Sex on the beach!


Her First Public Sex
By: Dingo8UrBaby

I had just had my 20th birthday, and my high school sweetheart and wife Myka was well into her 19th year, that summer when I took her to the local nude beach on the big wide river near our home. I say near, since it was less than an hour's drive, through beautiful scenery along relaxing rural roads. Of course it was not the first time we'd gone there, heck we'd been doing that and meeting friends there since I got my driver's license in high school. But it was the first time I had taken her there for the day, with a plan:

A plan to seduce her in public, and to force her take me with others watching us!

The first time on this beach, we had discovered it together, Myka and me. It was on a Saturday drive, heading nowhere in particular, when we stumbled on the area. We were high school sweethearts, she had just turned 16, and I was just 17. I'd been driving about a year or so, and we were in my first car. An old vintage VW Beetle. . . a REAL one, the original air-cooled kind. Not the newer re-make with the engine in front. It was a great little car! My uncle had restored it for me as an early graduation present. It was a year or so premature, as I was only a Junior (Myka was a cute little Sophomore) but the deal was, if I failed to stay in school and graduate I had to give it back. Not that I was in danger of flunking out, heck all you had to do was show up regularly and tell the teachers what they wanted to hear. Play the game and all that, and you were golden!So school was really pretty easy.

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  But I was in danger of just quitting, out of boredom. But the deal with the car, and knowing that regardless what our future together might hold, my girl deserved better than a high school drop out. So I decided to stick it out and matriculate with my class. Anyway, that day on a drive we saw a river beach on the right and I pulled over where some other cars were parked, and leaving our shoes in the car, walked barefoot together across the warm dirt road, and onto the narrow strand of soft sand between the road, and the water's edge.

Myka had been wearing a pair of friendly old faded and fringed cutoff jeans, nicely short but not the "Daisy Duke" kind, and a cute white halter top. Her top presented her perky teenage breasts quite nicely, I thought!She was a "perfect handful" with no sag. Just the way I liked 'em!And I too was in cutoffs, but hadleft my T-shirt in the car with our shoes. We had crossed perhaps half the distance to the river's edge when we noticed that everyone there, was quite naked!Now neither of us was a virgin, after all Myka had been through three boyfriends - that I knew of - before being with me, and a hot cousin on my dad's side had relieved me of my cherry a couple of years before. And of course Myka and I were knocking it off fairly regularly!Hey, we were teenagers after all. So the bare bodies. . . breasts, shaved pubes (and not), and penises of various descriptions all around us, were not in any way shocking. However the open casualness of their nudity was different for us. And it took only a few minutes for me to decide that I liked it!And that I wanted to see Myka that way too.

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As we strolled along the river, hand in hand, she was trying not to be too overt while checking out the men we passed. Laying down, some on their back and fully displayed, some on their belly with the 'twig and grapes' showing plainly between their parted legs. Well, I considered, it WOULD be uncomfortable to lay on it!While others were standing, visiting with friends of just those others around them they'd met that day. All the women, and young boys and girls for it was obviously a family kind of place, were doing the same kind of things. He smaller children were squatting or sitting cross-legged on the sand by, the water, making sand castles. It was a quite warm day but not too hot by way of the numerous cottonwood trees providing shade. They rustled in the afternoon breeze, and the scene made for a very nice place to hang out. . . so to speak. I had been getting up my nerve as we walked, and finally I stopped, undid my shorts, and let them drop to the sand. I stepped out of them, suddenly very aware of my nudity as I picked them up and rolled them tightly making them easy to carry. "Mmmm, man that DOES feel good!" I said, making Myka turn and see that I had stripped and was walking now beside her, naked. She stopped, and we stood there a second as she looked at me in surprise. I told her how wonderful it felt to have the sun and air all over, and that she needed to try it.

