Meg and I ( Part 1)


I ride my bike through some nearby woods regularly and use a rarely used track.
I was on my usual run and came around a corner and about 4 metres in front of me was another bike. I attempted to avoid it but the two of us collided.
I managed to unscramble myself from the mess but the girl riding the other bike had hit her head – she was not wearing a helmet and knocked herself out.
I got the bikes off her and laid her down on the grass but she had torn her shorts on the seat and they were just hanging by her waist belt. Her pants had been ripped off although her bikini pants were still intact but had been dragged down revealing much of her pubic hair. . Her T shirt was also ripped open on one side. She was bleeding from somewhere as I could see blood on her T shirt.
I washed her face with my water bottle and attempted to revive her. She was still out cold. Then I went looking for the blood as she was still bleeding. It was under her T shirt so I ripped what was left of it off and found a wound on her side. The force had also torn her bra catch so while is virtually covered her breasts it was not very effective.   I removed that too in order to get to the wound. She had small but beautiful well shaped firm breasts, I guessed she was about 17 or 18.

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   I washed around the wound and cleaned it up which was little deeper than a scratch and the bleeding was slight but enough to run. I tore a piece of her T shirt and used it as a pad on the wound trying to stop the flow of blood and as I was doing this she started to come around and regain consciousness. In her confused state she could see me kneeling over her and touching her and suddenly realised she was topless. She started to scream and I tried to calm her and after a moment or so she settled down a bit but was still very agitated about being topless and very exposed down below. I said just lay there you are hurt and I am trying to clean you up. She put her hand up to where I was holding the pad and said I can do that. Then said where are my clothes?. I said your bra is here but your T shirt is a mess as are you pants.
She looked down and saw she was pretty exposed but when she went to adjust her pants she gave a cry as her arm was too sore to move. I though shit she has broken it.
I said just relax and we can sort you out and get you moving. The bikes are a mess and we will have to walk back. I can come and get the bikes tomorrow.
To cut a long story short we managed to get her fixed up and the biggest problem seemed to be her arm which hurt to move, it wasn’t broken but badly sprained and we ended up using her bra to make a sling for it. She couldn’t use it at all.

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   She was still bare breasted and had reconciled herself to the fact I had seen them and there was not much she could do to cover them. She asked me to rip off her pants as they were useless, but her bikinis covered the most intimate part. As we started to walk back she said hell I really need a pee, and then realised she couldn’t get her pants down, Can you help me she said and I stood behind her and slipped them off so she could squat and pee. I supported her as her arm was useless as an aid to balance. It was then she was completely nude apart from using her bra as a sling. She then used a bit of her T shirt to wipe herself and threw it away.
Well she said now you have me at your mercy I don’t normally go round showing everybody what I have.
I said look I must admit I am enjoying the view but lets face it, now is not the time or the place and you are in no shape for me to be doing anything naughty. I helped her replace her pants looking right at her pubic patch as I pulled them up on her. Until now I hadn’t realised she was trimmed and shaped. She saw me staring and said hey that’s enough that is not for general exhibition. I said I like it, it looks sexy. She said some other day buster. I said good as I am not really in the mood now myself. She giggled and said I don’t know about that and could see that I had firmed up a little.

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   One side of my bike pants were torn as well and they flapped open a bit.
We walked for about an hour to get close to where the track started; she had to rest a bit as she was very sore. I said where you live you can’t go walking through the streets like that. She said actually it’s about a kilometre from the end of the track. I said well then I think I had better go to my place and get something to cover you and bring my car back and I can drive you home. It’s nearly dark anyhow. She was happy with that arrangement and I left her with my T shirt as it was cooling off and her shoulder was beginning to throb.
I returned with a warm jacket and track pants and helped her put them on – accidentally touching her breasts as I did so. Sorry I said I didn’t do that intentionally. She said I hope not, but thanks anyhow.
I drove her home and went up to the door with her, nobody was home so she took me around the back and showed me where a spare key was to let her in.   She said come on in and I will return your clothes. She took me right into her bedroom and I helped her remove everything down to her pants and said is there anything else I can do.  Look, you can really, can you run my bath I want to soak and try and get rid of some of these aches. She took me to the bathroom and I ran the bath.

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   While I was there I said would you mind if I had a pee and she said no go ahead, and I imagined she would leave me but she stood there looking at me, and said well go on, get on with it, and waited for me to do it. I was a bit embarrassed but pulled my cock out and began to pee, getting as much of my back to her as I could. She moved to see as much as she could and said ok buster you have seen me naked, surely you don’t mind me seeing a bit of you too. I milked my cock dry and put it back in my pants and she said spoil sport. I blushed. She said I liked what I saw, maybe some other day we can compare notes.  
I said I must go and let you soak, she said first will you take my pants down again, I cant do it with one arm. I did and she said see I am not as shy as you. I blushed again. She got into the bath and I helped her sit down. I said how will you get out and towel off. She said my mother should be home shortly she will help me. She said will you leave your phone number on the pad on my bedside table please, I want to be able to contact you and we have to do something about those bikes. I said I can do that tomorrow don’t worry and she said no I want to help. I said how about your shoulder and she said I might be better by the, anyhow I still have one other arm.

