Family Camp-Out


I made out Cindy's pretty features as she pushed the door open a little further. She had seen me eating her mother's twat! Now Cindy put her finger to her lips, shook her head not to tell, and continued to watch. Jessica liked me to pull out when I came, so I did and splattered my jism all over her belly. I was hotter than usual, of course, because my daughter was watching. Cindy made an "okay" sign with her thumb and forefinger as I finished, and I decided to have a talk with her about respecting the privacy of others. Jessica and I discussed our plans for the summer with Peter and Cindy, at breakfast. Both of them were in college on scholarships and neither of them planned to work our vacation weeks. "We've decided to go camping at Little River," I told the kids. "We'll have three large tents. Uncle Carl and Aunt Frannie can get two and I'll either borrow or rent the third. We'll try to stay for two weeks. There'll be swimming, fishing, hiking, and stuff like that. What do you think?"Peter asked, "Are all of them coming? Dean, Wilma, and Cal?"Jessica nodded, smiling. "Don't mess around with them, Peter. They're your cousins. Wilma is almost like your sister.

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  "Cindy and my son exchanged a smile and I knew why. The first week in July, we loaded the old station wagon and drove over to Carl's, where they had their compact car hitched to a small, heavily loaded trailer. I drove behind him the whole way, up into the hills, off onto the dirt road, and deeper into the woods until we stopped near Little River. There was a clearing, mostly grass, that looked big enough for the tents, and we'd be as close as comfortably possible to Little River, which was really a stream, but it did have some deep pools. One was near a great swimming hole with a big rock from which we used to dive. The kids put up the tents, two of them facing each other about fifteen feet apart, the third - where we'd eat on rainy days or play cards or whatever - was to one side, making a U. It took an hour to unload the sleeping bags, food, clothes, and various other things. . . like a gas-operated barbecue and the kids' radios. . . and then we were ready to enjoy our vacation. It was after twelve. Cinday watched Peter go and stand behind a bush, unashamedly and obviously taking a leak.

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  "What about that, Dad?" she asked me. "Where do the females go?""The boys will dig a latrine and we'll put a tarp over it for rainy days," I told her, and the guys took a pick and shovel and got it ready. Meanwhile, I had to pee. Cindy came right behind me. She pulled down her jeans, letting me see her luscious twat, and I was suprised how much hair she had, more even than her mother. I was pissing and she looked right at it and smiled. "It's a lot bigger than I've seen it before, Dad," Cindy said. I'd looked at her golden stream hitting the grass and my cock was suddenly growing. She laughed. "You're getting a hard-on looking at me? You've seen my pussy often enough. ""Not ever enough," I replied. My cock was half hard and I stroked it a couple of times till it was rigid. Cindy didn't have any toilet tissue, so I offered her my hanky. She wiped, and gave it back. Then, with her jeans around her ankles, she came closer and put her hand on my cock.

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   I let her, but caressed her naked pussy, too. My sister, Frannie, paused at what she was doing and looked at Cindy standing next to me, hidden from the waist down by bushes. "And I thought you went into the bushes to take a leak," Frannie said. "What is it with you two?"Cindy laughed. "Don't act so innocent, Aunt Fran. I've seen Dean and Cal drooling over your buns often enough. "My sister laughed. "They're horny devils, honey," she said to Cindy. "Watch out, or they'll have your pretty panties off. ""I don't think Cindy would mind, Frannie," I told her. I stuffed my cock back in my pants and came out from behind the bush. Frannie looked at my bulging crotch, knowingly. "Next time I've got to wee," I added, "you can come along and chaperone. ""I think that'll be fun," she said. Cindy had buttoned her jeans by now and was looking for the guys.

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   Frannie went on, "I think we'd better talk about this. Jessica's looking a little concerned, too. "My wife was in the shade of the community tent, having a cold beer. We joined her. Jessica opened her shirt so her nice, youthful tits were half exposed. Frannie looked at them, then at me. "Looks like you'll have a hard- on all day, brother," she laughed. "Jessica," my sister sobered up, "you know the kids are going to have the hots for each other. Should we act hypocritical and "guard" them, or admit it's a very normal thing to do?"Jessica smiled and put her bare foot on my crotch. Instant hard-on. "When I was their age, I was screwing my brother and my cousins," my wife admitted. She'd never told me that. "I saw Peter jerking off a couple of weeks ago, and I watched him come and he knew I was there. ""Gave you hot pants, I'll bet," my sister said. "My two boys are always horny.

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   Speaking of which, I wonder what they're up to right now. It's gotten awfully quiet around here. "I knew the boys had been digging a latrine near a path leading into the bushes. I walked over to it quietly and heard a girl's voice, then Peter answering. I stepped behind a tree trunk and peeked. There was Wilma, Frannie's blond daughter. She was naked from the waist down, and Peter had removed his shorts. She was on her hands and knees and my son was slowly stroking his cock in and out of her furry twat. Her brothers, Dean and Cal, were watching, their cocks out. They were totally naked. "Hurry it up, Cuz," Dean said to Peter. "I want to fuck her again before we eat. You all right, Sis?"My niece laughed, "Peter's got a terrific cock, Dean," she said. " As soon as he's through, you get off in a hurry. I'm hungry - and I don't mean I want to suck your cock, Calvin.

