Bi Bi... My Love (A Break-Up Story)


I had originally hired him for a graphic art project, after working with him for three months through the winter I had developed a crush on him. (even though he was 'straight'. . , I held no grudge against him for it)

Having converted my basement into a home office saved me from the expense of another building lease and helped me devote more of my time to projects. We had put in some long hours together, his dedication rubbed off on me and had lengthy discussions about anything you could think of but somehow it always turned to sex. One night we had finished early and we were having a few adult beverages in celebration of the completion of Stage II. We drank up and chatted about this and that, after awhile 'it' came up. . . sex talk. . . we were pretty loose by this time. A dozen double bourbons will do that to you.

At first it was the same old 'bump & grind' chit-chat, then he got a little more risque, asking if I'd ever had a threesome or other 'unconventional' encounters. Before I could answer, he kept on talking.

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  . . about how while in college that he was bangin' his girl in her dorm then her roomie came home wasted and got naked. . . the three of them fucked. I could see from his bulge that he was more than excited about telling his tale of 'group' sex. . . I asked him if he'd ever shared a girl with another guy or ever fooled around with another guy.

He looked surprised for a second, I'm sure he thought he'd never hear that coming from me. . . professionally, I am a completely a different person, one that he hadn't gotten to know but if I had my way he was going to get to know me real well and soon. He said his freshman year his roommate was a chronic masturbater and would catch him on occasion, mostly without him knowing.

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  I teased him about being a peeping tom and asked if watching him turned him on and if he ever got off watching.

Even more of a shocked looked came over his face, but it went away while he said that he had never told anyone about what happened ever and that he trusted me with his 'dirty' little secret. One night he woke up to find his roommate going at it, stroking away without a care. . . he felt his cock getting stiff so he slipped his hand under the sheet and grabbed a handful of hard cock. Stroking away he had lost thought of his roommate, he was remembering that night with his girl & her roomie.

It was all of sudden when he realized that his roommate was standing next to his bed, still naked and hard with a tube of lube in his hand. "You want some lube?". . . . he didn't hear him the first time because it was such a surprise to see him there. "You should really use lubrication, be kind to your cock. .

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  . and it feels better. " . . . . with saying that he popped the top and squoze some out onto his cock, he realized he hadn't stop stroking it & his attention turned to the cock in front of him.

Without even thinking he sat up, reached out and latched onto the slick dick. "Hey, you want some 'help' with that?" . . . his roommate sat down on the bed next to him and they slid their cocks in each others hand. I was so turned on by him sharing all of this with me, I just wanted to eat him up right then and there. I interrupted him, asking if it was more than once and if he'd ever done with another guy besides this guy.

Never even a flinch from him, I think he was getting very comfortable with me and the level of booze helped him along with being completely honest about everything.

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  They fooled around their freshman year and when they could get together during their sophomore year. He admitted they did it all, oral, anal . . . you know all that two guys could do to each other sexually, but he was the only one he ever had the experience with. I asked what he liked the best of all from his man-loving days.

We laughed, the mood lightened a little bit more. . . he said he liked it all but he really missed a good blow job. The girl he was with made the attempt and went through the motions but it just wasn't the same or even close. He caught me staring at his bulge, he just smiled as I smiled back and asked him if he'd like a good blow job, before I knew it he was across the room in front of me as I knelt down. I think I was more nervous about it that he was, my hand shook as I pulled his zipper down.

Reaching into his slacks, past his silky boxers, I found his turgid cock. .

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  . pulling it into view I think I gasped aloud. My head was spinning from it all, the booze and holding his magnificent cock in my hand only inches away from my waiting watering mouth, I sucked him in slowly savoring every bit of it. His hand in my hair was proof that he agreed with what I was doing to him, I reached in pulling his balls out past his zipper as I went down on him until I felt his nuts on my chin.

He couldn't believe I had all of him in. . . he kept saying so. . . and when I sucked back up his shaft to hold his head in my mouth, looking down I almost couldn't believe it myself. I throated him again and again, sucking him into a frenzy, his cock swelled more as his scrotum tightened from soft velvet to thick leather, his legs started shake as I watched his abs pump and flex, he now held on with both hands on top of my head.

