A drink or two.


My freind and I decided to go down to the pub for a few drinks. while we were there I caught up with an old flame and as we were still friendly she joined us and we had a good laugh and a few drinks together. As usual sex raised its head and we were compring experiences. As we had consiumed a few drinks we were doing a little boasting or exaggerating. Judy my old was sitting next to me and her hand was down under the table in my crotch and feeling and getting me hard. She unzipped me and between the two of us we were making it look like we were interested in the conversation, but in fact we were both more interested in what was happening beneath the table. She was stroking me and I loosed my belt so she could get a better grip on me. Then she winked at me and left the table. I was unsure if she was teasing me or what. I was about to zip up but she just went behind me and sort of dissapeared and next thing I know she is under the table and moments later her hand was around my shaft again and then she popped it into her mouth. There were 6 of us at the table, well 5 now, one was under the table and she was giving me absolutely great head.  The conversation continued and I sort of went really quiet as I was concentrating on what Judy was doing to me. Nobody seemed to notice Judy wasnt there and I was away with the angels sort of. I suppose she had me in her mouth and giving me wonderful pleasure when I knew I was going to cum. I put my hand on her head and she just nodded to me that she got my message and then I exploded into her mouth. Anybody who has had an orgasm when getting head realises how wonderful it is and one of the guys said gee mate if I didnt know better I would say you were having an orgasm.

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   Everybody laughed and by then I had cum completely and my cock was shrinking fast and I had to discretely close up my pants and belt and zip etc. By the time I did this, as I couldnt be too obvious, Judy was back at the table and somebody said where have you been and she just said sucking a savaloy and everybody laughed again and then she poked her tongue at me. I could see the remnants of my semen still there and she smiled and said quietly, thats just the entre, wait until main course. I knew I was right for the night and i put my hand down and stroked her leg and slowly moved my hand up toward her vagina. She opened her legs enough for me to feel her and she had no pants on so I had full access to her now soaking went cunt. I really wanted to go down and lick her out at the table but it would have been too obvious as she would have to spread her legs too wide and we were close but not enough room to do that unnoticed. She allowed me to continue to finger her and after a while she gave me a squeeze and I knew she was close. I looked at her as much as to say do I finish it or not and she nodded and a few minutes later she came with a silent but very visible orgasm. Her friend looked at her and whispered what are you doing and Judy smiled and said fairly audibly - cumming.  That stopped the conversation completely as every body heard her,then every body spoke at once. The were astounded and she said quite openly Dave just fingered me off, and I was sitting there sucking my fingers clean of her cum juice. That brought the house down and I had to buy everybody drinks and Judy was the center of attention. She never admitted to sucking me off though and I wasnt going to say a word either. The other girls were amazed and wanted to know everything about how we did it etc and thought it was incredulous that we did it at the table and nobody noticed. The guys all wanted to try it, but the girls all said no as it waould be too obvious now what was happening.

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    After we all were nicely happy and pretty full we left and walked home. On the way I sat Judy on a wall and had sex with her standing up. Neither of us couldnt wait till we got home.
    When I arrived my flatmate and his girlfriend who were at the pub were already into sex in bed and Judy and I went to my room and we started all over again. From the noises in the both rooms we were all going at it like rabbits.
    The next morning Judy and I had sex together then went to the bathroom together and showered. A bit later in the morning when everybody was up and about - all naked as we knew each other that well, I was cooking breakfast and the girls started to compare notes on how many and what positions we tried. During breakfast her friend Sally said she wouldnt mind trying sex with me. She had already told Judy that and Judy said she didnt mind as we were not really going together. Sallys boyfriend said well that means I have to try Judy if Judy doesnt object. I am not just going to sit here and watch them - of course I will. We all ended up having a foursome together, and it was a marvellous time having sex here and there with anybody who was available. The girls got together and the two of us watched then have a sexual union between them while we both masturbated ourselves. We couldnt bring our selves to do it to each other as the girls wanted us to.
    I have no idea how many times Judy and Sally got fucked that day as we began drinking as well and between fucking and sucking we had the orgy of our lifetime and when we took the girls home none of us could walk straight from the combination of the beer and the soreness of having sex so often and in so many different positions.

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    Now I have two girls happy to share me and there is always one available. My flatmate also has a collection of girls who he sleeps with but we havnt managed to talk them into a swap or an orgy yet. It just might happen and Judy and Sally will be the first in line with them if it happens.