Amelie's Anal.


Topic: Amelie's Anal. Amelie was almost a full virgin, she had only one guy in her tight pussy, she never had a cock in her sweet mouth, and she never dreamed she was be anally raped. She had pure white skin and was skinny and weak for her age. Her long straight hair and her green eyes attracted many, but better yet her had full breasts for a fourteen year old and her pussy was shaven and so tight she has trouble sticking even one finger in. She was 14 and lost her V at 13. Although she was single, she was a real natural flirt. Little did she know, there was one man watching and wanting her tight hott ass.
She awoke suddenly in a uncomfortable position, seconds later realising she was on some form of a table, naked. Her hands was handchuffed to the tables, her legs was awkwardly tied up leaving her with her ass spread wide and vunerabley in the air, her breasts swaying. "Whats going on?" She fearfully called. "Im going to finally get your ass Amelie!" A man hissed back as he stroked her asscheeks, she whimpered in return. He started to rub cold lub onto her anus and smirked at her damp pussy. "Do as I say, I wont kill you yet but I will find ways to hurt you more and after I will shoot you. "
"This is going to hurt you. " He said, and he slid one finger into her anus and after a few strokes inserted another. "Oooh stop its starting to hurt!" She moaned.

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   He slid third finger into her at which she half screamed half moaned, he inserted his thumb in and quickened his pace. He stretched his fingers inside her, pressing against her anus walls, making her groan in utter pain. He then pushed his whole hand inside her, her asshole swallowed him and gripped his hand. Amelie could hear it squeashing and her ass juices gushed out her. He ripped his fist out leaving Amelie's anus sore.   He bend forward and sucked on her anus, using his lips to press her anus ring together while swirling his tongue inside her anus making her wriggle, "Please stop that feels horrible!" She pleaded and he sucked long and hard on her, enjoying the taste of her shit and lub. He looked down at her pussy, which was soaked and throbbing.
"Im now going to dildo and vibrate you, one long thin ridged dildo, one medium vibrater which moves its head in circles while vibrating, and one huge dildo which is thick and long and will fill you completely. " He said while lubing up each of them in turn and showing them to her. He pressed the head of the ridged dildo against her anus and surprisely gently pushed it in, it filled her up and he pushed further and further up until it was past her stomach button, still further it went forcing anything out the way making her moan long and loudly. Finally the dildo met a end that couldnt be forced a side. "I hope you enjoy this you filthy bitch!" He shouted at her, and ripped the long ridged dildo out her fastly, the ridges making friction that burned her and left her anus ring sag.  Amelie could only scream until her throat was sore, she had never felt pain like this. But her pussy was dribbling and creating a small puddle of pussy juice on the table. He then put in the vibrater inside without her anus ring stopping it, and switched it on.

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   "OHH! Please please no!" She screamed as the vibrater's head pushed her sore anus walls further more apart and sending spasms of pleasure through into her pussy. The man simply held it in and listened to her loud screams of pain and forced himself not to pleasure her desperate pussy. "You love this dont you whore?! Look at your fucking pussy! Dirty little slut!" He yelled and slapped her throbbing pussy. He turned the vibrater off calmly and removed it letting her rest slightly until to big one came. "This will spread you so wide you will bleed. " He stated and put it in her sagging anus ring, he pounded the dildo inside her as she begged for mercy. "Please I will do fucking anything!" She sobbed. He paused, and yanked it out leaving her whole asshole completely stretched and sore, her anus ring was nothing but a huge gaping hole. Amelie felt the cold air enter her asshole and tried to clench her anus close again, but it was too stretched. Droplets of blood and shit was smothered all over the dildo.
He looked at her pussy and looked down at his trousers, he had a raging hard-on. He decided to anal fuck her. "Keep still, you'll love my cum!" He said as he slipped his cock inside her anus, she felt so warm and she clenched her anus walls against him. He pounded began to pound into her and she moaned back in pleasure, pushed herself backwards to him. Amelie was nevertheless sore but the idea of been anal fucked speared her on, he pounded her and together they orgasmed.