A quiver ran through him and his cock twitched, belching the first hot thick shot into the back of my throat. He pumped, face fucking me as he continued to cum more and more, it seemed like he wasn't stopping any time soon. I swallowed and took more, what I did get to taste was good.

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  When he was spent he pulled out and asked if he could return the favor, I told him only if he wanted to, no pressure to reciprocate.

He pulled me up and walked me over to the overstuffed leather chair, he yanked my pants down before pushing me back into the chair. He held onto my thighs as he lowered himself between them, he grabbed onto my hard cock and said he'd never seen an uncut cock before, it intrigued him. Not for long as he sucked me in and had me fully engulfed, for what he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm, eagerly eating my cock and pulling on my sac (as per my instructions)It was soon after that I was cumming already, I couldn't hold back any longer.

After recovering, we dressed and sat quietly for awhile, I asked if he regretted what just happened. He quickly said no, I asked if he wanted to continue further and again without a second thought he replied that he would love to but he first had to end his relationship with his girlfriend, only to be fair to her, I agreed and he spent the night to sleep off the alcohol. I was interested to see if he felt the same in the morning.

He woke to the odor of coffee in the air, he came to the table in just his boxers giving me glimpses of his cock. I set a cup down in front of him and sat next to him, I was wearing nothing but my robe. . . scooting the chair closer. He sipped his coffee, not saying anything, he looked so handsome in his morning face, I leaned in and put my hand on his knee as I asked him about what happened last night.

He said he was going to go see his girl and end it with her this morning, I was half shocked and amazed at his answer. Then he asked if he could move in because he was living with her and once he broke up he'd lose his residence, he even offered to pay rent and sign a lease.

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  I told him since he was on the payroll, I'd only be taking my own money back and that wouldn't make any sense.

I could see it in his face that he was serious about it all as well as sleeping giant coming alive, making it's way to the fly of his boxers. He gulped down the last of his coffee and turned to face me, his knee pushed against mine forcing my leg over making my robe come open. His hand set the cup down and reached for my stiff cock, his cock had fully extended past his boxers, I grabbed onto the head. I tugged him to his feet and lead him to my room, we stripped and got onto the bed to sixty-nine.

We sucked each other for a bit, his body went rigid at first as I snaked a finger into his asshole, then relaxed as I worked it in and out of him. He pulled my cock from his mouth as told me to fuck him, he didn't have to tell me twice, I reached in the nightstand for a condom and lubricant as he got into position. I rolled the rubber on while applying a generous amount of lube to his winking asshole, working a finger then two inside, then the head of my cock.

I stayed there for a moment to let him relax more, he backed onto me slowly but took me all the way inside. He asked how it felt, I said it was wonderful and he agreed as he took over the action pushing me in & out of his tight rectum. He picked up the pace until he was slamming into me so hard I almost lost my balance, I smacked his ass and grabbed onto his hips as I filled the condom. The latex bloated inside him while his muscles gripped and pulled at my sheathed cock as I came.

He turned around, pulling my cock from inside him to pull at the condom. Once he got it off he dove onto it to catch the last couple shots of cum in his mouth, sucking me deep and clean. He finished me off and patted me on the ass as I got down for him to return the favor, he pulled a rubber from the package as I lubed myself up for him.

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  I told him to just plunge right in and he did, his balls met mine and he stayed right there. I felt full and it was great, he took his time and fucked me nice and slow, like making love to a woman.

I teased him that even though I was enjoying it that I wasn't delicate and he could really fuck me a little harder if he chose to do so. He replied by pulling out and driving his cock back in hard, our balls slammed together, he jack hammered my asshole with all he had. I could feel his girth expand inside me as his searing hot cum flowed, trapped by the condom. He collapsed on top of me as the last twitches of his cock could be felt as well as the sweat between us. We laid there enjoying the moment trying to catch our breath, his cock still inside of me until it softened.

Once we gained a bit of composure, we retreated to the shower and washed up together. I could see that he was comfortable with all of this and that things between us could possibly work out well. I think that we were both relieved and relaxed with how well we meshed, even though he was still an employee of mine, he even joked about it. . . asking if this was a perk I offered to all of my freelancers. I teased him that only the goods ones get asked.

We finished up, dried off, shaved and dressed together, like it was meant to be.

