Costume in a Costume


Topic: Costume in a CostumeThis is one story in a series of stories. It has a CD plot but I included it here because in general the whole series is not about cross dressing. I hope you enjoy. Title: Costume in a cosutme1By: MVP6This story is intended for adults only. If you are under 18, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. It all began three years ago, in October. I remember because my wife was visiting her sick mother for an extended period of time. Feeling unusually alone and commonly horny I had too much time on my hands to consider the most satisfying ways to shoot jizz. After many lonely nights of jerking off I reflected on the odd realization that many of my fantasies involved scenarios in which I found myself sucking cock. I'm not gay and I find men repulsive, but a meaty cock has always been a great fascination for me. I always sneak a peek in the locker room - just to compare. That's what I have always told myself. In the end, I concluded that I might like to try cock-sucking. Maybe. Of course, I knew no one I could approach to fulfill my emerging wish. If I were a girl I would have no problem finding a big dick to lick.

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   After all, as a guy I stood a snowballs chance in hell of asking some stud to let me blow him and having him agree. But even an ugly girl can get laid whenever she wants. Thinking that if I dressed like a woman I could have a taste of forbidden fruit, I tried on my wife's clothes. They fit fine and my butt and legs looked great. In fact, from the waist down and behind, I looked like a knockout. But my too broad shoulders, large hands, and rough face were ghastly. Sadly, there was just no way I could make my more masculine features look feminine. So I turned my focus toward other ways to find someone who would let me service his schlong. Sadly, I couldn't think of a single plan that would work. Resigned to a life without ever tasting a "man banana" I put the idea on a shelf and decided I would go out and see if I could pick up a cutie of the female variety for a one-night stand. It would be Halloween in a couple of weeks and I could be completely anonymous. I searched online for costume ideas when the solution to my problem hit me all at once. It was so simple! I pieced together a woman's costume that would cover my manly attributes. What I ended up with was a disguise in which I was a man dressed as a woman dressed like a football player. I was pretty pleased with my own ingenuity.

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   On Halloween I shaved my legs and face really close. Then I put on my wife's panties, jeans, socks, bra, and halter-top. I had to buy shoes. I choose flat tennis shoes because at 5' 7" I was a tall "woman" and flats seemed best. Next I put on football shoulder pads and a powder puff jersey with the pink numbers "52". Lastly, I wore one of those full-face rubber Halloween masks with an attached blonde wig, a football helmet minus the faceplate and women's opera gloves. Looking in the mirror I definitely looked like a girl. Tim had become Tammy. The secret was in the details. For example, when some unsuspecting man saw me instead of seeing a wig he saw beautiful curls emerging from beneath a helmet. Men who dressed like women on Halloween wore skirts, but not me; I had panty lines. It was a more subtle and more deceptive subterfuge. There was no doubt I was a girl dressed like a football player. I wouldn't win any contests for best costume but I could get into a bar and easily pass as female. Later, as I entered the bar I ran into an unanticipated obstacle; the Bouncer wanted to see my I.

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  D. I suddenly realized I had a man's I. D. and a man's voice. I really hadn't thought this through. The fear of getting caught petrified me. "Maybe I should just go home. " I thought. As I fumbled through my purse to buy some time the line behind me started to get long and the bouncer waved me in. Once in the bar I sat on a stool and with a shaky hand pointed to a picture on the coaster of a strawberry daiquiri to place my order. It was a little hard sitting comfortably with my dick stuffed between my legs and I squirmed a bit. Needing to stand, despite my wobbly legs, I walked over to the brass rail by the dance floor to watch the action. I was feeling edgy but glad that I was so passable. I was also really confident that my butt looked better than the oversized tushes of most of the women in the bar. I guess I wasn't the only one to think my ass looked great because it was only a moment before a man in a surgeons costume offered to buy me a drink.

