Maxine's Divorce.......Chap 8


My old friend ,Frank #2, and I agreed this situation was sort of a blessing and somewhat encouraged them, patiently awaiting the day we would join in and duplicate the former relationship we had with him and his first wife. Frank and Dot were hot to get it on together again. It goes without saying I really wanted to get some of Maxine’s gorgeous ass. She played an innocent-coy game, but she loved sex, especially after a few drinks. The girls enjoyed showering together whenever they found an excuse. Most of the time they didn't need one. Maxine would say, "We're gonna go get some. . . . . . . see ya. " I, of course, watched whenever I could. “Having fun, girls?” Through the frosted shower doors, I watched them and heard them.

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   They loved to finger-fuck in lady's rooms on evenings when we were out drinking and dancing with them. It was sort of situation where we all knew what was going on but let's not talk about it, just do it for fun. In San Bernardino, Frank #1 was expecting Maxine with the papers and had no objections about giving her the California no-fault divorce. He knew he was going to miss Maxine's beautiful ass and was planning to fuck her one last time that hot afternoon in his cool, comfortable bachelor quarters. Frank was one of those guys most men envy. Tall, dark, handsome, big dick, and in uniform. He had no trouble attracting women. He and Maxine had pretty much gone their separate ways because the military required his absence for long periods. Although Maxine had learned to live with Frank's frequent absences, she also learned that she needed a steady supply of sex while he was gone. Frank reached the same conclusion. Frank #1 was disappointed that Maxine was accompanied by her best friend Dot. . . . but not for long.

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   Warm summers in San Bernardino require light clothing and frequent refreshments. A few drinks later all three were comfortable in the living room of Frank’s air conditioned quarters. They settled in for the afternoon to have a few cool drinks and reminisce the failed marriage. All the time during the friendly conversation, Frank was inching closer to Maxine on the couch, hugging and fondling her like old times which is exactly why Maxine wanted Dot there and also that Frank would not pass up a golden opportunity like Dot. These girls were cut from the same mold. Dot was feeling too good from the drinks to do anything but enjoy the developing situation. Maxine kept looking at Dot to see her reaction. Dot, smiling at them with her drink to her lips was rubbing her thighs together and watching. How far Frank would go? Maxine was a pushover. It felt too good to have Frank's hands squeezing her breasts and running his hand up her leg to her crotch, squeezing her thighs. She remembered that wonderful salami he had fucked her with many times before. He finally got around to kissing Maxine full on the mouth and she was eager to give him her sweet tongue and pull him closer. Frank wasn't too sure where this was going to go with Dot there, but he was enjoying his soon-to-be ex-wife and this gorgeous blond sitting across from them eyeing the rise in his slacks. Frank and Maxine were swingers during their marriage. They had done threesomes before.

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  Dot smiled at Frank and parted her thinly clad legs in invitation. This all but encouraged him to have his way with Maxine. So he continued, glancing at Dot occasionally. Maxine now had her legs spread to allow Frank's fingers access to her wet pussy. Both girls were wearing light summer dresses with no stockings. Maxine was on her back on the couch her dress half-way up thighs and Frank was laying half-over her, his free hand in her panties. Dot was feeling pretty loose after the drinks and was now giving serious consideration to her swollen clit. It required manipulation. . . . . . . .

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  soon. Dot being a very physical person needs to get off if she gets horny and she was really getting horny watching Frank and Maxine groping each other on the couch across from her. It was at that moment that Dot decided the was going to have an orgasm before she and Maxine went home that afternoon. Maxine was now fondling Frank's cock through his slacks and there was definitely pre-cum seeping through the crotch of his gaberdines. Maxine looked over at Dot and saw her friend slip her hand under her dress. Maxine knew what her friend's hand was doing. Maxine had been there, done that. "Fuck it," thought Maxine, “I gotta have that big dick now,” and Dot watching them made her swoon with lust. Maxine wanted to fuck so bad, she was breathing fast and hotly through her mouth. At this point Maxine jumped up and Frank thought the fun was over. Wrong! Maxine unhooked his belt buckle, pulled his zipper down and reached inside for Frank's monster. Dot almost had enough time to be disappointed. Almost. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the cock in her friend's hands. Maxine had both hands around it, her mouth wide open, rapidly engulfing the helmet head with a twisting, sucking motion that created hollows in her cheeks.

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  Frank now looked over at Dot who had her panty crotch pulled tightly into her labia with one hand and was rubbing her nether lips with the other. Dot was looking directly into Frank's eyes and said, “I want some of that too!” Maxine, on the edge of the couch, had a mouthful of Frank's cock. His slacks were now on the floor. Maxine's legs were splayed apart and Dot could see her pussy where Frank had pulled her wet panties aside. Maxine was beside herself now. Then, without removing her mouth from her husband’s juicy cock, she turned her head to look at Dot. Dot's hand was fluttering over her clit. When their eyes met, Dot could tell what Maxine wanted. “Come over here and join us, honey. ”Dot took her hands from her pussy, dropped to the floor next to Maxine and buried her face in her friends juicy pussy. Catching an occasional glimpse of Frank’s large prick between her friend's brightly rouged red lips emboldened Dot. My wife Dot knows how to eat pussy, I've seen her eat pussy. They all fall in love with Dot after she's eaten their pussies! Frank pulled his wife up on his lap and Dot followed between Maxine’s legs. Maxine positioned herself and Dot helped her fit Frank’s cock into her throbbing cunt. “Ohhhh, gawd, Frank! That’s so good! It’s so good, Dot! Eat me, please Dot honey.