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  He felt so comfortable that he asked me to go along to break things off with his girl, for support. I was surprised at his question and told him I would. Driving over there we held hands like a couple of giddy teens, kissing at red lights and giggling at the reactions of passers-by and occupants of other cars on the street. Some teen boys waiting for a bus cheered as we tongued each others mouth, we waved at them as the light changed, glancing back we could see them imitate us with a passionate kiss shared between them.

Arriving at her place he got quiet and a little nervous as we walked up to the door, I could see his hand shake as he took his key to the door. I told him it was going to be alright and he thanked me as he swung the door open, all was still, he said she was probably still in bed as we walked quietly inside and around the place. He gathered items and placed them in a spot close to the door, pointing things out I grabbed and set them where he had.

He motioned me towards a closed door, I came in close behind him as he whispered to me that she was still sleeping as he peeked in and reported back to me. Slowly he opened the door and we stepped in, he grabbed his belongings as fast as he could being as stealthy as possible. I stood by the door watching the girl sleep, she stirred around and pulled the thin sheet from her pert breasts exposing them completely. She was a hottie, I couldn't believe he was giving her up for me but I wasn't going to stop him by no means.

I could hear him rustling around in the walk-in closet. . . I giggled to myself, how appropriate was that, I had gotten him out of the closet and now he was back in.

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  I walked around to the other side of the bed, next to the girl sleeping, she stirred slightly as I ran a fingertip around her pink puffy areola. . . making the erectile tissue react to my touch. But still she slept as I rubbed the other nipple to life, her C cup breasts were perfect in every way, she had the look of a supermodel. My cock firmed as I thought of her getting fucked like he did me this morning, they must have looked like porn stars fucking both so good looking, young and fit.

Having to see what all he was leaving behind I slowly slid the sheet down her body until it reached her knees. Her body was tight and muscular, very tan with no lines and a wonderfully clean shaven pussy, her labia protruded and glistened. I was completely awestruck with her beauty and flawlessness, then panic set in as her eyes opened slightly her hand came up to meet with my crotch. "I waited up for you. . . . "she said as she groped me and found my zipper, I moved back. "Baby, you know I can't see well without my contacts, come closer so I can have my 'breakfast'.


  " as she lunged out of bed at me.

She went to her knees and found my open fly with no problem, pulling my cock out she immediately knew I wasn't him as she was about to speak he came from the closet with his arms loaded with possessions. They looked at each other and both at me then to each other asking in unison, "What's going on?"He seemed to be genuinely pissed at her for finding her with another man's cock in her hand, she was just mad that he didn't come home. . . I felt out of place with the guy who fucked me yelling at the girl with my cock still in her hand, it was tense.

Then just as quickly as it started, it ended, all was quiet and he tossed his belongings on the bed and was by my side, she was still on the floor. . . she reached for his erection and freed it as well. Our cocks stood hard as she sucked on him and then me, stroking and sucking, we kissed as she worked on us. Seeing her beautiful face sucking one cock then the other was just like something out of a porn flick, the whole thing was like a porn, I looked around for a hidden camera.

While she was sucking my cock he took her hand from his cock and went to his knees, he held his mouth open waiting for his turn, she saw and pulled my cock from her mouth to fed it to him. It felt wonderful as he sucked me in, she slid her hand along my shaft until his lips met my pubes, she pulled at my sac while he throated me. Sucking back up to the head she had her mouth right there to transfer my cock, their lips met and kissed with my cock head between them, she held just the head in her mouth as he sucked at my balls.

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  My knees buckled as I melted to the wonderful waves of ecstasy washing over me.

They broke contact with me and stood, we made our way to the bed touching and fondling each other, he pushed his things onto the floor making room for the three of us. She pushed me onto the bed and they went back to work sucking my cock together, I had him straddling my face as I sucked his cock he sucked mine with his girlfriend kneeling between my legs, chewing my scrotum and licking my asshole. Her tongue felt terrific as she forced it past my sphincter, I fingered away at his asshole as well, his sac was starting to tighten he was getting close to cumming. I wanted to see him fuck her and then eat his cream from her pussy, I pulled his cock from my mouth and my finger from his ass, he got up turning around to face me. We kissed and I told him what I wanted, but first I wanted to eat her pussy while he rode me, letting me cum in his ass so I can watch it leak while he fucked her.

