. Greg leaned over to his nightstand pulling out some Vaseline. He got a good amount and rubbed it on his cock.

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   He licked his lips and closed his eyes moaning. He couldn't wait to be inside his doll. "Oh Dolly I'm so horny right now. I know I'm gonna cum so hard in you. You'd like that wouldn't you? You'd like my cum in your pussy? You dirty little cum slut!"He stared at the doll as he worked the Vaseline on his cock. He scooped up a bit more lube and inserted his finger inside the dolls pussy. He moved his finger around making sure she got well lubed. He got in between the dolls legs and positioned his cock on her rubber pussy. It was just a plain drawing of a pussy between her legs with a tiny and tight hole for him to fuck. He pushed his cock in and moaned loudly. She was very tight and so willing. "Ahhh yeah! Oh baby you've been wanting this dick haven't you?" Greg groaned. He moved his hips back and forth as her pussy swallowed up his cock nicely. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist pulling her closer to him. "Hmmm yeah! Take my cock you little slut! Take it like you want it!" He shoved his cock faster inside of his doll.

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   His hands grabbed her rubber tits and he closed his eyes for a moment imagining himself fucking one of the brunettes that were at the library. He could only imagine how their tits felt. "Oh Dolly! Yeah! I want you to milk my cock baby! Oh baby I wanna cum so hard in you!" Greg's voice was shaky and he was getting more turned on as he imagined being inside one of the brunette's pussy. …I bet her pussy would feel so warm! So tight and she'd cum all over my cock…. He was pumping the doll with his cock with all his might. With each thrust the doll shifted a bit making it hard to control her. "Oooh your such a slut Dolly! Oh my little fuck whore! Tighten your pussy Dolly! Squeeze my cock with your pussy! Oooh fuck!"Greg was breaking a sweat now. His heart was racing with lust and desire. He wanted to hard and let all his cum shoot out inside of his doll. She'd been his sexual release for the past few months. Hell not only was she hot, she didn't' talk back and he could fuck her as much as he wanted. Oh she was perfect!His moans were the only thing that could be heard in the silent room. He was grabbing the dolls tits hard while he kept fucking her violently. "Take it bitch! Take my cock you fuckin' skanky little slut!" He shouted to her looking at her with a mix of anger and lust. Greg was beginning to feel weak and his cock was throbbing with passion.

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   He did a few more hard thrusts and suddenly his toes curled and he bucked his hips trying not to cum so fast but it was too late. Long hard ropes of hot cum shot of out his cock and into his doll. "Mmmmm oooh god! I'm cumming! I'm fuckin' cumming in you! Take my cum you fuckin' cunt! Oh yeah!" Greg grunted. He kept pumping his doll with shorter thrusts until he slowly felt his cock soften inside of her. He pulled his cock out and lay besides the doll. His breathing was heavy and he felt his heart pounding from such a hard orgasm. He looked over at his doll and made her turn to face him. He stroked her rubber face and kissed her lips. "Oh you little whore. Look what you did to me. Now I gotta clean you up," his voice was sincere and sweet. Greg got up feeling his body weak. After cleaning Dolly up, he went to take a shower. The warm water felt good on his naked body. He felt somewhat like a geek for having had sex only with his doll, but at least he was happy.

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   He wanted to actually go back to the library and ask one of the brunettes out. He was ready to explore a real girl this time. He knew if things didn't got well, he'd have Dolly for backup. .