My motherinlaws ass believe or not but i know


this is my first story let me know
well it started with a normal visit from my motherinlaw lorraine. she came up to our house to stay for a couple of weeks. yep i have checked her out and i think she did the same to me. karen and i have a great sex life and i guess she heard us making love. karen said that since her father had died as far as she knew her mum had not been out with anyone for the last 10 years. everything was going great then karen had a minor stroke.
even with the doctors saying every thing will be alright i still was worried. i came home and decided to have a drink and went to bed. with that lorraine came into my bedroom saying it will be alright and gave me a cuddle the next thing i know she was in my bed naked sucking me of with gusto. even though lorraine was close to fifty her body was very firm her tits didn't even sag and her ass well i will leave that up to you. while she was still sucking me off she put her body over me her legs on each side of my head rubbing her clit into my face. i started to lick and suck her clit and the moans that came from her were very throaty i guess with my cock deep in her throat. her juices really began to flow all over me.
she then rotated around and proceded to put my cock up inside her all i could hear at this time was a sucking sound of her cunt man what a sound and a feeling. with this she asked me to hop on top of her and sink my cock deep inside her. i then put her legs over my shoulders sunk my cock deep up my motherinlaws cunt.

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talk about pumping my motherinlaw who had a cunt with a vice like grip i said if you keep this up you will make me cum. with this she stopped and said rob do you really want to know what i would really like'by this time i'm ready for anything. i was so stunned with what she said rob fuck me in the ass. karen and i had been married 14 years and even though i had thought about it i never brought it up. lorraine even karen and i don't do thati said. lorraine said rob if you don't want to it's ok,hank on i didn't say no. with this she got on all fours and handed me the ky jell. i put some on my finger and started to finger her ass she started to moan and buck slowly at first then more urgent. then all i could hear was i want your fat cock up my ass now. i put some ky on my cock and proceeded to enter her ass slowly at first i knew i had to get past her ass ring. i kept going slowly i wanted to enjoy this but lorraine stated to buck faster and faster i thought her cunt was tight. every time i pushed in and out of her her ass it got tigher and tighter i yelled i am going to cum with that all i got from her was shove that cock all the way up my ass and cum thats it cum with that it took me about 10 minutes to get my cock out of her
a few days later karen came home the well that is another story