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   I nodded my head and watched him walk over to the bar to buy me my first ever gifted drink. Now I started to feel the feelings and think the thoughts that women must at times like this. I looked at the guy who was buying me a drink (surely with the expectation of something in return) and I began to wonder what he was like. What did he do for a living? Was he rich? What was his cock like? All I knew was that he was tall and broad, with a firm butt and a rugged face. Wow, I couldn't believe I was evaluating a guys looks. Even though I questioned if I wanted his cock, or any cock for that matter, I suspected that I didn't want a cock that belonged to a fat ugly man. Anyway, he looked all right. The one thing I was sure of was that he would give me his cock without a second thought. When he came back I was nervous and giddy like a schoolgirl. Was I really going to do this? Would I really let him put his cock in my mouth? Meanwhile, I couldn't talk or I would give myself away. But John (that was his name) never seemed to notice. He was so cocky that he did all the talking. It was real easy to figure out in what ways he was successful, in what ways he was a jerk, what made him cool, and what his flaws were. I had a new perspective as a female. His hands were all over me and he was standing so close I would have socked him if I had been dressed in my everyday clothes.

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   I was really feeling felt up when I decided to go with it and react as a slut would. As soon as I leaned in and put my hands on his arms it was like I had turned on a green light. If I thought I was being groped before I was wrong. His hands were on the sides of my (fake) breasts and his fingers were in the crack of my ass. If we weren't in public he would surely have discovered I had a dick too. It dawned on me that I couldn't leave with him without being discovered. So where could we go? I couldn't worry about that now. Turning away from the crowd and pressing against him I put my hand in a man's crotch for the first time in my life. He was hardening and I could feel his manhood trailing at least six inches down his leg. I licked my lipstick painted lips trying to be sultry. This was virtually the only part of me he could see beneath my costume. I sucked on my straw. He understood my meaning instantly. Grabbing me by my arm he led me through the crowd straight to the bathrooms. I braced my hands against the doorframe of the men's room for fear of what was about to happen to me, to my virgin mouth.

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   Misunderstanding my fear he said not to worry that women were taken into the men's room all the time and that it was Halloween anyway. I knew he was a liar, as I had never seen a woman in the men's bathroom in my life. But the daiquiris left me buzzed and I let him pull me in. His hand stuck firmly to my butt as he compelled me to the last stall. Once there he swung me around and moved in to kiss me through the opening in my mask. I saw his mustached lips moving closer to mine and recoiled. Pulling away I fell back on the toilet seat to find myself level with his groin. Regaining my composure and sense of purpose I rubbed my gloved hands up and down his thighs not daring to go any further. I had a moment of dread and a surge of regret. Before I could change my mind, he unzipped and whipped it out. He was half hard and pointing right at the mouth hole in my costume. I have never seen another man's equipment so close before. It filled my vision and it was amazing! This was a beautiful cock. I was right about his size. He was about six inches long, same as me, and nicely thick.

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   He was circumcised and the head of his cock flared out perfectly. I lifted it up and looked him all over. I could see various veins throbbing as they pumped life into this tool. I was surprised at the heft as I raised the weight of a real penis inches from my trembling lips. His balls were huge. Would big balls pump out lots of cum? His nuts were hairless and his dick smelled clean. My thanks to John for taking good care of his johnny. I cupped one hand under his balls and grasped his meat with my other hand. It was a little awkward with the gloves on but he didn't seem to mind. I stroked a cock -- another first. And aimed it at my mouth. He stiffened up a bit more and came to full mast. I now estimated it to be about seven inches. As I pumped, a clear drop of liquid appeared at the tip. I have always found my precum to be sweeter than my cum and I needed to taste his before it got worked into the skin of his shaft.