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  ”Maxine had a stiff dick in her cunt from underneath and Dot's mouth covering her clit. Dot encircled Frank's member with her fingers just in front of Maxine's cunt lips and popped it out of Maxine. Then slipping two fingers into Maxine's pussy where Frank's cock had been, began humming on Frank's cock. Dot kept Maxine whimpering and groaning when she returned Frank's cock to her pussy and returned to lick her clit. When Dot reached up and began to massage Maxine’s breasts, she had her first orgasm. Frank removed his engorged penis from his wife's cunt, stood up giving Dot an opportunity to fully appreciate his tool while Maxine's orgasm subsided. Maxine, reclined on the couch rubbing herself, and watched as Dot took Frank in her mouth. Frank’s intention was to fuck Maxine one more time but this was much more than he expected and Dot was fixing to suck his another load from him if he didn't hold back. I'm here to tell you, once Dot gets a dick in her mouth, there ain't no holding back! Dot is the best blow job I've ever had, and I've had a few, including Maxine. He looked over at Maxine who had a Mona Lisa smile on her face and was slowing building another orgasm with her fingers. Frank was beyond the point of no return and let the load intended for Maxine's pussy shoot into Dot's mouth. He twitched and jerked but could not pull his prick from Dot's mouth! Dot sucked the last drop from Frank. Dot looked up at him, mouth still full of cum and turned to Maxine who welcomed her with open arms and mouth to receive a taste of Frank's cum second-hand (more precisely, second-mouth). Dot, having removed her panties, climbed on top of Maxi and scissored her friends legs with her own and proceeded to fuck Maxine who still had her panty crotch pulled aside. Frank meantime, was stroking his penis and rejuvenating his hard-on.

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   Watching these two gorgeous babes trying to meld two pussies into one, it didn’t take long.
    He did not intend to let this beautiful blond without fucking her and she looked like she was really in need of a good cum. Dot had pulled her knees up and straddled Maxine on the couch then leaned down, their tongues together still savoring Frank's spunk. This was Frank's cue to move up behind Dot and lifted her dress over her buttocks. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down the crack of her ass and then between her wet labia. Dot caught her breath feeling its girth then anxiously waited for Frank to push it in. . . . . and he did, slowly. Dot leaned back to receive that wonderful piece of meat. Now he began to slowly fuck Dot. Long strokes. Another of Dot's fine attributes is her ability to squeeze her pussy around a hard penis.

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       Frank was really begining to like his wife’s friend and if he wasn't careful he was going to unload again. Maxine, knowing what was about to take place unlatched her mouth from Dot and reversed positions under her friend. Maxine now had her head between her friend's knees and could see Frank's penis sawing in and out between Dot's cunt lips. She could see Dot's extended labia around Franks enormous cock as it drew out. Maxine didn't know where to put her mouth first, but she lifted her head slightly and sucked Dot’s clit, licked at her husbands dick, and then realized that Dot was now sucking on her clit again. On one of Frank's backward moves Maxine grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. After a couple of minutes Maxine reinserted Frank's dick into her friend's pussy. "Fuck her, Frank!" She encouraged him, alternately sucking his cock and her friend's clit until Dot had a throbbing, screaming, orgasm. Just as Dot was cumming, Frank pulled out and came in Maxine's mouth, who orgasmed a second time in Dot's mouth. Maxine, still horny, was satisfied that her best friend had received a taste of Frank's wonderful cock. He was going to need some serious recuperation. They all kissed and said they would try to get together again, but that was highly unlikely since Frank was soon to be off again overseas. On the hour drive back up the Cajon Pass to Victorville, Maxine was still rubbing her pussy while Dot drove. Maxine had one hand in her pussy and kept trying to finger her friend. There was a couple of more orgasms on the way home.

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       Maxine kept trying to lick Dot's clit. . . . a bit difficult under the steering wheel, but Dot lifted her right leg over Maxine as she lay facing her friends crotch. And cruise control helped too. I was home when the girls got there. It was still a warm desert evening and I was greeted and treated to a very pleasant aroma of sex and perfume. They arrived still slightly tipsy flashing their bare asses at me and Maxine complaining she still needed more fucking. I figured they had spent the afternoon doing their thing and she was still horny as usual. I was enjoying the pawing she was giving me had an instant hard-on when she asked if she could, "spend the night with you two?" I looked at Dot, she looked at me and we three headed for the bedroom where they related everything about the afternoon with Frank as we took turns eating each other. I'm not a match for either Frank size-wise, however I believe I have an advantage. They kept telling me about what happened and I kept getting harder with each detail. I butt-fucked them both that night. Eventually, I was reassigned.

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       Dot and I went back to Europe courtesy of Uncle Sam where we met Frenchy, the neighbor's 9, Frenchy.