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  "I tried to be perfectly quiet but I made a little noise as I moved away. I'm sure Wilma saw me, and I thought the boys might have, too. I went back and told Frannie. Jessica had gone over to the barbecue and was starting to make hamburgers. She was out of earshot. "Pete was screwing Wilma?" Frannie repeated, smiling. "Terrific. Wilma's using a diaphragm, so we don't have to worry about her getting pregnant. How about Cindy?"I nodded. "Jessica took her to our family doctor a couple of years ago, after she caught Peter and her in the cellar fooling around. ""You and Jessica still got the hots?" Frannie asked. I nodded. "Carl's slowed down. I'm afraid I'll have to force one of the boys, one of these days. "I told her it wouldn't be force.

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   Frannie was blond, like Wilma, and tall, with a nice set of boobs and a powerful, but not fat, ass. "I'd be glad to have a go, but I guess you wouldn't do it," I said. She rubbed one ripe tit and looked at my bulging crotch. "Jessica will have a fit if she finds out," Frannie replied, "but I love the idea. "Cindy came over, looked at us, and smiled knowingly. "Dad, everyone's going swimming in the pool upstream," she told me, then looked at Frannie: "Nobody's gonna wear a suit. I think you used to call it skinny-dipping. " She giggled, twitched her fingers at us, and hurried away. Frannie laughed. "Remember when we'd do that, Larry?""Yeah, and you grabbed my dong one night, but you wouldn't do anything with it after it got hard," I said. Frannie giggled. "Want me to make up for it, now?" she asked. I looked around. We were sitting in the open part of the tent, but there was a wall and privacy just inside. "Go ahead, Larry," Jessica had walked over.

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   "I'd like to watch. And, Frannie, if I wriggle my ass at Carl and he gets horny, you won't mind, will you?"Frannie led me by the hand inside the half-open tent. She opened her shorts and dropped them, then pulled her t-shirt, which hadn't done much to hide her nipples or keep them from jiggling, off. Her tits were bigger than Jessica's but, surprisingly, without much sag. I took a handful of each, then licked her nipples. Having her bare-ass after all these years, when I'd always wanted to fuck her, was giving me a hard-on you could break bottles on. Jessica was naked from the waist down, finger-fucking herself. "Hurry up, you two! I'm coming just looking at you. "Frannie knelt in front of me and kissed my cock, then she licked it, and held her hand around it as she took it in her mouth. It was very quickly evident that she was a terrific cocksucker, but I didn't want to do it all that way. "Lie down, Frannie," I said, getting on my own knees. She did, and opened her legs. My wife grasped my prick, held Frannie's pussy lips apart with her free hand, and guided my quivering cock into my sister's twat. As I screwed Frannie, nice and slow, Jessica was diddling herself, and she was so turned on she had an orgasm before my sister's cunt tightened on my cock and she began to gasp and moan. When I slammed it up her cunt all the way, she yelped and thrashed around.

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   And when I shot my whole load, Jessica took my sloppy cock and licked it clean. We got dressed, Jessica smiling at us both. "I think this is going to be a terrific camping trip," she said. We left the tent - and there was Carl! He'd been exploring around the campsite and reported that there was no one within miles of us. Jessica told him the kids were skinny-dipping and we were all going to watch. She took his arm, pressing her tit against him, and put her hand on his buns. He looked back, blushing, and we were laughing. "Don't mind us, Carl," we shouted as they went ahead. Eventually they left the path to head for the water and we glimpsed them, half-hidden, kissing, Carl with her buns in his hands. "That bastard hasn't screwed me in a week and the first chance he gets at your wife, he's got a boner," my sister said. We moved quietly as we heard yelling from up ahead, and then there was a splash as we found a spot we could watch from. We saw Cindy, naked, showing off her lovely tits, slender legs and hairy pussy, which she massaged before she dove. Cal was in the water and he grasped her tits from behind as she surfaced. "Cal, you've got a hard-on. Ohhh, it feels good.


  "Cal was waist deep in water. He turned my daughter around and kissed her, squeezing her tits. She had his cock locked between her thighs. "Can they fuck in the water like that?" my sister whispered. "We'll find out in a minute," I said. "If he does, I'm going to take you and Jessica swimming later. "Cal kissed my daughter and then they were hugging each other. I saw her reach down and take his cock in her hand, making it stick up from the water like a submarine periscope. Beside me, Frannie had her hand on her pussy, inside her pants. "Hold still, Cal," Cindy said.
    I got behind Frannie and put my hands on her tits. I squeezed my sister's nipples; my hard cock nestled between her buns. Cindy held Cal by the neck and locked her legs around her cousin's waist. We saw him steering his dong into Cindy's twat, and then she began humping against his thrusts. Wilma swam over and put her hand on Cindy's crotch.