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   Hesitantly, I stuck my tongue out and gently licked off the single drop. It was sweet. Just like mine. Would he be able to tell the difference between a BJ given by a woman and one given by a man?
With an intense second of reservation I overcame the urge to run as I pulled him by the balls and directed the head of his cock right to my lips. Holding just part of his dickhead between my pursed lips was a thrill and I realized my own dick was painfully hard, folded into my wife's panties and stuck between my legs. I swirled my tongue around what was in my mouth and pulling up on the shaft with firm pressure squeezed another drop of pre-cum onto my eager taste buds. I yanked a little faster and started to move my lips up and down. Surprisingly, it required more saliva than I thought it would to get him sufficiently wet to glide into me easily. However, after just a few head bobs I had about three inches going in and out readily. I grabbed his balls with both hands and pulled the rest of him in. He helped me out by pushing his hips forward - far forward. In retrospect I can see that the inevitable result was gagging and eye-watering. I pulled off as quickly as I could; worried that I would throw-up. I fought to get control of my reflexes. So now I knew that this didn't come without hazards.

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   I got no sympathy from John. Swallowing hard I resumed licking all over his cock. I licked all the way up the shaft from his balls to his slit. I licked around and around. I licked both sides. I nipped him very gently. I squeezed him with my lips and I used the flat of my tongue to rub the bottom part of his cock just under the head. He really liked that. Feeling like I was a little more in control now I went crazy. I used my hands to stroke and pull and then started wanking him into my mouth. I looked up right into his eyes. He was looking right into mine. He had a smile on his face and he nodded as if to tell me I was doing a good job. He kept saying, "You're beautiful" over and over. I was shocked for a moment to see that we shared an emotional connection.

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   Again I inserted his thick cock into my mouth and worked up and down creating a solid "O" with my lips. This time I kept my hand wrapped around the base of this fantastic cock to limit how far he could push down my throat. Sucking as hard as I could and pumping with as much gusto as possible I felt him swell up some. My long awaited reward would finally arrive. He grunted, saying "Oh baby" and grabbed me by the back of my neck. I suddenly felt like I had made a mistake. From the corner of my eye I saw his arms flex, his biceps bulged, and the veins in his wrists stood up. If I ever wanted to end this I wouldn't be allowed to now. At this point the conclusion was unstoppable. I would be receiving a load of cum any time now and nothing I could do would change that. His cock was firmly wedged in my mouth and I felt the head enlarge just before stream after stream of hot cum shot out into me.
It filled every crevice in my mouth, completely engulfing me in the taste and feel of cum. It was salty and mildly bitter at the same time but not unpleasant. It even had an unidentifiable odor. I felt it in the back of my throat working its way down to my stomach to mix with Johnnie's well-invested strawberry daiquiri.


   I stopped bobbing my head and pushed forward as far as I could, holding him deep in my oral cavity as his spoo erupted. His balls contracted several times; his cock pulsed. And then, his arms relaxed, no longer forcing my head onto his softening member. Slowly we let his dick slide out from between my lips to hang gracefully in front of me. It was wet and glistening with spit and cum and we were still connected by a sticky white thread. I took a much needed breath and swallowed then licked my lips taking the rest of his load down into my stomach. I felt very satisfied knowing that I had accomplished something I had wanted to do despite my fears and worries. I had found a man to service despite the odds. I had sucked cock. I had eaten cum. I was a cock sucker and I loved it. He told me I was pretty: such a liar, he had no idea I wasn't a girl. And I wasn't about to let him find out now. He asked me for my phone number. No doubt just an obligatory request to avoid feeling like a heel.

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   I shook my head having not spoken one word yet. The cum string broke, and looking back at his cock I saw a pearly drop suspended from the end. He thanked me for the blowjob and in response I licked off the pearl. He tucked his beautiful cock back into his pants, zipped and opened the stall door to leave. I had forgotten we were in a men's room. There was a small group of men standing around and now they began making comments. One told John he was lucky to have such a willing girlfriend. Then when John said he had just met me another asked if he could have a turn. John just shrugged his shoulders. Looking at the crowd I was afraid for my safety. What if they decided to all bang me? So I grabbed John's arm and had him lead me out. As we headed out the door John said, "Sorry boys I guess she's a lady after all. " He was really quite a jerk. A slow anger built up in me and I was glad I had tricked him, really glad. John went over to a group of his friends and I snuck over to a quiet area to rest and recover.

