Exploring Heavenly bodies part 4


     It had been a long tour of duty, and the dominion starship "Invincible" was 3 days away from docking at star station "Europa 3", orbiting the planet known as Tepiss 4. As the ship needed extended photon sweeping and engine decontamination procedures, the ship would be docked for 2 weeks, and all crew and officers were allowed shore leave. Being a major port, the station had regular shuttles to nearby planets, that were well known for their friendly, and sexually open, inhabitants, that always gave warm welcomes to crew members. Needless to say, the shuttles would be busy for the next few days.

     Treena Suluswi, minister of science and technology for the planet Entara Prime, and junior science officer on assignment for her home planet, was in a quandary. She had 2 regular lovers aboard, Captain Gregory Slawson and Commander Veronika Masterson. Since they were on different watches aboard ship, it was easy to have them both, and after getting a taste of offworld sex with both sexes, she wanted both. The hard driving of Greg's cock, the passionate eruption that flooded her with his rich, liquid warmth, filling up her mouth and her genital region, contrasted with the loving caresses, the silky stroking, Veronika's hot, wet tongue, tracing patterns of sizzling pleasure across her skin, and the sweet moisture she eagerly lapped up from Veronika's fiery, creamy center, made her sure she could not choose one or the other, she wanted, needed both. But, with shore leave coming up quickly, she'd have to choose one or the other, for the next 2 weeks. Damn, she didn't want to go without one of her lovers, but she knew that the rules against officers fraternizing was very strict. And she saw that the captain and commander were no nonsense about the rules. She'd have to talk to one or both about it, right now, she had a date with that sexy Commander, and she was hot and eager to get together with Veronika again, and enjoy the coupling of woman to woman love.

     Welcoming Veronika into her quarters, she was wearing just her usual attire, that she would wear on her home planet, the short, ruffled skirt, and nothing else. Treena gave her a martini glass of aldersis, mixed with the powerful oil from the flowering Eschavia plant. Treena loved how powerful it made her orgasms, feeling like a bomb of pleasure going off right inside her genital region, and judging by the howls, cries of pleasure and squirting releases Veronika enjoyed, it seemed to have a similar effect on human females.

     Veronika could feel her pulse thump, the sight of Treena, her snow white body, and just that short ruffled skirt just made her mouth go dry and her heart pound with desire, and she wasted little time in yanking off her clothes.

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     The Eschavia oil was fast acting, in a steamy embrace on the bed, their bodies swarming all over in a rush of desire, both could feel their pubic regions give that familiar tingling, in a very short time, their centers would be creaming crazily, labial lips swelling with a dizzying rush of blood, and their clits would pulse and throb wildly.

     Veronika growled with pleasure, as she knew how explosive her climax would be. They quickly arranged themselves in that wonderful number, Treena loved the pleasures of oral sex, and whether it was with Greg or Veronika, 69 had become her favorite number.

     Eager to feast on each others sex, their hungry mouths cleaved to each others horny centers, Veronika relished the sweet, tart taste of Treena's juices, while Treena similarly craved the musky, steamy taste of Veronika. They moved as if in unison, lips and tongues kissing, licking, fingers stroking, probing, driving each other onward, eager for the sweet explosion.

     Treena could feel it, she growled with pleasure as her pubic region swelled with that huge rush of blood, feeling Veronika's tongue skilfully licking her to that blissful ledge. The feel of Veronika's mouth closing tightly around her throbbing clit, lashing at her joy button just as it started to throb and pulse crazily, sent her flying over the edge, as she eagerly licked Veronika's creamy center to a frenzy, she felt herself go, the glorious release as her orgasm burst inside of her, filling her up like a sunburst of pleasure. As her body spasmed and shook wildly in the throes of her Eschavia oil powered climax, she was aware of the keening wail as Veronika quickly joined her, cumming wildly, her creamy center pulsing crazily, squirting wildly, gushing her juices all over Treena's face, and giving Treena plenty of sweet nectar to swallow. Relaxing afterwards, her body entwined with Veronika's, Treena broached the subject.

     "Veronika, you asked me to join you for shore leave, I'd love to, except for a slight problem. The captain has asked me to join him, I've been enjoying sexual pleasures with you both. I love sharing sexual pleasures with both of you, I hate having to choose one, and hurt the other one. "

     Veronika was not really surprised, Greg was a very sexy, handsome man, it was not surprising that Treena had been attracted to him. Veronika had too, although the no-frat policy had squelched her ideas along that line. She pondered the idea, and suggested that Treena float the idea past Greg, and see how he felt about it.

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   Since Treena eagerly shared her pleasures with both her and Greg, Veronika wouldn't mind sharing the sexy science minister while they were on shore leave, although it could be a delicate balancing act.