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   His cock spat out hot cum into her, Amelie felt the cum deep inside her, dripping down her anus walls.
"Im now going to do some sick stuff to you, you will be sorry you ever got that ass. " The man spat, rolling off her and pulling out his cock. "What are you going to do, why me?!" She cried. He spanked her hard to make her be quiet. He got out a metal machine and placed it under her breasts. "This a milking machine, it will milk your big breasts and then I will stop it when the milk is flowing and I suck and drink from your nipples. " He demanded. "Your sick! My boobs will shrink and go saggy!" She retorted. "Yes but then these needles. . " He pointed at the needles on the machine, "will go through the nipple hole where the milk comes out and make your breasts bigger than before" He answered and slapped her around the face for cheeking him. The man placed metal grippers over her breasts to hold them in place while the sucking straw milked her. The straw squeezed on her nipples and sucked hard while it began to pump up and down pulling on her decliate nipples. She moaned in pain and intense pleasure, soon the milk was been sucked out and collected into jars.

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   He stopped the machine and moved it, he pushed her body up and placed his mouth on her nipples. "OH please suck them, i really want it!" She moaned, he sucked long and hard, gulping back her odd tasting milk every few seconds. She climaxed and shivered, spasmed her way to orgasm. He nipped her nipples hard for enjoying it, and she began to cry in return. "Now. . . for the needles" He said and put the machine back under back and set the needles in the right place, "When it starts you wont feel anything until they start growing. " He said. Indeed, she closed her eyes not wanting to see it, she felt her breasts sway slightly. After 30 seconds Amelie's breasts was jiggling and got heavier, she opened her eyes to find them very huge! The Man turned it off and peered at them, bloody hell, he thought. Twice the size they was before, and they will still get grow as she gets older!
He moved back over to her ass, at which he saw her anus had finally closed. "This is very sick, Im lubing up a egg and I will put it in your anus. " He said. "Your ass will happily swallow it up and push it far up you.

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  " Amelie felt something very cold against her anus and she didnt move or say a word out of shock. "Enjoy my bitch, your anus walls arent strong enough to break it. " He opened her anus with his fingers and gently pushed it up inside her. Amelie was surprised to find he was right, her ass swallowed it right up and pushed it far up. She shivered as she felt the cold egg deep inside her, she would never admit she happily helped by clenching her anus muscles and pumping the egg deeper and deeper. "Thats it slut, I see you enjoy it, go on. Clench it right up there!" He leered, she blushed and clenched and clenched until she stopped, breathless. "Now. Your going to clench it back out!" He hissed. Amelie was stunned, back out? She then realised it would be stupid to keep it in, The Man losen her ropes and turned her over so she was on her back, arms behind her head with her legs wide. Birth style. She felt stupid, she was going to shit out a egg?! "You better do it bitch, or else I will kill you after this. Remember?" He said showing her his gun. Amelie took a deep breath and began to push and heave everything out her anus. Ass juice once again began to leek out and join the puddle of pussy juice, she panted and went crimson in the effort.

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   She sat up to kneel and reminded The Man of a chicken. Amelie only felt it move a inch but it was still very deep, she puffed and screamed, panted and huffed, until finally the bottom of the egg was beginning to stretch out her anus. She gave one last yell and heave of her anus and it plopped out onto the table, covering in shit and her ass juice. The Man picked it up with two fingers and stuffed it into Amelie's panting mouth. She made muffled cries until The Man held up one hand for silence. "You suck that egg clean and enjoy it, understood whore?" He demanded. Amelie began to suck the egg, the horrible taste and stench of her own shit and ass juice made her gag. The Man took pleasure in seeing her taste her own shit and keeled over her stomach and held his hand out for the egg. There was plop noise as she dropped it into his hands and tried to get her breath back. Amelie passed out from lack of oxygen flopping on the table
The Man was finshed with her, for now anyway. He might just keep her, for his own pleasure or sell her in porn.
Your never know.