Giving The Cupcake A Bath


This was the sight he took in when he opened the bathroom door. There stood his beautiful girlfriend with water and soap running all over her curvaceous body. He couldn’t help but smile as the water dripped effortlessly off her hard nipples and rivulets of soap and water slid down her rounded ass. She was rinsing the dog and didn’t hear him come in. As the last of the soap was rinsed from the dog, she slid her hands over the dog to get most of the water off him and released him from the tub. She then turned the hand shower on herself. She was lost in her thoughts. The warm water poured over her body washing the soap and the remnants of dog hair off her. He couldn’t take any more. He stood there enthralled by her wet body. His cock began to stir. He quietly slid his jeans down his long legs, and pulled his T-shirt up over his head, tousling his dark hair. As she rinsed her hair and closed her eyes, he stepped in the tub behind her. He ran his large strong hands up her body, cupping her breasts from behind. She pushed back into him. She knew he liked the way her ass felt against his hardened cock.

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   She heard a moan escape his lips as she pushed back a little harder. He tightened his grip on her nipples pulling them to full erection. “Welcome home, baby. ” She whispered. She felt his hot breath on her neck. He began kissing her and gently biting at her neck. He knew this made her so hot. He wanted her so bad. There was an urgency about them, but also the want to show care and love toward each other. Her hands reached behind and pulled his ass in toward her. She loved the feel of his rigid member pressing into her. “You know what I want, don’t you Sweet Pea?” His lips and hot breath brushed past her ear. As if on cue, she reached for the large bar of soap. It was a beautiful bar of soap they had bought together on one of their vacations. It was a beautiful little shop that had been filled with all kinds of decadent things.

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   They had made the decision of the scent and the exact kind of soap together. This was the express purpose of this bar of soap. She loved the way his cock felt when it was slathered in this soap. She rubbed the soap between her hands, and passed it off to him. He covered his hands as well and placed the soap back in the holder. Her hands went directly to his penis. His went right to her ass. He eased his hands between her ample cheeks, and gently massaged her little pucker. She arched her back a bit to give better access. He worked a finger into her ass. She moaned. God, it felt so good. He knew her so well. They meshed sexually since the very first time they were together. She knew him as well and loved to please him.

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   She could feel him harden in her hand. He was a steel rod. His shaft was so ready for her. He had worked her opening and gotten it ready for him. He leaned into her and pressed against her back. Their bodies melted together. He kissed her neck and ears. She ran her hands up and down his back. She pressed her ass into him. He took a small step back. He looked her wet backside up and down. She was delicious and he knew it. He took his cock and ran it up and down the crevice. She was the one that released the moan this time. “Baby, I need you inside of me so bad.


  ”With that, he pressed the head into her pucker. The mushroom of the head slid in past her ring. She gripped him. He paused to enjoy the sensation. He pressed into her farther. It felt good to have him fill her. She jutted her hips back into him. Begging for more with no words, she wanted it all. He rammed the rest of his engorged member into her. His balls slapped at her cunt. His hands slid down to her hips. He pulled her back to him. He pulled her, matching his strokes with her hips. He dug in his fingers. She could do nothing but enjoy the feeling of him filling her with his cock.

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   She reached down and started to rub her swollen clit. It had begun to throb demanding some attention. He loosened his grip on her. He slid a hand around to her tits, gently pulling and twisting a hard nipple. His hand found hers. They rubbed her clit together. She relented letting his hand slide beneath hers. She was showing his hand where and how she wanted it. He pushed into her with a steady rhythm. He bit at her ears. He was sliding effortlessly in and out of her ass. She gripped and released him at every thrust, building their tensions. His fingers found their way inside of her dripping cunt. She continued rubbing her clit as he fucked her wet hole and filled her ass. My god did she feel full.

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   His cock felt bigger than ever today. Her pussy was wetter than it had been in days. The sheer eroticism of the scene had heated them beyond all logic. His pumping continued in both holes. She was building to one monster of an orgasm. She let off her clit. She wanted this to last and if she got herself off, he would be shortly behind her. Knowing he made her cum usually set him into motion. She reached under and massaged his balls. She squeezed them gently and felt him harden. “I need to fill you up, Lover. I need to give you all my cum, Baby. ”With those words, she began to rub her clit a bit harder working his balls feverishly. He was thrusting faster and harder. Her pussy was on fire.

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   She needed release as well as he did. He started fucking her hard and rough. She loved that feeling. He released her nipple wrapping his hand in her hair. He pulled it. This sent her into a frenzy. He fucked harder. She rubbed harder. “Give it to me, Baby. Cum for me, my little girl. ”He pulled her hair harder. She rubbed her clit harder. His thrusts were full of fuck lust. His cock was rock hard and ready to explode. “Fuck me, you Beast.

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   Make me cum hard. Give it to me, Baby. I need your hot cum up my ass. ”They were at the peak. She felt him get so hard inside of her. He felt her body start to tense. He fucked her with abandon. He thrust drawing full lengths of his cock. Her hand twisted and pulled at her clit as well as his balls. She started to explode first. He felt her spasms start on his hand. He pulled her hair hard. He shoved his hand up her wet hole as far as he could reach. He thrust deeply into her giving her the first hot blast of his load as her cunt gave way to her pleasure trembling with her climax. Her ring tightened around him.

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   She milked his cock for all it was worth. She wanted it all. He buried his cock inside of her releasing the last ropes of his load into her. Her spasming hole had given him what he wanted and she felt every last drop of him inside of her. They stood their sealed together like that for what seemed an eternity. She leaned back into him as he released her hair turning her head to kiss him. He supported her weight with his strong arms wrapped around her. She was weak. It felt as if he let go she would collapse right there. She loved cumming with him. It was always intense and passionate. He pulled himself out of her gently letting his cum drip out of her wrinkled hole. She felt his hot load drip out. He took the hand shower and rinsed them both off. He watched as his cum washed down her legs.

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   He sprayed himself off. He took her in his arms and carried her to the bed. They kissed and touched and reveled in their love. He wrapped himself around her, protecting her as he always did. They drifted to sleep. .

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