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She was hesitant, but I reached down to myself and pulled back my foreskin, showing her the head of my manhood. She always liked when I did that!She said it made it all vulnerable and defenseless. So as she was staring at it, I put my arms around her, hugging her close, and deftly unhooked her top and removed it up over her head. Then I preempted her hands from reflexively trying to cover her now exposed, lovely breasts, and stood back from her, holding both her hands in mine, and said "Magnificent! Simply magnificent!"Then I pulled her close and kissed her, a bit hard, and deeply. I felt my member responding slightly against her bare, warm, flat muscular belly. It was a Cheerleader's belly. With one hand as we kissed, I managed to get her shorts unbuttoned, and then - as the kiss continued - I took both hands to her hips and pushed them down to the sand. We stood, kissing and allowing our tongues to explore each other, with her petite, clean-shaven mound now pressed against me. We parted the kiss, and she stepped out of her cutoffs. Her nipples gave it away that she was becoming aroused by it all!So I gathered up her clothes too, and now with her perfect nude young body visible for all to see, we walked along openly and ever more naturally naked among the other beach goers. She was aware of the men (and some of the women) watching her fine little body, and I enjoyed them looking at her. It was a wonderful day!And that was how we discovered and embraced the Naturist, casually nude lifestyle.

That had been a little more than three years ago now, and since then we had become confirmed nudists as well as a very young husband and wife. We had each dated other people for the remainder of high school, but always managed to find each other in between them all. So on this day as I parked in the now familiar wide spot in the narrow dirt road (we still have the same cool old Beetle), we had little to leave in the car as we had left everything at home except what we were wearing.

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  The simple elastic waist cotton Terrycloth shorts and T-shirt my tight little wifey wore, and my usual cutoff jeans. And those were only because of the necessity to be clothed on the drive over. True, the parking area was not part of the nude area, but then the beach itself was not "official" in any way, either. So we grabbed up the large blanket and small cold box, and headed for the river. Again, as on that first trip here, the old narrow dirt road was warm under our bare feet (w e had both left any shoes at the house). And as we stepped from the road into the warm soft sand, Myka wriggled her toes and giggled.

We made our way to one of our favorite areas, shaded from the direct sun and with a large drift log to lean against. We spread our blanket and set the icebox on one corner to help hold it from the breeze, and then began to strip. I never tired of watching my girl peel a shirt off over her head!She made even that simple act seem sexy. Perhaps that she seldom ever wore a bra had something to do with it. And as I dropped and stepped out of my cutoffs, I saw again that some of the guys around us noticed her too. I still liked that!She is a petite girl, and since she shaves it for me sometimes she was mistaken for my younger sister. But the regulars here had seen us making out often enough that they likely had put it together that we weren't siblings. Now I say she shaves it for me, and to a degree that is true. But she began doing it when she was 12 and approaching the hallmark age of 13, when she began to grow feathers and the other girls in the school gym showers began to make fun of her.

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  But I enjoyed the weekly ritual when she let me assist her with the job; smoothing on the shaving gel and then using the Lady Bic razor on her most delicate area was very sensual!Holding a couple of fingers over her clit and tender labia to protect the precious bits as I shaved first one side, then the other. Done with her nude, sitting on the edge of the tub and her watching me as she gazed down past her firm perfect breasts. Yes, it was very erotic indeed, and showed just how much she trusted me.

And so once again wonderfully naked together in the great outdoors, and feeling the fresh air move across our naked skin, she stood with her feet apart and stretched, arms straight up over her head, and arching her head back. My heart skipped a beat as I appreciated the beauty on the blanket before me. From one of the guys near by, I heard a quiet "da-yam" . . . yes, she had earned the rare two syllable "damn"!Next came our mutual application of sun block, and we took turns doing each other's back and butt, and then the legs all the way to the ankles. Then we'd do fronts, and I got to smooth in the cocoanut scented cream to those luscious breasts, making sure to cover the nipples even though I'd have to taste the stuff later. That was better than her getting a burn there, for sure. And then the onlookers got to see her make sure my tender bits wouldn't burn either. She loved to make sure my sack was well protected, as well as my soft, relaxed shaft. . .

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  . even though she knew that she would have to taste the sun block later on!But finally we were done, and we decided to take a short walk - she with hardened nipples, and me at half mast from all the attention.

Yes, I was going to make that particular fantasy of mine come true today!