He stood on the edge of the bed and squatted down, hovering his asshole right down onto my cock popping the head inside with no resistance. She still licked my sac until he was completely pegged, his balls were on top of mine, my cock fully buried inside his asshole. Her tongue worked over both our scrotums and I could feel her sucking his cock. He pumped me in and out and I could feel her tits on the inside of my thighs, then he told her to go sit on my face while he got fucked good and hard. She obediently came up onto the bed and sat on my chest, sliding down until her wet hole was right where it needed to be, I lightly licked at her semi-hard clit running my tongue under the hood and making it enraged and erect. I sucked at it like a miniature cock, it resembled one very closely about an inch long, it was in proportion of the rest of her cunt. Very large pussy lips, in general, she looked like she had a huge twat but it was just the exterior.

Reaching up above my head I groped at her perfect tits while I ate away and nibbled her labia, she had both hands full of my hair pulling me deeper in between her thighs, licking inside her tight twitching twat. My cock still being ridden, I felt his softening cock slapping my thigh as I get closer to filling his wonderful asshole full, he grabs at my scrotum pulling my balls tight.

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  She starts to spasm, her pussy is starting to sprinkle against my face as I bring her to orgasm, she screams as her fountain flows I continue to devour her. As she cums so do I, shot after shot I send my searing hot load deep within his bowels as he rides with more gusto getting me off as well as she is, we both shudder in orgasmic glow. He stayed atop my cock until I start to grow soft inside him, she collapsed against me holding onto her tits, I slid my hands under her arms to keep her up. She came so hard that she went limp like a rag doll, my face was soaked with her excitement.

He dismounted me, cheeks clenched holding my load inside as he pulled her from me and laid her down, she had a look of unconsciousness with fits of spasms throughout her body. She looked at me though the slits of her eyelids and a smile parted her lips, her soaked labia parted and stuck to her thighs wide open as he got into position to plunge his cock deep inside her quivery quim. I moved to the most advantageous view right between their legs, kneeling on the floor off the edge of the bed. She screamed aloud as he entered her with a single deep thrust, buried deep at once he held that stance as the cum slowly seeped from his bowels. A few thrusts into her produced more shrieks of ecstasy and released more of my load, it ran down the back of his scrotum, I licked it up while he held still enough before plunging back into her.

He quickened his pace into a frenzied fucking his wet balls slapping against her ass as her pussy dripped as much as his asshole did. It was a wondrous sight to behold as my cum rivulets coated the back of his tightening scrotum as he pounded her juicy cunt, the tasty wet sounds resounded around the room as did their grunts, groans, moans and screams. If you closed your eyes it was hard to tell if it was fucking or fighting, or a mix of both as he was giving her the last fuck she was getting from him, one she would remember always. Although she was completely unaware of what was to come after wards, she just thought it was her lucky day to be getting the both of us when she was losing him to me and I was looking forward to see the reality set in as she laid there completely fucked out while we packed the rest of his belongings and left.

His final deep poundings into her were close to brutal as he let his cum flood inside of her, she thrashed around the bed with intense orgasms clutching at the sheets and leaving deep red rakes of her nails across his back as well. Her spasming cunt on his squirting cock sounded like a deep sucking chest wound from a shotgun blast.

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  He collapsed atop her as she shook still in the throes of intense orgasm, his cock still deep inside softening until squeezed out, he rolled off to her side on the bed as I dove in between her thighs to reclaim my new lovers spent seed.

Her protests went unheard as I pulled her knees apart and began to usurp her will and strength with deep tongue strokes and sucking of their mixed juices. With her thighs tightly enclosed around my head I could barely hear her screams and breathlessness, I had her clit trapped sucking it hard, her pulse pounding making it twitch between my lips. Spasms shook the entire bed as her body had it's own vibration to it. I kept licking up the wonderful mix of cum, sweat and her still spraying orgasm as well until she collapsed and offered no resistance just involuntary jolts of muscles convulsing well after I had stopped my task.

As she lay there slipping further into orgasm coma, we gathered ourselves and clothing, dressed and finished the collection of his belongings. Soon we had everything of his packed and put into the car as we headed off back to my. . . OUR place together. It wasn't but a block away when he finally turned to me and spoke for the first time since we had left, "I think that went rather well, don't you?"

Best break-up I've ever seen or been a part of.

We chuckled for the rest of the day and still giggle about it at times.