The party


The party had been coming to a stop.   The few who were still up watched the TV blankly, slowly passing out.   Unlike the others I felt wide awake.   The guys on the couch sat watching porn while their girls slept by their sides.   I got up and headed to the bathroom, walking over and around the sleeping bodies.   I stepped to the faucet and washed my face with the cool water.   I turned to the hand towel to see her there, passed out unconscious in a sitting position.   Tonya, so perfect with her lovely breasts and that perfect sized ass, both added to her sexy curvature.   I looked down to her tight white shirt and blue jeans which looked so hot around her thighs.   Her face looked so cute, her body so hot, the thoughts came forward.
            I might have been drunk, but I don’t regret the thoughts which I proceeded to act upon.   The excitement overtook me, to creep up my spine, I just stood like a dope smiling and looking down at this beauty.   I walked over to the door and locked it.   Kneeling down I looked her in the face.   Her luscious lips waited to be kissed.   My moist tongue poked into her mouth.

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            She opened her eyes and kissed me back.   “Oh Tommy,” she smiled at me.   Everything was fine, especially since most people call me Jordan.  
            I didn’t respond to her, at least not with words.   My hands caressed her shoulders and made their way lower to her chest.   I rubbed them slowly as she threw her head around in ecstasy.   I took her shirt and pulled it over her head, her breasts bounced out, no bra.   My fingers rubbed her nipples, then down her smooth stomach where I tucked my fingers into her pants.   She responded with another kiss before she passed out again.   I shook her a little but she stayed out of it this time.   This didn’t matter to me, I went straight for her pants and undid them.   I threw her sandals off and pulled her pants down from her feet.   Sliding them past her thighs, knees, ankles, and throwing them to the side.   Her pink cotton panties wrapped around her like candy.   I placed my hand to her cunt and started rubbing through the thin material.

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    Leaning forward my tongue met her thighs, where I worked my way up.   My hands went to her back and made their way down to her ass.   I cupped each cheek firmly and gave a little shake.  
            My mind thought of only one thing now.   I pulled off those panties in one quick movement, exposing those tight lips of hers.   As fast as I could my clothes became a pile on the ground, my cock stuck straight out, begging to for that pussy of hers.   I came close to her, kneeling just a tad and brushing the tip against her soft mouth.   Opening her mouth I inched my cock pass her lips, over her tongue, into her throat.   She looked so lovely, sitting naked on the cold floor.   I pushed into her throat and pulled out, letting her saliva moisten my rod.   I ran my fingers through her hair.   I pulled out, her mouth stayed open, tempting me to put it back in.   No, I took her shoulders and laid her on her back.   I lied down on top of her, where I guided my cock into her shaved cunt.   I pushed those lips open, pushing into that wet hole of hers.

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    I started fucking her like mad.   Pushing into her, deeper and deeper, pushing her whole body forward against the cold tiles.   A soft moan escaped her mouth, along with her whispering the name Tommy.   She started panting, her breasts rising up and down.   I kept going in and out, ready to explode at any minute.   My true mind got the better of me.   I stopped what I was doing and looked at this panting beauty.   I didn’t want to get her pregnant.   I had enough since to pull out of her but not to stop fucking her.
            I flipped her onto her back.   I spat on my cock and got it even more juiced up.   With my legs I spread hers open.   I knelt in between them and took hold of her hips, raising her ass to the air.   My hard cock poked her tight little ass hole.   I didn’t work my way into it, I just pushed with my cock and pulled her ass with my hand.

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    I squeezed right into that little ass of her.   Her face rested on her cheek.   She made this odd face, a mix of pain and wonder.   I fucked that ass of hers. Pulling that ass into me, feeling the sensation of her warm little hole.   The sweat started rolling down my face, falling to her arched back.   She started to moan in pain, “Tommy…”  This isn’t Tommy, I thought, this is your new fuck buddy.    I felt it climbing through my cock to the head, the need to finish.   I started pumping harder and faster, making her face pucker harder.  I pulled her deep into me, far as I could and let my load go somewhere into her body.   I lied there a bit out of breath on top of her.   I leaned forward and gave her another kiss.   No response.
            I cleaned ourselves up and dressed her and my self.   Before I left to go out I whispered into her ear, “Can’t wait till next party.

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  ”  I walked out and found an open couch.
            I looked over to one of the guys who was sitting with their girl watching porn, he now had his cock buried deep into her pussy.   I looked at the guy more carefully and I realized it wasn’t her boyfriend but Tommy.   “Oh fuck, Tonya.   Yeah you little bitch. ”
I smiled at his confusion and lied down on the empty couch where I almost instantly fell asleep.
            In the morning Tommy and Tonya were fighting.   Tonya says she remembers him fucking her last night.   She said, “It would have been fine accept you fucked my butt. ”  Tonya was like that, she didn’t care who heard what, that’s one of the reasons she turned me on so.   She dumped him there and I just smiled.   On other news, it turns out that the girl who Tommy mistook for Tonya became pregnant, and she didn’t have a boyfriend and she claims she hasn’t done it in over three months.   I felt bad for her, but sometimes you get screwed over, sometimes it happens at a party when you’re passed out.         

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