We greeted some other regulars as we went. Many kids, tired from running and playing for the last couple of hours, sat quietly on the blankets. And so we passed the early afternoon, wading in the cool water of the big, wide river, and relaxing on the blanket and visiting with other beach goers. And that is when I told my lovely Myka what I intended to do with her there on the sand. As we sat close by side, I leaned over an initiated a kiss. She returned it, and as I opened my mouth slightly she reciprocated and her delicate pink tongue flicked within my mouth. I pursued the kiss longer, and deeper and she melted against my mouth, eyes closed and body fully responding to the emotions. She breathed deeply, and pressed her once again firm nipples against me, brushing them slightly against my coarse dark chest hair. As we parted, she opened her eyes and I saw the mist of lust there. And I covertly guided her hand to my now firm and ready shaft, invisible to those near by due to the positioning of our bodies, for overt sexuality was a taboo here, due to the families present. She gripped my shaft, taking me in her firm grip, and whispered "oh you are so BAD!" with a small smile on her mouth, just made not just for kissing.

She moved discreetly to shield her fistful of trouble, as a family with small kids went by on the way to the parking area. Mom and dad knew what was up of course, and they both smirked at us on the way by. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  The mom actually winked at me!But in moving her body around for that, it further openly exposed our play to the three guys on the blanket a few feet away. Their dates had left earlier, having had elsewhere to be since it was after mid day already, and one of the women had mentioned her husband and son getting home from some day trip, and she had to get some dinner going for them. So now it was only me and Myka, our grinning audience of three, and a few self involved couples way up the beach. Blushing, Myka let go and tried to make like nothing had been going on. But I turned her back, and replaced her hand on my solid shaft, where it belonged. Taking her delicate wrist as she gripped me in her small feminine fist, I moved it down until she was at the base and the bare defenseless head was fully exposed. "Now, you know what to do" I said quietly, and she looked uncertainly at the guys watching us. She turned her head quickly to look at me, seeking out my eyes. We locked eyes, and I said, "yes, they're gonna watch everything we do" and smiled at her. I had sort of pre-loaded the situation with them earlier, though at the time I'd assumed their girls would be watching too. Oh well. This could be fun too!

"No" she whispered, "I couldn't!" but I held her wrist firmly, forcing her to maintain her grip on my now completely erect cock, and I whispered back to her "Oh yes, you can. . . and you will!"And hesitantly, even a bit shyly, she began to move her hand, slowly but firmly jacking me off.

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I lay back on the soft blanket, and maneuvered her so she was above me, facing away. The good old position 69!One of my favorite things!Then I pulled her lovely bare muff down to my face, and just before I began eating I said, "you know what to do". She hesitated, and looked back at me imploringly, begging me with a look not to make her do this for an audience. But I ignored her plea, and began licking and tongue-fucking her young, impossibly ping snatch. I felt nothing for a few beats, but then in a single wonderfully warm and moist instant, she was down on me, taking the full length into her soft strong mouth. Her tongue was incredible!The men were watching intently, sitting cross-legged, their own cocks beginning to stiffen. I could tell they were trying not to touch themselves. I'd lain with my feet aimed at them, so now Myka was facing them as she sucked me, and they had all moved in closer. . . only a couple of feet from the edge of our blanket. She had no choice but to watch the men, watching her as she performed on my engorged cock. And as she did, and as I performed some amazing feats of oral dexterity of my own there between her legs as we 69'd, she began to turn on. I knew it the instant she began to open to me and lubricate. The wonderful sweet, tangy scent of her aroused femaleness was unmistakable!She began to rock her slender body to and fro, changing her sucking into a face fuck.

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  Her skin virtually glowed in the waning afternoon light. "Watch it" I warned her, she was being a bit too energetic on me, and I had yet to move my plan to display her in public, to phase three.

I said to her, "Now get around here and kiss me!"She took her time withdrawing her face from off me, but she finally complied and moved to reverse her position. Now still above me, her breasts were fully aroused. Her sensitive pink nipps were firm, and erect. I brushed them slightly with the backs of my hands, and she closed her eyes and shuddered. I pulled her down and kissed her, tenderly at first, but then our mouths opened and our tongues found one another seemingly of their own accord. I tasted briefly the tang of my own pre-cum. We finished the kiss, and with her priceless lovely ass now high in the air, I said "they're staring at your puss, you know" andher eyes opened as she realized how on display she was for these strangers. And I told her "and now you're going to fuck me! Right here, right now and with them watching. Now lower it down and take me inside!"The look on her pretty face told me she was on the edge tears, her humiliation at this requirement was that complete. She definitely very uncertain about this. "God no, please baby" she said in a barely audible tone. But I insisted, and told her again, to sit up, then lower herself down, and take me inside. She was embarrassed beyond words, but she none the less she wanted to please her man.

