Mid-night 1st bi sexual experience


I was 16 years old and a fairly typical teenage boy, I was into sports had a girlfriend and never had any thoughts about any same sex action until one night. . .
Myself, Ted and Rick were spending the night at Ted's house watching some movies, playing pool just general hanging out.    At that time we were all 16 and I had known them both since grade school.
During the evening nothing much out of the ordinary happened and we all crashed on the floor in the family room on sleeping bags.   The roof was quite warm as a fire had been burining all evening in the woodstove and I was lying on top of my sleeping bag.
At that time I was a very sound sleeper and would usually take an earthquake to wake me up.    I did however wake up in the middle of the night.   At the time I wasnt sure why I had awoken.   The room was pitch dark and I was laying on my back.   I must have been awake no more than 10 seconds when I felt a movement beside me and a hand slide onto my crotch.   At this point I realized that my jeans were undone and my fly was completely unzipped.  
I was completely shocked but still half asleep and didn't make any movements or signs that I was awake.   At first the hand rubbed my soft cock through my underwear and then slipped inside my shorts to start jerking me very lightly up and down.   
Thoughts began to race through my mind, was i dreaming?  I immediately realized that it must be Rick playing with my cock based on where we had all gone to sleep.

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    Now that I was awake my cock immediately began to get hard until it was fully erect at it's full 7 inches.
Rick's hand was now running up and down the shaft and over the head.   I had to force myself to be quiet as it felt so damn good.    I pretended to be sleeping and rolled to my right so that I would be facing him.   When I moved his hand immediately left my cock an he became very still.   After a few momenets I felt him nudging my leg several times, apparently he was trying to see if i was awake.   After he was satisfired that I must still be sleeping I again felt his hand pulling my underwear open and close around my now re-hardening cock.
He must have stroked me for several minutes before I could sense him moving.   All of the sudden a warm, slick wetness enclosed my dick, he had slid me completley into the back of his throat.   I couldnt help but let a very soft moan escape my lips but made no other indication I was awake.
He began to bob his head up and down at 1st very slowly but eventually quite quickly and I layed there in total pleasure.   I could feel him sucking as he continued to work my cock and then my balls with both his hand and his mouth.   He became more aggressive as he licked my cock up and down while taking time to deep throat me. I began to feel a twinge in my nuts.   I again moaned very softly.

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    Here I was getting my cock sucked by one guy while another guy layed about 3 feet from me.
After about 5 minutes of this expert oral treatment I could not take any more and tensed slightly as I began to shoot a huge load of cum.   I guess Rick sensed this and moved my cock fully into his mouth as my cock started pulsing shot after shot of cum.    In the total silence of the room I could hear him swallowing as I filled his mouth.   I was in heaven as I came about as hard as I ever had.
Rick kept his mouth over my cock and must have swallowed it all as I never felt any run onto my cock or balls.   As I softened in his mouth he ran his clenced hand up my cock from base to tip which made me shudder a little.    He was looking for the last few drops, I guess he enjoyed the taste.
When I was finally fully drained he slipped my cock back into my underwear and zipped my fly back up.   He rolled over and went to sleep as I did eventually.   It took a while to fall asleep as I could hardly believe what had just happened.   I had never gotten a blow job before as my girlfriend was only giving me handjobs at the time.
The next morning was kind of weird.   I only saw Rick for a few minutes as he had to get home to get ready for work.   I couldnt look him in the eye and things between us were very weird after that.

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     Although we wernt really good friends before the incident afterward we didnt hang out much at all.   What happened though did awaken the possibility in me that sex with either men or women could be enjoyable.
A true storey, hope you liked it.