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I went to her room and wrote my number on her pad which was on her bedside table as she said. I couldn’t help but notice her bedside drawer was open and there were two either vibrators or dildos very visible and what I gathered to be some pills which looked very much like oral contraceptives. I was stunned. I picked one of the vibrators up and sure enough it was a battery powered model and quit a healthy looking device. Obviously she uses it as I could see dried stains on it. I put it back and sang out I am going, and she said come here a minute, and I went to her and she said now thank you and gave me good bye kiss. I will ring you tomorrow she said. I bent down and she kissed me rather than me kissing her and if she had both hands I am sure she would have pulled me into the bath with her. It was more than a peck and I liked it. She smiled and said again you like me don’t you - I can see it again. I was firm again and it was more obvious this time.
Later that night she rang and said thank you again, the bath did me a lot of good and my mom has massaged my shoulder and its feeling a bit better. I will ring tomorrow to make a time to help with the bike. Then her mom got on the phone and said Meg has told me what happened and thank you. I slept with her picture in my mind that night.

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    The next day she rang and said I will meet you at the track and we can walk down, I will bring a sandwich as it will be a long walk there and back.
    We met as arranged and she had a back pack on and I asked how the shoulder was and she said sore but feeling much better. I can use it fairly well, you wont have to pull my pants down today and I said that’s a pity. She laughed. I said let me carry the pack and she slipped it off and gave it to me.
    We walked and chatted all the way down. I had bought a couple of tools to dismantle the bikes to make them easier to carry. At a spot not far from the place we collided she said before we start there is a nice place over here to have lunch and took me through some scrub to a point I never realise existed on an escarpment overlooking the river. I come here quite a bit she said I love just being alone here. I was amazed. I asked how often do you come and she said every few days in summer and a few times during the winter if it’s sunny. It surprises me I haven’t seen you before she said not many people know about this track. I said I know that’s why we collided yesterday I have never seen anybody on it.
    She produced some sandwiches and then to my surprise she started to undress. Now you know why I come here, you didn’t notice yesterday I have an all over tan, I sunbake nude here all the time and know I will not be seen.

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       Come on join me she said, you have the drop on me you have seen me nude a few times now its time for me to see you. I hesitated and she said come on don’t be shy. I undressed and to my surprise I didn’t harden at all my cock remained soft and sat on the top of my balls and showed itself at its best behaviour.
    Ah she said that’s what I like - a naked man. I like what I see - a slim hard body and a nice circumcised cock. Not many like that these days she said. I blushed. Come over here and sit beside me – you didn’t think this was going to happen did you. I can’t believe my luck us meeting like this. I broke up with my bf a month or so ago and I have been without a man for ages. Are you attached? I said no. Good she said I think we are going to be really good together. We ate and she had no inhibitions about being seen naked. A couple of times she did or said something, and my cock firmed to a couple of different stages but never hard. She was watching me and it often.


       After we had lunch we were almost sitting touching and she said do you know something, I said no, she said that cock of yours doesn’t really like me does it? I said why do you say that, she said I have been trying to entice it to show itself to me at its best but it never makes the grade.
    Then to my surprise she put her hand around it and squeezed it. Before you could blink it was erect and hard and straight up with her hand still around it. Ahhhhh she said it is interested, look at that it does like me.   Its beautiful. Does it know how to do anything else but pee? I said what do you mean. Does it know how to make a girl happy, I said it seems to by the look of you. No she said I am impressed – happy comes later. How many girls has it satisfied – I blushed again. She said come on don’t be shy how many- I said a couple. She said how many is a couple – I said two. Well she said today it will be three, I want you to make love to me, I am aching for it, truly. Can we do it. I said wow I have never been propositioned before. Well she said you have now and I mean it, please will you do it with me.

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       I really want you to. I take all the precautions I use oral contraception, Please – pretty please. I didn’t need to reply she got up took my hand and pulled me up and led me to a grassy spot and pulled the blanket we had been sitting on over and laid it down and the got down and sat there waiting for me to make love to her.   I couldn’t believe it, she was seducing me really. I got down and we sat together and she kissed me and our tongues entwined and I got harder and she got wet. Then she whispered do it now please, do it now, as when she lay back I could see the moisture at the lips of her vagina. Come on she said I am ready and can’t wait.

    End of story 1 – there is more to follow




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