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  And so, holding my gaze as tears slowly filled her pretty blue eyes, she obediently lowered her hips to match the height of my eager ready cock. It was bobbing slightly with the beat of my heart, as she settled back and down, sliding expertly down on me with and experienced ease. From behind her, I heard one of the guys say "Holy shit!" as her tight little body opened, expanded, and accepted me. Another own said "Doode!" and the third, "look at her fuckin' stretch to take it all!"

"There" she whispered, "is that what you wanted, you sick big dick bastard?"And she began to fuck herself up, fully up, and then fully down, slowly, fully down onto me, taking the full length of my hardness deep up inside her. Our audience watched with rapt attention, staring at my wife's formerly most private parts now made quite public, as I fucked them openly there on the sand. Myka had her back arched now, and head thrown back as she enjoyed what we were doing. Her eyes were mere slits of misty lust, and she had begun to feel her inner slut come forth, as I knew it would. She leaned back, toward our guests, and reached to grip my ankles. There's not a girl on earth who wouldn't enjoy being a lusty public slut on display, once you get her into it!From what I could see of our small audience behind her, I noticed they were all now fully hard, watching what we were doing. And the knowledge that they all wanted to be fucking my wife was intoxicating. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was one of them filling her as she rode me. I loved having her on top and doing all the work, for it helped me last. And tonight I wanted to delay my own climax as long as possible!I looked up and took a moment to appreciate the incredibly young, cute, gorgeous young woman now fucking me freely in public. But it was time for another change, so I now instructed her, "Myka baby, now I want you to turn around. I want me some reverse action!Now, turn it around and let me watch your pretty little ass while we fuck".



She rocked back on her heels, and in a single fluid movement levered herself up off me and stood there in the sand, facing the guys and giving them a lovely full-frontal. I on the other hand had a perfect view of her flawless white ass, and it was incredible. Her lags were slightly apart, one foot on wither side of my hips. My member felt cool as her wetness began to evaporate off it. "Come on babe, I need it back inside!" I said, but she turned only her shoulders to look back and down at me and replied coyly "hold your horses, I'll start fucking you again when I get shit good and ready!"And I smiled in the knowledge that her wonderful inner slut was fully out to play now!

She stood looking at the three men sitting at my feet. She rocked her hips seductively from side to side, and ran her hands slowly up her belly, and cupped and fondled her perfect little c-cup orbs, as theywatched. She slowly pinched and twisted her almost painfully hard nipples One of the guys could stand it no longer, and began to slowly stroke his hardon for her as she looked them all in the eyes. She reprimanded him sternly, "oh no, we'll have none of that! You let it alone, right now. "He released his poor aching dick, as he obeyed her direction. "Good" she said, and then "Now watch this" and with that she went back onto her knees, leaned back so to give them a complete view of herself, then once again guided my needful erection in between the warm pink lips there between her milky thighs. I moaned involuntarily as she once again took my deep and began to ride me. She continued to hold their eyes, though they were not looking at hers. I said to her, "now baby. . .

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   make your self cum for them!"

"Damn you" she intoned, "you want me the complete fucking slut don't you!" and with that, reached down with both hands and began massaging her mound, and the delicate and tender clit. It like the cocks watching it, was erect and stood out with it's own tiny pink head exposed like a miniature penis.

"Oh shit I can't take it any more" said the man in the middle of the little semi circle of spectators. "I'm gonna cum!" he said, though he had not touched his organ in the least. I told him,"well don't waste it, get up on your knees and aim it at her!If you do let go I want it all on her tits!"He raised up onto his knees, and his florid venous shaft bobbed with his pulse as he aimed it at my young bride, as she had said. She looked back at me as his warm product splattered against her skin. She said to him, "Now don't you dare touch it, or I'll rack your balls!"He obeyed, and began to moan as he watched her rhythmically swallowing my now tortured cock up into her sloppy, sucking cunt. The other two remained where they were, cross-legged and equally erect, watching. Myka was beyond horny now, and turned on as I had never seen her!She addressed them, saying "that goes for you two, as well. Leave those dicks alone!I have plans for them"And they did. I considered making her fuck them aster I finished in her!

