A massage to remember


I am a normal guy who has had a few girlfriends over the years and had always been as straight as they come.   I graduated from the university about five years ago and have been dating my current girlfriend for about two years.   This is a true story of my adventures.   The holidays were approaching and my girlfriend tells me that she is going to visit her family , about half way across the country. She invited me to come with her, but due to work obligations, that was impossible.   I took her to the airport and she was off for the week.
I went to work the next morning, but was already missing having someone sleeping next to me at night.   I was getting horny just thinking about all the encounters we had had and realizing this was going to be the longest we will have been separated since we started dating,  We talked that evening, but that did not provide any relief for my current problem.   Once again, I went to work, but spent some time surfing the net looking at a few porno sites. This just caused me to get even hornier.   Just what I needed.   After work I went to the bar with a few friends and we watched the game of the week. When we left I grabbed the local paper that covers the happenings at the various bars, clubs and the like.   It also happens to have a personal section and classified ads.
When I got home, I started reading the paper and some how ended up reading the personals and classified ads. The personals always seem to make for fun reading in the bathroom, but today I spent more time reading the classifieds.

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    There were ads for strip clubs, phone sex, escorts and massage parlors.   Well, I just kept getting hornier reading all the ads and I looked at a few of the massage parlors websites.   Well, I looked at the clock and realized it was well after midnight and I better get some sleep for work the next day.   At work, all I could think about were these classified ads and the services that were being offered. When I left work, I drove home as fast as I could and started reading these ads again.   I had never tried any of these services before, but as I was so horny, my desire just tookover.
I found two or three ads that looked interesting and tried to look up more on the net. Just as I was getting somewhere, my girlfriend calls. She just keeps going on and on and says I cant wait to be with you when I get home in five days.   At this point my mind is made up. I need to get some relief.   I get off the phone with her as quick as I can and get back to these ads.   I cant picture going to an escort agency as I am not interested in that kind of relief. I just need a good blow or handjob to get me thru til my girlfriend gets back.
Finally, I find an ad for an erotic massage at someones house.

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    The ad talks about an erotic massage by a professionally trained well built model. So I call and get some booking service. I am new to this game so I just figure this is normal when a guy answers and schedules the appointment and gives me directions to the house. About two hours later, I get to my appointment early. I am really nervice as I have never done anything like this before. I have been to a few strip clubs and had a lap dance or two, but that is it.
I drive around the block twice and then finally pull up.   I get to the door and ring the bell.   After a few minutes a guy answers. I stutter for a moment then say I have a 10 oclock appointment.   He says come in and leads me to a room with a massage table and shower.   He says to get comfortable and shower if I like, he will be back in a few minutes.   At this point, I am really feeling weird. I have not seen any of the working girls yet.
Well, I am still horny as hell so I get undressed and shower off and then lie face down on the massage table.

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    I have had a few massages before at the chiropractor for my back so at least I knew what to do.   There is a knock and then someone walks in. I am facing facedown so I did not see the girl.   This person walks over and something just doesn’t seem right.   The smell is wrong,. Then this person speaks and it is the same guy who let me in the house. I thought he was just a bodyguard of sorts for the girls. Well I tensed up and did not know what to say.   Here I am naked on a massage table with some guy standing over me.   He can see me tensing up and starts to rub my shoulders to relax me and says are you ok. I said no, where is the model the add promised.   He said I am the model, I thought you knew this was a man to man experience.   I stuttered and said what the fuck.
After a few minutes of indecision, I said how could I have not known this was a mans massage.   He said the add was in the gay services section.

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   I guess in my rush of excitement, I never looked at the categories in the classifieds. He asked me if I still wanted a massage or not. As I was still really horny, I thought for a minute and finally just closed my eyes and said go ahead with the massage. I had had a massage by a guy before, but he was a nurse. Anyway, I closed my eyes and tried to relax. The guys name was Dave and he kept the talking to a minimum. He wanted to make sure he was not pressing down too hard and that scented oil was ok. I was like it ok.   His massage was excellent as he started on my shoulders and back and spent some time rubbing them with the oil.   I must have been half asleep when he reached my legs as I jumped when he hit my glutes, but somehow I must have dozed as his touch was good and I just relaxed again.   I stirred a little later and he was back working my nech and bringing the strokes down my back to my lower back.   After a few minutes, his strokes went a little lower on my ass. As usual with a massage, Dave put more oil on my back and his hands. He continued the strokes, but this time he went straight down my back and then my ass crack. I jumped at that but he just kept on going.

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   He increased how hard he was pushing and forced my ass back on the table. He kept sliding his hands down my ass crack and I started to relax again. I must be weird or something, but I really like the feel of his hands and fingers on my ass.   My girlfriend never did anything like this. He brushed my balls a few times and I must of moaned or something because he kept this up.   Matching his strokes to my rhythm. I was thrusting my hips I guess to meet his hands.
He left for a moment and I could hear him getting the oil and then I felt him drip it on my ass crack and then oil his hands.   After another minute of long strokes down my back and ass, he slowly settled his his on my ass the slid then down the crack to my balls again.   I let out a loud moan and he took another long stroke down my back, but when he was sliding his hands back up my crack he took finger and tickled my asshole. I was in heaven and could not believe I was letting a guy do this to me. He took another stroke and this time at my ass he took one hand and spread my cheeks and with the other he took a finger as he was sliding down my crack and starting toying with my asshole. When I pushed my hips back to meet his hand he slipped his finger in my ass. Holy shit I thought I have someone in my ass.   He continued to massage my ass and finger me slowly at first and then he slid another finger in and spent another minute working my asshole over.

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    By this point my cock was dripping precum under me. He must of sensed my discomfort as he then pulled out his fingers and said why don’t you turn over.  
I quickly turned over as I was so turned on I thought would blow my load now.   Once I was in position, he started on my front, but kept away from the cock and balls. He worked my pecks, feet and legs.   After another few minutes he moved down to my stomached and massaged that as well. Then he went to the top of the table behind my head and started with the long strokes down my front.   I was so hot just waiting for him to get to my cock and balls. He took his sweet time, but finally he reached down to the jewels and then slid his hand back up.   My cock was rock hard at this point and went and got the oil again. He then dripped oil on my cock balls and his hands. I thought he used a bit much, but I could not care at this point. He moved to my side and asked me to bend my knees and he placed a pillow under them. He then slowly started to stroke my cock and massage my balls. I was really into it and was moving my hips and moaning again.

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   He sensed my look and then as he was sliding one hand up and down on my cock and the other was massaging my balls, he slid that hand down to my ass and right to my asshole again. He kept stroking my cock and then he slid his finger into my ass again. He said just relax and enjoy. He kept working his finger in my ass. Thrusting it and moving it around. He must have found what I later learned to be my prostate as I let out another loud moan when he started massaging this spot deep inside me. He then started stroking my cock again and about one minute later I really started to loose it and I shot the biggest load of cum in my life. This was unreal. I could not believe I just let some guy give me the best handjob of my life.   I laid there for a few minutes while Dave left and then got and dressed and Dave led me to the door.
That night I hardly slept. I could not stop thinking about what had happened Am I gay or what. My girlfriend called and we talked as usual. I never said a word to her about this. When she came home we had a great night of sex, but she still never rubs my ass the way Dave did.

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