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    Well I suppose the best place to start is with me.   I had just turned 20 not 10 hours earlier (I’m now 24), I am about 5’9” and a bit over weight, with mid-length curly black hair, and I’m not the best-looking guy around, I’m not ugly, just average.   Because of my weight and appearance I was a fairly shy kid, which is why I was always so amazed that I was dating somebody as gorgeous as Sarah.   Sarah, words just don’t do her justice, she’s the most amazingly nice, beautiful, and smart person I’ve ever known, why she loves me has, to this day, confused me.   Sarah had been my best friend sense I was 12, she is 2 years younger than me, but when I moved into the house right next door to her, she and her brother, Eric who was 3 years older than me, came over to greet me.   We were the only kids in that neighborhood older than 5, so they were the only kids for me to play with.   That was until Eric turned 16, and started driving to see his friends from High School.    I’d always been told that Eric was the hottest guy in town, he had those naturally sexy features, but I’d never seen it because I just wasn’t attracted to guys.  
I never knew that Sarah had a secret crush on me, I just assumed she would tell me so cause we told each other everything.   She was always supportive of me, even going so far as to help me get a date with this girl I had a huge crush on.   When I finally found out that Sarah liked me, I was already a senior in High School, and looking for a date for the Prom.   I asked her and that night we started dating, she was even the first girl I had sex with.  
Well Sarah and Eric’s parents worked for some corporate conglomerate that required they travel a lot, so we got the house to ourselves quite a bit, even though Eric was always there he usually gave us the privacy we wanted.   On my 20th birthday the 3 of us decided to watch some movies, and drink a few beers to celebrate, we stopped around midnight and me and Sarah went up to her room for some time alone, while Eric decided to go out for a bit, see some of his other friends.  
Even before we got to her bedroom I was totally nude with an erection.   I was ready to fuck, and fuck hard, but Sarah had other things in mind.

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    She wanted to give me a strip tease for my birthday.   She sat me down on her bed and told me not to touch myself, and than started to sing happy birthday, in her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation.   I sat there doing as she told me, never taking my eyes off of her.   After she had finally removed all of her clothes, including the sexiest set of dark red bra and thong panties, she moved towards me and knelt between my legs.   She started kissing, sucking, and stroking my cock, and it was the best feeling I’d ever had.   Sarah always gave the best blowjobs; it was after all, her favorite sexual act.   It didn’t take long for me to succumb to her amazing technique, and I shot off the biggest load one could imagine.   
Sarah just giggled and said, “Is that all you’ve got?” than she gave me the most arousing glance I’d ever seen.
I looked at her and said, “For you baby, I could do this all night. ”
She giggled again, and than laid down on the bed and told me that fair is fair.   Knowing what she meant, I buried my face in her wonderful pussy, shaved just liked I loved, with just a little hair, kept trimmed, right above her cunt.   I licked and sucked and rubbed her until she exploded with a violent orgasm.   She jerked her body, and spasumed.   I guess because of the beer, and the orgasm she just fell asleep.   I had hoped to get a chance to stick my again erect penis into her tight ass hole, she had never let me do that before, too afraid it would hurt too much.

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    I’d never forced her to do anything she didn’t want, though I did ask fairly often always with the same answer, ‘I don’t think so, not now, I’m too scared it’ll hurt. ’  Or something else to that effect.
My cock was hard as a rock, eating Sarah’s pussy always made me horny as hell.   I didn’t want to offend her by doing anything with her while she was asleep.   Instead I put my pants back on and walked back downstairs to the living room, planning to watch another movie and hope my hard-on would go away.   I had been watching TV for about an hour in a half, still hard as steel.   At about 4:00 a. m. Eric walked through the front door and saw me sitting on the couch.
Apparently he had seen the budge in my pants too, cause he asked, “What’s wrong?  You and Sarah have a fight?”
“No, she fell asleep after I made her cum, so I thought I’d watch some movies. ”
“Aahhh.   Must be really frustrating, huh?”  He walked over and sat down beside me on the couch.
“Oh god yes!!” I answered.
“Sucks I know, Gary got me worked up tonight too, but than decided he needed to go to bed early.   Right after he came too, can you believe that timing?”  I kind of laughed at the sarcasm in his voice.