Suddenly the kneeling, groaning youngster - for he couldn't have been more than 20 - suddenly gasped, and with his hands at his side and never having so much as given his crank a single stroke, suddenly let go with a deep wracking orgasm. His seed spewed forth in a massive pulse, a viscous string pearlescent and glimmering in the evening twilight. His cock bobbed with the convulsion which were emptying his balls, as he gritted his teeth and groaned again. But he kept his eyes open so he could watch his product arc forth and splatter satisfyingly against my woman's toned, flat belly and up as well, splattering upon her firm breasts, and between them which began to drip slowly down her breast bone. The young man sat back, spent and embarrassed for having done that in front of his buddies.

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  He rose, and moved off into the growing darkness, I assumed to piss or just be by himself after his display. But his friends were not laughing. Merely sitting, aching for their own release, and watching their friends jizz drool slowly down my woman's rib cage. I kept fighting the feeling of my own building finish, as I watcher her tight ass cheeks clench and release as she gripped my cock within her as she rode me.

Suddenly Myka let loose with a shuddering climax of her own. She shook andpanted, and then giggled like a ten year old!Itwas more than I could take, and suddenly I too was convulsing and panting as I pumped my searing product up into her loins. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed, as she felt it splashing her delicate walls as I anointed her innards. As I finished and she felt me begin to wilt, she said "Damn sweetie, you fuckin' flooded me out down there!"She giggled again as she released my exhausted manhood, and got to her feet. She turned toward me, and for the first time I saw the stranger's spew festooned across her lovely breasts and flat muscular belly. She took a single step away, stopping between her remaining audience, and turned and stood between them, facing me as they were. Then she said to them, "okay guys, you've been good. . . get up. Now it's your turn!"

And as they stood on either side of her, she deftly grasped a hot, yearning cock in each hand and began to stroke them both slowly.

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  Looking at me, strange cum on her tits and a strange cock in each childlike fist, she said "you might want to move our stuff out of the way!"

She was between the two men we'd met on the beach that day. Neither of us knew their names, nor the third who was now absent. She had their cocks throbbing in her grasp, and she told them quietly "not feet together, I want your ankles touching!"They adjusted their stance, and she continued. . . "now hands behind your back, and stand straight!I don't want to hear a peep out of either of you" and punctuate her intent she tightened her grips and gave them both a playfully vicious yank. As my baby stood there masturbating the strangers, I did the smart thing and gathered our clothes onto the blanket and dragged it safely out of the splatter area. She said under her breath, "I'd sure like to fuck you guys"- one of them groaned - "after all" she continued, "this seems like such a waste! To think where this is gonna go when it could be up in me flooding my guts!"She continued jacking them, and increased her rate. I watched the muscles moving beneath her creamy skin as she worked them.

"I just want to suck you, fuck you, and make it hurt!" she said, as she began pumping them both as fast as she could. And just like that, both men climaxed together. Their creamy product shot forth, spattering the area where only moments before I had lain being ridden by my wife. Both men gasped, and shuddered, and continued cumming for a surprisingly long time. But finally they were both done, and Myka gently released their rapidly wilting pricks. "That was fun!" she squealed, "thanks guys!I enjoyed making you squirt!"They men mumbled something of a 'thank you' and again almost simultaneously sank down on their knees.

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  And we headed for the car, still quite nude together, carrying our belongings. As we got to the car I opened the trunk. We stood there by the car, still nude in the narrow dirt road, but all other cars were gone and we had the ersatz parking area to ourselves. Not that I would have cared by that time!I asked her if she intended to ride home that way, with strange jizz all over her, but she grinned and produced a pouch of baby wet wipes, and in short order had herself cleaned off. I had already stepped into my cutoffs and was in the process of pulling on a T-shirt, as she began to do the same. I sighed, and said "seems a shame to cover that up!"She grinned, and replied "oh don’t' worry, it'll all be out for you again soon enough!After all, we both need a shower when we get home, and I need to deal with the rather impressive mess you made in me. "

We drove off together with the headlights on and the cool night air going by the open windows. I thought of her sitting there with my glistening load inside her, clinging to her guts, and I smiled. We held hands, and as I slowed to enter the main county road which would take us home, I said contentedly. . . "I sure loved watching you put on a show for those guys tonight!It was fun watching you cut loose and become that absolute slut for me"She smiled in the darkness, and gave my right hand a squeeze.

"Anything for you babe" she said. . "I'd fuck anyone you wanted me to!"


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  . . very interesting'I thought. 'I may just have to make her prove that!'
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