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'Step this way madam,' The cute boy directed Stacie Cobb into the headteachers' office. Stacie nervously sat down when a petite, blonde woman sat in front of her. 'Hello,' Said the woman, 'I'm Anabel. I'm 24 years old and principal of Gold School. ' The lady seemed friendly enough and Stacie began to relax. 'Stacie, as is standard procedure, please remove all clothing and jewlery so I can examine you. ' Stacie stood up, took off her short denim skirt and tank top, leaving her pale skin naked except for her panties. Anabel pointed to her panties. 'We'll need these removed. ' Cautiously, Stacie took off her pink panties, leaving a nice, smooth pussy. Anabel nodded. 'Good, we don't reccomend pubic hair simply because it gets in the way. Here is your uniform. ' Anabel handed Stacie a bathrobe. 'Jem here will take you to your dorm to unpack, then it is off to your first lesson. Timetables are in your dorm.

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Stacie stepped into a fresh looking room with 8 double beds. She turned to Jem. 'How many girls sleep here every night?' 'Sixteen' He replied, 'but sometimes girls and guys swap beds. Are you bi hunny?' 'Yeah,' Said Stacie, putting her suitcase on her bed.   'Um, sweetie, you really won't be needing those,' Jem motioned to her clothes. 'This is what you'll need. ' He walked over to a cupboard full of condoms, vibrators and strap-ons. 'Oh, theres the bell. I'm in the same lesson as you, where we learn how to lick girls out. You want to walk together?'
'Ok everybody, we need a volunteer,' said Miss Chelsea, 'Any one never been licked out before?' Stacie rose her hand and was swiftly moved to a bed in the centre of the room. 'Ok, for educational purposes, we will tie you up, ok?' Stacie nodded, and felt her hands and legs being tied to the bed posts. Chelsea turned to the class. 'Please gather round as I lick her out. ' The class gathered round as chelsea hoisted herself onto the bed with ease. She put her soft lips on to Stacie's nipples and begin to suck like a baby.

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       Chelsea felt ready to cum already. She somehow managed to hold back tho, as Chelsea kissed her way along Stacies skin, when she finally got to her pussy Stacie was dripping wet. Chelsea began caressing Stacies clit in circular motions when Stacie began to moan. She wanted Chelsea in her so bad it was lucky she was tied to the bed otherwise she would have rammed her head into her sopping cunt. Gradually Chelsea got to her g-spot and Stacie began to shudder. It was a feeling of pain and pleasure. She felt something burst, like she was peeing, but better. She had got over her orgasm when Chelsea didnt stop licking, she had another one. Her orgasms continued until the bell rang. Stacie had cum so much she could barely stand. It was time for her next lesson when she would learn to finger another girl. . .
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