       "Cal is fucking her!" Wilma called. "I want to do it that way, too. Pete or Dean, come over here. "Dean reached her first. She was floating on her back as he lifted her pussy enough to begin licking it. "That's real muff-diving," I breathed in Frannie's ear. As I reached inside my sister's pants to finger her pussy, Carl and my wife emerged from the bushes. "Have a good time?" I asked them. Jessica laughed. "I sucked Carl's cock while he finger-fucked me," she said. "What're you two doing, standing there? Strip off and let's go swimming. "Carl reddened. "I'll get a hard-on if I see the girls naked," he objected. "So will I," I replied as I threw off my clothes. We went ahead of Carl.

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       The kids hooted, and Cindy laughed as she saw my half-hard cock hanging in the breeze. She and Calvin have finished fucking, so she dropped away from him and swam over toward us. She put her hand on my cock and Jessica looked down and saw it. She smiled. "You're going to be a tough act to follow, Cindy," my wife told our daughter. Peter was floating on his back, with his big cock sticking up like the mast on a ship. "Peter, you're just showing off," my wife teased. She swam over toward our son and dove underwater as she got close. He let out a yell as she ducked him and then came up and grabbed his mother and I knew they were fooling around with each other's parts. Wilma swam over and smiled at us, her eyes on my cock. "You guys are terrific," she said, meaning us old folks. "Uncle Larry, don't you mind Aunt Jessica fooling around with Peter?"I shrugged. "They've both been dying to for years. Cindy and I want each other too, and the first chance we get, we'll do it. "Wilma stood up and put her hand on her mother's tits.

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       "You've got terrific tits, Mom," she giggled, then she ran her finger over her mother's quim. "I saw Daddy eating your hair pie one night. "Frannie laughed. "I knew it. I didn't tell your father, though. What did you think when you saw it?"Wilma blushed. "I wished I was doing it instead of him. I'd love to kiss your pussy, Mom. ""Duck down and do it now," my sister said. She spread her legs and my niece got between them. She licked at Frannie's hair pie and Frannie grabbed my arm. She was trembling. "I just had an orgasm. It's terrific to have your daughter eat you. ""I'll let you know if it happens," I told her.

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      Wilma surfaced and squeezed Frannie's tits. She looked down and saw my cock. "Do you want to fuck, Uncle Larry?" my blond niece asked. "I do, but I'll be all used up then, and I like to still be able to get a hard-on later. "We swam and my cock seemed permanently solid. Once, Cindy squatted in front of me and put my hard-on in her mouth, but I gently pushed her away. "Later, honey," I said softly. "I want to be alone with you, and lick your pussy, then fuck you good. "She smiled and licked her lips. "Okay, but I get to suck your cock, too. "We swam till it was time to eat, then we went back to the campsite. It was the boys' turn to cook. They served hot dogs and beans. Wilma was only wearing a t-shirt, and she took one of the cold hot dogs and inserted it in her pussy. It was wet with her cum when she offered it around.

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      "Who's going to eat my hot dog?" she teased. I grabbed it and tasted her cum, then I put it back on the table with the others. After dinner, we peed in the bushes. It was twilight and Jessica said she had to use the latrine; what she had to do couldn't be done in the bushes. I was washing up so Carl volunteered to accompany her. Wilma squatted and peed right in front of me, her urine splashing her legs. "This blows my mind!" she said as she wiped her quiff with her fingers and dried them on her t-shirt. "None of this modesty horseshit. I've seen your cock and Daddy's, and Peter's fucked me. How about it, Uncle Larry? Want to go in the tent awhile?"Cindy saw us, and darted in right after us. Wilma peeled off her shirt as I undressed, and Cindy was already naked as Wilma lay down. I began feeling her tits and pussy. Cindy was fingering her cunt. "Let me kiss your twat, Cindy," Wilma said, her pretty face turned toward Cindy. Cindy got over Wilma's mouth and I saw my niece's tongue lapping at my daughter's cunt.

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       Cindy kissed me and then I figured I'd waited long enough. I put my cock in Wilma's pussy and Wilma started bucking like a bronco. Wilma got off long before I was ready, so Cindy knelt over Wilma, with her legs wide and her buns displaying her tiny asshole and her cum-wet cunt. I knelt and guided my wet cock to her snatch and slowly eased it in. Cindy groaned and shuddered as she had an immediate orgasm. Then, after I fucked her for awhile, holding back my cum, I pulled it out and put it in Wilma's cunt again. I had both girls coming for a good ten minutes before I shot my jism into Cindy's twat. "You old guys are good," Wilma said, sprawling back, exhausted. "I wonder if my father is that good?""You and Cindy ought to give him a chance to show what he can do," I suggested. "And you've got this whole wonderful vacation in which to do it!"More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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