     "Something we could do, if Greg is agreeable, is get adjoining cabins, the islands of Lachport, on the planet Ogenia 2 are especially nice, and we can continue our relationships in that fashion. "

     "That sounds nice, although I was hoping that somehow, you and Greg could join me at the same time, so we could all enjoy each other, I believe you call it a 3 way, would be wonderful. "

     The idea had zipped through Veronika's mind at the same time as Treena voiced it, and she realized how much she'd enjoy that. The fact that they would be well away from the ship, and the pressures of command and regulations, certainly would help. And truth be told, she'd love to have Greg's cock reaming her wildly. Although it was wonderful to have her dual dildo to share with Treena, Veronika loved having a man's stiff cock plunging deep, feeling his tremors of excitement through his cock deep inside of her, and the passionate eruption as he gushed that wet spray, the feel of a large, thick loud of spunk pouring hotly into her. It had been more than a while since Veronika had last enjoyed a sexy, virile man to give her that satisfaction. Thinking of her dual dildo, and the fact that the Eschavia was still keeping her revved up, Veronika pulled out her dual dildo, and smiled at the way Trenna's eyes lit up.

     Veronika put Treena on her hands and knees, and started to slide in the pleasing stiffness. When 7 inches were snugly buried up Treena's creamy center, Veronika eagerly took position, and very soon, Treena and Veronika were on hands and knees, ass to ass, the stiff dildo bonding their fiery pussies together as they rode the dildo.

     Treena was grunting with pleasure, she could feel their asses smack together as they bucked back and forth, and it just made her hotter. She thrust her hips back, eager to get as much of that pleasing fullness inside her as she could.

     Vernonika was just as fired up, bucking her hips back against that dildo, feeling her ass smacking against Treena's cheeks, making her sizzle with pleasure, their grunts, squeals and moans of pleasure filling the room. The Eschavia oil kicked in again, and Veronika could feel that huge rush of blood, her clit throbbing and twitching wildly, and she went flying over the edge.

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     "Fuck, oh fuck, cumming, FUCK!"

     Veronika's voice rose to a howl, as her burning cunt exploded, squirming and writhing crazily, sending pulses of orgasmic pleasure shooting through her body, making her screech with pleasure. It was fortunate that the crew quarters were soundproofed, as Veronika gave voice to the pleasure crashing into her. Dimly she heard another voice raised in orgasmic joy.

     "Glei, glei, bituyut, cor glous veir tracton, GLARR!"

     In the grip of her Eschavia powered climax, Treena had reverted to her native language, howling out as her orgasm exploded dead center, the orgasmic rush sweeping out rapidly, giving her that full body orgasm that she craved.

     As the orgasms started to ebb, they fell into each other's arms, their bodies shaking with aftershocks, shivering with blissful fulfilment. They were quiet for several minutes, Veronika was mulling over the idea of a 3 way with Treena and Greg, and it not only sounded good, it sounded great.

     "Well, I would certainly be ready for a three way, since we will be on shore leave, and well away from the eyes of Dominion star command, I could take the risk. Since Ogenia 2 is one of the more distant planets, there will be far fewer members of the crew going, everyone wants to spend as little time on the shuttles as possible, and everyone seems to want to stay in the large cities, the islands of Lachport are usually deserted of Dominion crew. Talk to Greg about it, and see how he feels. "

     Three hours later, Treena was thinking about it, as her nude body squirmed wildly under Greg, grunting and squealing with pleasure as Greg's super hard cock plunged deep, over and over. Greg had gotten the Aldersis drink, with the addition of two special ingredients, the Elproxsin flower oil, and a pinch of the ground root of the Chalama plant, it gave the captain the longest, hardest erections he had ever had, and his cock would produce huge loads of semen, gushing thick juicy sprays, giving Treena's eager openings a huge load of his spunk.

     Greg's cock was throbbing, he could feel the rush of semen streaking up his shaft, and his cock started to pulse and jerk crazily, burning sizzles of pleasure filling his cock. Treena cried out, her voice a keening wail of pleasure, and Greg felt the extra tight hug of her close around him, and he erupted, his cock pumping and pulsing, firing out thick, hard spurts, his cock pulsed over and over, each pulse squirted more hot spunk, he grunted with each pulse, it seemed to go on and on, his cock pulsing and squirting wildly, Treena's fiery fuckhole clamped tightly around Greg's thick cock, the quivering and spasming of her orgasm greedily milking and sucking at his cock, he felt like all his juices were being sucked out of his cock by Treena's tightly spasming heat.

     Treena smiled, she loved the feeling of his juices pouring into her, he filled her to overflowing, soaking the bedsheets with the flood of their combined juices gushing out of Treena's soaking, overflowing center of lust. Greg gave one last push, burying it deep one last time, to hold it there and let his cock spew out the last gush of cum, his 10 inches buried deep, relishing the feel of Treena's silken, tight inner flesh snuggled around his cock, while Treena savored the feel of her tight walls split open, Greg's cock wedged deep inside her inner sanctum.