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   I stayed at a table alone for about twenty minutes nursing a bottle of beer, which was a lot easier to drink through the mask than a drink in a glass. Each time I brought it to my lips I remembered how I had sucked cock and the thought kept my own cock energized within my panties. I smiled remembering each little event that proved I had fooled John into thinking I was a woman on the prowl. My knees were still shaky and as soon as I could walk I would go directly home and relieve myself thinking about a seven-inch dick lodged in my throat. Just then a man, from John's group, appeared at my side offering to replace my empty bottle with a full one, which he held out. He was dressed as Superman. I don't know why but I took the bottle. I had every intention of leaving. Could it be that he was just incredibly cute? Furthermore, from the looks of it he already had a woody straining to get out of his pants (well tights). He flashed me a smile full of straight white teeth and slid in next to me as smoothly as he expected his cock to slide into my mouth. He was much more confident than his friend and it showed in every mannerism. I really was planning to go home. I had done what I came to do. There was nothing left to prove. He put his arm around me, which was somewhat difficult since I was wearing football shoulder pads, next he moved my hand to his lap.

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His bulge felt intoxicating and I melted in his arms. "Well, do I dare go again?" I wondered. I pondered how his cock would be different. I was starting to look forward to that moment of no return when I would taste the essence of man. I wanted more salty cum. I wanted another smooth dick notched with the smudges of my lipstick like a staff notched for each accomplishment. I also felt like it would be a way to relate to this man to whom I could not speak or risk certain discovery. I couldn't believe I wanted to relate to him at all. But he was incredibly charming. He chatted me up, but unlike John he expected to have an actual conversation with me. What was I going to do? I nodded and shook my head answering only yes or no questions. After a time he acknowledged that I must be shy; he accepted me for that. Was he naturally a warm and accepting person or did he just want the fantastic suck that John had evidently clued him in to? I rubbed his crotch relishing the little breaks this caused in his stream of speech. I had no power to speak but I had plenty of power: power to stay or leave; power to be led to the restroom again or not; power to give a fantastic blow or power to leave him with blue balls; and lastly I had the power to make him go weak in the knees and surrender his own power to me in the form of a manly gift. I decided I would definitely go for it.

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   I would suck again! He stepped out of our booth and walked a short distance. Looking back at me with a head tilt. He expected me to follow. This time I wasn't to be dragged through the crowd but I was to be made to follow. I had to think for myself and walk to the restroom of my own will. I did it. He only took my hand at the last instant, at the doorway, a signal to the other men that he was giving me permission to enter the domain of men. No one stopped us. In fact, the men inside cleared a path allowing us unfettered access to the last stall. I went in taking my allotted place on the toilet seat. Steve, that was his name, stood in front of me caressing my gloved arms, hands, and fingers gently and lovingly. With new courage I reached out and pulled the costume tights down allowing his rod to spring out. His ball sack emerged next resting atop the elastic of his underwear. He wore tighty whities, not that that matters. His cock bounced and throbbed.

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   It was fully hard and a darker purple color than the rest of him. John's skin tone was the same all over so I hadn't noticed but Steve's cock not only was darker than his face but the head was a deeper redder purple than the shaft and there was a clear distinction in color on the fore side of his circumcision scar than on the aft side. The skin on his dick was stretched taut by the hardness of his erection and there was a slight pleasant musky odor which I inhaled deeply. Evidently, the smell of cock excited me as much as the smell of pussy.
He continued to rest his fingertips lightly on my upper arms allowing me to proceed at my own pace. The first time I sucked cock I wanted to get it done, I just wanted to make him cum, but this time I wanted it to feel good for Steve, my Superman. I opened wide and moved forward causing his dickhead to forge its way through my red lips. Dick number two was now grasped firmly within my silent mouth. Yes, I numbered it number two because I knew I would be finding a cock to serve every Halloween. Steve was hot and hard and he tasted great. I slobbered all over his dick and rammed myself back and forth twisting, licking and sucking like a wildwoman. I didn't worry about the slurping sounds that everyone in the room could hear. I concentrated only on giving Steve the pleasure my wife had given me so many times previously. I knew what to do and I did it to the best of my ability. My lips were as slick as I could make them and I fastened myself tightly to his pole rocking back and forth making sure that I had exactly the right combination of slipperiness and friction.

