The library


    the first time i saw her she was hanging up posters in the career center. I was working on a paper and looked over at her as she was hanging a poster up. Her short pink shirt went up and i could see the small of her back and a peek of her pink thong. Her pants were running up her perfect ass and i started pitching a tent right there. When she was done she turned around, looked at me and smiled. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and it took all my will power to hide my massive boner.     A few days later i went in to finish my paper up and maybe to see the girl. That day she was wearing a black tank top and a short short denim skirt. She was hanging some poster about safe sex up and her skirt lifted up just enough so i could see the bottom of her ass cheeks. I silently went up behind her and whispered,"There isn't anyone around. "  I nibbled her earlobe a little bit as she let out a little moan. I lifted up her skirt to reveal her silky smooth ass. I spread her cheeks apart and looked at her puckered hole.     "Let's go to the back room. " she said leading me through the ofice and to the back room filled with supplies. She locked the door as i took my rock hard cock out of my pants.

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   I bent her over the counter and spit on her hole and on my engorged shaft. i slowly worked my way into her tight little hole and as i got more comfortable i went harder and faster. She moaned softly under her breath as she gripped the papers littering the counter.     "Oh fuck yeah fuck my ass. " she said as i slapped her plump cheeks a couple times.     When i was on the edge of a climax i took my dick out of her ass and emptied my load on her ass. I pulled my pants up and said,"We should get together again soon. " .