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   Relaxing in the afterglow, Treena broached the idea.

     "Greg, you've asked me to go on shore leave with you, I'd love to, except for a slight problem. I have also been asked by Veronika, as we have also been sharing pleasures. I'd love to have you both, I'd feel terrible about saying yes to only one, and possibly hurting the other one. You have both become very important in my life, and I do not want to hurt either of my wonderful lovers. "

     Greg mulled it over. He was not really surprised, after all, Treena had told him about how the Entaran people didn't play games, when they wanted someone to be a lover, they just said so, right up front. And, truth be told, the idea of Treena and Veronika in a steamy embrace, bodies sliding against each other, started his motor running.

     "So what did you have in mind, and does the Commander know about it?" Greg questioned.

     "Yes, Veronika knows all about what I'd like to do, and she told me to ask you, and see how you felt. She said that something we could do, if you are agreeable, is get adjoining cabins on the islands of Lachport, on the planet Ogenia 2 are especially nice, and we can continue our relationships in that fashion, although I would like to have both of you join me at the same time, so we could all enjoy each other, I believe you call it a 3 way, that would be wonderful. "

     Greg thought it over, and the idea started to really appeal to him. Being able to watch them together, than join in, sounded like a GREAT shore leave, and, truth be told, he'd wanted to have a go at Veronika's lush, amazing curves for a long time now. Being away from command for 2 whole weeks, he felt that he could, shall we say, bend the rules. His cock rose quickly as he envisioned the scene.

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     Treena giggled as she asked, "Does that mean yes?"

     They quickly moved into a 69, Treena was eager for a large mouthful of Greg's delicious sperm, and his special drink would insure that she could get her mouth just as full as her creamy center.

     Treena's creamy wetness hovered over his mouth, the scent of her desire filling his nose, he could feel his cock quickly jumping back up, as he gazed up at her dark, rose pink opening contrasted with the surrounding whiteness of her skin, drew his mouth to her. He licked her smooth pubic region, the fact that Entarans had no pubic hair naturally was a bonus, and his tongue painted patterns of pleasure all over her, as he circled in closer and closer to that inviting, pink opening.

     Treena growled with pleasure, Greg was so adept at oral lovemaking, she was amazed at how wonderful it felt, as Entarans never practiced oral sex. What a wonderful vista of pleasure our peoples are missing out on, she thought. Greg's rock hard cock was right before her, she licked her lips, running her tongue all over the large, bulbous head, listening to Greg's moan of pleasure as she closed her lips over him, and slid down, taking in 6 inches, bobbing back up, and bathing his cock in a tight, wet heaven of sucking, eager to swallow more of him, hungry for his cock to fill her mouth.

     Greg gently grasped Treena's hips, and pulled her creamy pink opening tight against her mouth, eager to get his tongue all over her. he heard her growl of pleasure as he began a long, sweeping stroke with his tongue, tasting her juices bubbling up, his tongue sweeping over the hard bump of her pleasure bud. Entaran females were mostly the same as Earthers, just some minor anatomical differences, and their pleasure points, like Treena's clitoris, were basically the same thing.

     Treena's body was vibrating, she knew the rush of blood, and the straining of her pleasure bud were so close, and she wanted to swallow Greg's cock right down. With his cock all wet and slick, she drove her mouth down, 7, then 8, then she gave a slight twist of her head, and pushed her mouth down hard, and all 10 inches were in her mouth, his cock head almost halfway down her throat. Entaran females have a much less sensitive gag reflex than Earthers, and it made for deep throating pleasure, and Treena applied her technique, eager for a juicy wet spray.

     Greg grunted, he could feel his cock swallowed right down, and his balls were throbbing, his spunk bubbling, ready to explode.

     Treena growled, her mouth full of Greg's cock, her pubic region felt the rush, then the wild twitching and throbbing of her pleasure bud. Her mouth full of hard cock, she let out a muffled, drawn out growl of pleasure as she felt the explosion, her pussy contracting hard, and gushing her juices all over Greg's face.

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     That did it, and Greg could feel the huge rush of his load streaking up his shaft, with a pussy muffled grunt of pleasure, he unloaded, Treena pulled her head back slightly so his spraying jets of sperm would fill her eager mouth, she wanted to taste it all, rather than to have it all just fired down her throat. His cock gushed, over and over, thick streams of hot semen hitting the roof of her mouth, and spewing over her tongue. Her mouth full, she reluctantly released his cock, and felt 3 more sprays of his spunk splattering over her face, she quickly gulped down her mouthful, and swallowed him in again to get the last few drops. After she had sucked out every drop, she ran her fingers over the thick trails splattered across her face, eager to scoop them up, and swallow them too, she didn't want to waste a drop of his hot, tasty whitewash.

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