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    I knew Eric was Homosexual, in fact other than his other “boyfriends” Sarah and I were the only people that knew.   He was too afraid that his parents would kick him out and disown him to tell them.   We talked a little bit more, about nothing in particular.
Than he said, “So would you like me to do something about that boner in your pants?”  Even though I knew he was gay, I had never thought he would have wanted to have sex with me, but damn was I wrong.
Before I could answer he slid his hands down my pants and grabbed hold of my dick firmly.   I started to protest but before I could say much he leaned in and pushed his tongue into my mouth.   After that I don’t know what got into me, I guess I was just too horny, I put my hand on the back of his head and started French kissing him.   I loved the feeling of his tongue probing my mouth, and his strong hand on my dick.   He started to rub it, so I undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankles.
When he saw what I was doing, he pulled away and said jokingly “My what a big dick you have!” I laughed at this because to be honest I knew it wasn’t that big only about average size.  
But I thanked him and said “Well?  What about you?  How big is yours?”
Eric stood up and quickly removed his shirt, revealing the sexiest 6-pack I’d ever seen.   Than he unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to his feet.   My eyes were glued to his 8 in. cock, already semi-stiff from playing with me, and what he’d been doing earlier.   I reached around and grabbed hold of his muscular ass; I pulled him toward to me.

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    I opened my mouth and licked the tip of his cock, than slide my tongue down the shaft.   With one hand I cupped his balls, and with the other, gently pressed against his ass hole.   I’d learned a lot form Sarah’s blowjobs, and Eric had obviously noticed.
“Your very good at this. ” followed by a long deep moan.
“I had a very good teacher. ” I replied, with a little giggle.   I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock as deep into it as I could, than pulled out.   I continued massaging his balls, and sucking his dick.
After about 10 minutes of sucking, Eric placed his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me away from him, telling me “You keep sucking me like that, and I’ll end up blowing my load in your mouth.
I smiled up at him, “What’s wrong with that?”  I don’t know what had come over me, I’ve never even thought about sex with another man, but for some reason I just wanted his cum all over my face.
He motioned me to the couch.   Eric than sat me down on the couch and pulled my legs up so that I was positioned more on my back with my butt hanging off.   He began to lick my balls and moved a little lower to my anus.   And the pleasure I felt was monumental.

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    Sarah had on occasion played with my ass hole while blowing me, but this was fantastic.   My first rim job, and I was loving every second of it.
After what seemed like hours of pleasure, Eric just stopped and walked over to get his pants, he removed a small packet as well as a little bottle.   I didn’t realize what he was planning until he already had the condom on his cock, and started rubbing the lubricant from the bottle on his cock.   I began to sit up and protest his course of action, but was quickly forced back down on the couch.   Eric grabbed my ankles and spread my legs as far apart as he dared, without hurting me.   He than let go of one ankle and grabbed his cock, guiding it into position.  
“Wait, I’m not ready…” I began but before I was finished, the head of his dick was already in my ass.
“Just relax, I promise you’ll love this. ”  I took his advice and relaxed, hoping he was right.  
God was he right; I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have an 8 in. cock sliding in and out of my ass.   Eric was gentle too, he didn’t force it in, he was gentle.   I looked into his eyes, and I saw the same thing I see in Sarah’s eyes, love and caring.   I fell in love with him for that.

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Eric than grabbed my cock and resumed what he had been doing earlier.   He than leaned in and kissed me.   I closed my eyes and moaned.
My god I’m being fucked like a girl!!!  This was all I could think of, and I love it!!!
We went on like this for half an hour, kissing, him stroking my dick, his cock ramming into my ass.   Than he got harder, started to ram deeper, I screamed with pleasure.
“I want you in my mouth, cum on my face!!!”
He quickly pulled his dick out of my ass, and removed the condom.   I slid down between his legs and grabbed hold of his dick, as well as my own and started stroking as hard as I could.   I heard Eric groan, and felt his cock quiver as it unleashed ‘gallons’ of his cum on my face and chest.   Feeling his warm cum spray me, I exploded and came all over the floor.
Eric fell down in front of me and started licking his cum off of my face, “You can’t go back upstairs like that, now can you?”
I smiled at him and replied “No I don’t guess I can’t. ”
After I was all cleaned up, Eric told me to go on to bed.   I started up stairs, but before I left the room I turned around and looked at Eric, already lying down, exhausted.   “That was fantastic, maybe we can do it again sometime. ”
“Hehe, I hope so” he smiled.
I left the room, and started up the stairs that led to Sarah’s room, and whispered, “I love you.

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Eric and I did do it again, but I never left Sarah.   After about 6 months Sarah walked in on us, and it turned out she was fine with it.   She was very understanding about the matter.   The night she found out, I also proposed, and she said yes instantly.   We were married a year later and ended up buying the same house Sarah grew up in form her parents.   We now enjoy our new life together, and as a wedding present she finally allowed me that one act she had denied me for so long, ANAL, and it was great for both of us.   Eric still visits about once a month, and Sarah allows us to “play” as long as she gets to watch.   They both know how I feel for the other, and I’m enjoying the greatest sex life anybody can possibly know.   I’m in love with 2 wonderful people, and I’m still a little confused as to why such beautiful people would love me so much, but I try not to dwell on that.   To this day Sarah and Eric are the only people I’ve ever had sex with, and I don’t care if there are any others, I’m in love with them and that’s all I need.

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