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   Steve was leaning against the stall door gazing up at the ceiling. I tickled and squeezed his balls. Then I gave his balls a tongue bath knowing how good it feels to be wet and slippery all over. Bringing my mouth back to his cock I felt his washboard abs with my hands and reached beneath his shirt to rub my hands lightly over his chest. Steve took my hands in his and held them to his firm pecs. I was now left with only my mouth to please him. I was lost with my face in his pubes when I was brought back to reality by the sound of Steve talking to me. He said, "Let me make love to your mouth. " I didn't know what he meant but I nodded my head "yes," his cock waving up and down in unison with my head.
Ever so slowly he pulled his big wet cock from my mouth and then just when it was about to drop out he pushed back in just as slowly. In and out, very slowly he loved my mouth like a man loves his wife's pussy. I had plenty of time to prepare for the inward journey of his cock and I took a deep breath and held it as he stuffed himself down into my throat. I didn't gag at this slow pace and I craved the feel of cock. All the while his gorgeous cock was leaking a never-ending drool of precum. When I first noticed it I thought he had cum but then I could tell by the sweetness and the lack of orgasm noises that he was just providing me with dick syrup.

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   I was astounded at the amount of precum he generated. I swished it around in my mouth and swallowed regularly to keep up with the flow. Gradually he sped up and his urgency increased until I was flooded with thick spermy cum. I kept my hands on his chest and let him do whatever he intended to do to my mouth. Steve's cream was probably the slipperiest thing that has ever been in my mouth. I tried to swallow but it was even too slippery to be forced down. Meanwhile he continued to pump back and forth the whole time he was cumming. I was alternately filled with cock and cum and then left devastatingly emptied. On the outstroke I noticed that his cock was completely covered with his white cum. It was a single layer of slick cum and I had absolutely no trouble taking all of him in with each now frantically fast thrust. Next, since he had come, he gradually slowed his pumping and he returned to making love to my mouth again. Steve enjoyed my oral skills for a few more amazing minutes then pulled out with a soft pop. He still had the whitest smile and with a sigh he gave me the sincerest thank you I have ever heard. Steve zipped up and said, "Let's get another drink," while exiting the stall. Like before he left me to follow him back to our table.

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   I swallowed the remainder of his cum in multiple gulps and was just about to go with him when the shadow of another costumed Halloween partier filled the doorway. The last thing I saw was a buccaneer shirt before he jammed the largest log of a cock into my open mouth. The pirate didn't last long and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy sucking his beam. Looking around Captain Cook I saw cocks number four, five and six waiting in line for a chance to plug my lips. I took them all and was pleasantly surprised at how each experience was interesting and unique. After number six I ducked under the arms of a Jedi Knight to make my escape. By this time Steve and John weren't in the bar anymore. In the end cock number two was the best. He wasn't biggest or thickest; he just seemed to enjoy me more than the others. I came at home twice that night once thinking about Superman slowly making love to my mouth and once thinking about the pirate ramming his log so forcefully into my mouth. Halloween ended and the next day found me dressed as I usually do. No one ever found out or knows except you the reader. I haven't sucked any more cocks but October is just seven months away. I'm planning something even better for this year. Other stories by MVP6: costume in a costume1, gloryholeillustration2, steely3, zebulon4, sissy5, buddy6, and gym7.

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   Best to read them in order using the numbers after the title. Reading stories about unsafe sex is safe but having unsafe sex is not safe.
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