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Korat Thai Massage
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Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Strevelsweg 82A, 3075 AM Rotterdam, Netherlands

About Us

Korat Thai Massage is a Thai massage parlor and offers various (re) exciting erotic massages including happy-end !!
Thai massage prevents and remedies both physical and psychological symptoms and stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system through which one gets energy again. Chronic fatigue, back and neck complaints, headaches, stiff muscles and joints and poor blood flow can be remedied by Thai massage. It provides relaxation of the tissues (skin, muscles, nerves and joints) and improves blood circulation. It combats stress and reduces depressive feelings.

Korat Thai Massage is an erotic massage salon with legal license.

Contact Info

Phone:+31(0) 6 - 19 28 29 27 Calls only  
Email:Contact us 

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